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g apreoai nftrain (un^uOT. 



n,r„i''j:,-'Gb6gle - 

Tb« SouPCea of LAnguage. 



Smith's Complete Etymology. 

Smith's Condensed Etymology. 

Tbew work) dltrer rrom all othen In bdng etrmologleB ot the whole iBngnago. 

Their predece&aora ehut thtiiUHelvea np with the Tdtln and Greek only, and l^ore a 
wide Held. The selecOons to Binlth'i Etymology ate made eolely wHh referenee to the 
importance of Che words In oar awn dialect. ./>«» wHattrtr eoura. Tbne, AnglchSaiOD 
Ibrnlthes ntariv one-lu^f of om more common wordB, while French. Dutch, Oerman, 
Welfh, Daolah, Gothic, Swedleh, Oaelle, and Italian, dlrlde the raat with Latin md 

The Condenred Etymolosy exhibits all the excellent teatores of the parent Tohime, 
with lesa extenelTe llets, embnclng the really essential vorde only. Both conlahi rain- 
(ble fntrodnctory eiercises to drill the papil to the peipleilus colncldenceg and general 
conftirmstlon of the language. 


IB the ftillowlTig yery Taluahle workB to teach Orlhogn^ 

nethodsofgronplngandclaBBlflcatlonln aercral grades. 

. Flrsl Round to the Ladder of Leanitog. Simple 

words and pictures. 

SMtTH'S JV FEKILE nKFUTEIt. Lessons composed of ^miliar worts grouped 

with reference lo similar atgulficatlon or nee, snd correctly spelled, accented, and 

BMIT^a aKAMarAB-SCaoOH aPEZZSn. Pamlltar words, gronped with 
reference to Ibe MmeneaB of sound of syllablee dlObrently epelled. Also definitions, 
complete mles far spelling and farmaUon ol deriratlTeB, and eierclees In lUa* 

BirlTB-a SPELZEE AXD OEFTTfER'S XAyVAZ. A complete SchoolJAe- 
Uomnv containing 14,000 worta, with yarioos other useful matter to the way of Bnle* 

es ibt lh« Southeni D 



All tbe Etpnolcwcs of the English Langnage heretofore jiahlbhed hart 
been confined merelj to the norda deriv^ from the Latin and Greek — 
Ihe present one has embraced aU the worda of the language, or rather, am^h 
la it ia secessar; to teach at home or in achool. 

" Words," sajB Bosworth, " are the creation of mind. With the facult; of 
Fpcech, man teas endowed with exalted mental powers, and warm social 
leelin^, but the thoughts of hia mind, and the fueiings of hig heart la; hid 
within him, and could not t>e commnmcalfd, till l>j the creative power of his 
mind, be formed words to express them. 

"As words were formed to convey, not only the thoughts of the mind, but 
tbe feelings of the heart, they would in the first production of a language, 
naturally take that shape which would best represent their mental and 
physical powers. Those Honnda would be selected which were adapted to 
. ^e frame of the oipins, and the feeling expressed, A robust conformation 
of the bodily frame, and great energy of mind, would, therefore, natumlly 
express itself in words of corresponding strength and tone. Those are the 
features whicb distinguish tlic languages of Oothic origin, especially the 
Anglo-Saxon, with its immediate descendant, the modem En^'liab ; which 
lias the strength of iron, with (he gleam and sparkling of humiehed steel." 

The English Language is emineiitlj a coiujinsitc langntige, oiade up of 
<;0DtribDtioaB from otber languages: Anglo- Sax on,* Danish, Butch, Celtic, 
German, French, Latin, Greek, and some other.i. 

The Anglo-Saxon ia a branch of the Low German dialects, and resembles 
tlie old Fiisic, the parent of the mudem Dutch, and once spoken extensively 
between the Bhine and the Elbe, It is a very ancient language, its origin 
being completely lost in antiquity ^ the Latin in comparison, is a mere 
modem language. 

Tbe Anglo-aason ia the Mother Tongva of the English Language, about / 
four-flftha of the words in actual use being from tUis source. Not only in 
the number of words, but in their peculiar character and importance, as 
well as their influence on grjromaticai forms, (the English Grammar being 
almost exclu3ively_ occupied with what ia of Anglo-Saxon origin), Anglo- 
Baxon constitates its principal strength. 

At the same time Uiat our chief peculiarities of structure and idiom are 
essentially Anglo-Saxon, tiom the same copious fountain have sprung 
Words designating the greater pari of objects of sense ; the terms which 
ocearmoat frequently in discourse, and which recall the most vivid concep- 
tions; as, tun,_inoon, earth, jStb, day, nigJU, &c. ; and words expressive of the 
deawat connections, the strongest and must powerftil feelings of nature, 
from oar earliest days ; as, m^Jter, fathm; tuter, frrofSer, wife, home, &c. 

The language of bu^ness, of the shop, the market, a:id of evcry-day life; 
OUT national proverbs ; our^ language of humor, satire, and colloquial 
pleasantry ; the most energetic words we con employ, whether of kindness 
or invective ; in short, words expressive of our strongest emotions and ' 
actions in all' the most stilting scenes of life, from the cradle to the grave, 
we derived from the Anglo-Saxon. 

Every speaker or writer, thea, who would not only convince the undei- 

* AnjIo-SaiDa Im ■ ^nanl iiaiiia gtren to tlw Twtosle ullkn ta Uie Islud of Onst BrlUln. 

Iransfer from Circ. Dept. 
MAY 17 1985 



Btaoding, bat touch the affectionB, should adopt Anglo-Saxon expree^ons, 
which Irom earl; use, and the dearest associatioiiB, excite emotion, and affect 
the heart. 

SoDm is a name first used by the geographer Ptolemj, to indicate a 
branch of the German or Teutonic race, whose deacendanta now occupy the 
Kingdom of Saxony, the Lusatian districts of Pniasia, the Circle of Witten- 
berg, the old Circle of Westphalia, the British Islands and Colonies, and 
the United States of America. 

The Saions mentioned by Ptolemy were a small tribe, who, in A. D. 141, 
dwelt on the north bank of the Elbe, and upon several small islands in the 
vicinity of the mouth of that river and of the Eider, From their geo- 
graphical position as tar west as the Atlantic coast, it seems probable that 
uiey were among the first of the Teutonic tribes which passed across from 
AnJH into Europe. 

Very trivial and uncertain are the accounts left US of the conquest of 
Great Britain by the Jutea, Saxons, and Anglea. 

It is certain that the invaders came over m small bodies each with a cap- 
bun at its head, who became the petty king or chief of the new settlement 
in Britain, by which the Celtic population was either expelled or enslaved ; 
so that in five or six centuries the eastern half of Britain was ruled by 
numerous petty kings. In the eighth century these petty kingdoms were 
consolidated into what is known as the Saxon Heptarcliy. 

Many hundred words in the language, especially those used as names of 
placea, are Dsniah, introduced doling the incursions into and occupation of 
England by the Danes. 

An analysis of the language shows that the Norman French element enters 
very largely into its composition. This element, which is composed of the 
Celtic, Latm, and Scandinavian, was first introduced (1066) by the Nbrmans 
under William the Conqueror. 

The Norman conquest almost abolished the use of the Anglo-Saxon lan- 
guage in writing, and for more than a century the prevalent literature of 
England was either in Latin, or Anglo-Norman. 

Norman French was spoken by the superior classes of society in England 
from the conquest to the time of Edward the Third (1327). 

The laws of the realm, the proceedings of Parliament and the courts of 
justice were in that language, but the " Saxon Chronicle" hod been carried 
on in obscure monasteries, by various annalists, to tl\e year 1154. 

In the thirteenth century during the progressive mixture of the two rncea, 
a literature sprang up in which tue two langu^es became more or less inter- 
mixed. In the fourteenth century the Anglo-Saxon principle seemed to 
have gained the upper hand. In the fin«enth century the Anglo-Norman 
element seemed to be gaining the preponderance, but the proportions still 
continued to vary until it became ^xed in the age of Queen Elizabeth. 

The contributions of the Latin Language to the English are next inim- 
poitance and amount to those of the Anglo-Saxon ; these contributions 
come chiefiy through the medium of the French or Nonuan French, in con- 
sequence of the Norman Conquest , 

The Latin has served not only to refine and polish the English, but to 
enrich its vocabulary with many necessary and indispensable words. 

To the Greek the English Language is indebted ibr most of its terms in 
physical science, and indeed for a great pert of the terms employed in all 

NoTC— Tbe Saioh CBBniCLt li ft mtIbi af unali oT A.-8 al 
L D. IIH, ccmpUsd hj ths Uunlu 



Aitiri., n. A man's name. 
ABI.E, a. Strong ; akillM. 

AccuucATioN, n. A Bhont of ap- 

AccuMATioK, n. Becoming inared 
to a climate. 
Acts, n. FerformanceB. 
Arg-, n. A cboppinf; inatnunent. 

Adds, v. t. ^creases. 

AnzB, n. A kind of axe. 
Adheobhck, n. Constancy. 
AuHBRBHTB, n. FoUowere. 

Advice, n. CoonaeL 

Adtisb, v. t. To counsel. 
Ail, «. t. To pain; to troable. 
Ale, n. A malt liqnor. 

A18I.B, n. A passage. 

Ible, n. A small island. 

Flii, p. (. Contraction of " I will." 
Ant , n. Tbe flaid we breathe. 
Ebe, ado. Before. 
Hbib, n. One who inberita. 
AjBB.t Plnial of the Terb bk, 

A1.LBOATIOH, n. Affirmation. 

Alliqatiob, n. Tying together. 
Aii, a. The whole. 
Awl, n. Boring inatrnment. 

Allett, n. A pawoge. 

Allt, n. A mend. 
Alms, n. What is given tbe poor, 
Abus, n. The limbs from the hand to 
the shonlder. 

Aioun, a. With great noise. 

Ai.i.oyfED, pp. Permitted. [laid. 
Altab, n. A place where offerings are 
Alter, o, (. To change. 

Analyze, e. t. To separate. 

Ahralizb, t. t. To record. 
Ant, n. A genus of insects. 
Aunt, n. A father's or mother's siatcr. 

Ahte. Before. 

AiriL Opposed to. 

Arc, n. A part of a circle. 
A&E, n. A kind of boat 

AncHBS, R. Parts of a circle. 

Abchebs, n. Bowmen. 
Absaion, 0. (. To accuse. 
Arhahox, t t. To put in order. 

Ascent, n. Act of rising. 

Absent, n. Consent. 
Asperate, n. t. To make rongh. 
AspTBATK, t. t. To breathe upon. 

Ahperatios, n. Act of making 

AsFiKATiOK, n. An ardent wish. 
Assistance, n. Help ; aid. 
Assistants, n. ilelpen. 

Attendance, n. Waiting on. 

Attkhdants, n. Those who attend. 
Ate, pp. Devoured. 
EioHT, a. Twice four. 

AuouR, 11. i. To predict. 

AnoBB, n. An instmment. 
AuaTBBE, a. Severe. 
OrsTEB, n. A shell flsb. 

Axes, n. Chopping instmments, 

Azu, n. The Ime on which a thing 
Bail, m. Becarity. [tams. 

Bale, m. A bundle. 

Baize, n. A kind of cloth. 

Bats, n. Portions of the sea. 
Bait, n. Food to allare. 
Bate, v. t. To lessen. 

Bald, a. Without hair. 

Bawled, ;j>p. Crietl aloud. 
Ball, n. A round body. 
Bawl, e. i. To cry aloud. 

Ballad, n. A song. 

Ballbt, n. A dance. 

Ballot, n. A ticket for voting. 
Banded,;^. United. 
BASDao), pp. Tossed to and fro. 

Bard, n. A poet. 

Barked, jip. Fartened with a bar. 



Barb, a. Naked. 

Beab, n. Animal ; e. (. To carry. 

Bars, n. The rind of a tree. 

BARijnK, n. A kind of Bhip. 
Baron, n. A degree of oobility. 
Barbes, a. Not productive. 

BAH.ONB89, ti. A baron's wife. 

liARBEBNBgS, B. Sterflitj. 

Babe, n. The bottom ; a. Mean, 
Bass, n. The lowest part of tarmony. 
Bass,! ft. A kind offish. 
Bat, n. A portion of the sea. 
Bet, n. A Turkish title. 
Be, b, », To exist. 
B&E, n. An insect. 
Balu, )t. A plant; balsam. 
Babu, n. Yeast 
Beach, a. The Bea-shorc. 
Bbkcjj, n. A tree. 
Beat, n. A stroke. 
Bebt, ra. i-'plant and its root. 
Beau, n. A man of dress. 
Bow, n. An iiietrument. 
Bow.t n. An net of respect. 
Belt., n. A hollow vessel. 
Belle, n. A young woman. 
Bm, n. A cell or chest for grain. 
Bekn, o. ra. The perfect participle of 
the verb be. 
Beeb, n. A malt liquor. 
BiEK, n. A carriage for the dead, 
BEasr, n. A small fruit. 
B0BT, e. (. To coTer with earth. 
Bkkth, ». A room in a ship. 
BiBTH, n. The act of coming into 
Better, a. Superior. [life. 

Bettob, re. One who lays wagers. 
Bile, n. A fluid. A tumor; o.iTohavea 
bubbling motion. 
Bight, n. The bend of a rope. 
Bite, c. (. To crush with the teeth. 
Blew, h, i. Drove by the wind. 
Bute, n. A color. 
Bloat, b. (. To puff up. 
Blote, o. (. To dry by smoke. 
BoAB, n. The roale swine. 
Bore, n. A hole made by boring. 
Board, n. Timber, broad and thin. 
Boked, pp, Perforated by an auger. 
Border, n. The outer edge. 
Boarder, b. One who has food and 
lodging with another fbr a re- 

Boll, n. The pod of a plant 
Bowi^ n. A vessel to hold liquids. 
Bole, n. The trunk of a tree. 
BOBtj,^. Come into life. 
BoHMBjjjp, CMTied. 
BoDRN, n. A bound. 
BoBonoH, n. A town. 
BuBBow, re, A hole for rabbits. 
Bough, re, A branch of a tree. 
Bow, n. An act of respect. 
Bot, 71, A male child. 
Buoy, n. A float to indicate shoals. 
Brake, n. A drag put to wheels. 
Break, n. An opening ; v. i. To part 
Bbbach, ji, a gap ; a break, [in two. 
Brbech, n. The hinder part of a gun. 
Bread, n. Food made of flour. 
Heed, pp. Brought up from infency. 
Brews, d. t. Makes mall liquor. 
Bbcisb, o. (. To crush by a heavy blow, 
BBBWED.jip. Mixed and fermented. 
Brood, n. Offipring ; progeny. 
Bridal, a. Belonging lo a wedding. 
Bridle, re. An instoiunent for a horse. 
Brdit, v. t. To noise abroad. 
Brute, n. A creatu re with out reason. 
But, eon. Except ; yet, 
Btjtt, re. A large barrel or cask. 
Buy, v. t. To purchase, 
"By, prep. At; in; near. 
Bye, ji. a dwelling. 
Cache, tl A hole for hiding goods. 
Cash, n. Money, 
Cain, n. A man's name. 
Cane, n. A waiking-atick. 
Calbndae, re. A register <rf the year. 
Calbbder, re. A hot press. 
Call, n, A vocal address. 
Caul, n. A net for the hair. 
Callous, a. Insensible. 
Callus, n. The hard edge of a wound. 
Calk, *. (. To stop leaks. 
Cork, n. The hark of a tree. 
Caue, n, A kind of spar. 
Camera, n. An optical machine. 
Chimera, n. A vain, idle fancy. 
Cakhid, a. Pair ; open. 
Candied, a. Incrusted with sugar. 
Canhom, n. A great gun. 
Canon, re. A rale in churches. 
CANON,t n. A gorge ; a gully. 
Cantab, n. Coarse cloth. 
Cakvass, n. An esamination ; c. t ' 
To solicit 


Capitol, n. An edit 

Cabat, n. A weight of four giuns. 

Cabet, n. A marlc in wiiting. 

Cakbot, n. A root 
Cue, fi, A hollow wooden tcsmI. 
CuQUE, n. A belmet. 

Cabt, 0. (. To throw. 

Caste, n. A claaa of people. 
Cuter, n. A froTue for small bottles. 
Cabtob, b. a tieaver. 

CABTII.B, n, A town in Spain. 

Cabt-Stekl, a. Refined steel. 
Cause, n. That which produces. 
Caws, n. The cries of crows. 

Cadf, n. A chest for live fish. 

CouoB, n. An effort of the Innf^. 
Caudai^ a. Relating to an uiimBrB tail. 
Cacdlb, n. A warm drink of wine. 

Cede, e. t. To yield ; to give np. 

Sbed, n. The reprodnctive part of 

CKiLiKe, n. The opper siarfftce of a 

Seilikg, n. Act of fastening. 

Cbl^t, n. A plant. 
--Salaey, ji. Annual payment. 
Cell, n. A small room. 
Sell, f . t. To part with for a price. 

Cellab., n. A room nnder a hoase. 

Seller, n. One who sells. 
Cesscs, n. Numbering the people. 
Senbes, n. The faculties. 

Cekt, n. A hundred; a coin. 

Seht, jip. Caused to go. 

BcEFT, n. Odor. 
Cestauky, n. A plant. 
Cebtcrt, n. A hundred years. 

Ce3ts, n. Copper coins. 

Eesse, n. Feeling ; perception. 

SrsCE,t a. From the time that. 
Ceke, c. (. To cover vrlth war. 
Seek, n. One who foresees, 
Seak, a. Dry ; «. t. To bum. 

Cebbioh, n. Act of ^ving away. 

SEsaroN, n. Act of sitting. 
CoAaais, n. HI humor. 
Bhageeeh, «. The skin of a fish. 

Champagke, n. A sparkling wise. 

Chaxpaion, n. An open comitry. 

CAitpAiQS,+ n. The time an army 
is in the field. 
Chagcb, n. Accident. 
Chahts, o. t. Sings. 

Chabte, a. Modest ; virtooiM. 

CaAaiCD,pp. Pnreaed; hunted. 
Chews, *, (. CrusheB with the teeth. 
Choose, 1. 1. To select; to prefer 

Choib, n. A band of singers. 

QiriRB, «. Twenty-four ifaeets. 
Cholbr, n. Anger; rage. 
Collab, n. A ring around the neck. 

Chobd, n. A muncal sound. 

Cord, n. A small rope. 
Chbomical, IT. Of longduratiiin. 
Chrohiclb. r. a history. 

Cite, v. t. To summon to answer. 

Bftb, n. Situation. 

BioBT, B. Perception by the ey«i 
Clause, n. A part of a sentence. 
Claws, n. Tbenailsof abeast orbird. 

Cleavb, v. i. To adhere ; to stick. 

Cleave, «. (. To divide; to split 
Climb, e. t. To ascend. 
Clcce, n. A climate. 

Close, tt. (. To shut ; to end. 

Clothes, n. Garments. 

Close, a. ConHned ; compact. 
Coaled, f. (. Supplied with cosL 
Coui, a. Not hot ; frigid.,' 

Coabse, a. Not fine ; rough. 

ConssE, n. Route ; progress. 

CoicsE, n. A dead body. 
Coat, ti. An oataide garment. 
Cote, n. A cottage ; a sheep-cot. 

Coffer, n, A chest for money. 

CocoHKB, n. One who cougha. 
CoFFDi', n. A box for the dead. 
CoooBma, ppr. Expelling from tht 

Colonel, n. A military officer. 

Kebkel, n. The seed in a nut. 
Color, n. Hue ; tint. 
Culler, n. One who chooses. 

CouiTT, n. Courtesy ; politeneas. 

CoMMrrTHs:, n. Abody of manners. 
Complacent, a. Civil. 

Coiipla»abcb, n. Condescension. 

CoMPLiAircH, n. Assent 
CoupLEifENT, n. A complete set. 
CoMK.DtONT, n. Delicate flattery. 

CoHCBRT, n. A musical ectertaittt 

Consort, n. A companion, [cretsk 
CoflPiDANT, n. One trusted with s^ 
CoHFiDEST, a. Having full betie£ 


CoNBBQtmNCE, n. That 'which fol- 

CoOTBQUBNTB, n. Deductions. 
CoNBOHANCB, II. Coocord. 
C0H8ONAMT8, ji. Letters which are 
sounded with a vowel. 

CoHVKNT, n. A body of monke or 

CoiTVENT, p. t. To call before a 
C0411BTTB, n. A Tain giil. 
CoftUET, V. t. To deceive in lore. 
CoBOL, TO. A corolla. 
Coral, n^ A hard Eubsttmce found 
in the ocetm. 
Cobb, ra. The inner part. 
CoHPS, re. A body of troopa. 
CoBPSB,t n. A dead body. 
CoRKEapouDEKCE, w. Interchange 

of letters. 
CORTtRspojiPBJSTB, n. Thoee who 

CoimciL, 11. An assembly. 
CooKSEL, «. Advice. 

Coubie:b, n. A messenger. 

CuBBiEB, 71. A pr^^arer of leather. 
C0C81B, n. A relative. 
Cozsac, B. (. To cbeot-- 

CoTVAHD, n. One without courage. 

CowEBBD, pp. Btooped. 
Cbanb, ri, A bird with a long beak. 
Ckayon, n. A kind of pencil. 

Creak, ». i. To make a harsh noise. 

Creek, n^ A small inlet. 
Crews, n. The men who manage ships. 
CBiTiaE, n. A voyage. 
Cbusk, n. A phial ; a cruet. 

CuBBANT, n. A froit. 

Cukbzsht, n. A running sttcam. 
CruBAii, n. A musical instrunient. 
Bthbol, 71. A representativo of Bome- 

Cygnkt, ra. A young swan. 

SiQHET, n. A seal. 
CvpiiBBS, 31. A forest tree. 
Ctpbus, ra. A thin black stuff. 

Dam, n. A bank to confine water. 

Dams, v. t. To doom. 
Dakued, pp. Confined by banks, 
DAtDiBo,pp. Doomed. 

Dahce, 5. i. To move with muric 

Daunts, ». t. Discourses. 
Dane, n. A native of Denmark. 
Deiqb, t. i. To condescend. 

Day, n. The time between the rift- 
ing and settiug of the sun. 

Dar, n. The title of the govemore 
of Aimers and Tunis. 
Deab, a. Beloved; costly. 
Deseb, n. Animals of the stag kind. 

Decease, n. Death. 

Disease, n. Sickness. 
Demeaw, v. t. To behave. 
Deueshe, n. Land. 

Dbpbavation, n. Corruption, 

Depsivatiok, n. Loss, 
I>EacETn>ENT, a. Falling; sinking. 
Descekdakt, n. The oSepring 01 aa 

Debgbnt, n. Progress downward. 

DiBHENT, n. DiBagreoment. 
Dbsgenbioii, n. Descent. 
DissEKBioN, n. Discord ; strife. 

Device, re. Design. 

Devise, *. t. To contrive, 
Dbviseb, n. A contriver. 
DiviBOB, n. A number. 

Dew, n. Moisture from the air. 

Do, o. t. To perform. 

Due, n. That which beloi^ tn 

Dm, e. i. To lose life. 
Dve, n. A coloring liquor, 

DmrusE, «. (. To spread. 

Diffuse, a. Copious. 
DiBB, a. Dreadful. 
Dyer, to. One who dyes. 

Discreet, a. Prudent. 

Discrete, a. Separate. 
DrvKES, a. More than one. 
DrvEBSH, a. Different. 

DoB, n. A ahe-deer. 

DonoH, re. Paste of bread. 
DoUE, n. A cupola. 
Doom, v. t. To condemn. 

DoSK.pji. Performed. 

DuM, a. Of a dark color. 
DoBE, re. The quantity given. 
Doze, n, A light Bleep. 

Dost, c. A part of the verb do. 

Dust, n. Earth reduced to powdec 

Durst, pret. of the verb dabe. 
Dbachm, re, A part of an ounce. 
Dbah, n. A small quantity. 

Draft, n. A bill. 

Dbaoout, n. A potion. 
Dual, a. Expressing the number two. 
Duel, n. A combat. 


Drnie, n. Eipiring, 

Dtkoio, n. Tbe act of staining'. 
Eakx, e. t. To gun bj Ubor. 
Uba, n. A Tsse. 

EiTHBB, a. One or the other. 

Eteeb, n. An elem^t sappoand to 
be mrer than air. 
EuuoN, n. Division. 
Eltsian, a. Delightftai. 

ExBBSios, n. Act of rioEg ovl 

tuxEBsioH, n. Being in a fltdd. 
Eboahd, n. A meaai^ 
Ebbaht, a. Wandciiog. 
ABBAST,t a. Bad in a high d^ree. 

EaupnoN, n. Act of bDreting forth, 

Irbqftion, n. A sndden invasion. 
Ewe, n. A female sheep. 
Ton, pro. The pcraon spoken to. 
Teit, n. An evergreen, 
HDE,tn, Color; tint 

EiBECisE, n. Labor ; Tvork. 

Eioboise:, e. t. To abjure. 
Fedit. n. A false appeanmoe. 
PuBT, a. Langnid. 

Fain, a. Glad; pleased. 

Fase, n. A temple. 

Paioir, o, (. To pretend. 
FuB, o. Beautiful ; just 
FiHE, n. Price of conveyance ; food. 

Farthbb, adji. Further. 

Father, n. A male parent. 

FoTHSiR,t n. A load of lead. 
Fat, n. The unctuous part of animal 

Tat,1 n. A cistern. 

Fawu, n. A young deer. 

FAtm, n. A woodland ddty. 
Fbat, n. A deed. 
?Kn, n. The ploral of foot 
Fbtb,! n. A feast; a festival day. 

Felloe, n. The rim of a whed. 

Feixovt, n. A companion. 
Fatbd, a. Decreed by fate. 
Feted, yp. Honored. 
Pbtid, a. Stinking ; randd. 

FiLLFp, n. Aje& of the finger. 

Philip, n. A man's name. 
FisD, 0. (. To obtain by searching. 
Fined, pp. Punished with penalty. 

Fm, re. An evergreen. 

Fdb, n. The finer hur on animAls. 

Pab,! a. Distant ; remote. 
Fk2, v. i. To emit a his^ng noise. 
Phb, w. The face. 

Flka, n. A small agile insect. 

Flbe, e. I. To run trom danger. 
Flkw. The pnterit of fly. 
Flue, n. A pauagc for aiuolce. 

Flour, n. Grain reduced to powder. 

Flowek, n. A b1o««om. 
F0BMA11.T, adt. Ceremoniously. 
FoBMBSLT, adt. In times past. 

Fob, prtp. Because o(. 

Fobs, a. Not behind. 

FOCB, a. and n. Twice two. 
Fort, n. A fortified place. 
FoBTB, n. A peculiar talent 

Forth, adv. Forward. 

FouBTH, a. The ordinal of four. 
Foul, a. Not clean. 
Fowl, n. A winged animal. 

Fbahc, n. A French fdlver coin. 

FsAifK, a. Liberal ; generous. 
Frats, ft. Quarrels. 
PnBASB, n. Port of a sentence. 

Freeze, e. t. To congeal with cold 

Frieze, ft. A coarse woolcu cloth. 

Frees, e. (. Seta at lilierty. 
Qabbl, n. A tax. 
Qable, n. The end of a house. 

Gaob, n. A pledge ; a pawn. 

Gauge, ft. A meaanre. 
Gait, n. Blanner of walking. 
Gate, n. A kind of door. 

Gala, n, A show. 

Gaylt, adz. In a gay mnnner. 
Qahble, e. t. To play fur money. 
Gaicbol, n. A skip ; a hop. 

Gartlet, n. llilitary punishment 

Gautttlet, n. An iron glove. 
Goal, n. The mark set to bound 1 
Gaol,! n- A prison. [race. 

Genius, n. Intellect ; talent 

Gekub, n. A class of things. 
Gehtilb, ft. One not Jewish. 
Gehtlb, a. Soft ; mild. 

Gild, c. (. Overlny with gold. 

Guild, n. A corporation. [flshe& 
Gill, n. The oigan of respiratiou in 
GiLL,+ n. The fourth part of a pint 

Gilt, n. Gold laid on the sunacc. 

Guilt, n. A crime. 
Glare, n. A dazzling light: 
Glair, n. The white of an egg. 

Qhaw, r. (. To bita off by little. 

Nor, amj. A negative particle. 
Nice, a. Fine; delicat«. 
GsEffl, n. A species of granite, 



God, n. the Bapreme Being. A stick for driving beasts. 

CrOEii), '1. Oue wbo goea [hom. 

GoBE, n. Blood ; «. t. To pierce with a 

Goa^Djpp. Pierced witb a bom. 

Oohbd, n. A plant. 
Grate:, n. An iron lirame fur fire. 
Great, a, Importont. 

Grater, n. A kind of co&rae file. 
' Greater, a. Larger. 

GrRASE, n. Animal fat. 

- Qrbeoe, n. A country of Europe. 

Groan, b. A deep sigh. 

Grown, pp. Advanced in growth. 
Grocer, n. A dealer in tea, &c. 
GnosBER, a. More impure. 

Gropb, o. t. To Beareb by feeling. 

GROUP,tn. An assembly of figures. 
GuASA, n. A lizard. 
Guako, n. An excellent manure. 

GnEasED,^. Conjectured. 

Quest, n. A visitor. 
Gtjitak, 11. A stringed inatrumcnt. 
Cat A Run, n. A diseaBe of the head. 

Hail, n. Frozen drops of rain. 

HAiB, a^ Healthy ; hearty. 
Hair, n. The covering of tlie head. 
Hare, n. A kind of rabbit, 

Hali^ n. A large room. 

Haul, v. t. To pull ; to draw. 
Hai^o, n. A circle round the aun or 

Hallow, v. t. To make holy, 

Harbh, a. Rough ; severe. 

HAsn, n, Hinced meat. 
East, ». A he-deer. 
Heart,™. The seat of life. 

Hat, n. Dried grass. 

Het, iidj. An expression of joy. 
Heai,, e. t. To restore. 
Heel, n. The hind part of the foot. 
^ Hear, v. t. To perceive by the ear. 

Here, ode. In this place. 
Hbaiu>, pp. Did hear. 
Hkrh, m. A number of beasts together. 

Hew, d. (. To cut with an ase. 

nuB, n. Color; tint. 
Hide, n. The skin of an soiimat \ e. t. 

To conceal. 
Hi£D, pp. Hastened. 

Hni, v. i. To hasten. 

HiOH, a. Lofty ; tall. 
Hiqber, a. More lofty. 
Hire, n. Wages paid for service. 

Hni, pro. The objective of Hh. 
HtUN, n. A song of adoration. 

Hoard, n. A store laid op. 

Horde, n. A clan ; a tribe. 
HoAKSE, a. Having the voice rough. 
Horse, n. An animal. 

HoA, intj. An exclamation. 

Hoe, a. A farming instrumeat. 

Ho, in^. Stop ; cease. 
Hoes, n. Instruments for fanning. 
Hose, n. Stockings; leather pipes ta 
conduct water. 

Hole, n. A cavity. 

Wbolb, 71. All of a thing. 
Holt, a. Pure ; sacred. 
Wholly, adv. Completely. 

Hoof, n. A circnlai binding. 

Whoop, n. A lend shout. 
Hoim, n. Sixty minul^s. 
OtTR, pro. Belonging to us. 

Huzza, n. A tiiout. 

Hussar, n. A horse soldier. 
HrpBRBOLA, n. A conic section. 
Htperhole, n. A figure of speech. 

I, pro. The person speaking. 

Eye, n. The organ of vision. 
Idle, a. Doing notbtng. 
Idol, n. Ar image worshiped. 

lUPOSTOB, n. One who pretends. 

Imposture, n. Deception; Iraod. 
In, pfep. Noting time. 
Injj, n. A hotel. 

Incidence, n. A falling on. 

Incidbnts, n. Events. 
Indict, v. t. To declare guilty. 
Indite, p. t. To dictate. 

Indicted, pp. Accused. 

Indited, pp. Composed. 
Indicter, n. One who indicts. 
Inditeb, n. One wbo composes. 

Indischbet, a. Imprudent. 

Indiscrctb, a. Hot separated. 
Ingenious, a. Witty ; inventive. 
Ingenuous, a. Opeo ; artless. 

Intense, a, Extceme. 

ISTBHTS, n. DcBjgna. 
Invade, p. t. To infringe. 
Inveighed, pp. Uttered censure. 

Jam, n. A conserve of fruits. 

Jamb, 71. The aide of a door. 
Jester, n. One given to merriment. 
Gesture, n. Action of sentiment 

Key, n. An inatrument. 

QcAT, n. A wharf. 




Kill, v. t To deprive of life. 
EiLK, n. A tboyg or fHimace. 

Knao, n. A knot in vooA. 

Naq, n. A bhuU house. 
Erkad, e. t. To work mto b mass. 
Ehgsd, a. Having knees. 
Xebd, n. Neceesity ; want. 

Knew, c. Hod knowledge of 

Que, m. An animal of Africa. 

Hkw, a. Not old. 
KsioBT, T>. A military attendant. 
NiaHT, n. The lime of darknesD. 

Knit, •. t. To unite closely. 

Nit, n. "Hie egg of an insect. 
Ksow, e. t. To have knowledge of. 
No, n. A denial ; a. None. 

Enowis, o. (. UnderBtands. 

Nose, n. The organ of Bmell. 
KsoT, n. A part which is tied. 
Not, adv. The word of refusal. 
NoTT, n, A proper name. 

Lacks, «. (. Wants ; needs. 

Lax, a. Loose; slack. 
Ladb, fl. t. To load ; to freifffat. 
LuD, pp. Placed ; prodnced e^s. 

LufCQ, v.t. To dart;; ta letf^- 

Laohch, v.n. To slide into the wat^r. 
Lane, n. A narrow way. 
LAiii,pp. Rested horizontally. 

Latin, n. Language of the Romans. 

Latter', n. A flne kind of brass. 
Lavd, e. t. To extol; to praise. 
LoitD,t n. The Supreme Being. 

LsA, n. A meadow. 

Lkb, n. A sheltered place. 
Lbach, f. t. To fiUrete. 
Leech, n. A worm that sucks blood. 

Lkad, n. A soft, heavy metal. 

Ijed, pp. Guided, conducted. 

LEAS,t n. I. To guide by the hand. 
Leaf, re. The greeu part of plants. 
LiEF", adv. Willingly. 
Leavb, n. Permission ; n; t. To quit 

LsAK, n. A hole which lets water in 

Lbee, n. A plant. [or out. 

Leam, a. Not fet. 
LiBjr, n. A legal cMm on property. 

Lbasbd, c. t. Let or hired. 

Least, a. Smallest 
Lboislator, n. A lawgiver. 
LBOisLATtJBB, n. The body in a State 
which makes the laws. 

Lehdb, e. t. Qraols for a time. 

Lkbb, n. A piece of convei glass. 

Lbbbeh, e. t. To diminish. 
Lessor, n. A task. 

Levee, n. A ceremoiuous virft 

Levy, e. (. To collect 
Liar, ». One who tells lies. 
Lier, n. One who lies down. 
Lyre, n. A musical inetniment 

Lie, n. A falsehood. 

Lye, n. Water mixed with wood- 

Lots, n. A bisncfa. 
LUH, «. t. To draw. 

LtEE, ». TTiat which has length 

without breadth. 

LorN, 71. The back of an animal. 
LiNEAUEBT, n. Feature. 
Linime;;t, n, A wash. > 

LiHKS. n. Divisions of a chain. 

LYNX,n. An animal remaritablefoi 
sharp sight. 
Ltter. fl. One who liveB, 
LnrEE,t n. A Frunch coin. 

Lo, iatj. Look ; see. 

Low, a. Not high; mean. 
LOAjf, n. A rich vegetable mold. 
LooM.t ft. A frame for weaving. 

LoAH, n. Any thing lent, 

LoKE, a. Solitary, 
LoATii, a. Unwillinw. 
LoATUB, f. t. To fed nausea. 

Lock, n. An instrument. 

Locit,n. A tenn fur lakein Scotland. 

LonoH, n. A term for lake in Ireland. 
Lobe, ft. Learning. 
Lower, e. t. To bring low. 
LowBK.t f>. t. To appear dark. 

Lose, ?. t. To miss any thing. 

Loose, a. Unbound. 
Made, pp. Created ; formed. 
Maid, n. An unmarried woman. 

Mail, n. A coat of steel network. 

Male, n. The he of any species. 
Main, a. Principal ; chief. 
Maitb, n. The hair on the neck of 

Maike, ft. One of the United States. 

MiizB, n, Indian com. 

Maze, n, A place of perplexity. 
Mahtel, n. The beam of a fireplace. 
Mantle, n. A kind of cloak. 

Makher, ft. Form ; method. 

Manor, n. A large limded estate, 
. Mansa, ft. A suhrtance given by 
I the Lord to the Israelites. 



SIabe, n. A vidbte line. 
Marqub:, n. A licenee. 

Mastbm, n. A la^e kind of weasel. 

SIabtih, n. A sort of sw&llow. 
Marsbai^ n. A chief officer. 
Mabtial, a. Warlike. 

Maxe, n. A female horse. 

Haiob, n. The chief magistrate of 

Mead, n. A kind of diink. 
Meed, n. Reward. 

Heak, II. Wanting dignity. 

Mien, n. Look ; aspect. 

Mesne, a. Middle. 
Meat, n. Flesh to be eaten. 
Meet, a. Suitable ; e, (. To come to- 
Metb, e. t. To measure. [gether. 

Meddle, d. i. To interfere. 

Mkdai, n, A piece stamped in hon- 
or of some performance. 
Mkdlab, n. A tree. 
Meddler, n. One who meddles. 

Mesbaob, ». Any thing to be told. 

MEBBTrAOE, n. A house and land. 
Mettle, n. Spirit ; courage. 
Met AX, n. A mineral insoluble in wa- 
ter and fusible by heat. 


of verse. 
Mewl, v. i. To cry as an infant. 
Mule, n. An animal of mongrel breed. 

Mews, e. i. Cries as a cat. 

McBE, m. Deep thought. 
MiLLENABT, a. Consistmg of a thou- 
Mtllinekt, n. Goods of a milliner. 

Mince, e. (. To cut into small parts. 

Mints, jj. Places where money ia 
MiNDB, n. The intelligent faculties. 
Mikes, n. Subterraneous works. 

MiBER, n. One employed in mining. 

Mtnob, n. One under lawful age. 
Missal, n. The mass book. 
Missel, n. A singing bird. 
Missile, n. A weapon thrown. 

Hissed,^. Failed in aim. 

Mist, n. A fine, thin rain. 

MioHT, n. Power; strength. 

Mrrr, a. Having insect mites. 

MiaHTT, a. Powerful. 
Moan, ti. Audible sorrow. 
Mown, jy. Cut down with a scythe. 

Moat, n. A. ditch round a castle. 

Mote, ». A small particle. 
Mobe. a greater quantity. 
MoWEB, n. One who cuts grass. 

MoEN, ». The first part of the day. 

Mourn, v. i. To grieve ; to lament. 
MoBNiNG,7i. Thefiretpartoftheday. 
MouRNDfo, n. Grief; sorrow. 

MoBTAB, 71. Cement for bricks. 

MoRTER, n. A lamp or light. 
Mow, n. A compartment for hay, 
Mow,+ o. (. To cut down. 

MusTABD, n. A eenuB of plants. 

MusTEBED,^. Assembled. 
Nap, n. A short sleep. 
Enap, t. i. To make a sharp noise. 

Naval, a. Maritime; nauticaL 

Navel, m. The center of the ab- 
Naiye, a. Artless. [domen. 

Nave, n. Tbe center of the wheel. 
Knave, n. A petty rascal. 

Nay, adv. No. 

Neigh, n. The voice of a horse. 
Neal, v. t. To temper by heat. 
Kneel, c. i. To rest on the knee, 

Nkab, a. Not fer distant. 

Ne'er, adv. At no time. 
Neitheb, conj. Not either ; nor. 
Nethee, a. Lower. 

News, n. Fresh account. 

Noose, n. A running knot. 
None, a. No one. 
Nun, n. A female devotee. 

Oae, n. A pole with a broad blade. 

O'eb, pra). Above ; across. 

Ore, n. A mineral body. 
Ode, n. A lyric poem. 
Owed, pp. Under obligation, 

Oe, pr^. Belonging to. 

Off, adv. Noting separation. 
On, int}. Denoting pain. 
Owe, b. t. To be indebted to, 

Ottab, ». The oil of roses. 

Otteb, n. An amphibious animsL 
Che, «. A wngle person ; a unit 
WoNjjip. Gained by conquest. 

Ordihaiicb, n. A decree ; law. 

Obdkakce, n. Cannon. 
Obdeb, n. Method. 
Obdubb, m. Dung ; filth. 

OuoKT, V. t. To be bound by duty. 

AuoHT, n. Any thing. 
Paced, pp. Moved slowly. 
Paste, a. Flour and water mixed. 



f PACEKD,m)> Boandlnabimdle. 

Pact, n. A. contract ; ■ bugaln. 
PuL, n. A wooden Tessel. 
PiLB, 1. Not rnddj. 
j Pauk, n. Angaisb ; BfOny. 

Pake, n. A eqiiare of glass. 
Pair, n. Two things suiting one ai^ 
; Pake, v. t. To peel. [other, 

PEAS,n. Afriut 

Palate, n. The organ of taste. 

Pallet, n, A amall bed. 

vPaucttb, n. A painter's board. 
Pall, n. The coTering over the dead. 
Paul, n. A man's name. 

PABTrnoN, n. That whicL dlTides. 

Pbtitior, n. A reqneat ; entreaty. 
Pasbasle, a. Tolerable. 
Passiblb, a. That may feel. 

PiBTDS, n. A clergjmBii. 

Pabtdke, n. Land grazed by cattle. 
Patience, ji. Sofiering without con> 

Patiektb, n. Peraona nnder tlie can 
of a doctor. 

Pause, n. A stop ; Bnspense. 

Paws, n. The fore-feet of a beast of 

PoBEBitn. Passages for perspiration. 
Peace, n. Freedom from war. 
PmcB, n. A part of the whole. 

Peak, n. The top of an eminence. 

PkIIjb, n. A Blight resentment. 
Peal, n. A BDcccaerion of loud Bounda. 
Pgel, n. The skin or rind. 

Panei., n. A square between other 

Pankel, n. A kind of saddle. 
Ptrl, «. i. To flow with a gentle noise. 
Peasl, n. A white, hard, smooth sub- 
gtance found in a Icind of oyster. 

Pedal, a. Belonging to the feet. 

Pedal, n. A key moved by the foot. 

Peddle, t. L To carry about to sell. 
Peee, n. An equal, 
PiEB, n. A column ; a wharf. 

Pehcil, n. A small brush. 

PEN8ILB, a. Suspended. 
Pesdakt,!!. Something which hanga. 
Pen'dkht, o. Hanging. [woman. 

Pebsoital, a. Belonging to man or 

Pbkbohsel, n. The pereong io a 
public office. 
Pilot, b. A guide, 
PiLA^ n. A man's name. 

i PniAK, fi, A colnmn. [head. 

PiLLOV, n. Bomething under the ' 
PtRT, n. Hidf a quart. 
PoDTT,! n. The Bhatp end. 

Ptbtil, n. Part of^a flower. ' 

* Pistol, n. The smallest fire-ann. 
Place, n. Locality ; situation. \ 

Plaice, ti, A sort of flat fish. 

Plaut, n. Smooth ; clear. 

Plakx, n. A flat surftce. 
Plaiwtift, n. One who seeks justice. 
Flaietive, a. Espreedve of sorrow. 

Plait, n. A fold. 

Plate, n. A flat piece of metal. 
Pleas, n. Argnments. 
Please, e. i. To ^ve pleasure. 

PLuif, n. A fruit. 

Pluhb, n. A perpendicular. A feather; a crest 
Pole, n. A measure ; a long stake. 
Poii, n. The head. 

Fool, Ti. A small collection of water. 

PouLE, n. The stakes played for. 
Po^AB, n. A tree of the aspen spedea. 
PopnLAB, a. Pleasing to the people. 

PoFULACE, «. The people. 

PopuLocs, a. Full of people. 
Poke, », A passage for perspiration. 
PoDE, c. t. To let out of a vessel. 

POBIMO, ppr. Looking intently. 

PonRiNB, ppr. Bending US a fluid. 
Port, n. A uarlior. 
PoBTK, n. The Turkish court. 

PoETtON, n. A part ; a share. 

PoTioH,t ». A draught of medicine. 
Pbactice, n. The habit of doing. 
Pbactise, e. t. To exercise. 

Praise, n. Commendntion. 

Peats, B. i. Entreats; petitions. 

Pbets, e. t. Feeds by Tiolenoe. 
Peay, c, (. To supplicate, 
Pebt, n. Bapinc ; plunder. 

Peeckdest, n. A rule or example, 

Pbkcedbht, a. Going before. 

pRESiDEBT, n. One who preadea. 
Pbebgnce, n. State of heaag present. 
Presents, r. Gifts. 

Fbide, n. Be]f-«8teem. 

Pbied, pp. Moved by means of a 
Prieb, e. i. To inspect closely. 
Prize, n. A reward gained. 

Priece, n. The son of a king. 

Prints, n. Impreasiocs mMe. . 



PRDfCiFAi,, o. Chief ; important. 

PniBCiHiB, n. Aji element. 

Pbios, a. Previous; former. 

pRiBB, n. One who inquires closely. 
Peobtt, n. Gain ; benefit. 
Prophet, n. One who foretells events. 

PsoPHECT, n. Tliat which ia fore- 
told, [tell. 

Pbopheby, «. i. To predict ; to fore- 
QcARTS, n. Fourths of a gallon. 
Quartz, n. Roct crystal. 

Qdees, m. The wife of a king. 

QtTEAN, n. A worthless woman. 
Habbkt, 31. A joint. 
Babbit, ti. A small quadruped. 

Radical,™. Of first priuciplea. 

Radicle, n. A part of a aeed. 
Radish, n. An esculent root, 
RfiDDEsn, a. Somewhat red. 

Rain, n. Water from the clouds. 

Reiqb, ft. To have royal power. 

Rbih, n. The strap of a bridle. 
RiiaB, V. t. To lift ; to erect. 
Rats, n. Beams of light. 
Bazb, t, t. To demolish. 

Raised, y^. Lifted; elevated. 

RAZBDjjip. Demolished. 
Raises, n. One who raises. 
'TiAZOB, ra. An instraraent for shaving. 
** Eaisih, n. A dried grape. 

Rbaboit, n. The rational faculty. 
Raiicob, n. ISIalice ; hate. 
Bankeb, a. Coarser. 

Raf, n. A quick, smart blow. 

Wbap, u. (. To roll together. 
Eappiro, ^r. Striking with quick 

WEAFPiNa, n. A cover. 
RAPnjB,t». Plunder; pillage. 

Read, s. t. To peruse. 

Reed, n. A hollow, knotted stalk, 
RuAD, pp. Perused. 
Red, a. IlaviDg the color like blood. 

Real, a. Tnia 

Rbel, n. A machine for winding. 
Reseat, v. t. To seat again. 
Receipt, n. A written acknowledg- 

Rblic, n. That which remains. 
, — Relict, n. A widow. 

::e, n. Place of abode. 

rs, n. Those who reside in a 
RnBiaK, V. t. To give up. [place, 
Rasian, 1. 1. To sign again. _ , 

RllST, n. Qniet ; ease. 

Wbest, v. t. To twist "by violence, 

Rebtauratiok, n. Restoralion. 

RssTOBATioK, re. Recovery. 
Rheum, re. A thin, watery mutter. 
Room, re. Space. 
■ Ruumb, n. A vertical circle. 

IliTM, ft. Spirituous liquor. 

RnoMBjtre. A quadrilateral figni^. 
Rhtub, ». Harmonical sounds. 
BiUe, re. Hoar frost. 

IhCB, n. An esculent grun. 

Rise, n. Ascent ; e. t. To ascend. 
Rifle, n. A kind of ^d. 
Rival,,! re, A competitor. 
"^EiooEK, re. One who rigs. 

RiGOE,ra, Severity; stnctness. 
RiOHT, a. Direct ; proper. 
Rite, n. Ceremony. 
■Wbioht, re. A workman. 
Weite, e. t. To eapress by letters 
formed with a pen. 

Boas, re. An open way, 

RoDB, pp. Traveled in a vehicle. 

Rowed, pp. Impelled by oars. 
Roam, t. i. To ramble. 
Rome, n. A city in Italy. 

Boar, d. i. To cry as a lion. 

EowEB, ft. One who manages an oar. 
Roe, ft. A species of deer. 
Row, e. t. To impel a boat by oars. 
Row,t ft. A riotous noiae. 

Rosa,™. Female deer; eggs of fishes. 

Rows, *. (. Impels by oars. 

Rose, ft. A well-known fiower. 
Rood, n. The fourth part of an acre. 
RtTDB, a. Rough; coarse of manners, 

BousB, t>. (. To stir up ; to provoke. 

Bows, ft. Riotous disturbances. 
Rote, re. Memory of words. 
Wkotb, preC. of white. 

BonoH, a. Not smooth ; rugged. 

Rdfp, ft. A linen ornament. 
Rout, n. An evening party ; o. (. To 

Route, n. Road ; conree. 

Rung, n. A step of a ladder ; pp. 

WEUNO.jjp. Twisted. [Sounded, 
Rtb, n. A species of grain. 
W»T, o. Crooked. 

Sail, re. Canvas of a ship. 

Sale, n. Act of selling. 
Iailbr, re. That which sails, 
Sailob, ft. A seaman ; a mariner. 



Batisr, n. Mdicnle; auoasm. 

Sattb, n. A sylvan God, 
Satxb, n. One who earea. 
Savob, n. A aceUt ; tast& 

ScBRX, n. A view. 

Sekk, j>p. Having viewed. 

Seine, n. A net used in fishing. 
Sccu, n. A shMt our. 
BsDu^ n. The case of the brain. 

Sea, n. A body of salt water. 

Sio, V. t To perceive b; tLie eye. 

C, ft. A letter in \be alphabet. 

Ckil, s. t. To eover the upper tar&co. 

Beam, n. A junctnre. 

8KB3I, «. n. To sppenr. 
Sbaubjq, pp. Joined together, 
SsEJtKDjpp. Appeared. 

Sbab, a. Drj ; «. t. To bnm. 

Segb, n. One who foreseoi 
Seas, n. Bodies of salt water. 
8^58, 0. (. Perceives by the eye. 
Seize, s. {. To t^ki; hold of. 

Sects, n. Religious denominatloas. 

Bex, n. The distinction between 
male and female. 
BonoB, n. One older than another. 
Seiosiob, n. A title. 

Beef, n. A slave. 

SuBF, n. The svell of the wa that 
beats upon the shore. 
Eeeok, n. A kind of woolen clotlL 
ScBGE, n. A rising billow 

Set, 1. 1. To place. 

8rr,1 e. \. To repose on a seat. 
Bew, e. t. To join by the needle. 
Sow, r. i. To Bcatt«r seed. 
So, (id<B. In this manner. 

BowKB, m. One who sows. 

SoAB, u. i. To fly aloft 

SoEB, n. An ulcer ; a punftal part 

Sbw£b, n. One who uses a needle. 

Sewer,+ ». A passage to convey off 
water uid mth. 
Sbeab, e. t. To cHp with Bhears. 
Sheeb, e. n. To deviate. 
BtnoE, n. Ji, connty. 

Bbsath, n. The case of any tiling. 

Bhxathb, «. t. To inclou in a case. 
Show, b. t. To exhibit to view. 
Shew, p. t. To exhibit to view. 

Shoe, n. A protection for the footL 

Shoo, intj. Begone. ' 

Shobs, pp. Emitted rays of light. 
&B.owv,pp. Exhibited. 

Bros, n. Edge ; tnargin. 

SraifXD, pp. To emit breaUTandibly. 
BioHS, n. Deep respirations. 
Size, n. Bulk ; magnituda 

SionEs, n. One who aigbs. 

Si&E, n. Father. 
SioK, n. A token-, a signal. 
Sine. n. The name of a line. 

SiME, e. i. To go to the tmttom. 

Cinque, ti. The nnmber five. 
Bi.Ar, 0. t. To kill. 
Hlet, n. A weaver's reed. 
Sleioii, n. A vehicle for anow. 

Blbw, prtt. of BiuiT. 

Blue, c. (. To tam about. 
Bliobt, n. Neglect ; a. BmalL 
Slbioht, n. Artinl trick, 

Slok, n. A fniiL 

Blow, a. Not awijl. 
Sloudh, n. A deep, mirr place. 
SLOuoa,t B. t. To &1I o£ 

BuELT, n. A small sea^flsh. 

Bhblt, e. t. To melt \ pp. Perceived 
by the nose. 
^Ok&B,o,pp. Ascended. 
BwoKD, n. A weapon for cnttdng. 
SwABD.t n. A gnusy snr&cc. 

Bole, n. The bottom of the fooi 

Boui., n. Tbe spirit of man. 
Bold, pp. Disposed of tor a price. 
Soled, pp. FurniBhed with soles. 
SonLED, a. Having a mind. 

HoutKB, n. Metallic cement. 

Boij>ixB,t n. A warrior. 
Bomb, a. More or less. 
Bun, n. The whole. 

Son, n. A male child. 

Sen, n. Tbe luminary that makes 
the day 
Boot, n. Condensed smoke. 
Butt, n. A set of things. 
StTKT, n. A hard fat. 
Bdite, n. A train of followers. 

Booth, n. Truth ; reality. 

Soothe, e. t To allay. 
Staid, a. Sober ; grave. 
Stated, jip. Supported. 

Btaib, n. One m a fiigfat of steps. 
Stabb, e. n. To look with fixed 
, Stake, n. A small post. 
|8teas,». a slice of beef. 




Btalk, n. Tlie etam of a plant 

Btobk, n. A bird. 
SriTiONABY, a. MofionleBs, 
Stationebt, n. Pens, ink, paper, £c. 

Btb£l, n. A refined kind of iron. 

BTEAt, «. (. To take hj theft. 
SraAiGHT, a. Not crooked. 
Stbait, 7t. A narrow pass. 

Succor, n. Aid ; relief. 

SiTCKBB, n. A ehoot of a plant. 
Swap, n. A blow. 
Bwop, 0, t. To barter. 

BwsA7, n. Perepiration. 

Sweet, a. Pleaong to the taste. 
Tacks, n. Small nails. 
Tax, n. A tribute. 

Tact, n. Skill. 

Tack, n. A stnull nail. 
Tail, n. The last end. 
TaiiB, n. A narrativp. 

Talentb, n. Abilities. 

Tj^lons, It. The claws of a bird. 
Tapeb, n. A wax cacdte. 
Tapib, n. An animal. 

Tare, n. A weed. 

Tear, v. t. To pull in pieces. 

TfiAR.t n. Moisture from the eyes. 
TAuoHTijp. Instmcted. 
Taut, a. Tight. 

TfiAH, n. Two or more horses. 

Tbem, e. j". To be full. 
Tear, n. The water from the eyes. 
TiBB, n. A row; a rank. 

TRAB,n. The different kinds of tea. 

Teasr, 0. (. To harass ; to annoy. 
Tbnor, r, General conrse. 
Tkitoee, n. Act of holding. 

Tensb, a. Drawn light. 

Tbbtb, n. Movable Todgings. 
The. The definite article. 
Thee, pro. The ohjecliTe case of 

TrcEnt, pro. Belonging to them. 

ToEKS, adv. In thot place. 
Thebw, pret. «f thbow. 
Tbbottqh, pr0p. From end to end. 

Thkoe, n. Extreme pain. 

Throw, «. t. To burl. 
TiotoinB, n. The seat of a king. 
Thbowm, yp. Cast; burled. 

Tbtio!, n. An aromatic plant. 

Time, n. Duration. 
Tide, n. Stream. 
TixD,jip. Bound. 

Tnrr, a. Little ; smalL 

Tnurr, a. Like tin. 
To, prep. Noting motion toward. 
Too, adv. Noting excess. 
Two, a. One and one. 

Toad, n. An animal. 

Toed, a. Having toes. 

Towed, pp. Drawn along. 
Toe, n. A finger of the foot. 
Tow, e. (. To draw along. 

Told, yp. Mentioned; related. 

Tolled, pp. Souodcd alowly. 

ToLBD, pp. Allured. 
ToLE, 'B, t. To allure. 
Toll, n. A tax npon travelers. 

Ton, n. A weight; SO cwt. 

Tun, n. A large cask. 
Toub, n. A circuit 
Tower, n. A building. 

Tracked, pp. Followed by marks. 

TRACT,n. A region; asmall pamph- 
Tbatail, o. i. To labor with pun. 
Travel, D.i. To make journeys. 

Tray, n. A shallow veaseL 

Tret, n, A three at cards. 
Treatise, n. A discourse. 
TitEATiEa, n. Agreements between 

ToHB, n. A monnment over a grave. 

TouE, n. A volume; a book. 
Ewes, n. Female sheep. 
Yews, n. Evergreen trees, 
U8E,t n. Service. 

Vale, n. Space between bills. 

Vail, n. Money given to servants. 

Veil, m. A thin cover over the face. 
Valley, n. A hollow between hills. 
VALDE,t D. t. To rate at a cert^ price. 

Vane, n. A weather-cock. 

Veih, n. A blood vessel. 

Vaih, 3. Meanly prond. 
Vbsal, a. Mercenary; base. 
Vemial, a. Tbat may be fo^ven, 

Vekt, It. A hole for air to escape. 

WRNT,J>r«(. of flo. 
Vents, n. One of the planets. 
Venous, a. Relating to the veins. 

Vbbacitt, n. Habitual truth. 

Voracity, n. Rapacity ; greediness. 
Vial, n. A small bottle. 
Viol, n. A musical instniment 
Vile, a. Base; wicked. 
I Phial,- n. A small bottle. 



TiGAX, fk A Babstitnte. 

WiCKBB, a. Hade of twiga. 
Vice, n. A spot or defect. 
Vice. loBtead of. 

Vioi-ATE, D. t. To traii«(reaa. 

Vioi^BT, n. A delicate Sower. 
ViBTP, n. A loTC of the fine arts. 
YmTTTB, n. Moral goodaees. 

Wade, v. n. To walk tbrough water, 

WsjosKD, pp. Balanced. 
Waii., f>. I. To mosii ; to lament. 
Walk, a. A mark lelt by a stripe, 
Whai^ n. An animal shaped like » 
Ball, end living in ttiv sea, bat 
haTing waim blood, and bnatb- 

WA18T, n. Part of the body. 

Wastb, n. Wanton deatructioil. 
Wait, o. i. To stay for. 
Weight, n. Heavmeae. 

Watte, h. t. To relinqniab. 

Watk, n. A moTing swell of vater. 
Wast, o. t. To desire. 
WosT, n. Custom ; habit. 

Weak, v. t. To impair by tite. 

Wase, n. Commodity. 

Wobbe:, adv. In which place, 

Webb,! prat, pfw. From UeTerb so. 
WiKT, n. A hard excrescence. 
Wort, n, Unfermented beer. 

Whacks, n. Heavj blowA 

Wax, n. The anbetanca which foima 
the cells of bees. 
Wat, n. A road ; a passage. 
Whet, n. The thin part of milk. 
Weigh, u. (. To examine by balance. 

Weak, a. Not strong. 

Week, n. Seven days. 
WeaIi, n- Happiness ; welfare. 
Wheal, ti, A pustule. 
Wheel, n, A circular body. 
VKAi.,t n. The flesh of a calf. 

Weasel, n, A small animal. 

Weezel, a. Tbin ; weazen. 
Wether, n. A ram. 
Whbthek, adv. Which of two. 
Weather, n. The state of the atmo- 

Wen, n. A tumor. [sphere. 

Whbk, adv. At what time. 
Wert, The second person of the 

verb BE. 
WoBT, n. nn&nneiited beer. 

Wkt, n. Water; moistare. 

Whet, e. To aharpen. 
What, pro. That which. 
Wot, e, (. To know. 

WmcH, pro. A pronottn. 

Witch, n. A sorceress. 
Whig, n. The name of a party, 
WlO, n. False hair worn on the bead. ' 

y^WiLS,adt. During the time that 

Wile, n. A deceit ; a fraud. 
Whine, n. A plaintive noise. 
Wise, n. The juice of the grape. 
YiNE.t n. Any plant that trails. 

Whis, «, n. To turn round witli 

Were, pret. plu. of the verfi be. 
WmsT, n. A game at cards. 
Wist, pp. Thought; knew. 

White, n. The color of snow, 

WiQHT, n. A person ; a being. 

Wite, n. Blame ; reproach, 
Whtv, n. A very small port, 
Wrr, n. Quickness of fancy. 

Whithkb, ado. To which place. 

WuHEB, t. i. To fade ; to dry up, 
Wht, adt. To what reason. 
Vie, e, i. To strive. 

Wood, n. The substance of trees. 

Would, c. Was willing. 
Worsted, n. Woolen yam. 
Worsted, pp. Defeated. 

Wrapped, pp. Wound, 

Rapped, pp. Struck with a quick 
Wreak, e. t. To execute. 
Reek, b. To emit vapor. 

Wreath, n. Any thing curled. 

Wreathe, «. t. To encircle; to 

Wheck, n. Dissolution by violence. . 
Reck, e. (. To heed ; to care for, 

Wbetch, n. A miserable person. 

Retch, v. i. To make an effort to 


Wbikg, c. (. To turn with violence. 
Rrao, n. A circle ; sound. 

YoLK,n. The yellow partofanegg. 

Yoke, to. A wooden tmndage placed 
on the neck of oxen. 
ToiJB,pTO. Belonging to you. 
EwoR, n. A veasfd for water. 




ru go through the aide of the chnrch which is on the Ide of Wight, The 

Bhoemaker said his awl was all that procured him a liTing. 

He commenced to bawl, becauae he had lost bis tail. The iaroMg* wpa sur- 
prised at the harrennem of the countiy. The captain, with the as*ittance of 
his asi»stantg. Bailed the liarqae laden with hark. They harred the door against 
the iard. He gave' his owent to the propoaition for their atcent of ^oont 

I hare Seen to the 6»n to get some grain. Beer brooght him to his Mw, 
He biyred a hole in the toard. The bow of tbe boat was made of the Ixragh of 
the beech which grew near the lietuA. The 6au drum was takes bj a bate fel- 
low. The lee must be busy in order to lay up his winter store. 

Two weeks after the child was ioTvi it was borne to that bourn whence no 
traveler returns. The wind caused the bavgh to bow. The man was ftraito 
his calling, bnt his calling waB not bread to him. 

Ai^r passing through the canon the canon was read atnid the roar of ont- 
nim. While one brother was eeUing the room tbe other was Moling a letter. 
The adler lives in a oMar. After taking the eenaa he lost his »eMe». The 
servant was »ent with a cent to get Eome icent. 
The leader of the dmir sent for a Tuire of m 
risMi he seized his opponent by the cdlar. 
magnificent tigM opened to our view. 

The fit of coJiffAinj which caused the iw&nef to be laid in his eq^ was pro- 
duced by his eating a kemd. The artist made a sketch of the eran« with a, 
crayon. Notwithstanding he was his cou»i/i, he wished to cosen him. The 
color of the culler was raised by the insult. His amnsel was asked and ob- 
tdned by the council. 

The .Done did notdeiffn to notice him. lie said theifey wasaditytoolate. 
Each one of the creas was provided with a cruse for the cruise. Upon Ma 
aigTiet was engraved a cygnet. The diseaae caused his decease. 

The dytr dye» daily, yet he diet not. Three scruples make a drachm, bat 
many persons take a dram without a scruple. The errant knight, while on 
his errand, proved to be an arrant coward. He can earn tbe vrn by dyeing, 
and yet keep from dying. 

Foamuat not frighten the ewe which is lying by that yew of lieautifnl hue. 
Slio made n, feint to faint. The landlord gave unfair fare. My/of^CT-saicl 
I should go no farther. He performed a great feat with his feet at the fete. 
Upon the smoke ascending, the swallow fine from the Jlue, Ke/ain, would 
faign to go to the fan£. 

The fore parts of the foar animals were pnt adde for eating. The domc»- 
tie fowl was killed by a foul dom^sUc. He strode to the gate with a lofty 
gait. It is wicked to gajnble, but not to gamiol. At the fort his forle ib 
gunnery. A majority of the guild wished to ffiid the sign. 

The gue&t gueited. that they would make a fire in the great grate. Tbe AaiV 
of tbe hare is of a brown color. 

I hemrd the lowing of the herd. When our hour shall come, wo will wng ■ 
h^/mn to Him above. The htuaar who was in the inn cried out hnaa. 

The reason wh; hakera bund tlieir brawl ii becaiue tbey need it I £now 
na knight who will go there in the night. If the gnu tnta that the hay was 
neai, why did he not eat it t The jeiter by hi* geUutv Bltowed hia intenm i»- 

The pnpil endeaTored tn Uuea the letam. The body baa lain in the lane 
for three days. Every Uer is not a liar, though he can pertbnn on the l]/re. 
He bongbt Bome UMtmnt for his bruised Imtamad. 

The martial manhal received a valaable mare from the mayor. The maU 
wore a coat of mail. He was in a muut amidst the tnow. The tMod was the 
need wbich he required. 

That miner mindt the miner minet. The mover conid mow no mem, for be 
had miued the place in tbe mitt. It is ikot m««t to m^ ont such meat. Von 
ehonld not meddle with the m^do^ Does it require the might of s man to 
kiU a m^7 

Tbe noise of tbe oar comes e'er the water. By an ordinatiee of parliament 
the ordnanee was increased. Jifene but a nun can enter a uonnery. Does the 
Tieighof & horse mean nayT 

Can yon pare a pear ■viih a pair of Bcimirst He placed bis f><i&«« opon 
the ji»Uet, and vieat to giatifj hit palate. Of the patient* none had ^fiene«. 
Thepttve of junein the wound caused great jMtn, therefore be had ao peace. 

He laid down to rest baving a broken pillar for a pillow. As soon as he 
ceased running tbe perspiration began to pour from every pore. 

The priaeipal principle of a student should be uprightness. The praise 
which hia rival receired preys upon bis spirits. 

His rdii^ kept the razor as a rdic. The retidenti had changed their ren- 
denee. The rigor of the climate caused the death of the rigger. 

He said it was right to larite to the wright about the rite. He rode home 
by the road, after he had rowtd to the place of meeting. The rowt in the 
street caused him to nmie from hia stupor. 

80 yon Kin when you ought to toK. Tbe pirate has determined to »nu 
every vessel he »ef» upon tbe leat. The sn/ eight at the tiztf of the ttirf 
through which he is compelled to go. To bathe in the turge he had a dress 
nude of terge. He tighed because of a pain in bis tide. 

Without his son tbe sun bad no light for him. Four ewer was broken at 
the fountain. Why do men cie with each otlier ? We endeavored to vrecUhe 
s Tcreath. 

The bread earned by the siMattof thybrowis ticeet to thee, O man. It re- 
quires iorf to taek through the straight ttrait. There their horses Stand. 
This is the spear which he threu through the fence. 

He told his friend that he was toled to the church by hearing the bell tolled. 
Se wrote a treatise on the principal treaties recorded in history. The only 
ute he liad for his yeics was to shelter his euet. 

The mle man injured the viel by means of a vial. The ticar was walking 
down the lane with his vrichm' basket. A team of his brother's band caused 
liim to waive his claim. 

He Bsked him lehether the leeaiher was favorable to the young Kcther. He 
leist not whether it was ahist or not. He did not know whither to carry the 
Siwer tehieh the witeh said was cammeacing to viither. He did not know 
when tbe vxn would heal. She went over the leay to vieigh tbe whe}/. 




Ab'beut, tz. Not present. 
Absent', v. To keep away. 

Ab'bt&act, n. An abridgment. 

Abstkact', e. To draw from. 

ABtrsB (abaie), e. To ill use. 
a (ttbuce), n. Ill n 


» oftt 

Aoobst', v. To give the accent. 
Af'fix, n. A syllable added. 
Affpis', V. To add to the end. 

At'tributb, n, A quality. 

Attbib'ctb, e. To assign as a caose. 
Adci'mbbt, ». Inereaae. 
AuausnuT', v. To make larger. 

Au'gust, n. The eigbth month. 

Apoobt', a. Grand, mnjestic. 
Bow (bo), n. For Bhoafing with. 
Bow (bow), n. A bending of tlie head. 

Bitf'fbt, n. A stroke of the fist. 

Buffet', n. A cupboard. 
Chab, b. To bnm partly. 
Chah, n. A small job. 

CoL'LBAijim, n. A partner. 

CoLLSAaiiB', e. To umite with an- 

Col'lbct, n. A short prayer. 
Collect', v. To gather together. 

Com'mbnt, n. An exposition. 

Comueht', c. To make remarks op- 

Cou'mbrcb, n. Trade between nations. 
Comsieboe', b. To traffic ; to trade. 

Com'uub'b, n. A district in France. 

CoitMDiTE', t. To converse. 
Com'pact, n. An agreement. 
Compact', a. Solid. 

Coh'pmit, n. A joint plot. 

Complot', jj. To form a plot. 
Gom'pobt, ». Behavior. 
Oompobt', s. To suit, 

Com'pouhd, n, A mixture. 

CouporrND', s. To mix. 
Cok'pbbsb, n. A pad oaed in surgery. 
Compress', e. To press together, 

Cok'cert, n. A mnsical entertain- 

Cokckbt', c. To plan tf^ther. 

Cok'cbetb, n, A mixture nsed by 

Cobckbtb', b. To bring into one mass, 

Coh'cobd, n. Agreement, 

Concord', b. To agree with. 
Con'duct, n. Behavior. 
Uonbtict', e. To lead. 

Coh'fdjb, ti. A boundary. 

Corfinb', «. To restrain; to im- 
Con'plict, n. A contest. 
Cobflict', «. To daah, 

Con'jcee, j). To pracdse charms. 

CoMJunE', ». To entreat. 
Coa'sEKVE, n. A awcetmeat. 
Conserte', «. To preserve with sugar. 

Con'bole, n. A truss or bracket. 

Cosbole', v. To comfort. 
Cos'eort, n. A companion. 
Conbobt', b. To associate witb. 

Con'tbst, n. A struggle. 

CoNTiMT', B. To dispute. 
Con'tbxt, n. The general series of a 

Contest', a. Interwoven. 

Con'tbact, 71. An agreement. 

Costbact', o. To get smaller. 
Con'tbabt, n. Opposition of things, 
Conteast', e. To set in opposition. 

Coh'tkbt, n. A nannciy. 

Content', b. To call before a judge. 
Con'tbese, n. The opposite. 
Contkbsb', b. To talk together, 

Cos'tbbt, n. One changed. 

Convkbt', «, To change. 
Con'tict, n. A criminal found guilty. 
Convict', b. To find guilty. 

Cqn'tot, ». A protecting force. 

Contot', v. To accompany for pro- 
Coum'tkemand, n. A contrary order, 
Countebuand', e. To give a contrary 

Ckitise, n. A voyage. 

Cruise, n. A small bottle. * 
Dbs'cant, n. A song ; a discourae. 
DBaoAHT', e. To harangue. 



Des'bbt, n. A Bandy waste. 

Dbbebt', o. To forsake. 
Diffttsb', a. Using many words, 
Dipfobe', b. To spread abroad. 

Di'oEBT, n. A collection of laws. 

Digest', o. To dissolve food in tbe 
Dis'coTiNT, n. A sum dedact«d. 
Discomrr', e. To dednct 

Does (doze), n. The plnial of dob. 

TMe3 (doE), v. Third person of do. 
Es'tuascb, n. The place for entering, 
EsTKAscE', B. To fill with delight 

Ea'coHT, n, A liody-guard. 

EscoBT , e. Ife uttend and gnard. 
Ea'eAT, w. An attempt ; b treatise. 
Essat', o. To try. 

EscTBi:' (excuce), n. An apology. 

Excuse' (ezcoze), e. To make an 


TlT'n.g, n. A person banished from 

his country. [try. 

Exile', e. To send out of one's coun- 

Es'poBT, n. A commodity sent out. 

Espobt', r. To send to a foreign 
Es'tkact, n. Something cutracted. 
Eitbact', e. To draw out. 

Fobe'cabt, n. A forethought. 

PoKBCiST', V. To foresee. 
Fobe'tasth, 71, Anticipation. 
Fobetastb', v. To taste before. 

Fbb'uent, n. Internal motion. 

Febvekt', e. To set in motion. 
FnB'QnKHT, a. Often done. 
FitEqDBST', c. To Tisit often, 

GAi.'LAirr, a. Brare. 

OAXI.ANT', n. A man attentdre to 

or fat. 

Gout, n. A disease of blood. 

Oonr (goo), n. Taate ; relish. 
Gill (^ soft), ti. A measure, 
CiLL ig hard), n. The lung of a fish. 

UousB, n. A dwelling. 

II0U8B (houze), B, To put in a bonse. 
Iu'foet, n, IVIeaning ; a commodity 

brought into a country. 
liffOKT', V. To mean ; to bring into a 

Im'pbbss, n. An impression. 

Ix'FBiirr, n. The name of a publisher. 
IxpBnrr', c. To mal:e an impression. 

In'cemsb, n. Perfume exhaled by 

Ibcehbe', p. To excite to wrath. 
iH'CKEAsa, n, A growing larger. 
Ibcbbabe', v. To grow larger, 

Ih'lay, fl. Bomething inserted. 

Imlat', c. To insert. 
iH'STdCT, n. Natural impnlse. 
Instinct', a. Animated 

In'bult, n. An affront 

iNBtTLT', c. To disrespect. 

Mutual change. 
To eichanrre, 

In'tebdict, n. A prohibition. 

Intbbdict', p. To prohibit, 
Ib'tikatb, a. Friendly ; familiar. 
iN'TourE, c. To hint 

Intal'id, a. Not legal. 

Ibtalid' (-eed), n. A person in a 
sickly state. 
Lbah (ted), n. A metal. 
Leas (Iced), r. To condnet. 

Lire (live), a. Alive. 

T.yg (iiv), e. To exist ; to enjoy life. 
IiOiTEB, e. To let down. 
Lower (lou-er), v. To grow cloudy. 

HIci'dtb, n. A short spocs of tiuw, 

MntnTB', a. Small ; very littb. 
JIiscoK'DfCT, ji. Bad conduct 
Uisconduct', e. To l^ehave ill. 

MonsB, n. A small animal, [mice. 

MoDSE (mouze), e. To hunt after 
Mow, B. To cut grass with scythe. 
Mow (mou), n. A heap of buy in a 

No'tablb, a. Remarkable, [bam. 

Not 'able, o. Thrifty; carcfnl. 
Oa'jEtrr, n. Purpose or design. 
Object', b. To oppose by words. 

Ob'dinabt, a. (.'ommon; plain. 

Obd'ikabt, n. A house of entertain- 

Odt'go, ». Expenses of living. 
Onroo', B. To surpass. 

Oct'wohk, 31. Work done outside. 

Outwobk', o. To surpass at work- 
O'tkbchakqe, n. Too heavy a cfaa^e. 
Ovbbchabqb', F. Tocharge too much, 

"' Defeat. 

To defeat, 
Pea'pUME, n. Fragrance. 

Ijipbebs', b. To make an impression. | Pebfdue', b. To make odorous. 






PBB'uiTf n. A written^Vbority. 

Peemit', p. To atluw. 
Pol'ibk, e. To brighten. 
Po'iasH, a. Pertaining to Polaod. 

Pbbc'ecent, n. Example. 

PascE'DBaiT, a. Going before, 
Pkb'piz, n. A Bjllable placed at the 

beginning of a word. 
Prefix', ». To place before, 
• Pr£l'dsb, n. Any thing introdac- 

Pheludb', e. To begin with, , 
Pbem'ibe, n. A proposition in logic. 
Pbkmisb', v. To explain beforehand. 

PBBu'issa, n. Lands, &c., attached 
to a house. 

pREui'sEs, V. DoeB premise. 
Pbes'aqb, n. Sometlung that fore- 
shows an event. 
Peesaoe', v. To foreshadow. 

Pbbs'ent, a. A gift. 

Present', e. To give formally. 
Peod'dce, n. What is prodaced. 
. Prodccb', b. To yield ; to bring forth. 

PnoG'REsa, w. Onward movement. 

Pkooress', v. To proceed onwards. 
Pkoj'bct, n. A design, contriviftce. 
Pboject', d. To plan : to cast forward, 

Pbo'tbsT, n. A declaration against. 

PROTEaT', V. To declare against, 
Ra'rttt, n. Something very scarce. 
RAK'nr, n. State of thinness. 

Read, o. To peruse. 

Read, (red), p. Did read. 
Rec'keate, *. To refresh after labor. 
Bb'-cheatb, ». To form anew. 

Beb'el, r. One who rebels. 

Bebei.', e. To rise against and resst 
the law. [ory, 

Bec'ollbct, b. To call back to mem- 
Re'.*oli,ect, e. To gather again. 

Eec'oRD, n. A register. 

Record', v. To place on record. 
Rbp'dse, n. That which is left or re- 
jected, [with. 
Retubb', «. To decline compliance 

Rep'riuand, n. A censnre. 

Reprimaito', ti. To censure; to 
Rb'pent, a. Creeping. 
Rbpekt'jS. Tor^nt; to be contrite. 

Bb'pbikt, n. A leeond printing or 
^tEFBurr', e. To print agi^ 

Re'tail, n. Sale by small qnantitiea. 
Retail', e. To sell in small quantities, 
"^Row (roe), n. A line; n. To propel 

It. A scuffle ; a brawl. 
ir), n. A person who 

SfiWBB (soo-er), n. A large drain. 
ffiA>uoH (slou^, n. A miry difcb. 
^LouoH^luff), Tfc The cast skin of a 


tow (rou). 

WA>uoH (slou), n. A miry difcb. 
" fE>,». Tfiecastsl' 
seipenL^'feul' nilzter from 
Sow (sou), n. 'The fiuuinnle of boab. 
Sow (ao), D, To scatter seed. 
Scb'ject, n. One who owes alle- 
giance; the thing uuder consid- 
eration ; a. Liable to. 
Subject', r. To reduce to snbmia- 
So'piNE, n. A participial noun. [sion. 
Stpcrai', n. Lyinglarily on the back. 
Bob'kame, n. The family name. 
Stirname', t. To add another name. 
Sur'vet, n. A view ; a measurement. 

Tab'bt, p. To stop ; to delay. 

Tar'rt, a. Full ot tar. 
Teak (tare), n. A rent ; o. To rend. 
Tear (teer), n. Drops of water Irom 
the eye. 

Tob'mebt, fl. Torture; pain. 

Torment', h. To torture^- 
Teakbfeb', t. To make over to an- 

Trans'feb, n. The act of transferring. 

Tbaks pobt, n. Unusual joy ; rap- 
ture, [lure. 

Trahbpobt', v. To exile; to en tap- 
Unmiess', «. To take off the clothes. 
Un'drebs, 71. A state of partial cloth- 

Uh 'deb WORK, n. Bobordinate labor. 
Ubdebwork', b. To work at lower 

Use fuce), Ji. Occupation; ntilitj, 
UsB (uze), e. To employ ; to make use 

WmD, It, Air put in motion, [of. 

WntD, e. To turn aa on a reel. 
Wotnn), n, A flesh-cut; a hurt 
WoDHD, 0. Did wind. 





Address', n. DeportmenL 
F AoDRBsa', n. Dezterit;. 

Asdbbsb', n^Direction of ft letter. 
Addbess','^ a speech. ^ 
Am , n, A taelody, . 

.' Am, n. The fluid we breathe. 

Am, n. Manner; look. 
r^ An'sLB, n. A corner. 
. An'sLK, z. To fiah with a hook. 
AprA'RENT, a. Plain ; viaibi*. 
'Y/ AxrA-'uBST, a. Beeming ; not reaL 
. '■'iBCH, n. A part of a curve. 
Akch, a. Sly ; Bbrewd. 
AscH, a. Chief; superior. 
y Abt, n. Skill. 
'■ Abt, ». Part of the verb to bb. 
'-TBAca'ebOB, n. An unmarried mau. 
>^^ Bach 'blob, n. A junior graduate. 
V> Bait, n. To put foot! upon. 
'Q Bait, v. To take refreshment. 
B41T, a. To worry with dogs, 
Bau., Tt. A globe, 
u Ball, n. An entertiunment of danc- 
. '•) ing- 

u Bade, r. A heap of earth. 
^\ BA.HK, n. A place where money ia 
: '\ kept. 

^ Bask, n, A bench for rowers. 
Bab, n. A rail to stop a posBage. 
Bar, n. A bank of sand in a river. 
Bab, n. A railing; an enclosure. 
Babe, n. The rind nf a tree. 
Bark, n. A kind ofehip. 
Babe, n. The noise of a dog. 
Bask, n. The lowest part 
Basb, a. Mean ; wortUess. 
Bastb, v. To beat with a stick, 
Basi'b, e. To pour fat on roasting 

Babtb, e. To sew slightly. 
Bat, n. A club for striking a ball. 
Bat, n. A mnall, winged animal. 
Bat, n. A sheet of cotton far quilts 

BaVter, o. To beat; to crush. 

Bat'teb, b, a mixture of eggs, &o. 

Bat, a. A hollow in the coast. 
Bat, n. A tre& 

Bay, II. Ib an attitude of defence. 
Bat, n. A color; ■ Und of brown. 
Bat, f>. To bark. 

Bbaw, n.| a hcary piece of timber. 

Beam, n. A ray of light. 

Beax, n. Part of a scatca. 
Beas, o. To carry. 
Beab, n. A rough sarage animal. 
Bgab, «. To hold up. 
Bear, e. To produce. 
Bbab, e. To press. 
Beab, n. A kind of barley. 
' Bea'vbr, n. An animal. 

Bea'tbb, n. The fur of the beayer. 

Bea'tbb, ti. Part of a helmet 
Becoub', v. To be changed. 
Become', r. To be suitable to. 

Bbe'tle, n. An insect. 

Eek'tlb, n, A heavy malleL 

Bek'tle, t. To orerhap^. 
Bbo, r. To«3k for with humility, 
Bko, «. To assume without proot 

Bill, n. The beak of u bird. 

Bill, n. An accoont of money. 

Bill, n. A kind of ase. 

Bill, n. An set before a logja- 

Bil'lkt, n. A note, 

Bil'let, 71. A siimll log of wood. 

Bil'lkt, e. To quarter soldiers. 

Bit, n. A small piece. 

Bit, n. The mouth-piece of a 

Brr, n. A boring too). 
Blase, n. The cutting part of a tool. 
Blade, n. A leaf of grass. 
Blade, n. The shoalder bone. 
Blade, n, A sharp, lively man. 

Blow, n. A stroke. 

Blow, e. To puK 

Blow, e. To blosaom. 
Bldff, n. A high steep bank, 
Blufp, a. Coarse in manner, 
Blufp, a. Obtuse ; blmit • 
BLppE, n. A game at cards. 





' BoAitn n. A thin plank. 
60ASB, B. To live with for a price. 
Board, n. A council. 
EoARD, «. To enter a ship by force. 

Bolt, n. The bar of a duor. 

Bolt, e. To sift. 

BoLT.o. To leaTcordesert suddenly, 
BooT,n. Covering i'orthe foot and leg. 
Boot, n. Part ol a coach. 
Boot, n. Profit; advantsM. 
Boot, n. The thing given in addition. 

Bore, v. To make a. round hole. 

Bobb, v. To vei or weary. 

Bore, n. A round hok. 

BoRS, n. A thing that annoys. 

BoBE, Jt. An influx of the tide. 

BoRE,^. Carried; sustained. 
BomrD, n. A limit 
BocBD, n. A leap. 
Bound, v. Did bind. 

Bowl, n. A hollow dish. 

Bowl, n. A ronnd maea or ball. 

Bowl, v. To roll along. 
Box, n. A kind of tree. 
Box, n. A case or cheat. 
Box, n. A slap on the ear. 
Box, c. To fight with the flsta. 

Beach, ». To strengthen ; to make 
finn. . 

Brace, n. A pair ; a conple. 

Bkace, n. A tool. 
Erakb, Ti. A thicket. 
BitASE, n. An instrument for dresang 

Braeb, 71. The handle of a pump. 
Braes, n. A machine to retard the 
motion of wheels. [brass. 

Bba'zieb, n. One who works in 

Bra'zier, n. A pan to bold coals. 
Brook, n. A stream of water. 
Beook, 0. To endure ; to suffer. 

Brush, tl An instrument for clean- 

Bbdhh, n. A rude assault. [ing. 

BausK, fl. A collection of twigs or 

Bbubb, d. To rob with a brush. 

Bbcbh, s. To tonch lightly on the 

Brubb, v. To move with haste. 
Bctt, 71. A large cask. 
Butt, ti. A kind of hinge. 
Bdtt, 71. A person who is the object 

Btn7, v. To strike with the bead. 

Calf, n. The young of a cow. 

Calf, n. The thick part of the leg. 
Can, II. A metallic vessel. 
Cak, c. To be able. 

Cape, ti. A headland. 

Cafe, n. An article of dress. 
Ca'pbr, b. To skip and jump. 
Ca'pkk, 71. The bud of a plant. 

Caf'ital, a. Affecting the bend or 

Caf'ital, a. First in jmportancc. 

Caf'itS., n. A chief city. 

Cap'ital, n. Money invested in 
Card, 71. A piece of stiff paper. 
Card, n. A kind of adveKiscment. 
Card, v. To comb wool. 

Cabb, 71. A covering or sheath. 

Case, n. State of things. 

Case, 71. Variation of nouns. 

Case, n. An action at law. 

uhtkb', 71. One who has charge of 
Cashier', b. To dismiss for malcon- 

Cast, h. To throw. 

Cast, «. To form in a mould. ' ^ 

Cast, b. To compute ; to reckon. "J 

Cast, m. A moulded form. 1 

Cat'aract, n. A waterfall. 
Cat'aract, n, A disease of the eye. 

Charge, 71. A trust to defend. 

Charge, ti. Command. 

Chaboe, n. An accusation. 

Cbabob, 71. Cost ; expense. 

Charge, v. To load ; to burden. 

Charge, c. To attack. 
Chase, b. To pursue. 
Chase, v. To adorn by raised work. 
Chase, ti. A printer's type frame. 
Chase, 71. Hunting ; field sport. 

Check, m. A stop ; restraint. 

Check, n. A reprimand. 

Check, n. An order for money. 

Check, 71. A mark. 

Check, 71. A kind of cloth. 
Cbobd, 7t. The otringof a muMcal in' 

Chord, n. Harmony of sounds. 
Chord, ti. The line wliich joins the 
two ends of aa ore. 

Cleave, «. To adhere ; to stick. 

Cleave, e. To separate. 

Cleats, c. To split o£ 



Olcb, n. A heavy itick. 

CLtm, n. The name of a cord. 

Cock'u:, n. A shell Bgti. 

Cock'l,e, n. A weed. 
Colla'tios, n. Comparigon. 
C'olla'tion, n. A Blight repBBt. 

ConB, n. An iDstrament fur the hair. 

CoUB, n. The crest of a cock. 

Comb, n. The cells in which bees 
put their honej. 

Comb, e. To roll nver as a wave. 

Comb, n. A valley. 

Comb, o. To adjust with a comb. 
Commit', e. To intrust. 
Commit', v. To do ; to perpetrate. 
Commit', c. To send to prison. 

Coscohd'ascb, n. Agreement. 

Cohcokd'aecb, n. An index to 
words in the Bible. 
Cohpobm', v. To make like. 
Cohfokm', v. To comply with. 

Cossist'bkct, n. Agreement with 

CossiBT'EncT, n. Thickness. 
Cof'y, n. A model to be imitated. 
Cop't, n. An imitation. 

CoKD, n, A small rope. 

CoBD, n. A measure of wood. 
CoaD'iAi, a. Hearty ; sincere. 
CoitD'iAi., n. Any thing that comforts. 

Corn, n. Qrain. 

Corn, ». A hard substance on the 

CoKN, p. To salt. 

Corn, n. A single seed. 
CoosT, V. To number. 
Count, n. A foreign title. 
CocuT, n, A point in an indictment. 

Codht'ek, b. a table in a shop. 

Cotjkt'er, a. Contrary to. 

Coont'be, n. One who counts. 

Codnt'eb, n. A substitute for 
ConBT, B. To woo ; to solicit. 
CoCKT, n. Scat of justice. 
Court, n, Sp^ce before a house. 
Court, n, Besidence of a prince. 
Court, n. A little street. 

Crab, n. A shell fish. 

Crab, n. A wild apple. 

Crab, n. An engine for launching 

Crab, n. A morose person. 

Craft, n. Trade ; mannal ut 
Cbaft, n. Cunning. 
Craft, n. Sailing Tessels. 

Crane, n. A long lep-^ed Uid. 

Crakb, m. A machine for liftiiig 

Crahe, n. A crooked pipe. 
Crib, n. A rack or manger. 
Crib, n. A sniall houee. 
Crib, n. A child's bed. 
Crib, e. To steal. 
Crib, c. To confine in a small Bpace. 

Crick'bt, n. An insect. [ball. 

Cbick'st, n. A gome with hat and 
Cbit'icai., o. Inclined to find fault. 
Crit'ical, 01. DiscemiiLf,'. [point. 
Crit'ical, a. Relatin;; to turning 

Crop, n. The harvest. 

Crop, r. The craw of a bird. 

Crop, v. To cut short 
Cross, n. A gibbet 
Cross, n. Tnal of patience. 
Cross, a. Oppoate; coutrory. 
Cross, a. Ill-tempered. 
Cross, pr^. From Mde to aide. 
CsoBfi, e. To pass across. 
Cross, e. To cancel. 
Cross, e. To thwart 

Crow, n. A bird. 

Crow, n. A bar of iron. 

Crow, c. To boast; to exult. 

Crow, e. To make a noise like a 
Crt, v. To proclaim loudly. 
Cry, o. To lament aloud. 
Cry, II. The call of an nnimal. 

Cob, n. A braid of hair. 

Cub, n. A suggestion ; a hint. 

Cur, n. A turn of mind. 

Cub, n. A rod iised in billiards. 
Dah, ». The mother of an animal. 
Dam, n. A bank to conline water. 

Datb, n~ The time of an event 

Date, n. A fruit. 
Dbai,, »i. Quantity. 
Deal, n. Fir timber. 
Deal, b. To traffic. 
Deal, r. To distribute. 

Dear, a. Beloved ; prized. 

Dear, a. Espenave. 
Deck, e. To ornament; to cover. 
Deck, n. The floor of a ship. 

Desert',*!. That which is deserved. 

Desert', e. To forsake. 



Dehpatch', n. Hasty esecation. 
Despatch', c. To put to death. 
Die, v. To pass from life. 
DiB, n. A stamp. 
Dis, n. A little cube. 
Di'BT, n. A cnuree of fbod. 
Di'et, n. A Genuao parliament. 

Di'ters, Ti. Those who plunge un- 
der water. 

Di'vKRS, a. Several. 
DrviHB', a. Godlike; heavenly. 
DiviNS', n. A theologian. 
DrviNB', v. To foretell ; to predict. 
Divise', o. TogueHs; to coojecture. 
' Dock, n. A plant ; a weed. 

Dock, b. To cut off. 

Dock, n. A place in court. 

Dock, n. A place where ships lie. 
Dom'ino, ji. A kind of hood. 
Dou'iMO, n. A fiat piece of ivory dot- 
ted like dice. 

Down, ». Soft feathers. 

Down, n. An open plain. 

D0W14, n. A sand bunk in the aea. 

Down, adn. Not up. 
Draw, ». To drag alone. 
Draw, v. To let out a liquid. 
Dbaw, t. To delineate. 
Draw, ». To attract toward. 

Dniij, v. To bore holes. 

Dbill, ». To exercise reomita, 
DnoNffi, n. The male honey bee. 
Dro^e, n. A slu^^ard. 
Dbohe:, n. A hamming noise. 
Dbonk, e. To live in idleness. 
Drone, o. To read in a dnll tone. 

Dbuo, n. A medicinal substance. 

Dbco, n. An unsaleable thing. 

Dbdg, b. To give drugs to. 
Dun, a. Dark-colored. 
Don, b. To call for payment. 

Ear, n. The organ of bearing. 

Ear, n. A spike of com, 
EoG, n. A body laid bj birds. 
Ego, t. To incite. 

Euj'eb, a. Older. 

Eld'bb, n. The name of a shrub. 
Ei.i,ip'8i8, n. An omission of words. 
Ellip'sis, n. An oval. 

Enoross', v. To occupy the whole. 

Engross', e. To copy writings. 
Entertain', 0. To amuse. 
Ehtkrtaih', e. To hold in the 

E'vBK, a. Level ; equal 

E'tek, n. The evening. 
E'teh, adv. Truly ; likewise. 

Exact', a. Accurate. 

Exact', b. To demand; to extort. 
Express', 11. To utter; to declare. 
Express', b. To squeeze out. 
ExpBEBs', n. A speedy conveyance. 
ExpRKse', a. Plain ; clear. 

Fair, a. Pleasing ; handsome. 

Fair, a. Just ; honest. 

Fair, a. Clear; pleasant 

Fair, n. A lai^ market. 
Fakb, n. Price ot passage. 
Fare, n. Food for the table. 

Fast, a. Firmly fixed. 

Fast, a. Swift. 

Fast, n. Abutinence from food. 
Fawn, n. A young deer. 
Fawn, e. To court servilely. 

Feed, v. To give food to. 

Feed, w. Paid; rewardeni. 
Feu., e. Did tali. 
Fell, d. To cut down. 
Felt., a. Cruel ; barbarous. 
Fkll, 71. A barren hill. 

Pel 'low, Ti, An associate. 

Pel 'low, n. One of a pair. 

Fel'low, n. A mean wretch. 

Fel'low, », A trustee of a college. 
Pel 'on, n. A criminal. 
Fel'on, 71. A painful tumor. 

Felt, ». Perceived by the touch. I 

Felt, n. Cloth formed without | 
weaving. | 

Fee'ret, n. A kind of weasel, 
Pee'bet, ji. A kind of narrow tape. 
Fbr'ret, p. To drive out of a lark- 

FiG'uRB, n. Form ; shape. 1 

Fio'rRB, 71. A number. 

Fio'uRE, n. A statue. 

Fig'uhe, n. A form of speech. ' 

P^E, n, A fine rasp. CP^**- 

File, n, A wire on which papers arc 
Pile, n. A line of soldiers. 
File, t. To place on a file. 

FiL 'let, n. A small band on the hair, 

Fil'lkt, n. Part of a leg of veal. 
Fine, a. Not coarse. 
Fine, a. Splendid, | 

Pine, n. A forfeit 

Firm, a. Strong ; steady. 

FiRM,n.Thenameofapartnei8hip. . 

> <^^ iM 



fir, 3. Proper; suitable. 

Fit, d. a paroxjam. 

Fit. v. To Buit. 

Fit. n. An intciral. 
T%j^ «. A vator plant. 
Fij'.a, A. A bioad flat stone. 
Fi.13, n. An endgn or Btandird. 
Flag, v. To hang loose. 
Puo, p. To grow Bpiritlesa, 

Flat'ter, a. Mora fiat. 

Flat'tkb, 0. To praise falselj. 
FI.EET, n. A company of Bhipa. 
Plbct, a. Moving rapidi;. 

Flue, n. A passage for smoke. 

Flub, n. Boh fur or down. 
Foil, n. A blnnt aword. 
Foil, n. A thinplate of metal. 
Foil. b. To baffle ; to defeat. 

Fold, n. Ad enclosare for sheep. 

Fold, n. A double. 
Poor, It. The cttreinity of the leg. 
Foot, ti. The base. 
Foot, n. A meaaure. S 

FoHCE, n. Strength. / 

Fobck, r. To compel. 
FoBOE, V. To form by the hatmner. 
FoROE, o. To counterfeit. 
FoBGE, n. A furnace where iron 

Foru'bb, n. Maker; author. 

For'u&B, a. Before in time. 
FoB'TtTHR, n. Chance ; luck, 
Fok'thmk, n. Wealth ; riches. 

Found, v. Did And. 

FouKD, V. To establish. 

FoDHD, r. To cast. 
FotniD'EB, ». One who establishes, i^ 
FoDSD'BB,n. One who moulds inetaW. 
Fouhd'kb, t. To fill with water and 

Fbbt, n. Raised work in architec- 
Fekt, ». To be peevish. [ti 


Friezs, n, A term in architecture. 
Fbigzb, n, A coarse cloth. 

F^T, 71. A swarm of yoong fishes. 

Fey, e. To cook in a pan. 
Ftll'bk, a. Nearer fall, _ 5 

Pcll'er, ». A cleanser of cloth. 

FusK, B. To liquefy by heat, J 

Fuse, ft, A combustible tube, 
GuL, n. An excrescence on the oak. 
Gall, n. A secrelion of the body. . 
Gall, n. Malignity. ' 

Gaj.'let, n. A boat. 
Gal'let, n. The kitchen in a ship. 
Qaub, n. An amusement. 
Game, n. A mnglo matcli of plev. 
Gaih, n. Animate takoi by hnnitinft* 
J Gni, n. A machine for clearing col- 
" ton seeds. 

Gut, n. An alcoholic liquiir.' 

QLOse, n. A smooth shining surface. 
Globs, n, A comment. 

Gone, rt. Clotted blood, 

GoKG, n. A triangular piece. 

GoUE, p. To cut trionirularty. 

GoBE, B. To picrcd witli a horn. 
Gbain, 71. Corn. 
Gbaih, n. A single seed. 
Grain, n. Any minate particle. 
Gbadi, n. A small weight. 
Gkatn, e. To represent the vdns of 

Gbate, n. A range of bars, 
Gbatb, b. To rub on a rough sax- 

Gratb, t. To make a harsh noise. 
Grate'ful, a. Thankful. 
Gbate'pul, a. Agreeable ; pleawng, 

GRAve, a. Solemn; serious. 

Grave, n. The place of burial. 

Grave, b. To carve figures. 
Gbazr, b. To feed on grass. 
Graze, b. To touch lightly in paaung. 
' Gbebh, a. Colored like grass. 

Green, a. Fresh ; new. 

Green, a. Unripe; immature. 
Gkoss, a. Large ; coarse. 
GBoee, a. Indelicate ; rade. 
Gbobs, n. The weight of all parts to- 
Gboss, n. Twelve dozen, 

GBOtnn), ». The earth ; the soil. 

Frbt, e. To wear away by mbbingr^ ' Gboumd, pp. Beduced to powder. 


Gbound, b. To base; to establish. 

Gbousd, pp. Sharpensd by grind- 
Gttll, n. One easily cheated. [ing. 
Gull, ti. A sea-bird. 
Gull, b. To trick ; to cheat. 

Oust, n. Sense of tasting; relish. 

Gust, n. A sudden, violent blast 
Hab'it, Tt. State of a thing, 
Hab'it, n. Custom. 
Hab'it, n. Dress. 



TTat t., n. Frozen rain. 

Hail, b. To call to from a distance. 

Hah,, ». To saiute. 
Hai/t'eb, m. One who limpB. 
IIal'ter, 71. A rope to hang criminala. 

Ham'pcr,™. a large packing basket. 

IlAM'rcR, c. To perplex. 
Hatch, v. To produce young frora 
IlATCn, t!. A half door. [e; 

Hawh. n. A bird, 

IIawe, v. To force up phlegm. 

Hawk, v. To offer for sale by out- 
cry in the streets. 
Heat'eh, Ti. The eky. 
Heat'en, n. The eternal abode of the 

Help, v. To aasist ; to aid. 
Help, v. To avoid ; to prevent. 
Hem, n. The eewed border of a gar- 

' Hem, n. A voluntary cough. 

Hlde, n. The skin of an animal. 

Hide, e. To conceal, 
Hmn, a. Backward. 
Hind, n. A female deer, 
HmD, n. A peasant. 
. Hob'bt, n. A species of felcon, 

Hob'by, n. A pacing horse. 

Hob'bt, n. A favorite parsult. 
Hop, 0. To jump on one leg. 
Hop, n. A climbing plant. 

Host, n. The master of a feaat. 

Host, n. Landlord of an inn. 

Host, n. An army. 

Host, n. Any great number. 
Hub, jj. Color. 
Hue, n. An outery. 

In'btant, a. Urgent ; immediate, 

Is'btant, n. A moment. 
I'rojjy, a. Partaking of iron. 
I'hoby, n. Mockery. 

Jam, n. A conserve of fruits. 

Jam, s. To wedge in. 
Jar, n. An earthen vessel. 
Jab, ». A rattling sonuO. 
Jah, ti. To clasli ; to shake. 

Jet, n. A black fosMl. 

Jet, ?i. A spout of water. 

Jet, e. To project. 
Jotm'NAL, n. A daily reji^ster. 
Jouk'nal, n. The part of a shaft which 
revolves npon a support. 

JuBT, a. Bight. 

JuBT, adv. Exactly ; nearly, | 

Kek'nel, n. A dog house. 
Ken'nei., n. The gutter of a street. 
Kez, n. An instrument to open a 

Key, ». That which solves a diffi- 
Kniii, n. Species ; sort. 
EiBD, a. Eeady to confer favors. 

Kite, n. A bird of prey. 

Kite, ti. A paper toy to fly. 
Lace, ». A string. 
Lace, n. Fine net work. 

Lake, n. Water surrounded by laod. 

Lake, n. A color. 
Lap, v. To lick up. 
Lap, v. To fold ovej'. 
Lap, n. The part formed by the knees 
in a sitting posture. 

Last, a. Latest, 

Last, v. To endure. 

Last, n. The uKiuld on which shoes 
are made, [woods. 

Lawn, n. An open space betwem 
Laws, n. A linen fabric. 

Lay, v. To place down. 

Lay, ». To wager. 

Lay, r. Did lie. 

Lay, n. A song. 

JjAY, a. Not clerical. 
Lean, p. To incline. 
Leas, n. !Muscular part of fleata, 
I.EAIT, a. Not fat; thin. 

Leaves, n. Permission. 

Leave, n. Departure. 

Leave, v. To forsake. 

Leave, c. To suffer to remain. 

Leave, b. To refer for decision. 
Left, pp. Not taken. 
Left, a. Pertaining to the left hand. 

Let, 0. To permit. 

Let, v. To lease. 

Let, n. Hindrance. 
Let'teb, n. A mark used in writing. 
Let'teb, n. A written measi^e. 
Lbt'tee, Ti. One who lets. 

Lie, e. To rest. 

Lib, f. To utter falsehoods. 

Lib, ti. a Gction. 
Light, a. Not heavy. 
Light, a. Trivial ; ftivolous. 
Light, c. To settle on. 
Light, i. To set on Gre. 
Light, n. That by which objects an 
rendered perceptible to the sight. 


Iight'ew, e. To 411 with light. 

IjaHT'EiT, V. To make less heav;. 

Lisbt'eb, v. To flash as lightning. 
LiQHT'Ka, n. One who lights. 
Lioht'gr, n. A large npen boat. 

Like, a. Resembling. 

LncE, e. To approre. 

LiSB, adt. As. 
Luce, n. A calcareous earth. 
Ldie, n. The linden tree. 
LncK, n. A spedes of lemon. 

LiNB, n. A string. 

LiSB, It. To cover indde. 

Line, ». That which has length 
withoat breadth. 
Loz, n. A single ring of a chain. 
Line, b. To connect. 
Link, n. A torch. 

List, n. A limit ; a bound. 

List, e. To wish ; to choose. 

List, n. A mil or catalogae. 

List, v. To listen ; to hearken. 

List, n. A atrip of cloth. 

List, n. The inclination of a ship 

Lit'tbr, n. A portable bed. 
Lit'tbb, n. Straw laid under animals. 
Lit'teb, r. A nnrober of things in dis- 
Lit'tbb, n. A brood of young ani- 

Lock, n. Any thing that festens. 

Lock, n. A tuft or hair. 

LocE, n. An inclnsare in a canal. 
LoHO, a. Protracted. 
Loxo, v. To de«re earnestly. 

Lot, v. To sort ; to portion. 

Lot, n. Fortune ; chance. 

Lot, n. A qaantitj of goods. 

Lot, n. A field. 
Low, a. Not high ; humble. 
Low, e. To bellow as a cow. 

>L&cE, a. An eiteign of anthority. 

Mace, n. A kind of spice. 
Maqazoib', n. A storehouse. 
Haoazihb', n. A pamphlet. 

Mail, n. Armor. 

Mui., n. A post bag. 
Maim, o. Chief. 
Mats, n. Strength. 
lUiN, n. The ocean, 
JUm, n. The continent. 

Mali,, n. A heavy beetle. 

Mall, a. A public walk: 

Mah'ole, e. To cut and tear. 
Hak'ole, e. To smooth linen, 
KtAN'n'BST, a. Plain; not con- 

Has'ifest, n. A list of the cargo 

of a ship. 
Mak'ifest, e. To make appear; to 

Mabcii, n. The third month. 
Uakco, v. To walk in procession. 

Mash, n. A mixture. 

Masd, d. To crush. 
Mast, n. The fruit of forest trees. 
Mast, n. The spar to which the suls 
of a ship aru fixed. 

Match, n. One that suits with nu- 

Matcii, n. A contest ; a game, 
Hatco, t>. To ei^ual ; to suit. 
Hatch, n. A tbmg that eawly in- 

Mat'ter, n. Material substance. 
Mat'tek, n. Subject of discoutso. 
Uat'teb, n. Conscqaence. 

Hat, n. The Bith month. 

Hat, e. To be able. 
Head, n. A meadow, 
Mbad, n. Honeywinc. 

Heal, n. A repast. 

Meal, n. The fiour of com. 
Mean, a. Low ; base. 
Meah, a. Middle; moderate. 
Mean, n. A middle atntc. 
ItlEAN, V. To intend ; to si^fy. 

Meet, e. To come' topctlier. 

Meet, a. Proper; suitable. 
Mew, 71. A sea fowl. 
Mew, «. To cry as a cat 
Mew, v. To ahnt up. 

Mine, n. A carem dug for minerals. 

Mike, pn>. Belon^g to me. 
Hint, ra. A plant 

MiMT, B. A place where money la 

Min'ctb, n. Sixty secondo. 

Mm'DTB, n. A short record. 
Mole, n. A little animal. 
Mole, n. A spot on the skin. 
Mole, n. A mound. 

Mood, n. The inflection of a verb. 

Mood, n. Temper. 
Moon, n. A m.irsh or fen, 
MoOK, n. A native of Barbary. 
Moor, e. To anchor a vesseL 




Mob'tar, n. Cement for brickA 
Uob'tar, n. A short vide caDDon 

for bombs. 
Mor'tar, n. A Tessel in which Hub- 
stances are pulverized. 
3I0TTLD, 71. ThegTouad in which plants 

MoTJLD, n. A shape or model. 
Mould, d. To form. 
Mould, n. A substance which gathers 
on btidics in a damp place. 

MoniJj'EB, 0, To turn into dnst 

SIotrLD'BR, n. One who shapes. 
Must, v. To be compelled. 
MrsT, c. To mould. 
Must, n. New wine. 

Kail, m. A sharp spike of iron. 

Nail, n. A measure of cloth. 

Nail, n. The covering of the finger 
Nap, n. A short sleep. [bp. 

Nap, n. The down on cloth. 

Neat, n. An ox or cow. 

Nbat, ffl. Elegant; clcanlj. 
Nbrv'ocs, a. Strong; vigorous. 
Nerv'ods, a. Having weak neryes. 

Net, n, A texture of twine. 

Net, n. Clear after all dednctions. 
No, a. Not any. 
No, adv. The word of deniid. 

Oblioe', 11. To compel. 

Obliok', b. To please. 
Ok'dbb, n. Regularity, 
Ou'deb, n. A command. 
Ob'seb, n. A class. [sense. 

Ob'oan, n. A natural iaetrument of 

Or'oa;;, n. A muucal wind instru- 

Ottkcb, n, A small weight 

OcHCB. n. An animal like a panther. 

Pack'Ct, n. A small bundle. 

Pacs'et, Ti. A boat. 
Pad, n. A road. 
Pad, n. A soft saddle or cushion, 

Paot'bb, n. Ono who paints. 

Patst'ek, n. A rope us'd to fasten 
Pale, a. ^TaDting color. [a boat. 
Pale, n, A narrow board 
Pale, n. An ineloBurp. 

Pall, n. A mantle of state. 

Pau., It. A covering for the dead. 

Pall, c. To become insipid. 
PAL'Li!n, n. A small or rude bed. 
Pal'lst, n. A board on which a 
painter holds hia colors. 

Palm, n. A tree. 

Palu, n. Vvctc)ry ; triumph. 

Palm, ti. The inner part of the fannd. 

Palm, e. To impose ,upun by firaud. 

Palm, n. A hand's breadth. 
Pak'el, n. A list of jurors. 
Pan'el, n, A small board set in a 

Pap, n, A nipple ; a teat. 

P4P, n, 8oft food, 
Pan'ic, n. Sudden fright. 
Pan'ic, n. A plant. 

Pab'tial, a. Inclined to favor, 

Pab'tial, a. Affecting a part only. 
Paste, n. A misture of Hour and 

Paste, n. Imitations of precious 

Pat, a. Exactly suiting. 

Pat, d. To strike lightly, 
Pa'tieut, a. Enduring calmly. 
PA'Tism, n. A person under the care 
of a doctor. 

Peck, n. A quarter of a bushel. 

Peck, v. To pick up food with tho 

Peck, c. To strike with a pointed 
Peeb, n. An equal. 
Peer, n. A nobleman. 
Peeb, b. To !ook narrowly. 

Pelt, n. A skin or hide. 

Pelt, v. To strike with something 
Few, re. An instrument to write with. 
Pbk, n. A small enclosure. 

Pebch, n. A kind of fish. 

Perch, n. A roosting place. 

Perch, n. A measure. 
Pet, It. A slight passion. 
Pet, ft. A favorite. 

Pie, n. Types unsort^d. 

Pie, 71. Fruit baked with past«. 
pTEE, n. A kind of fish. 
PiEE, n. A long lancQ. 
Pike, n. The gate of a turnpike. 

Pile, n. A beam driven. 

Pile, n. A heap. 

Pile, n. Nap ; a hairy surface. 

Pile, n. The Jiead of an arrow, 
PiTiB, n. A kind of tree. 
Pisa, n. To languish. 

PiN'ros, n. A wing, 

Pik'io», n. Fetters for tho itTm& 



Fdi'ioii, e. To conflne bj binding 
the ansB, 

Fm'ioM, n. A wnaiX wheel working 
In the teeth of a larger wheel. 
Pink, n. A flower. 
^□(K, n. A color. 
:^K, n. The Bummit of ezcellence. 

Pitch, n. Thickened tar. 

Pttch, n. Degree of eleration. 

Pttco, e. To throw headlong. 

Pitch, p. To fix ; to let up. 

PrrCH, p. To throw. [throwa. 

Pitch'bk, n. One who pitchea or 
PrrcH'BS, n. An earthen Teasel. 

Plane:, n. A level earfoce. 

PiiAKE, n. A caq>eiiter's tool. 

Pi,AKE, a. Level ; even ; flttu 
Plaht, n. A vegftable. [ktow. 

Plutt, d. To put in the grouiid to 
Plabt, b. To set. 

P1.ATE, n, 4 shallow diah. 

Plate, n. Wmuf^ht ulrer. 

Platb, n. A flat piece of metal. 
Poach, v. To boil slightly. 
Poach, v. To steal ptame. 
Poach, v. To tread soft ground. 

PoniT, n. The sharp end. 

PouTT, n. Place ; station. 

Point, v. To aim ; to show. 

Point, r. To sharpen. 
PoKEi, n. A pouch ; a pocket. 
Poke, n. A lazj, dawdling penon. 
Poke, p. To push forward. 
Poke, c. To grope, feel, or posh one's 

Pole, r. A long piece of timber. 

Pole, n. The extremity of an axis. 
P01.E, n. A native of Poland. 
Pol'lard, n. A tree having its top 

Pol'lakd, n. A miztore of bran and 

PoBE, n. A small opening. 

Pose, p. To look earnestly. 
PoBT, n, A harbor. 
PoBT, n, A gate. 
PofiT, n. The gnn hole in a ship. 
Poet, n. A hind of wine. 
Port, n. Carria^ ; demeanor. 
Poet, n. The left side of a ship. 

Por'tek, n. A door keeper. 

Por'ter, n, A carrier. . 

Poe'tbe, n. Strong beer. 

PoBT, n. A piece of timber set npright 

Pon, n. A messenger. 

Post, «. Office ; employment. 

Post, n. A station. 

Post, 0. To travel qnickty. 

Post, v. To transcribe into a ledger. 

PoUKCE, n. A fine powder. 

Pounce, v. To fall on suddenly. 

PoDHCB, n. Cloth with eyelet holes. 

Pounce, n. The claw of a bird of 
Pound, n. Twenty uiillingB. 
Pound, n. A prison lor stray beasts. 
Pound, n. A wtight. 
Pound, c. To beat heavily, 

Pkecif'itatk, b. To tumble head- 
long, [hasty. 

Pkecip'itatk, o. Headstrong ; 

Precipitate, n. A Bedinicnt. 
Peefeb'.p. To clioom l>efore another. 

Peetend', 0. To lay claim. 
Priue, a. First in time. 
Prime, a. First-rate ; highest. 
Prims, n. The beat part. 
Prime, t. To put powder so as to fire 

Prime, e. To apply a first coat of 

Pri'or, a. Preceding in time. 
Prior, n. The chief monk of a 

Prcnb, v. To cut off branches. 
Prune, n, A dried plum. 

PuLBK, n. Tlie motion of an artery, 

PULBE, n. Beana, peas, &c. 
Pump, n. An engine to raise water. 
Pump, n. A light shoe. 

Punch, n. A mixed liquor. ' 

Punch, p. To push with fist. 

Punch, n. An instrument for cut- 
ting holes. 
Pu'piL, n. The apple of the eye. 
Pu'piL, n. A scholar, 
Pu'pn^ n. A ward. 

Pur'chasb, p. To buy. 

Pur'chasb, n. Convenience for us- 
ing force. 
Purl, b. To decorate with fringe. 
Purl, p. To flow with a geDtle noise. 
Purl, n. A malt liquor. 

Quail, n. A bird- 

QuAn., e. To quake ; to tremble. 


Quak'tek, n. Fourth part, 
Qcar'tbh, n. Mercy ehown by a c<. 

Qcar'tes, Ti. Eight busbelH. 
Qcar'tkb, e. To lodge soldiers, 
Quak'tbr, n. A particular region. 
QniB'TERED, pp. Divided into four 

equal parts. 
Quar'tbeed, pp. Stalioned for 

lodging, &c. 
Qttak'kt, n. Place from which atones 

are dug. 
Quak'bt, a. The game flown at by a 

Qitit'eb, It. A case for bitowb. 

Quiv'En, v. To shake or tremble. 
Race, n. JL generation. 
Rac^, n. A contest in tunning. 

Bach:, n. A frame. 

Rack, n. A liquor. 

Rac^, -p. To torture. 

Race, t. To draw off from the lees. 
Rail, n. A bar. 

Rail, 17. To use insolent language. 
Rail, n. A bird. 

Rake, re. A forming instrument. 

Rake, re. A vicious man. 
Bal'lt, c. To come back to order. 
Ral'ly, v. To banter ; to jeer. 

Ram, re. A mate sheep. 

Eak, e. To drive in violently. 
Rank, a. Overgrown. 
Rahe, a. Bancid. 
Rank, n. Dignity. 
Rank, n. A row. 

RAB'm, n. A scarce tlung. 

Hae'itt, re. Thinness. 
Rabh, a. Acting without caution. 
Rash, n. An eruption. 

Rat, re, A fish. 

Rat, n. A beam of light. 
Reak, n. The hinder part. 
Rear, b. To raise up. 
Reab, h. To educate. 

Reef, n. A portion of a eaU. 

R£EF, n. A chain of rocks under 
Refu'bal, n. A denial. 
Rbfu'bal, n. The right of choice. 

Rbsd'eh, n. One who tears, 

Ben'der, c. To restore. 

Ren'oer, «. To go or pass freely. 

Reh'deb, v. To translate; to con- 
■true. I 

Rent, w, A tear; a break, ' 

Rent, n. Money paid for holding a 

Rest, n. Repose. 

Best, n. Bem»nder. 
Rid'dle, n. A puzzling question. 
Rid'dle, re. A Meve, 
Rid'dlb, t>. I'o make many holes in. 

RiQ, V. To dresa. 

Rio, n. A trick. 
Eight, a. Correct 
Rianr, a. Strught. 
Right, a. Not left. 
Right, r. Justice. 
RiaBT, n. Just claim. 

Rrao, re. A circle. 

Ring, «. To sound. 

RiKG, i>. To fit with rings. 
Road, n. A way. 

Road, n. A place at sea where ships 
may anchor. 

Rock, n. A vaat mass of stose. 

Rock, c. To move backward and 
Rock'et, n. A plant. 
Rock'et, 71. A species of firework. 

Roe, re. A female deer. 

Roe, n. The eggs of fish. 
Rose, re. A flower. 
Robe, v. Did rise. 

Rout, re. A clamorous multitude. 

Rout, e. To defeat and disperse. 
Row, ». To impel with oara. 
Row, n. Things in a line. 

Rue, r. a plant. 

Rub, c. To regret. 
Rush, re. A plant. [lence. 

Rush, e. To move forward with 710- 

Ba'blb, n^ A kind of weasel. 

Sa'ble, d. Black; dark. 
Sack, n. A large bag. 
Sack, r. A kind of wine. 
Sack, e. To plunder. 
Sack, n. A kind of coat 

Sage, n. A plant. 

Sagb, a. Wise ; prudent. 
Sap, re. The juice of plants. 
Sap, b. To undermine. 

Sabh, n. A belt. 

Bash, n. A window firame 
Saw, re. A proverb. 
Saw, v. Did see. 

Saw, n. A toothed iuBtnunent for cot 

■,G Otitic 


BcALB, n. llie diah of* balance. 
BauA, «. A little theU on a iUi'i 

ScAUE, n. A n^lu gndation. 

ScAi^ V. To climb. 

Scale, e. To peel off in tbin pieces. 
ScBEKK, n. ScHnething that aflbrdi 

shelter or concedment. 
ScsLBxs, n. A kind of sleTfl. 
BcBKEH, e. To protect; to hide. 
ScKBBK, «. To mft ; to separate. 

ScDT'TLa, n. A bole in a roof 
deck. nas 

Bcut'tle, e. To run with anbct 

Scct'ti^ n. A nlensil for cosl. 

Bcct'tle, v. To m^e holes in, in 
order to sink. 
Seal, n. The sea c^ 
Seai^ n. A stamp. 

SEA'aoir, fk One of the fonr parts 
of the year, 

Bka'boit, n. a fit time. 

Sea'boh, •. To give a relish to. 

Sba'boh, e. To prepare for lue bj 

Sbr, e. To percdTB by the eye. 
ScB, n. A moccK. 

Bas'TmiCK, «■ To doom. 

Sen'tekoe, n. An aiwnihlagfl of 
words making complete sense. 
Sn-, V. To place. 
Set, o. To bring to a fine edge. 
Set, v. To link below &e horiion. 
8m:, n. A nnmber of things suited to 
each other. 

Shapt, n. An arrow. [pit 

Shait, n. A narrow perptndicnlar 

Bhai^, n. The pole of a carriage. 
Seed, n. A bnildmg. 
Shed, b. To cause to flow. 

S&eeb, a. Unmingled ; pore. 

H npF n^ e. To torn ande, 

Bheeb, a. Very thin. 
Sheet, n. A broad piece of cloth. 
SasBT, n. A rope. 

Shoai., n. A great multitude. 

Bhoal, n. A sand bank under water. 

Shoal, a. ShaUow. 
Bhobe, n. The coast. 
BaoBE, n. A prop onder a building. 

Bhbub, n. A bush. 

BsBUB, n. An alcoholic miitore. 
Sia'HAL, n. A sign to give a notice. 
Bib'haii, " ■"—5— ■' 

Bni'sin.AX, a, ffingle. 

8ni'am.Aa, a. Remarkable. 

Bor'auiiAB, a. Unumal ; odd. 
8n>K,fi. A drain. 
SisE, «. To go down. 

Sue, n. Bulk. 

Sue, n. A sticky mbatanee. 
Sledoe, n. A heavy hammer. 
Sledge, n. A vehicle with low wfaeelf 

Bldd, n. A piece of metal. 

Sluo, n. A Blow, lazy fellow. 
Smack, n. A load kiM. 
Smack, n. A qolck, smart Mow. 
Smack, n. A flghing vesael. 

Smelt, n. A small aea fidL 

Bmelt, e. To melt ors. 

Smelt, •. Did smell. 
Skabi., «. To growl. 
SiTAEL, «. Entanglement 

Boil, n. The ground ; land. 

Boil, v. To make dirty. 
Sole, n. The bottom of the foot 
Sole, m. A small sea fish. 
Sole, a Single ; only. 

fiouED, n. A noise. 

Sound, n. A shallow sea. 

SouSD, n. A probe. 

SouvD, a. Uoiqjtued. 
SoTiBE, n. Kckle made of salt 
SoTTSE, e. To plunge into water. 

Spab, n. A mast or boom. 

Spas, n. A mineral 

Spab, «. To diipnte. 
Spell, n. A charm. 
Spell, n. A short time. 
Bfell, ». A turn of work. 
Bfell, e. To indicate the proper let- 
ters of a word. 

Sfib'it, n. The sonl of man. 

Bpie'it, n. Temper; courage. 

Sfib'it, n. A distilled liqnor. 
Spit, n. A long iron prong. 
Spit, n. Saliva. 

Spit, e. To eject &om the month. 
Spit, e. To turn op ground wiQi a 
spade. [der. 

Spoke, n. A bar of a wheel or lad- 

Spoke. Pret. of bpeax. 
Sranio, n. One of the seasons. 
Sfbino, 71. An elastic l>ody. 
SpRora, n. A leap. 
SpBOta, n. A fountain. 
Spries, v. To rise, or come forth. 
Spsnra, e. To leap ; to jump. 


surra's hasd-book of BTYiiOLoar. 

Sfbucb, a. Neat vitlioat elegance. 

Spbuce, n. A tree. 
Bta'ble, a. Fixed ; firm. 
Sta'ble, n. A house fur beasts. 

Staff, n. A stick. 

Staff, n, A stanza. 

Btaff, n. A nuntber of officers. 
Stake, n. A stick. 
Stake, ti. A thing at hazard. 

Staik, e. To walk with lofty steps. 

Stale, n. The stem of a plant. 
Stall, n. A crib for an animal. 
SiAtx, ra. A btsxoh on which any thing 
is exposed for sale. 

Stand'abd, n. A flag. 

Stand'akd, n. A rola of measnre. 
Bta'ple, n. A loop of metal. 
6ta'plb, n. A principal commoditj. 
Sta'ple, n. The fibre of cotton, &c 
Sta'ple, a. Settled. 

Statb, n. Condition. 

Stats, n. Dignit;^ ; grandeur. 

Statb, n. A ciril community. 

State, n. A district of country. 

State, d. To make known. 
Statb, ». A narrow piece of wood. 
Stavb, ». To break in pieces, 
Stave, v. To prevent ; t« delay. 

Stay, e. To continne in a place. 

Stat, e. To support. 

Stay, v. To stimd stiil. 

Stay, ti. A yirop ; a support. 
Stbep, a. PFCcipitoua. 
Steep, c. To soak, 

Steeb, n. A young bullock. 

Steee, u. To direct a course. 
Stbu, n. A stalk. 
Srrat, n. The fore part of a ship. 
Stbu, d. To bear up against. 

Steru, a. Severe. 

Stbrb, ra. The hind part of a sliip. 
Stick, n. A piece of wood. 
Stick, p. To pierce ; to stab. 
Stiok, 0. To adhere. 

Still, a. QuieL 

Still, v. To calm. 

Brui, n. A vessel for distilling. 

&^LL, adv. This time. 

Still, etwy. Notwithstanding. 
Stock, ra. The stfim of a tree. 
Stock, to. A family ; a race. 
Stock, n. The capital of a merchant. 
Stock, n. The wooden part of a gun. 
Stock, n. Supply provided. 

Stock'dhi,;^. FiUing. 
Stock'ing, n. A cover for the leg. 

Stocks, n. The public funds. 

Stocks, n. A place of panisliment. 

Stocss, to. The frame on whicli 
ships are built. 
Btoop, o. To bend forward. 
Btoop, to. a drinking vessel. 
Stoop, to. The steps to a door. 

Sto'ey, a. A narrative »r histoiy, 

Sto'bt, n. A felsehood. 

Sto'by, to. a floor of a building; 

Sto'bt, n. An anecdote. 
Stbadj, «. To filter. 
Stbain, e. To sprain. 
Stbaib, o. To force. ' 

Stbatw, n. Style. 
Btbain, to. a passage of mnaic. 

Stband, to. a ^ore or beach. 

Strahd, to. One of the parts of s 
Stroke, to. A blow. [rope. 

Stbokb, e. To rub gently. 

Stus, to. a piece of timber. 

Stud, to. A kind of button. 

Stitd, n. A nail. 

Stud, to. A collection of bonet, 
Stt, n. A hog pen. 
Sty, n. A tumor on the eyelid. 

Succeed', e. To follow. 

Succeed', e. To prosper. 
Suf'fkr, v. To permit ; to allow. 
Suf'feb, c. To endure ; to bear. 

Suit, ti. A set. 

Suit, to. Courtship. 

Suit, to. Prosecuhon. 

Suit, b. To fit. 
Swal'low, to. a bird. 
Swal'iow, b. To take down the throat. 

Ta'ble, n. Aq article of fumitnre. 

Ta'ble, n. An indes ; a list 
Tack, e. To join ; to fasten. 
Tack, n. A small nail. 
Tack, v. To change the course of a 

Tap, I. To pierce a cask. 

Tap, e. To strike a very gentle blow. 
Ta'pbb, n. A small light. 
Ta'peb, v. To grow smaller towards 

Tabb, to. a weed, [the end. 

Take, to. An allowance. 
Tabt, a. Sour ; sharp of taate. 
Tabt, to. a kind of pie. 

Tab'tab, to. An acid salt^ 

Tab'tab, to. An ill-natored person. 



Tattoo', n, A dram beat 
Tattoo', e. To mark the akin. 

Tkhd, «. To go towuda. 

TzirD, e. To watch ; to gvaid. 
Tehd'eb, n> A attendant 
TEN'DSK,a. Soft. 
TsTi'DBK, «. To offer. 

Tick, n. Trust ; credit 

Tick, n. A little inaect 

Tick, «. To make a small noiae. 

TiCK,Tk The case of a bed. 
Tnj^ ft. To callivate. 
Till, n. A money box. 
Till, wnj. To the time. 

Till'bb, n. One who cnltlTBtes. 

Tni'KB, n. The handle of a rudder. 
TtLT, n. An awning. 
Tilt, v. To set in a slanting piwWon. 
Tnr, V. To thiDst a weapon at 
Tilt, n. A friendly encounter. 

TiBB, n. A head dress. 

TnuB, n. The iron band of a wheel. 

Tms, V. To latiffne. 
Ton., e. To wort hard. 
Ton., n. A net ; a snafe. 

Tou., 0. To sound with slow rtrokes. 

ToLi.,n. A tax £» some benefit G4»i- 
ToiTB, n. Sonnd. 
Tons, It. Elastici^. 

tap, n. The highest part of an; 

Top, n. A toy. 
Tbaf, n. An instrnment for catching. 
Tbap, c. To adorn. 

Tbkat, e. To negotiate. 

Treat, t. To discouree on. 

Tbeat, «. To behave towards. 

Tbsat, n. A feast. 

Tbkax, b. To entertain with fbod or 
drink withont chane. 
Trip, «. To nm or step lightlf, 
Tbip, n. Anexcnnion. 

Tup, e. To strike the foot Bj 
Tkip, n. A stnmble. 

Tkoof, n. A company. 

Taoop, n. Horse soldiera, 
TncMP, n. A winning card. 
Tbcmp, e. To impose upon. 
Tkdmp, n. A madcal instrament 

Tuif 'blbr, n. A posture master. 

Toh'blrh, n. A drinking-glaaa, 
TwmK, B. To twist 
Twnra, n, A small cord. 

UflH'EK, D. To introdnce. 

Ush'kr, n. An underteacher. 
Vault, n. A cellar. 
Vault, v. To leap. 

Vbbok, 71. Brink ; edge. 

Vebob, e. To tend towards. 

VxBOB, n. The mace of a dean. 

Vkbob, n. A shaft in a watch. 
Vice, n. A machine for griping. 
Vice, n. Wickedness. 
ViCB. In the place of 

Wa'gbs, 71. Pay for serncea. 

Wa'obb, p. Carries on. 
Wax, tt. To smear with wai. 
Wax, b. To grow ; to increase. 
Wax, n. The snb^ance of which the 
honey comb is formed. 

Wbab, 71. The act of wearing. 

Wkab, n. A kind of dam. 

Wbab, 0. To impair by friction. 

Wkab, b. To carry upon the pereon. 
WxLL, n. A deep narrow pit of waur. 
Well, a. Bein^ in health. 
Well, adjv. Rightly ; properly. 

Whist, in^. Be silent; be still. 

Whist, 71. A game at cards. 
Wound, b. Did wind. 
Wouiro, 71. A hurt. 

Tabd, 71. An encloBure of ground. 

Tabd, 11. A measure. 

Tabd, n. A lon^ piece of timber to 
extend the abls of a ship. 





BnU I. 

RDa of one ejllable i 
3 the &ial letter; aa, 

sading with /, ^ or i^preeidtd b; a singl 


all maM 
ball pasa 
call miss 
fall Glass 
hall gla» 


ilaei^tUmi to Svle t 

of ns 

is def 

. Enle II. 

Words of one syllable ending with any other consonant than f, I, or i, da 
BOt dooble the final letter;, as, 















inle III. 


Words of ^ 
(or donble c; 

me ^Babto and EogliBh verbs do not ead with e, but take ek 






Bnle 17. 

Words of one ^lUble, vhen thej cod with % single ccmsonant preceded 
b; ft single towbI, doBble tbdr flnol letter before a infflz that liegins with a 
TOwel; as, 

Bag Itag'sa^ Let let'ting 

Chap chap^^ng Hen man'oed 

Du; dijrgmg Bob rob'ber 

Fib fiblniig Stab Btablaliig 

Gab gab1>le Trod trod'dea 

Bnle 7. 

Worda aaxnitd on the last Bjrllable, wlien tbey end with a tingle nmoDant 
preceded b; a angle TOwel, doable thtir final letter l>efore a Buffiz that be- 
gins with a YoweL 

Non I.^ — The ftccent of the dcriTatlTe mnst contlnne on the une Billable m intbe 
raitica]; thus, refec' with fUe sites rcfecMble (double rr), bat in referable the'aceent 
ischaDged, and wa have Blngler; also, prefer', pref'ereocei confec', con'ftrence i r«. 

NoT> i. — The final vowel i* donbled after a Towel preceded by qu, the aama aa If it 
were a elngle ToweL 

NoTx 3. — X, t/, and it are nerer doubled In Engliah wordi. Words derived trom 
gat have onlj one (, aa goto. 

Abet' abet'-tor Inter* inter'-ring 

B^et' beget'-tjng Prefer' prefei^-ring 

Beset' beeet'-tinp Refer' refer'-rin^ 

Compel' compel'-lmg Concur' concur'-nng 

Ezc^' excei'-ling Drannr' demor'-ring 

Eale VI. 

The final consonant of a word, when not 'preceded by a lingte Towel, or 
nben tbe accent is not on the last eyllablc, remains single on the addition 

of a suffix. 
NOTB^It h 

commeneing witb a Towel ; bat it evidently accorda with ine analogy of Che language, 
ibac lU sacn worda ahould conform to Ibe rule. 








bnf '-feted 













Bnle 711. 

Words of more than one syllable that end in I (except those thai are 
formed from monoeyllablea ending in double II), terminate witli one I; as, 

ras'-^al tran'-quil con-trol' 

es-t«l' re-bel' roed'-al 

na'-tal scan'-dal par'-cel 

V/-C>i fru'-«Bl plu'-ral 

gray'-el stiov'-el bvsh'-el 











Bnle 7III. 

Woida ending with anj double lettar, preserre it donble before any Addi- 
tifMul tennination not beginning with the utme lettst; m, 

Shrill Bhrill'-ness 

Small small'-nesB 

Droll droir-nesa 

Free free'-dom 

GrasB graaa'-lesB 

Exe^tim* to Btdt Yin. 
Ceitain irregular derivativeB ending in <, from verba ending in U or w, — 
as dweU from iwdi; spdt from tp^; Jtalt fh>m Aall; wUt from mR/ u^it 
from Ueu; pcut frt>m pam, — are exceptions to the foTegotng rule. 

See fore-see' Bell tmder-sell' 

Spell mis-spell' Add snper-add' 

Roll un-roll' Swell over-swell' 

Pass re-pass' Stall ibre-stall' 

Press de-press' Call mis-call' 

Primitive words ending with a idlent «, omit the e upon adding a syllabld 
beginning with a vowel. 




im-pedlng k 



X De-plore' 





es-cu'-BSrble X. 




Sgeeptiotu to Bid« X. 
ExcEPTioH 1. — ^Words ending in m or jw retain the e before the suffixes 
able and <wi, to prevent chsnge m the pronunciation; as, 

Trace trace'-a-ble Cour'-age cont-A'-geova 

Change change'-n-blo X Chal'-lenge chal'-lenge-a-We "^ 

Out'-rage out-ra'-g^oas,'' Charge chaise'-a-ble 

Peace peace'-a-ble Ser'-vICe eer'-Yice-a-bleS 

Mat'-riage mar'-riage-a-ble ^ Pieree pierce'-a-ble 

ExCBPTiotr 3. — When the final e ia preceded by o, the final e is retwned 
before ing; as, jSob, Mhe^-ing; hie, Tu>t!-vng. 

NoTS, — In Borne Trords It l9 DBCeasar; to retain the < before ing to preTCnt unbt- 
ruIIt; lu, rtafle, linge'-ing, Dol ting'-tng ; tliige, tir^-ing. not Hng'-ittg. 

Words cndiD? in et drop tbo flaal fetter only vben the addition be^ng vlth «/ as. 
Me, wer, not ^w'^!r ; jIm, fiiett, not fli^-tit ; a-grt^, a-gne^, not lygrt^-id. 


Bnls Z!. 

rbe fbllowiag irorda, ending with « preceded bf e, dunge the • into t be- 
.Qie a Bufflx commencing vrith & towcL 

Bpace opa'-doni Joi'-tice jiu-ti'-cift-r; 

Grace gra'-ciona Cam''merco com-mar'-clal 

Vice vi'-cioiu Pi-nance' fl-nan'~<nftl 

Pal'-ace pa-la'-ciona Face ia'-cial 

Bol'-Bce Bo-ls'-ciou* I>i»-gnce' di»gni'-dons 

Office \ *'^'^''*'*' Sac'-ri-floe sac-ri-fl'-cial 

Snf-fice' anf-fi'-cient Ben'-«-&ce ben-e-fl'-cial 

Uol'-ice m&-li'-cioD8 Art'-i-fice «rt-i-B'-ci»l 

AoB'-nice atu-pi'-ciDos AV-a-rice av>a-ri'-cions 

Ca-pnce' ca-pri'-cioaa Ba'-per-Sce aa-pei-fi'-cial 

Judge jadge'-ment A-bridge' a-bridge'-incnt 

Jndge jDdge'-«hip Ac-knowl'-edge ac-knowl'-edge-moit 

Lodge lodge'-ment Ar-range' ar-range'-ment 

Rnde rade'-nesB A-baae'^ a-bBse-meiit 

Rude rude'-lj' De-iange' de-range'-nient 

NoTB. — It ha* been Ihc prevaHing nBOgO lO ■pall the worda abridgeme'tl, odtiioM^- 
tdgemsnt, and judgement without the floal e at the primitive, but inanj r««pectable 
writers DOW adopt Ibe more correct, IhoDeh leu OBoal ipelUii^, by limenlDg tbe e. 
WelMter omita the i In tbese words, aa alsoln lodgemait, but retaiiu it In Jiuiga/ap. 
Exe^ic/tu to Rui* SH 

When the « ia preceded by a vowel, it is Bometimea omitted ; as daly from 
due; ^Tdytrom true; aiefuL from aae; argumaU from argae ; but much 
more freqnently retained; as, dueneu from dve; trvrntu from true; bluenau 
iadlbulff rrombius; rueful ttoia me ; (AosZaw from iAm ; eyekn &<mi ej/e. 

Wholly is hIso an exception, as nobody wiites it uholdy. 

Sule ZIII. 

Words ending with at« drop the letters te in derirativee formed by adding 
QKantOx eg. 

Pri'-mate pri'-ma-cy E-pia'-co-pBt« e-pia'-co-po-cy 

Pii'-vate pri'-va-cy CeV-i-bate cer-i-b»*y 

Leg'-ate leg'-a-cy Ckin-fbd'-er-ata con-ftd'-er-a-cy 

Prel'-ato prel'-a-cy De^gen'-«r-ate de-gen'-eiva-cy 

Pi'-rate pl'-ra-cy D-lit'-oato il-ht'-or-a-cy 

BtiU XIV. 

n derivatives formed by adding 

Va'-cant ya'-can-cy De-pend'-ent de-pend'-en-cy 

ii'-fint in'-fan-cy Ter'-ma-gant ter^ma^ao-cy 

Pli'-ant pli'-an-cy El'-e^ant el'-e^ance 

Ten'-ant teo'-an-cy Ar'-ro-gant ar'-ro-gance 

Stag'-nant stag'-nan-cy Ra'-di-ant ra'-nli-ance 



Enle ZV. 

When primitive words ending with y preceded b; a ctmsoncuit take an 

additional syllable, the y is changed into t. 

o compoond vords ; m, many 

Ra'-cy ra'-oi-ness Like'-iy like'-li-hood 

I'-cs i'-ci-cie An'-gry an'-gri-ly 

Spi-cy api'-ci-nesB Hun'-gry hun'-gri-ly 

Jni'-cy jui'^^i-nesa Air'-y air'-i-neas 

Fan'-cy fan'-ci-fol Looe'-ly lone'-Ii-nesa 

Eeeeptitnu to Rule XV. 
Exception 1. — The y is retained before the termination ing or mA, to pr^ 
vent the doubling of t. 

Ba'-by ba'-by-jsh Cop'-y cop'-y-ing 

Pit'-y pit'-y-ing Fan'-«y fan'-cy-JDg 

Com-ply' com-ply'-ing Btead'-y steod'-j-ing 

EiCKPnoN S.^Worda ending in ie and dropping the e, by Rule X. change 
* into y, to prevent the doubling of i. 

Die dy'-ing Tie ty'-ing 

Vie Ty'-ing Un-tie' un-ty^ing 

lie Ij'-ing Ont-vie' out-vj-ing 

EzcKPTion 3. — In a few instances, the final y is changed into e before out 
and its compounds ; as, 

Beau'-ty beaa'-te-oas Dn'-ty dn'-teKios 

Plen'-ty plen'-te-ona Ht'-y pit'-e-ons 

NoTB.— Words ecdiog with y form the plornl of noiiiie, tbe persons of yorbs, parti- 
ciples, comparatives, and superlatives bj chaining y into i, vhea the y is preceded 
by a consonant ; bb, tpy, ipSe* ; oarry, carrieil; SajCTi lugipier, kajqiteet. As Ihe pres- 
ent or Imperfect participle ends vl^ ing, it letains the y, to prevent tbe doubling of i 

Bule ZVI. 

FrimitiTe words ending with y preceded by a vowel, do not change y into 
i before an additional syllable. 

Day day'-ly De-lay" do-lay'-er 

Key key'-holo Dis-play' difr-play'-er 

Coy coj'-ly Ar-ray' ar-ray'-*d 

Boy boy'-iah Be-traj' be-tray'-er 

Joy joy'-fol Por-tray' por-tra.y'er 

Gay gay'-ly Ea'-say ea'-aay-ist 

Seetptiont to Si^ XVL 

Prom lay, pay, tay, »tay are formed laid, paid, >aid, and itaid; bat the 

regalar words hyed, payed, and stayed are sometimes naed. Raiment from 

arrayment, is never written with the y. Daily is more common than the 

r^nlar form, doyly. 

/ i'.ff . ,^p^ , 



Knle Z7II. 

The final y of ■ ndic&l word, whea preced«d by t, ia geamUf omitted 
before a aufflx begimung with aoi q. 

Eq^'-nl-^ eq'-nl-tfrUB 

In-iq'-iu-ty in-iq'-ni-ton* 

Gra-ta-i-ty gra-ta'-i-too* Ca-Um'-l-tr ca-lmm'-i-toiu • 

Ne-ces'-d-ty nfr«M'-si-touB Fo-ta'-l-ty &-ta'-i-tani 

U-iriq'-ni-ty n-tuq'-ni-toaB OnT'4-t7 gnY'-i-iaiM 

Snle Z7III. 

Words ending with I« preceded by a consoDBnt, drop the b upon Kcdnng 

Nim'-ble nim'-bly Peace'-a-ble pesce'-a-bly 

Ham'-ble hnm'-bly Uor'-A-ble moV-^-bly 

No'-bte no'-bly Af'-fc-ble af'-fa-bly 

Donb'-le donb'-ly Laogh'-a-ble langh'-a-bly 

Feb'ble peb'-bly Blam'-a-ble blam'-a-bly 

Sale ZIX. 


















StiIq ZZ. 

The plural number of nowu ii r^olarly fbrmed by adding i or «i to tbe 

NoTK.— When the ■IdkoIu' ends with & aotind whiili will niilta wltb tbftt of a, (be 

^1 — 1 i_ 1>_ , > i_ . ii, ^jy^ jiPij (jjg jinmber of «jll«bl— '- ""' ■" 

be united with tbAt of thejirii 
;o other tenalnAtloDB, and lam 








Snle ZZI. 

'The fbllowing words ending with d, change the d Into t in 
deriTatdrea, for euphony : 

De-fend' de-fense' de-fen'-«t?e 

Of.fend' of-fenae' of-feng'-lve 

Ex-pend' ex-penae' ex-pen'-dve 

In-tend' in-t«nae' in-ten'-tdTe 

Pre-t«nd' pre-tenae' pre-ten'-don 

Dia-pend' dia-pense' difr-pena'-ing 

Ex-pand' ex-panse' ex-pan'-«lTe 



































The foUowing words ending with t, change the t into *, in the annexed 
deti^tiTeB for enphon j : 

BDb-mif Bub-mis'-don sab-mis'-eiTO 

Se-mit' de-mia'-Bon de-mis'-mTe 

Re-mif re-nuB'-dim t»-nu8''^ve 

Ad-mit' ad-mis'-sioc ad-mis'-Ed-ble 

E-mit' e-mis'-flion em'-ia-aa-ry 

Com-mit' com-mis'-^OB com-mifi'-Bion-er 

O-mit' o-mis'-sion o-mia'-w-ble 

Per-mit' per-mis'-Bion per-mia'-Bi-ble 

In-ter-mit' in-ter-mia'^ion m-ter-mia'-dve 
The above words double the «, becanBe the final conionaut of the accented Bjllable 










. of the 


The abore words have but single », because the flual 
lable of the radical U preceded b; a eoiaanant. 


The poBseadve case of nonna ia formed in the siiw°Iar number by adding 
(, preceded by an apoatrophe ; and in the ploral, when the word ends iritu 
«, by adding an apoatrophe only. 

Ptmatin SlognUi. FomcmIt* Plonl, 

Boy bojj'a bojfa' 

Haid mud's maids' 

Giant ^'-ant's gi'-«nt8> 


chil' drea'a 



Worda CBdlng ill <r OT «*, often drop the « or « befim ft mAz eommendiig 
irith » TOfwel. 

Actf-or acf-ress Ad-Teii'-tiir«r Ad-Ten'-tnr-eas 

Ar'-I^ter or'-bi-tnss Am-lwB'-aa-dor un-baa'-aa-dira* 

An'-di-tOT ftu'-di-trcM Beo-e-fac'-tor b«n-e-&c'-tre8s 

Cbonf-er chant'-reaa Foun'-der foim'-dreaa 

Con-dnct'-oi con-dnct'-RM ED-chant'-er enrchant'-reM 

Bile ZZ7. 

Mistakes are often made in qidling words comnienciDg with preflzes, by 
insertiiu; or omitting a letter. To avcdd errors, consider whether the first 
letter of the prindliTe word ia the same as the lost letter of the prefix. If 
thej be alike, that letter is doubled ; if unlike, they remain single, 

Com'-pa-nj ac-com'-pa-ny two c's 

Cns'-tom ac-coe'-tom " 

Join ad-join' one d 

QiiOTe ag-griere' two g's 

His'-don com-mis'-mon " m'f 

Re^pcmd' cot-re-Hpond' " r's 

Com-poee' de~com-pose' one c 

8af-is-fy dis-sat'-is-fy two s's 

BolTe dls-eolre' " 

No'-ble en-no'-ble two n's 

L*^-i-ble il-leg'-i-ble " I's 

Iib'-eF«l il-lib'-er4l " 

Mw'-tal im-mor'-tal two m'a 

IlTlle ZZ7I. 
Ilie following words ending in / or /a, diange / into «, and add m in 
their plnrals : 

Bbeaf oheaves Leaf leaves 

Loaf loares Beef beeves 

Thief thieTes Calf calvee 

Half halves Elf elves 

Skelf shelves Self sdvea 

Wolf wolves Ufa lives 

Knife knives Wile wives 

Mo*!.— The verbs formed from the foUowIng wonb ending with foifi, bave the 
/ (tanged into IT. - 

Bafe save Strife strive 

Grief grieve Proof prove 

Be-lief be-lieve' Re-lief' re-lieve' 

nule ZZ7II. 

The following words ending with y or /e, retain the /, and add ( in their 






























































Compomids genemll; retain the orthography of the simple words which 
«ompoee them; as, horse-man, ap-hill, shell-fl^, knee-deep, inn-keeper, &e. 





Bignifles to mate, 
Bt-OAU^, e. to make calm. 
JI»-dadb', «. to daab over. 
£^dbck', «. to deck ; to adorn. 
Bt-jynt', e. to ma]t» dim. 
A-Foui.', V. t0 mak» fonL 
fiff-NTHB', «. fo make namb. 
Signifies m, in&>, or on,- E0 mab: 
Jh-dB'cLE, V. to put in a circle. 
Jh-DAN'oBB, B. to put in danger. 
JAi--act', e. to make into an act. 
JKi-CAKP', e. to form into a camp. 
.Sn-DKAa', D. A) mahe dear. 
ifo-raB'siE, «. <o make feeble. 

Em, for En. 
Signifies to make, to ffiee. 
.En-BKL'niBH, V. (beau*), to make beautifli], 
-ffm-pow'BK, e. to yioe power to. 
Em-BOD'T, V. to yiiie a body to. 
Em-Bor'Ti^ o. to put in a bottle. 

s from which tbe English wordi 



Signifies h^ore. 
Jbrv'-KOON, n. the part of the day befor* notm. 
JiWv-BUK'iisit, n. one who runs b^ore. 
JVr«-eEB', p. to Bee b^orehani. 
Ibre^-aiQwr, n. a seeing Se/brehand. 
^OTW-TELi.', c. to tell ieforehaad. 
J^m-DOOU', e. to doom J^/brehand. 

Signifies to fiuuto. 
/m-bit'tke, b. to mahe bitter. 
/m-BBOWM', e. f<> maiit brown. 
Jm-Por'BRiBH, e. to maix poor. 
Jffi-PK&BT.', e. ta make like pearla, 
Bignifiea wrong. 
JB^APpi.t', p. to applj wrong. 
Jftt-BELIBP', n. UTvn^ belief. 
JR«.cal'oulates, «. to oalcalat« urvn^. 
Jfia'-coBDnCT, n. twvn; conduct. 
JfiKiuiDB', V. to guide wnm^. 
JUm-plaob', e. to place virong. 
ffignifies beyond, mm* tlum. 
Out-Bn>', V. to bid beyimd or more than another 
Oa(-LrvB', «. to lire beyond. 
Out-nxnx', «. to run b»yond. 
0ut-6BisB'j 9. to Bhice more tJum, 

ffignifles oioM or owr, too mvcA, too ^nof. 
OMr-BUR'DEir, B. to burden too tnwA. 
Owp-KXiw', e. to flow oeer. 
Over-LOAD', V. to load too mucA. 
OwT-ETjTj', e. to run oner or abone. 
Owr-BTR&AD', e. to Bpread oner or o&tm 
Owr^TAL'ui^ n. to Taine tot> muoA. 

Un, befoTt a Verb. 
Bignifiea to take off, to r&nerte &eaetif. 
Un-BAH', V. to tiLb off the bar. 
Pn-oHAiu', p. to tofa (Jjf the chain. 
Da-amoB', «. to tojiv o^ of the hinga. 
Uh-ns', e. to toit« oul the pin. 
Pm-bbal'. f . to tait« ojT the seal. 
1%-TOEB', p. to taie off the yoke. 
tr», btfoTt an J(^'«<!(mw. 

Bignifiea n^. 
I^-a'blii, a. wt able. 
tTn-Ac'TiTZ, a. not active. 


UkTos Toswaaa. 

Va-JJOIXD', a. not unied. 
<%-bro'kkh, a. not broken. 
Ca-gbb'tadi, a. not certain, 
Vft-^ttwi', a. not jnet. 

Signifles bauath, bit than, 
VHder-vm', v. to bid Im Man another. 
Ujtder-or'TicER, n. an officer vadtr waoQter. 
Crider-eiBEB.'nv, n. one who is undo- the ^eri£ 
Vhder-v^jjB, t. to rata wtder its jaljie. 
Signifies from or agatait. 
inO-DBAw', V. to draw frvm or away. 
intA-eTASD', e. to stand o^atiMt. 
F*(A-Hout', e. to hold from. 

JjATIN psefixes. 

FORHnLA.—ATEBT,—a-T-e-r-t,— avert,— «r« la derfred from the Latin word vrrto, 
to tnm; — the LuiD preSiiiilgnlflea J^Dmorainip,'— when combined, tbej form th« 
word inert, whkh means to turn fi-om vr aaay. 

__„ — es from or auay. 
J-VKRT', e, (wrto), to turn ,/iwn, 
^-toca'tios, n, (•ooeo), a calling meay. 
A-'WiJnos, n. (cmo), a tearing awaj. 


Signifles from or aaay. 
jU-Jbot', o. Ijaeio), to cast aumy. 
■i4^lt;'tioii, n. {luo), a washing awoff, 
.A&-BADE', «. (rodo), to rub <iim^. 
.^BCPt', a. (rupttim), broken ,/>wn or 
j16-80Ltk', b. (solvo), to loose ./nxn. 
.Jfr«OBB', p. [iorieo), to BUck _/TOn» or « 
Signifies frvm or <itniy. 
jyfrBUT, o. («7m), a being meay. 
uiS^TAin', B. (te7ia>% to hold /toto, 
jliMMACT', B. {(rafc), to diaw from. 


Signifies A): 
Ad-AFT', V. (aptui), to fit to. 
Ad-DVCE', V. (dueo), to lead to. 
^'-EQUATE, a. (equtu), eqoal to. 
Ad-MKRE\ V, (hared), to stick to. 
Ad-iA'cssT, a. (joMo), Ijing to or n«ir, 
Ad-ionx', B. (Jungo), to join ft>. 



A, for Ad.* 
BigDifies to. 
a-Bvnim', «. (fctcndo), to climb to.' 
A-6CBXBe,',v. {teribo), to writ* or impute to. 
^-apRRBB , V. l*paiy>), to eprinkle to or vpm. 
Asptkb', d. (i^piro), to breathe to. 
^-t'khtib, ». {nenia), the way of coming to (a place). 
A-Yov', e. (iwiutft), to vow to. 

Ae-CEDs', V. {cedo), to yield to. 
.le-CEPT', o. (eamo), to take to. 
^ivcBSs', n. (eeoc), approach to; 

Signifes to. 
4f-Tix', c. C;£bu»), to fix to. 
Af-TLtcfi', V. ifiigo), to strike to or (rf. 
4A*LDX, n, (jfuc), a flowing to. 

^ff, /or Jrf. 
Bignifies to. 
JZ-OBATATB, e. (jjrywM), to mate heavT to. 
.Jjr'-oaAiniiZE, p. (oraTidis), to make great to. 
'^f-GBBSB', c. (gradwr), to go to or ogatTUt. 
Al, for Ad. 
Bignifiea to. 
jII-lb'tiatk, e. (irjcw), to make light to. 
AtrixaE', p. (bido), to play or adrert to, 
.it-tu'viAL, a. Qao), waahing to. 
.^t-LT', o. (ftgo), to bind to. 

An, for Ad, 
BigniSee to. 
Jn-BBx', e, (neeto), to tie to. 
..dn-si'HiLATi, B, (nihil), to make to nothing. 
Jn-HOUMCE', It. (niineio), to tell to. 
An-mn.', «. (nwBiM), to reduce to nothing. 
^i>, /or Ad. 
Signiflea to. 
iJj)-PA'RBHT, a. (pareo), becoming Tisible to. 
Jj)-pend', o. (prawi), to hang to. 
Ap-TEarAjs', V. to pertaia to. 
4p-PROx'iM4TE, 0. {prope), to come near to. 
-i*-, /or .4d. 
Signifies to. 
Jmuhob', «. (ranjf), to put to or in order. 
-Ir'-ROGATB, 0, (w^), to aak or assume to (one's self). 

Signiflea to. 
^*«ail'. e. (ioIm), to leftp vpm or ^m'arf. 
A>*i«K, t. («^wn), to nurk or allot U. 
Jj-flDi'ii^TE, e. (limilii), to nuke like In 
A»-van', e. (tuCo), to stand Uot by, 
J«-Bo'ouTK, s. !•»>>), to join t». 
Amume!, «. (M»k>), to take to. 

At, for AO. 

. At^u^, t. {tm^\ to toncli tt^ 
^(^Ria>', t. (t«K&i), to Btntch to. 
AtTam', e. (^ur), to bear wibuM to. 
.4t-TB4CT', o. ((raio), to draw to, 
AtTaxB'vT^ e. (tnew), to give or ueiibe Ui 
Bignifiet rmtnd or abtmL 
Am-vifTtaiw^ a. («), a going oiuNt. 
^M'-ruTATB, g. (^trte), to cnt rMaui or ^. 
Bigniflea V'""'- 
Jnt»-CB'DtXT, a. (Mb), goii^ S^tav. 
^'tf-BOOH, M. a room E^ore the main ods. 
Ant^OAtrn'^v. diatom), to date ft^Axv. 
jM»-i>n.v\ux, A. (Afamum), A^bra the flood. 
Ant«JMxax&iux, a. (mtridiei), Mfore midday. 
.^HtMnn'DAKs, a. {Mvndv}, h^en the world, 

. OfrcttfM. 
y ' ffigniflea rvwmd or oftoid. 

Cmum-JA'cERT, a. (jaem), l^ing fwCMl. 
0»roim-XAv'ioAT2, •, 0-navig*W mm^ 
CVroum-soRiBB', v. (teribo), to wiit» rvuml, to inokMii 
Cir'am-mBm, a. (ipeeif), looking nmnd, caadoon 
Bigniflea m Mt tide. 
OU-Ai/mrE* <*. OR tMt tidt of the Alpi. 
GM-ATLAB^cIO, a, onHiu tide of the Atlantloi 
Von. {Om.) 
BigDiflee togOhar or viih. 
Cb«-oOB', e, (eum), to run tageiha: 
Cm-YJj.cfs', V. iJUgo), to strike together. 
Cbn'-rLXTENOE. n. C^o), a flowing togdhtr. 
Om-BECT', e. (n«(<i), to tie tog«&tr. 
Omi-sfikb', «, («;mto), to breathe together. 
C<m4rtaj}ur,v.-{itruo), to build togeOier, 

* (^nlpliw, on thlH tide of the Alps, In r^ard to Borne, tlurt ia on the aonth il 
R the Mp«. TranMOpbti, oa the nortb dde of the Alpe. 


Co, for (km. 
Signifies togdher or n&h. 
Co-^V^AL, a. equal wWi. 
Ch-x'yAi^ a. (iMum), of the same age tnA. 
Coexist', e. to exist tog^h^r. 
Oo-BBSB.', n. one who is heir with another. 
Cb-HEBK', V. (hareo), to eticU toffetJier. 
(Jm>f'bha.tb, d. (opw»), to work together. 
Cog, for Con, 
Signifie* together or «tfA. 
Oi^-NATB, 0. (maear), bom foyi^^ or UttA. 
CW, /or Con, 
ffigniflea tege&er at mlh. 
CM-iiAFSs', n. (la&MT), a falling tegeOier. 
CW-LAte', e. (ia(»rt), to bring logeOier. 
G)l-ijayi', o, (fc?o), to gather togkber. 
(bf-iacATE, V. {locra), to place together. 
Ool'-iAXiBY, 71. {loquor), a q>eaking together. 
Oot-mfeios, n. (Iiiii^), a playing togelAer. 
Com, for Con. 
Signifies together or wftvl. 
(%m'-HEBCE, n. (m«rsor), a trading toge&er. 
Oom-xis.', V. to mix together. 
Comrito'iKmy ti. (moeeo), a moving together. 
ffom-PKL', 0. (peOo), to drive w»(£ 
Ctmi-FOBB', e. (pono), to put togeth^. 
Gtm-FKBBa', 9. (^prmno), to press together. 
Cor, for Con, 
Bignifies together or uiith. 
Cot-bbl'ativb!, o. relative with. 
0»»-bob'oh4te, e. (toSut), to make strong toffelAr. 
Cbr-BOim', t.'(r«do), to gnaw topetAer. 

Signifies agaiimt. 
Contrt^Tucr', v. to speak agaimt or wnA^oty th 
Cbn'Av-VBBT, c. (mrto), to turn agaAmL 
Cotmter, for Contra. 
Signifies againtt. 
OountersAi/ixcE, v. to balance ogaiMt. 
Oounter-XAiiCB', e. to march in an opposite direction. 
Signifies doom or from. 
Se-cusK', tr. (diiui), to bend down, 
De-DVCE', V. (duco), to lead from. 
De-wsjiD', V. {fends), to strike down. 
De-istrr', a. {jaeia), to cast down, 
.De-PEHD', V. (pendeo), to hang fivm, 
Jk-TOBB', 0. (pono), to put dmnJi. 



Hgidflcs to taie J^vm, owajr, off, or out; Nffc 
IHt-^'stx, e. W Tender lut able. 
i)t»-Axii' e. to take aaof arnik, 
iK^-BKUETs', e. nut to believe. 
ZKt-BDB'bKii, e. tt) take off A borctai. 
i>w-mui'asT, a. fwC bonwt. 

iN*-LdT'AI^ a. not \a3al. 


Bignifles opart. 
Dw-Kl', e. (p^), to diJTs iipart 
iK»«xCT', «. («kd), lo cat optrl 
J>i»«>LTR', v.- (awm)) to Ipoae apart 
J>u-teiid', «. (tnf/oj/U) Btaetch ^xKt, 
Dm^tQBt', v. (fe>rti»n), fa) twiat opart; 
i>i*-tRAcr', V. (MAo), to dnw opart: 
Jt>i, for IHa. 
Bigniflea opart. 
2)j-8FKbsb', t>. {tpatya), to -qtrinkl^ opoK; 
ZK-tkboe'^ k (Mfyi')i ^ tw>l opart. 
iK-TBBT', V. (pfrttf), to tarn apart, 
iK^sEBs', c. (^riidfor), to go i^iort. 
IN-LDXE', e. (tuo), to ffuh opart. 

JM/, /«■ JHa. 
BigiaSeB apart. 
D^f'-FKB, e. (fen),'to bear opoHL . 
i)^'FTms', e. (Juada), to iJour oport. 

t ffignifies out or out of. 

Bt-AU^, e. (o^), to take or force evti^. ' 
BmBS!^, g. (eapfo); to take out. 
JEwnTB', e, (eito), to call ovt. 
JSiscLAu', P. (efcinw), to ciy (M(i, 
JSmiludb', o. (cZoum), to flhnt (wf. 
Jb-PANs', e. (pando), to spread out. 
JSe-FEi.', o, ipaUii), to drive out a/". 
Jfe-POBT', e. {porta), to carry out. 
E, for me. 
Bignifles «u{ or out 0^. 
.B'-Dior, n, {(f»i»}, what is spoken Ml. 
^Dwca', e. ((ft«w), to lead ovt. 
.B'-oaBsa, n. (jTradto)-), a going oui. 
JPjKOr', 0, (jo«o), to cast out. 
Jt-LBOT', e. ([«^, to choose out, 
,.£i&AflB', e. (radlD^, to rub out, 
Signifies out or out 1^. 

fTACR', o. (/adet), to take out the face. 
-FLiTT, n. Ofw), a flowiog out. 






.' Sigmfles htffond. 

JEzfro-ifnif'DAKx, a. (muTtdus), heyond the w«ri^ 
JSntro-OB'DDiABT, a. bej/dttd ordinarj. 

In, before a Veri. 

SignLfiea in or into, on or vpok. 
.Ai-CLENi:', e. (citno), to lean into. 
£t-CLui>E', 0. {da^ai), to Bhat in. 
Jn-CUB', «. (eiffTO), to nm njwu. 
/n-FtjOT', «. (Jiigo), to Btrike «pOT». 
Ja'-FiiBX, n. (jlue), a flowing inio, 
Jn-oUiS', f. (M^), to breathe in, 

11, far In. 
Signifies in or into, on or upon, 
77-Lu'timATX, d. (Imam), to pnt light into. 
A'Lu'bioh, n. (2a^), a plajiug upon. 

Im, for In. 

Sgnifies in or into, on or ^pon. 
Jm-HBBSE', e. (vt^yo), to plunge in&>. 
.fi»-pSL', V. {pelio), to drive on. 
J»»-PBin>', ». (p«id«i), to hang igum or mn 
Jot-pobt', e. (yorttf), to cany info. 
£»-roaB', «. (pono), to pot upon. 
Im-rBOfos, t. to pnt in priaott. 

Ir, for In. 

Signifiee in or into, on or upon. 
/r'-BTTATE, e. (ini), to pnt in anser. 
-fr-BUP'TroN, n. (raptiwn), a breaSing inio. 

Jn, befon on 4(5'i'*«'e. 
Signifies mit. 
Jn-AC'iTVE, a. no< actlTO. 
£i-ait'ii£ATB, a. (Mtima), not having lUk 
A-oAir'Tioua, a. not oautions. 
^i-coii'fbtbiit, o. mrf competent. 

JTff, /<»■ In. 

J(r-iro'BiiB, «. not noble. 

J^hokih'ioob, o. {nonim), 7wt hariog a a 

iZ-i.K'oAi., n. TKrt legal. 
iT-LEo'iBLE, a. {lego), thst can not be R 
iZ-Lm'oBAi., a. not liberal. 
iJ-uc'iT, o. not permitted. 



Im^ fat In, 

Jn-hob'ai., a. not monL 
A»-]fOB^Ai/, a. nutmortaL 
At-FAB'TiAI^ a. wA partial. 
Im^A'TOXTT, a. net patieat 
Ai-FBR'rwTT, D. fwt peifect. 

Ir, for In. 

'Ir-Mk.'TvaiJj,, a. not rationkL 
. - HfJtuavr'AXLs, a. not to be reflitad. 

Ir.xxa'vi.AK, a. not legolkr. 

b-Kxan'iBLa, a. mrt to be ruiitod. 
SIgnifles firfuMn or among. 
Ate^rBSx', e. (/irw), to itiike MwMn. 
/n'far-Lin>B, n. (/wlo), a port WtMwn pUjL 
Jntor-poax', e. (pMio), to place dtAMm. 
Jhte^-HOOATX, e. (nyo), to aak btbetm. 
IiOar^mjr^, v. (rupfum), to break itHoemi. 
Attp-BMTr', t. (»eeo), to cut betwem. 

Blgnifles (nCAtn, 
Sttro-ovcB', V. (daeo), to lead teilMn. 
Jntiv-TKBT', e. (Mrte), to turn wit&m, 


Sgnifies in tie woy, ogotnif mi(. 
Ob'-iiOqcT, n. (Injuor), BometMng spoken ayaifid. 
tffr'-fiTACLB, n. («to), Bomething Btonding iti the itoff, 
€b-TSUim', V. Itrudo), to thrust oj^nM. 
W-TIATK, R {«a), to pat init of the way. 

6c, for Ob. 

SgulBeB t'n lAtf uoy, vp, ({Mm. 
OMA'BTcm, n. (aido), a falling in tA« way, 
Oe'-curr, e. (tapio), to take wp. 
{fores', t>. (mm), to rtm in &« way. 

Of, for Ob. 

Sgnifles w 1A« tMiy, ofatMC 
QT-ISKD', e. (fendo), to Btrlke agabut. 
vf'-vsa^ V. C/ero), to bear jn the way. 

Opt for Oft. 

ffignifles M tA« way, offttftut, 
OSS', e. (pjiw), to put m (^ leay, 
BBW', e. (prnno), to press agtmttl, 
<fp-rvas', t. {pugna), to flght agaimt. 



. Per. 

Signifles thtvugh or &orough^, 
IW-rKCi, a. (faeio), made tAoroughfy. 
ftr^PiBB', V. (tpiro), to breathe thrmtgh. 
ftr-vADE' e. (catfo), to go through. 
iWuiii', V. (iMum), to read Onvugh. 


Signifles qfllw. 
.Rwt-poira:', e. (jwioV to pat after or off 
/%»C-80BiPT, «. itanio), 8omeSi% wntten <i/far. 


ffignifles Jfforiii; 
J^»<IB1>E', 0. (eedo), to go B^ojw, 
iVfrDiOT', fl. (iiw), to/iwt«lL 
ftfrFKB', e. (/ero), to boar or esteem lefora. 
IW-va., n. {fixtu), something fixed AefoHi 
Pr^ ^XDv!, o. (ifliw), to Mt li^ort. 
iW-VKFT', o. (eemo), to come fi^om. 

Signifies %(m(2 or pan. 
/Wtor-rr, a. (eoj, goaepatt. 
iVeto^HAT'DiLiL, a, beyond natnraL 


Bignifles /t>r, forward, forth or otU. 
Pn-CSXD', B, (e«fo), to go feneard. 
iVit-KOTK , e. (wioBfti), to move forward. 
Pto-pel', b, (pello), to drive foraard. 
PrM>vce', B. (dttw), to lead/ortA, 
iVu-CLAm', p, (dffimo), to cry out. 
Pro-TOAiTr', B, ((rirf«), to draw out. 
i¥o-TOKB', 0. (voeo), to call oirf. 


Sigmflea ioot or again, anea, 
-Skiedk', o. (e«fo), to go lack. 
Se-CLAm', V. (elaitio), to call iadb. 
■B«-€LiBx', t>. (eliiM), to lean Soot 
B^-VLvi, n. (Jlue), a flowing ftoet: 
.B^-Fuas'. e, Qundo), to pour iiofifc 
.B^tokb', o. (eoeo), to caU hade 

Signifies hack or baekwardt. 
Arfrw-OBB'sTOX, n. (<xitun>), the act of going Aoat 
ifoCTO-OBADB, e, (gradior), going AoohMinl 
B^ro-iTzcm, », (sperio), a lookmg ZoottMrdi; 


iiATis rBBnxn, 

BigiAfiM aaid* oi apart. 

Bim'-rLM, a. (fiii»), uiAmt M± 
Boi-CKMX', a. {eeraj, tnilAimt wkZ. 
3i'tie-<suBX, n, («iira), a utiutlon imAoKf a 


BigniSe* under. 
Sab-j±'cExrr, a. (jaao), lyiiv under. 
At^HABDix , a. (mart), Mn£r tbe ma. 
Aifi-flOKIBB', e. ((erAo), to write vndff*. 
Atfr^viiTr', e. (troAtf), to dnw under or .^VM. 

SiK, /«r Sub. 

fiignifiw WK^or, <ij>. 
AuhosKD', *. (eedo), to go ufldar or after. 
Attf-coB', e. (citrraj, to ran wtder. 
Ato-ouxB', V. (eubo), to lean tDxte*. 

jSu/, fiiT Sub. 
8igid&M 4Mii«r. 

!>ear (tnfte*. 

o poor under. 

i^P* /or iSuft. 

ffigoifies under, vp. 

Sup-raxw'i a. (jtrMu>), to preaa widMV 

Bignifiea aboee or ^wr, vpon, 
Svper-isoTjso', e. to oMrsbonnd. 
A^wr-AJH}', e. to odd 0Mr and abete. 

Super-exDS', v. (ledeo), to ait dbme. 
St^ter-vi'aos., n. {video), an owreeor, 
Aiptr-scBiBx', •. (leribo), to write vfurn. 

Si*r, ( JV, for Super.) 
Si^ifleB above, ever, vpeit. 
jSur-uotntT', v. to mount lAate. 
Sttr-vmx', «. (ewo), to live oter or ({/Cn-. 
i9ur'-FAon, n. (^aeiei), upon the &ce. 
Sur-nr', v. (ttdeo), to look vpon. 



Sua, fir Sub. 

Siu-yBOt'. V. («pwto), to look under. 
Su*-PX!ND, V. ipeadea), to hang up. 
Batons', e. (taieo), to hold up. 
■ Trana. 

Signifies aerou, ovar or Jxyoad, fhrov^ 

TVu-suce', «. ((iuoo), to lead aorom. 

3iW7i»-FBE', p. (/ero), to cany otier. 

TVaTM-i.ATB', e. (loAim), to carry over. 

Trant-xn', «. (mitto), to send tner. 

Ul'tra-iBT, n. one who ia EejMTuJ. 
Ulfro-ifoii'TAKB, a. (tnOTM), beyond the monntiuEai 
ITZCra-iniE^Aiix, a. (taundtu), b^tmd the world. 


70BUULA.— HutFAL,— ai-a^n-a4,-~-niaiiiiil,— motw la dorived from the Latin 
irord nuniu, the hand ; — the anfflr oJ sliptSea of, rdaSria as ptrtainlng to; b^fUtliig or 
mmrfiifr ,' — when comb^ofL they form t£e word manuoC which meuunwlig or Ofr* 


Bignifies ef, or IdMi^ag to. 
CAB'Dioe, a. (oonffa, Gr.), idengbifi to tiie heart, 
ELBOi'ae, a. (deffia, Gr.), idanging to fAeg^, 
DxHo'moc, a. belonging to a demon. 
BigniSes »/' or eonMttiitg of, like at reternbUnf. 
Axiasa'cieout, a. (aivna), eotuitting of sand. 
AnaiLLa'ctwiM, a. (ar^Sa), amsuting of clar. 
FABma'MotM, a. f/'omui), amtuting of me&L 
HiiXBa'owtM, a. (Aeria), emtutrng ^ iierbia 

ffignifies beatff, or (brie o/beiiiff; <>fflee (f, 
^ccaaej/, n. a firing accurate. 
DEL'ioaey, n. a fttwi^ dt!lic«t«. 
Ofi'msoey, II. a Mnf' obstinate. 
Cd'bihi^, n. t^ i^^ ^ a corate. 

SgnlfieB a>Iiw«(«<jf ; ttate t^Mng ; an aOiMmK far. 
BAQ'oage, n, a eoSeetim «f baga. 
CoKD'(f{70, ». a coUe/Hon of oordg. 
Eebb-'oijb, n. a eoSM^um 0/* herb*. 
'Baim'age^ n. Oata of being in boodi. 


tS^^tn af,r»laUitg OT perttdniag to ; igBfwy or h flww i iy. 
Vn/ial, a. {^int), rdatin^ to at Iteomi^ % Km. 
FLO'Btd, a. (Jfoi), relaUtig to flowers. 
Hur'uaJ, a. (*nanu>), rdatiag to tbe huid. 
UkbtW, a. (oMnt), niating to Um mind. 
^n, Jan, £a». 
BigniflM Idonffvig, retatinff m ptrtamiiig to. 
AoBA'aian, <t. (opitr), relating to the flelda. 
CHBis'Tton, a. rdating to ChriBt. 
FLXBE'ion, a. rtlating to the people. 
EusOFtf'an, a. relating to Europe. 
An, Ian, 
SgnifleB 0n« hA«, Or thtptrmn AaL 
Kst^taan, n. one who is ■killed in an art 
CHBu'Tton, n. one nha believes in Christ 
BDBOP-v'an, n. otm uAo lives in Enrope. 
Hmo^uan,'n. one teho writes history. 
Ance, Ancy, 
Sgniflea 'being or Uate of long ; ag.* 
Ctnr'mymey, m. itaU qfbeytg conitaat 
iQ'jtaBoTux, n. *tate f^ hdag i^orant. 
Yia'nianai, n. ttate of iemg vigilant. 
■Aaeaa'anee, n. (tiito), a atandinp to. 
SigidfieB one vho, w the pertm Stat, 
Amah^'im^ ft. one vAo aanils. 
Aeanrr'ant, n. <me uAo airiEta. 
CiiAnt'oTil, Ti. pTM uAo clumo. 
Coii'BATanf, n. em wAe combote. 
A-vrvsa'a/it, n. one uA« attends. 
DxpEND'ant, n, i>n« uAti depends on another. 
BBiLL'itmC, a, (^nUor), shintn^. 
ATTOSB'ant, a, attending; accompanywy. 
DKFEHD'ant, o. (pendeo), hangwij down. 
Gos'sononf, a. (aontu), sonndtn^ together. 
OBSBBV'on^, a. obeervinfr. 
Pi^AB'ant, a. pleaBinj;. 
Signifies tn tA« /orm «/; like; rAttingto; having. 
CiB'ovi/at*, a. (eiraUvt), in the form of a drcle. 
GiiOB'riitn*, a. (gtebat), in thejermt ^ a globe. 



lM', a. (inmda), rdati^ to ftn island. 
Ju'ovLur, a. (juffuium), rdaiing U the throat, 
Oc'uLor, a. (peului), relating to the eyeii, 
CsL'LUiiar, a. (<x^), hating cells. 

Bho'sot, n. one who bess. 
Li'ar, ». ow wA« tella liM. 
8oBoi.'ar, n. om wA^ goes to scbool, 


Signifiea one viho. 
DBTTHK'onl, n. OTU uhe gets drunk. 
SLUd'oanJ, n. one who m slo^sh. 
Ha/rard, n. one vihoae mind ib impaired. 
Nio'oanf, n. (m« uAo is a miier. 


Signiilea one viho or tJte perton that. 
Aj^YSBBary, n. out who is advene. 
Sti'iKary, ti. one who ia sent ont. 
Hm'BioNory, n. imitto), one who b sent. 
Taia'arary, n. me wAo pays tribnte. 

6igni&es the place where, or {A« tUn^ (Aa& 
A-'piarg, n. (itpu), tA« ploee where bees are kept 
OitAB'ary, n. {^ronum), fA« jifoM uAere grain is stoted. 
Li'bbot^, n. (liber), the plc^e where books are kept. 
litfiasiary, n^ (hunen), the tking that givea light. 

Signifies bdtmging, relating, oi pertainwig to, 
HoK'OBory, a. pertaining or relating to honor. 
Lrr'EBary, a. {titera), pertaining or relating to letters. 
Mn/nary, a. {milet), pertaining or relating to soldiers. 
Pm/iiosary, a. {pidmo), pertaining or rioting to the Innga. 


Signifies httring, beittg, 
Co^'roaate, a. {oorpiai), homing a bod*. 
IsiS'tJuUe, a, (flnima), not htmag life. 
JwrKA'aate, a. (teitii), not having a will, 
jyne^raaate, a. {^ero), leing ont of hopet 

Bignifies one who or the perion that. 
Cn'Bofe, n. (euro), one who has the care. 
DBL'BO^tf, Ti. (!e^), OTM uAo is sent from. 
OnAD'vate, n. d/radior), one who takes a degree, 
Po'tento^ n. {pone), one who has power. 

ffignifles (0 make, to piw, Uput, or U tebb 
TtmBtL'TToU, V. (dMlit), to mai* feeble. 
VumJnatt, •. (/aeiiit), to fluil« et^. 
Fxue'TBafa, «. (/t-Mtra), to maU vain. 
RxH'oTatf, •. (nomM), (o MMrte new ■giin. 
Dm&oxats, v. {deeor), to ^w oRUuneut. 
Sxa'vuae, v. (nff), to gut rales. 

BUt, Abie, Ible. 
Signiflefl mag bo or em lo; tMrfAy tf. 

SLutabU-a. tli»t may bo blamed. 

DncsRN'JM*, a. that can te diacenied. 

iHHAB'irai^ a. that ean to inhabited. 

CoKTZUFT'iAfe, a, ttortAji <^ contempt. 

ffigniOes Itttfa or nuS. 
CAa'Titfa, n. (eono), ■ ti«i> «(»g. 
I'cieb, M. k miott stick of ice. 
FsD'ielv, n. (^m), ■ JtOfa flower stem. 
Bignifles tAt ptaee uAnv,* ttato of imaf, 
JiuKs'dom, n. EAtfpIoM i«A«i« a duke rdgni. 
Srsa'dom.n. the piate whoiv a liiitg ni^a. 
PsBE'ifom, fl. Mtfttotoo^lmn^fiM. 
Wis'tfem, ft. tAe date o/beinf win. 
Signifies one who, oi on* to hAmk. 
Absehtw', ». ra« iaA<> ia absent 
Bevhom', r. (Jvffio), one wAo flies. 
Abbiohm', n. oruito whom anything is aadgned. 
Truvtw', n. MM to uAoin a trust is given. 
Bignifles 010 w^ or theperm Iftot. 
AucTioNw', n. OM uAo sells at on anction. 

V.vrnsoBr', n. oru wAo is gnittf of mutinj. 
Signifin flM^ (^ 
Bka'sm, a. made of brats. 
Hmp'ffi), a, made of hemp. 
Wood'm, o. madt of Tood. 
Wooii'fft, a. made of wooL 

Signifles to malt; 
DEBF'«it, v. to make deep. 
FAST'«n, e. to nia£« fast 
6i.Ai>'i>«n, e. to moiv ^ad. 
Habd'cti, v. to maki hard. 



Ence, Ency. 
SigDifiei leum or *taU ofiemg; inf. 
I]['pUD«nM, «. (pudMt), itaU ofbmig without ahaiiM 
Coboub'roim, n. (^trd), a roiiDtn^ together, 
Con'fi.u«r«0, m, (/mo), a flowing? h^e^er. 
£L'o%U«n«e, n. (lofuor), a ^>e&l[in£) oat. 

Signifies #»« teho, or tA« /KTSon t&ij. 
JUiHE'RAi/, n. (tuKvo), one viho Bticks to. 
A'oent, n, (o^), one wAf acta. 
PA'Ti^nf, n. (potiiv), 0n« uAo BOffera, 
FkBs'iDent, n. em ieio presdea. 


Signifies inff or Seinf- 
OoBB'BMt, a. (lu^^, atickinj; together. 
Ervui/oent, a. (/ulgec), tMning forth, 
PEXD'enl, a. {paideo), hai)ging>. 
Po'Ttfnt, a. (petenf), dnn^ powerM, 

Signifies mu who or tiepemm that, 
Bun^'er, n. one wAo builds, 
BuT'ar, n. «i* mAo bays. 


Bignifles State of grovAng or £«winin^, 
CoNTAL«'em«, n. (oo&o), «i(i(« <^groa>ing welL 
PuTBM'wnee, n. (putru), OaU o/hecoming rotten. 

CotrVAj/ei'eent, a, ffrotniaf well. 
Quiet'cmt, a. (suiet), heeoming qniet. 

Signifies fidl qf. 
Ckse'JvI, a. fuU o/'care. 
DODBT/ui, a. jvuof doubt, 
PBAE^i, o. /a« o/fesr. 
HOFK^/W, a. ^i o^ hope. 

fa-R'Tify, r. ifortii), to make strong. 
Mao'hiJ^, c. (mo^iM), to make grrat. 
Pd'ri^, d. (punu), to make pure. 
Reg'ti^, e. (fego), to make nght. 



Bor'Aoce^n. Oe ttat« of t boj. 
CBUJ^hood, It. the ttate of a child. 
KnoBTr'AMd, n. cAe «tof« of a knight 
Oou.'itMd, n. tA« «tol« q^a giiL 

Jc, Teal. 
SigniSei of, pertaining to, lite. 
Academ'woI, a. pertainiTtg to an acaden^, 
AxasL'ieal, a. of at pertaining to an Bng«L 
HxBO'ie, a. Wee a hero. 
OcxAB'iic, a. of or perfainittg to the ocean. 
ffigmflea a leing, or lAm^ that, 
JiTBT'fM, n, a (wnff just 
]tAi.'iee, n. (m(i2«), a Idng eviL 
BcBv'tM, n. (A« thing that is aerved. 
Ho^FJM, n. (nMa>}i M0 (Ain^r tAol makes known. 
Bignifies tA<t teitnee or art 0/. 
Ern'uf, n. the teienee t^f mannen or monl*. 
Wriet, H. M« lamee <^ seeing. 
Sigi^es fi«wi{r or ing. 
Tmia'id, a. (frigvt), leing cold. 
Bnxs'iyid, a. {epUndo), Aixaing. 
Tov,'^id, a. (torrmi), parchiny. 
Yvr'id, a. (woo), liviny. 

Signifies hdrnging to; may or catt be; eatUjf. 
Fs'BBfb, a. U^iri*), beimgiag to a ferer. 
Eoe'Tf2«, a. (hoitit), belonging to an enemy. 
Ji^Vmiifo, a. (jutenit), belonging to youth. 
FBAO'titf, 0. (frango), eatOy broken. 
Bignifes 0/OT belonging. 
Ditmk', a. ((2>ou«), bdonging to God. 
Ca'iim<, a. (eanit), belonging to dogs. 
I'Bic'onn^, a. (/iHRiRii), belonging to woman. 
Ih'fakthm, a. belonging to an infant. 

Signifies (S* o<rf ?f,- ttate ofbeitig; ing. 
EspCL'siiMi, n. {peUo), the act of driyii^ ont, 
ImrEC'Ttm, n. (»peeui), the aa of looking into. 
AmHA'Tton, n. the »fa<« of being animate. 
CoRKop'Twn, n. the rfofe of being coirnpt. 
PMcciB'iOTi, ». the etate of being prerase. 
ExpAu'Bwn, n, Ci>iBwto), a spreading ont. 

■,G Otitic 


lite, Ixe. 
Bignifles to make, to givt. 
Civ'iuH. «. to ma£e civil. 
FaR'-riLue, e. (<? irwiia fertile, 
IiB'OAI-iK, e. to moib legal. 
Hos'KBKtee, e. to maJv modem. 
BigniSes tomeahat; belonging to; Kbn 
Bi^Ce'mA, o. lemeahat black. 
Gkeek'uA, a. wmeujhat green. 
Scot'tmA, a. Monging to Scotland. 
Spah'uA, a. hekjiging to Spain. 
Fool'mA, a, like a fool. 
Fop'pmA, a. Zilv a fop. 
Signifies to make, 
CHZtt'iA, e. (eanu), to make dear, 
Ehbel'imA, v. (i«au), to maJv beantiM. 
Tis'ith, t. ifinia), to malt an end. 
PvB^uA, t>. (vuigui), to make public. 

Signifies itate ofb^ng ; an idiom; doelrwui^, 
Bar'sabum, n. ttate of being baibarona. 
FAKAT'icinn, n. itate of being a fanatic, 
HEB'oifm, re. elate of beiitg a hero. 
lo'ioritm, n. itote of being an idiot. 

Signifies one who, or theperton that. 
AxT'ut, n. 0rM u^ practises an art 
Bor'AHMt, n. <me who studies botany. 
Flok'm(, n. ifoi), one who cultivates flowers. 
Hu'MOTtMt, n. one uAo is fond of linmor. 
Bignifiea otm who, or thepertan Suit. 
Ca'naani^, n. on^ tcAa dwells in Canaan. 
FA'voRtto, «. one aho is favored. 
Ls'Ttto, n. on« wAo is descended from LotI 
J(y, <T IV- 
Signifies being or «tat« ofboTtij. 
AsiL'tty, n. (toto^StfiTi; able. 
CAPnv'tty, n. stoto of being a captive. 
I>ooiij'%, n, #fato of being docile. 
Fxbtil'%, n. «toto of hang fertile. 

Signifies tm« uAo, or IMptnon that. 
CAp'Ttw, m. (oopte), on« wAo is taken. 
Fu'oirtM, n. {fvigid), one who flies, 
Op'bratim, n. (opera), on* who worka, 
Na'tim, re. {naeeor), one who is bom. 


ffignifies Xarninf poteeTf or mg. 
CoBBBCr'iM, a. htvinif poieer to comet, 
Ihtkht'jw, a. iaviaffpmeer to invent. 
Ashb'bkv, o. (Aatm), Bticktn^ to. 
Attkact'im, d. attracttiV' 

Bignifles wttA^iA 
Akt'Im*, o. imtAmt ut. 
Chiij)'2bim, a. without a child. 
FttinT'&ti,a. wOAratfrvit 
Fow'KB^ttt, a. iritAMif power. 
ffignifles Iii« or rttemUiof. 
GoD'Ztb, a. Iii« or retenitlinff God. 
MAitlite, a. lilx or reiembliny man. 
WAitTiifct, A /iib« or retembliag "wax. 
ffigniflea litQe, ywaf. 

DnCK'Itn^, n. a little or yaunjr duet 
Goe'Zin^, n. a littie or yirunj goose. 
IiOBs'Iin^, n. a ^iKb or f/imnjf lord. 
Xl/, /or Like. 

Caw'MlDlff, a. tHe or ntanUmg a coward. 
pA'THEXJy, a. like or membling a father. 
I^ncB'f^, a. ftiw or remmbling a prince. 
WoBUt'^, a. {fafc« or tttembU^ the norid. 

Kpiifles leir\g or ftott of hang ; net ef; ih« (king AA 
ExciTE'ffl^nt, A. ibita o/tmng excited. 
RBTiBB'm«nt, n. *tat« ofheing retired. 
CBAitiSB'ment, n. net 0^ chastising. 
AcquiKB'nunt, n. tAc tAin; acquired. 

Bignifiea (tots ofbetag; ihinf/ that. 
Ao'sunony, n. (aerii), the ttottf ofbeioff sharp. 
HAT'iumony, n. (mater), the tta^ ijf being a mother. 
PAT'Biflumy, n. (pofn-), the thing inherited fiom a fkther. 
TsB'TiMony, n. (UttU), the (Ain? tAot ia affirmed b; a witneM 
Signifies a Mn? or stoto of being. 
BASE'ntfw, n. the atotfl o/' ftnn^ base. 
Bols'mm, n. the «tat« ofhdng bold. 
Cool'imm, n. the tta/« of being cool. 
Tovo'nete, n. the (tots of being fond. 
Gl,AD'n£M, n. the cbiK ^ iein^f glad. 




Sigmfles one viho, or thtpatan Out. 
CouxfTr'or, ti. <me wAo collects. 
Cbka'tdt, n. <me who create*. 
DmscT'in-, n. one who directs. 
tti'iTATPT, n. one who imitates. 
iHSPBcr'or, n. one who inspects. 
TaKDiui'or, n. me who piedicla. 
Signifiee theplace where; &ing thO, 
DBFOs'rror^, n. Gieplaee where things are deposited. 
Doa'irrrory, n. (dormio), a place where pereons Bleep. 
FAc'Tory, n. (fado), a place where articles are made. 
Vtsst'ory, n. M« thing or facultj that Temembers. 

Signifies of; Idmffing or rdaUne to; ing. 
pBBF'ATory, a. idonging or relaimg to a pre&ce. 
TiiiBDic'Tory, «. {vdU, dUo), relating to a &rewell. 
'Sxrhis'i.Tory, a. &cp\tiiaiTtg. 
Satufac'iw^, a. satisfying. 

Signifies fiJi of. 
Joooie', a. (jceui), fuU of jokes. 
TsBBotff', a. {tei^Jaa), full of words. 
Signifies fvU of; eoiwttinff of; iag, 
DAK'aBBOu*, a. fuU of danger. 
Quo'aiotu, a. fall of gXorj. 
Gbibt'otm, a. fvU ofanei. 
LABo'Bnm*, a. full ofltAxa. 
Hds'dsbmm, a. mnrderin^. 

Signifies a hdng ; the art cf; th»fiae» vSufre. 
BBA'TBry, n. a being brave. 
BLi'TEry, n, a being a slaTe. 
CoOK'sry, T>. Oicartaf^ cook. 
Bus'oBry, m. tA« art ^a snigeon. 
ffignifies office ef; itate tf. 
CLSBx'iMp, n. the office of a clerk. 
HoBaB'UARtAij), 71. the offiee of a horseman. 
' FBiEin>'«Atp, n. the ttate of a Mend. 
Rf-VALthip, n. the ttaU of& ilTal. 

Signifies «>t»«uW ; /uB ^ 
Dabe'mdm, a. «0i7i0ieAftt dsrk. 
Qi^AJt'tome, a. tomeuthat glad. 
WEA'RUotM, a. aommehat ynary. 
FBai/icteme, a. fuU of frolic 


Signifiei 0M wi«. 
OAMK'ifar, n. one wAo ^amea or gtunbleK 

Torxo'«t0r, n. om «Ao ia young. 

Tude, Ude. 
BlgniflM leiim or i£at« qfieinf. 
Ai.'Titw&, n. (atiiM), tlie itaU qfleing hish. 
FoB'Tit(id«, tt. i/ortt»\ the itofa ofloMg braT& 
Rxc'Trtw(i«, n. fraettM), the Koto ofldttg right, 
BBs'TTCMdo, n. (wTTM), n. the OaU eflAng ■ lUnb 
Bignifles Sttis or nmB. 
A3mui.'M(b, ». a I*ttb animaL 
Glob'«j«, fl. a JtMf globe. 
GBAK'ufa, ». Oronuin), a Ivttb grain. 
BxT^otib, n. ft ItCtb net or bag. 
SigiuSee tA« Mnff; date 4^hang; act ^, 
CBKA.'Turw, ». CA« t&tnir created. 
Ekclo'sutv, n. tAa tU^ that is enclosed. 
Bcrit'tum, n. (terSio), tit &inff written. 
CoiiFO'nnv, n. the itate o/lmng compoaed. 
ExFO'suro, n. the itaU o/teinff exposed. 
DxFABT'vrw, n. the act o/ departing. 
Signifles m tA< fSnetKin o^, or loMng tomrd. 
Eurr'ward, ad. in tie direetioa o/the eaat. 
HEAT'KKtniri, 0(2. *n eA« direetbm of hearen. 
HoMK'wanf, o^. hohmff touardi home. 
'WiSD'wardf ad. IcMng toward* the wind. 


Kgnifies tA« heiriff; tie ttate oflemg; ing. 
Eoa'BOTy, n. jfat« of Mag honest. 
Uas'ts^, )i, (fate of being master. 
Kod'est?. *>• 'to^ ofieing modest. 
CoL'Loquy, n. (Injwn-), a taUcinf together. 

Signifies fuU of; mm^ng or made ^, 
"Buxfa'y, a. fiU of blood. 
Bni'iiy, a. fiM of brine. 
Daw'y, «. >U 0/ dew. 
Clat'w, a. amtiiUng of (iiKj, 
FlsbhV, o. amtittrng of flesh. 
BocK'y, o. eoruiiting of Took, 




A, An, (a Privaavf.*) 
Signiflra uant of, not, or xeithaut. 
Asnoi', n. (bjfuoi), leithaut a bottom. 
^n'ABOHT, n, (araie), want of gOTemmeDt, 
JrOU'alt, n. (tmalot), not or non« like. 
Ar'i.TBT, n. {patKoi), want of feeling. 
A'TBStm, n. (theot), one wM/mt a Qod. 

Amphi, AmM, (u/i^i, and ambo, LbL fotiL) 
Signiflea loth or dtruifn. 
.^ffioAis'ious, a. (Mim), living both on l&nd and in wattf. 
.^mWEx'TBons, a. (dexter), nstng MA hando. 

Ana, (uwi.) 
Signifies thrmtgh, up, iaei, or again, 
Atua/VBO, n. ffytii), a loosing bad or again. 
AlKrr'oin, n. {tomo*), a cutting through or tgj. "• 

AftH, Ant, (uvri.) 
Signifies agaUitl, oppotUe or oppotei to. 
ulntAsc'Tic, n. (airetot), oppotite to the norUk 
AntiBiiA'iovB, a. (Mfi«), o^ouitt tnle. 
AnMp'ATBT, n. (pat&ot), feeling againit, 

Apo, Aph, {dm.) 
Signifies from or away. 
Apo&BYFBi, n. (crypto), writingB concealed /»w», 
ApeB'TA.TB, n. (ito), one wlio Btuids from or oiMty. 
j^oe'TiiO, n. (ftem), one seat ffoitn. 
A^ss'ixss, n. the point farthest from, the aim. 

Cata, Cat, (nara.) 

Signifies dnm., from *£ie fa «u2«. 
Cbf'oLOouBs, n. (legot), words or names inittai ^ovm, 
CataBBSf, n. (rheo), a flowing down. 
OaifECEiBE, V. (eeheo), to make sounds from md« to nd*. 

ma, nt, (Sia.) 

Signifies through, asunder. 
Dixs'sBiB, n. (oTMu), a taking aeunder or BepRTat«l7, 
IHaa'asM., a. (gonia), through the angles. 
DioH'ETBB, n, (metrum), the meaaure t^n>vg7A. 
i^PH'ANons, a. (p'laTM), appearing through. 

* PHiratlvt, It. a letter ar sjllabto prefixed to B word, which chanj^ it from an 

Banat'iOf a. (demoi), ariniig in or amonff the people. 
JhTHTj'aiAOT, n. (Mom), oae who belieTM that Ood it m Uok 
Bm'rBABSA, n. (pAoiw), a streBB of voice on. 

.^tDSx'ic, a. {demoi), vfon the people. 
^'mbah, n. (^rapAo), eomething written ufMfi. 
A»'*u>atiB, n. (fE^M), what ia spolien vpon or ^^. 
i^»uPH, n. (CopAof), vpon one who is botied. 

Hyper, (iirrp.) 
Bigniflea abate, oMr, or AtyonA 
A|p«rso'BSAS, a. (bormu), b«!/md the north. 
.^;p«rcBn'iCAL, a. Mwciitind. 
.^^vr'BOLS, n^ <fiob), a ahootiiig Aqmid the mark. 
Eu, or £v, (c-) 
Bigniflea iKwd. 
AtLo'Qimi, n. (Jogoi), a pood word. 
JAe'rHOKT, n. (jtftoM), a s/aod sound. 
AAii'sBL,tt. (av^Im), ifoodtidinga; tbegoqteL 

Signifies HAtbr. 
.^FpirTa'SBn, n. (Umu), what ia placed wubr. 
Sfeta, (/ttra.) 
Signifiea b^/ond, aeeordiny to. 
Jfiif oPHOR, n. ( phtre). a word carried Im/imd its ordinuy 
MetapBYB'ica, n. (pAyni), the science of things ItfOttd natoro, 
Math'oD, n. (pdoi), aeeordmg to a waj or plan. 
-Para, far, (Topo.) 
Signifiea letide, like or timOar. 
Par'ALLSL, a. (idielim), betide one another, 
FOr'aeaRAas, n. {p&ratii), a phrase lende or like another. 
JPtB^QBY, n. {ode), a song or poem Uke or imitative of another. 
Peri, (iMpi.) 
Signiflea rourul, a&mt. 
iVtCB&'Hiuif, «. (cranium), nnifid the craninin, 
P»i)t.'S!rsR, Tt. (ni«fru(n), the measure round, 
Syn, (ovf.) 
ffignifies together, vA&, 
Byn'oD, n. (pdot), a waj or coming together. 
SyJtOB'YrtoxJa, a. (pnoma), named togOior or Uke. 
SpiOP'eXB, n. {opto), a looking togetha: 
Sfn'Tix, n. (toeCiu), a palling together. 



«y, /«■ Syn. 
Kgnifies together, w&h. 
Bya'Tsa, n. (gtatU), a standing togsthfr, 
^'toui, n. (tt^io), a sending together. 

Syl, for Syn. 

%igej&tt togeOter, mOt. 

ByPisABLO, n. {labo), a taking together. 

Sym, /or Syn. 

Signi&es together, with. 

B]/m'METB.T, n. (metrum), a measuriiiK together. 

J^/m'rjLTss, n. (potAos), a feeling tem. 



n met Epdlon. 


. .E&ppa. 

. -t Tan. 

. .uory TJpalon. Phi. 




Aet, ad. bdiiad; Mtem. I ABAPr'.ad behind ^towardi the stem 

Att'eb, pf«p. foUowing in place or of a •hip. 

time. I BKHmD, od. at the b«ck of. 

Bbhibd'haxd, o. in arrean ; backward. 

Keoton — to Beat ; Batx. 

Abatb', e. to lenen; to diminiah. 
Bb&t, e. t» strike ; to bmiae. 
Bate, «. to lesKn ; to grow leas. 
Bbat'eb, p. a. made noooth by tread- 

Usabat'kd, o. not abated. 
Udbat'ed, o. not leeBened. 
Uxbeat'ed, a. not beaten. 
Abatb'iomt, ». diminalira j 

Setan — ^to Push Fobwabd ; to Pbokotx. 
Abbt', e. to enconnge ; to aid. \ ksxtfT^^ n. one who abet& 

AJMAoM — to Stat is a Plaob ; to Dwell. 
Abide', «. tn stay in a place ; to wait I Abid'ihci, n. continaance ; atay. 
Bn>K, e. to dwell ; to wut for. [for. | Asodb', ti. a dwelling-place. 

Aboabs', ad. a-board, within a ship. 
BodUin^-to ComuiiD ; to AinionncE ; to Fobbtkll. 
Bode, e. to foreshow. j Bode'wcnt, n. an omen. 

.Vbodb', e. to foretoken. Bo[>'nio, n. an omen. 

Forebode', s. to foretell. Fobbbod'kb, n. one who forebodee. 

VHroBBOD'iflo, a. giving no omena. FoREBOD'iNe, n. perception bdbre- 
Abod'dio, n. preflentimeot. i ha&d. 

Abtttan — ^About; Abouhp. 
Abottt', prep, romid ; near to. | About', ad. here and there. 

Abufan. Be — Bt, and vfan — Ai/yn. 

Abote', pnp. in a higher place ; mors I Abovb'ali^ ad. in the first place. 

than. I Above'boabd, ad. in open dgbt. 

ABOre'OBOinn), a. alive. 

Abbxabt', ad. a, breixst, ride b; dde. 

Abroad', ad. brad, ftom home ; in another countiy. 

Curgtan — to CrrBSE ; to Doom. 

AccuBaE', c. to doom to misery. I Ccbbb, e. to wish evil to ; to a£Bict 

Accdbsbd', a. doomed ; execrable. | Cubsed, a. deserving a curse. 


AcHB, II. ft GontSnned pain. i UirACH'nio, a. not feeling pain, 

n Oak. 

Oax, n. a foreat tree. I BAS'tucuB, n. ^eom, a child), a ehell- 

A'coBN, n. (earn, giun), the seed of Oas'bn, ti. mode of oak. [SA. 

the oak. I Ac'toh, ». oaktown. 

JEcer—A Fnei.D. 
A'CBE, n. 48i0 eqnare yardB of land. | A'cbed, a. poBseaaing acres. 


I. barren ; nn&oitfal. 

Ado', n. a, do, trouble ; bustle ; mmeceBsaiy tnnnoil. 
Atsah)', a, (afered, aferan, to fHghten), atnick Trith fear. 

F^oran — Before; Fobx. 
Afobi:', }>rap. before ; sooner than. I Bbfore', prap. in front of. 
AroHE'HAKs, ad. previous provision. Fore, a. coming or goiDg first. 
Avdbe'maxed, a. named before. Fobbabii', s. to prepare for attack. 

Afobe'baid, a. said before. | Bepobb'basb, <m. pravionslj. 

Oan — to Go, Agan — GonK; Pabt. 
Oang — a Qoisa ; a Johbubt \ a Patk. 

Ago, ad. in time post. 

Aoe, n. any period of time. 

AsED, a. old. 

Oo, 0. to walk ; to move ; to proceed. 

Wkkt, pret. of Qo. 

Qoira, pp. of Go ; advanced. 

Noir'Aaii, n. minoritj ; under age. 

Go'kb, n. one who goes. 

Gto'sT, n. a passing by ; evasitm. 

Qaix, n. manner and air of walking. 

Go-to, mt. come, come. 

AoOHE , ad. m time past. 
FoRBOo', e. to quit ; to ^Te ap. 
Gad, v. to ramble about. 
Gas'deb, n. one who goes about idlj. 
Outgo', d. to surpass ; to go bejond. 
OvBBOO', «. to surpass. 
Underoo', v. to EufCer; to endure. 
Gauo, n. a troop ; a bond. 

Oaso'wat, n. a passage. 
Oa»t — the Breath ; a SriBiT. 
Gabt, p. to fiighton ; to terrify. I Qhast'lt, ad. like a ghost. 

Aobabt', a. struck with horror. Ghabt'uhbss, n. paleness; frightful 

Gas, n. an nriform fluid. aspect. 

Gah'sous, a. having the form of gas. { Ghost, n. the soul ; the spirit. 
Gsost'lt, o. relating to the soul. 
Non.— OAaruc, (come* from the Greek ^luter,) beloaglng to the stomach 
Mge, ege — Fear. 



Ef^n — \a Paix ; to Tboithlb. 
An., «. to pain ; to tnmble. I AjL'nia, jpr. a. rickl;. 

An.'vxin', n. diieue. 

Aisk'it, od. o/I, fte, it, kltbongh, notwitiuUndiog. 

£Z(t— Aok; Tux. .Bold— Old. 
Old, o. advanced in jeara. | El'dbb, n. one mora adTsnced in 

Ku>, R. old age ; old people. jean ; a cfanrch officer. 

Ai'DBRHAV, n. a magiMrate. I Co-bl'dkb, n. an officer with. 

OLomx, a, old ; andoit. I El'derlt, a, bordering npcm old age 

El^hbt, a, oldest 

Acerran — to Tubs. 
AjAX', ad. half or partly open. 

Eale, /rem -^lan — to Kdtdlb ; to Ihti.amm. 
Ai.b'siou8b, n. a house where ale la I Ai^ n. fermented malt liquor. 

sold. I 

le maaoer; | Au<, a. the whole ; ererj oi 

Lax, t>. to place; t« pat; to calm. 
AIJ.AT', V. to quiet; to aoothe. 
Lat'kb, n. a gtratam ; one that lays. 
Fobrlat', v. to lay beforehand. 
Ihlat', e. to insert other subetances. 
Hislat', v. to lay in a wrong place. 
Oot'lat, n. expenditure. 
Ovbrlat', e. to cover ; to smother. 

Leegan — to Lat. 

TTrlaid', a. not placed. 
Uflat', v. to lay up. 
Lkdoe, n. a layer ; a stratom. 
Lsd'oeb, n. an account book. 
Leq'ek, n. a resideDt'iixht, n. the act of allaying. 
Bklat', e. to block up ; to fiwten a 

Lot, n. fortnne ; chance ; portion. 
Lot'tbbt, n. a game of chance. 

Lyfan — to Peuot. 

DuAiiiiOW', e. to refose permiMion. 

BeUetvan — to Bbtbat. 
; to decoy. | AiJitrB'iiiio, p. a. enticing. 



Ijyfi—ih.e Am; the Hea.tbnb. 
rheBt floor. I Lof'tt, a. high ; prond. 

^gh ; in the air. 1 "Las'imssa, n. elevatioii ; piid& 

Axohei', a. (Ul, one, single ; Bolitorj. 

-Lone. Xett#— LasoTH. ZTtonc— Lark. 
from end to enij. Lra'oEBDJG, a. alow. 
lake longer. Lono-, a. extended, 

n the directlou of Alono', ad. at length. 

Aloro'bide, ad. dde bj aide. 

Lans, a. thin; Blender; spare. 
! ; to loitel. Lank't, a. tall and thin. 

Mewan — to Low ; to Bellow. H^/«<*— Lodd. 
u to be heard &r. [ Loud'nebs, n. force of Bound. 
f. I Aloud', ad. with a great noise, 

Mraed — Pbompt, 
d; willing. I Bbad'ilt, ad. promptly; ([uickly. 

mptitude. 1 Albeap't, ad. now ; at this time. 

d. tUl, to, gather, completely ; without exception. 
lTs, ad. all, way, perpetually ; constantty. 
-tJie first person angular of the Terb to Be. 

Mtegeti — J'owbr ; 8TBiii<ioTH ; Main. 
; chief; mighty ; I Main'mabt, n. the principal mast. 

HAiN'LAKD,n. theprincipal land ; the 
pally; chiefly. continent, 

irincipal sail. j Amaim', ad, with force; nolently. 

Mase — a Wiiiblpool. 
mth ; perplexity ; I Ukamazbd', a. not perplexed. 

Ma'zt, a. winding ; perplexed. 
iah ; to perplex. Ama'ziko, p. a. adtonmhing ; wonder- 

.^n^eht — a Bbbtakt ; a Mbssaoh, 

person sent from I EH'BAasT, ti. the message of an am* 

itber. I basaador. ' 

Jtffdttel— EttlTALLY DiSTAHT. 

y distant from the | Midst, n. the middle. 

Mm'DLHAQsns, a. middle of life, 
lie rank or fdze. I Mid'hbaten, n. middle of the eky. 


Hid'wirtxb, «. the middle of tba 
Hid'bitf, n. the dUpfaTwin. 

s', pnp.ia tl 

Hm'HiQHT, n. middle of the night. 
Mii>'BTBiiAi[,n. middle of the stream. 
iin>'NJMMEB~ fk middle of the Bum- 

Xid'tat, n. the middle of the way. 

Jf iMian— 4a HiH. 

lbBS,«i to ^ inaim ; not to mcceed. | Aum', a. fiuiltj; WKmg; improper. 

Among, fnm mengan — to Hix. 
■AxoEa', Jutosarr', pnp. mingled witlL 

Angel— A Hooz, 
Ah'qi^ e. to fldi with a rod and hook. | Ah'oi-kb, n. one who aagten 
As'auRa, n. fishing with a rod and lin& 
MovK.— Akale, a comar, comes ttom tbe Greek djiiv^, uj thing bent. 

.<SZ— On.. .Xtan—to Oil ; to Biceab. 
Oil, ». an mictnona animal matter. I Ajimu.', e. to best and cool slowly 
Co. T, a. like ml ; greaay. I in oil. 

Neai^ v. to temper by heat and oil. 

A-'xas, ad. an, an, in one ; qoickly ; loon ; in a ihort titn& 
Asot&'eb, a. an, other, not the same; some other; one more. 

Anawartan, And — Aqauibt, and Sutaran — to Swbab. 
AyswsK, e. to qieak In zetnm ; to I An'ewBB, n. a reply, 
reply to, I Ak'swebablb, a, admitting a reply. 

.Slnig — Art. 
r, a. eTeiy; whoerer, | Am'twherb, ad. in any place. 

Krussf, ad. a, pace, qniclcly, hastily. 

Apb, n. a kind of monkey.^ 
Ape, v. to imitate, to T"^"'i<^ 

JBpt — Applb. 
Af'tlb, n. the Quit of the apple tree. | At'fle-jack, n. cider brand^^. 

Hon. — ArPLS or ran Era, the pnptl of the eye. Apfu or Discons, cnu 
general contentioo. Apflx-Pib Ordu, perfect order. 

ArUan — to AnisE. 
Abibk', e. to mount npward ; to get I Rise, e. to get np ; to grow. 
Dp. I RouBE, D. to wake from repose. 

Abocbe', r. to wake ihim sleep ; to eKdte. 



X!artn—Ka Abi£. 

&£U, n. tbe limb from the hand to I Abu'iiET, n. a bracelet, 

the shoulder. Abu'fit, n. the carity under the 

&£ii'fui., n. what the arm con hold. I Bhoolder. 

Sots. — Abhb, ireapaaB of defence, U from the Latin (ormo). 

Ash, n. a tree or ita wood. | Ash'sa, a. made of ai 

A.aea — Dubt, 

AcsUtn — to Abk. 
V. to beg ; to detoand ; to ques- 1 Ahk'eb, n. a petitioner ; on inqoirer. 
> ■ tn inquire. | UKASKia>', <t. not asked. 

.lEsp— Asp; Aspkn. 
H, n, a tree vith trembling I Ab'fsn, a. trembling. 

9P, a Berpent, cornea &ciii the Latin (rupii). 

Nafegar—B. Nate Bobbb. 
LB, n, a bole made b; an I Au'aEB, n. a tool for boiiog holM, 

eaiTB, to predict, is bwa the Latin {aagtir). 

Awaetan — Attakb. 
to rouse Arom sleep. | Awake', a. not adeep. 

Awa'kbn, e. to rouse from steep. 

Ege — Fbah; Dbbad. 
rerential fear ; dread, | Aw'ftjl, a. that strikes witli awe. 

Awe'stbcck, a. impressed with awe. 

A-wk and tvard, 

I, a. clnmsj ; inelegant. | Awk'wabdkbbs, n. clnmHuieBa. 

Writhan — WBrrBE. 
, to twist; to distort | Awbt', ad. obUquelj; asqidiib 



A«o— the BicK. 

Back, n, tlie hinder part ; behind. Back'bokx. n. tke bone of the back. 
Back, «. to place on the back ; to BacCorouiio, n. the f^und behind. 

mftintain ; to more beck. Back'kudm, e. to apoetatize. 

Back'brb, v. to ipeak ill of the Back'wabd, ad, with the beck for- 

abeoit. wards; nowilling, 

Baean — toB^Kx. 

Bakk, «. to di7 end harden I7 beet | Ba'con, n. hog'a flesh dried hi etnoke. 
Bak'kk, n. one who bakes. Batch, n. tbe quandt; l)aked at muse. 

Bax'xst, n. a baker's workplace. { Bask, e. to warm by lajii^ in the bod. 

Beoff—ACaowjf; a Gabi^ahd. 
Baook, n. a mark or token of diatinctdob, 

Baetg — a Bag. 

Bag, ». a sack ; a ponch. | Bsl'ly, n. the part of anytiiiiig wMch 

Bao'saqk, n. the trunks, Ac., of a trav- Hwetla oat 

eler. BiiiOB, n. the part of a ship's bottom 

Bas'fifk, n. a mnsical instmment. | which swells ont 
Bel'lowb, n. an inatnuaent for blow- 1 Bil'low, tt. a swollen ware. 

ing a fire. I Bulob, e. to swell out 

Batan — to Lubb Fish with Food on a Hook. 
Baix, e. to pnt meat on a trap as a lure ; to gire refreshment on a jonmef. 


BMe—^ BxAX ; a Ridoh. 

Bal'cost, n. a gallery before a win- 1 Balk, n. a gnut beam ; a lidge of land, 
dow. I Balk, e. to disappoint ; to frustrate. 

Behiaigtan — to Load a Bhif. From btU, a boat, and hlteat, a load. 
Bal'last, 71. besT7 matter put at the bottom of a ship to ke^ it stead;. 

Bannan — to Pbocladc 
Bak, n. a public notice. | Bak'sit, n. an outlaw, 

BAm, n. proclamation of marriage. 

Bindan — toBniD. 
Bran, t. to confine with bonds ; to Bohd'aob, n. slavery. 

gixl Bas'nbb, n. a fla^ ; a Btandard. 

Bomm,^. mode bat by a band; con- Bouin>, n. a limit; that which re- 
fined, strains. 
Bahd. n. anjthing which binds. Bouhd'abt, n. a limit. 
Baku AOE, n. that which binds. Botmc'sH, a. obliged. 
Bonn, n. anything that binds. Bouito'lbsb, a. without bound. 

■Ign 01 udIod. — BomiD, to Jnmp, to leap, U 


Bisx, n, poiacm. | Bahb'fui., a. poisbnoos. 

Banc — B BimcH; b Hnj.ocs; a Bake. 
Bajjs, n. a monnd or ridge ; a place 1 Baiek'btipt, n. one wbo caimot pky 

fur money. hU debts. 

Ixbaxe', v. to inclose with a bonk. I Bkkch, n. a long seat. 

Bar— Naked. AbarUtn—to Siaw Off. 

Sabb, a. naked ; without clothes. I Babk'faces, a. shameless ; impudent. 

Babe'lt, ad. nakedly ; merely. Babe'hbased, a. with the head bare, 

Babe'sbss, n. nakedness. I Bak'ben, a. uiifraitfaL 

Bab'sbhuess, n. sterility. 

Beorcan — to Babk, 
Babe, v. to make the noise of a dog, 

is from the Danish (bark), and Bakk, a vessel, 

Bere — Baslxt. 
Bab'i.E7, n. a speciee of grain. I Beer, n. a liqnor made of malt and 

Bbbe, n. a species of barley. 1 hops. 

Baes, n. (em, a place), a house for farm produce. 
NoTB. — Babh, trom bere, bitrley, and era, a, place ; a place for barlej. 

Beorma — Babk, 

Babu, n. yeast | Babu't, a. containing banu: 

Bat, beatan — to Bbat. 
Bat, n. a heavy stick. J Bat'oi«, n, a stat^ a club. 

Bat, n. a maaa of cotton for quilts. 
Note.— Bat, an aulnal, cornea ft'om the Danish {bakJu). 

Beeth — a Bath. 
Bath, m. a place to bathe in. | Bathb, v. to wash in a bath. 

Ba'theb, n. one who bathes. 

B^lan — to Bawi. [^ 

Bugan — to Bend. 
Bat, n. an arm of the sea bending in. i Bov,e. to bend towards; an act of re- 
Bat-wib'dow, b. a window bending Bu'ole, n. a hunting-horn. [spect, 

outward. Eubat', n. to inclose in a bay. 

BiQHT, n. a bend of a rope. I Ekbow', «. to bend ; to aich. 

Note.—Bat, a brown color, cornea fhini Che Latin {badim) ; Bat, the lanrel, comes 
from ihe Greek (baion), and Bat, to bLtrk, comca from the French {aboyer}. 


£eon~^to Be. 
Bb, «. to exist ; to become. | BE'nra, n. esiBteDce. 

Hon. — Be, ai a pre&l, is the Bame word a» bj/, and signlfles irixyut, b^fiyr*. 

6ka.'oon, n. Bomething to give notice I Bbce, v. to make a mgn with tbe head, 
or to direct. I Beck'os, v. to make a ngn to, 

Becuf — a Pbayxb. £M(Ian=to Pbat, because one was dropped doim 

a string every time a prayer waa said. 
Bea.'du:, n. (hi/dd, from biddan, to I Bsad, n. » little ball, 
bid), & petty officer in a parieb. | 

£«a»i:=ft Thee. 
Beak, n. a ray of light; v. to abine I Beau, ra. a piece of timber, 
forth. , I 

Bbab, u, to carry ; to support ; to en- 

Beab'diq, n. gesture ; mien. 

Fobbear', e. to cease from ; to abstain, 

Fobbear'asch, n. command of tem- 
per; patience. 

MiBBOsu', a. (mil), born to evil. 

Ovbbbkab', p. (o/er), to bear down ; 
to repress. 

UsBEAa'ABLE, a. not to be bome. 

BoMt, pp. brangbt forth. 

Borhe, pp. carried. 
Unpebbear', c. to support; to en- 
Upbkae', tr. to raise aloft. [dure. 

Bar'bov, n. s, small hand carriage. 
BntTB, n. the act of coming into life. 
Bibth'dat, n. the day of one's birth. 
Bieth'placb, n. the place of one's 

Birth'ribht, n. the rights to which 

one is bom. 
Berth, n. a room in a ship ; a place. 


Bear, n. an animal. | Beab'ukb, ti. resenibling a bear. 

Bbab'ibh, a. having the quality of a bear. 

Beard, n. beard, the hair on the Upa and chin ; v. to oppose to the &ce. 
Bea'vbr, n. beofer, an animal. 

Secuman^rio Eappsh; to Befall. 

fiGcouB', p. to suit ; to befit I Ukrecojib', «. not to become ; not to 

Bscom'ikq, a. graceful ; seemly. be suitable to. [er, 

itiBBBooMB', D. not to become. I UBBBcou'iNa, a. unsuitable ; improp- 

Bed.T'io Lat or Sfbead. 
Bkd, n. something to sleep on. i Bbi/riddbn, a. confined to bed by 

BED'nnro, n. the materials of a bed.' age or nckness. 
BBD'CLOTHEa, n. the coverlets on a I Bed'stead, n. tbe frame of a bed. 
bed. I Bed tdib, n. the time to go to bed. 


t that makes honey 1 Bbk'eitbi, n. a box toi Iwlding bees. 

Sece or &oc-/-BaECH; Book. 

e, the wood of thii tree or ICa biLrk hav- 

tooE, n. a volume in which we read 
or write 

Sptl-^A Mai.t. bt. 

Bbb'tle, n. a heavy wooden mallet; | Bbb'tlb-browxd, a. having protni- 

an insect. nent brows. 

Bbb'tle, e. to jnt out ; to hang ove^ | Bbb'tzjet-hbaded, a. doll ; Btnpid. 

"^^ ^-^-^^ O/ J 

Seffinnan—to Bsais. y^~:^ . / A-<_ 
Begin', v. to commence. | SitaTs'szsa, n. the flrat port 

Bsgonx', int. be, gone, go awej ; hence. 


Bbhaut', n. favor ; cause ; aake. 

Be AoMan^-to Rbbtkaik. 
Buhate', v. to conduct; to act. | Besav'tob, n. conduct; den 

Behaea-f-s, Selt-comuakd. 
Bbhbst', n. promise ; a command. 

Bealdan — to Hold. Selma, — a Hel^ or HA2IDLB. 
Hou), e. to grasp ; to keep ; to ret^. 
Hold'eb, n. one tbat holds. 
Helve, m. the handle of an ase. 
Hun.w , n. the slick b; which a ruddei 

is turned. 
Helus'mak, n. one who controls a 

HhjT, n. a handle of a sword. / 

HoiiD'BACE, n. hinderance ; i«straint./ 
Hcpts-'vAai;, n. that which holds. / 

Behold', ». to view; to see, 
Behold'es, p. a. bound in gratitoife. 
Behold'ek, ra. one who beholds. 
FoBEHOLD'iiie, n. prediction. 
UnBEmKLD', a. unseen. 
Uphold', e. to support ; to snstain. 
Uphol'steeee, n. one who fiimisbce 

Ufhol'btsby, n. ^rniture for houses. 
Withhold', v. to hold back * to refta8& 

Behofian — to Waht ; to Be Nbcesbabt. 
Behoove', e. to be necessary ; to want. | Behoop', n. profit ; advantage. 

Beaican—\o Swell or Heave. 
Belch, s. to ^ect wind fW>m the stomach. 


CM Won-Mo TBun ; to Bkuxtb. 

Belhtb', c to credit; to pnt oonfl' 

Beldv', n. opiiu<m;'fUUl. 
BguBT'BK, n. one wbo believes. 
Dbbblibtb', v. Dot to beliere. 

'■',«. to beliera erroneonil j. 
Misbelief', n. erroneons belief. 
UKBELisra', o. not to believe or tnut. 
CKBKLuer', tt. incredulit;; infidelitj. 
Uhbeukt'bb, n. an infideL 

eeael of I Bell'f< 
I. the place where a bell is Betx'hbtal, n. a mlxtore of copper 

Bell, b. a hollow soDDding Twael of I BzLL'tramitiEB, n. one who makM 
metoL bells. 

Bell'wbthkk, n. a iheep which carries a belL 

Bbe^'v', prap. be, low, onder, in place, time, or dignity. 

Bklt, n. fteU, a girdle ; a band. 

Sendan — to Beitd. 

Beewtethan — to Sat ; to Give i 

Bkbbatx', e. btreafan, to deprive of; to take away ftom. 

Bkb'bt, n. berUi, any Knall fiiut cont^ijig seeds, 

Secan^to Seek. 

Seek, v. to look for; to tearch for. 
Sotrsgr, p. looked for ; searched for. 

BESEECff , e. to entreat ; to beg ; to 

BiaouoHT', J), entreated; implored. 

FoBSAEfi', D. to leave ; to desert 
FoRBOOz', p. quitted ; desorted. 
Fobsak'ek, a. deserted; left. 
Vvbovobt', a. not sought; without 

Bbsidb', BseiDni, ad. be, aide, at the side of; over and abcve. 

Be'box, n. heam, a broom. 

Best, a. best, good in the highest degree. 

Stow — a Place ; to Stow. 
Stow, •. to place ; to lay up. I Bestow', e. to mve ; to oonier. 

Stow'aob, n. room for laying np. I Bestow'ai, n. Qie act of bestowi 
Bestow'sr, n. one who bestows, 

8treowian~to 8i«ew. 
^TBBw, •, to scatter; to spread. | Strbw'ed, j>. scattered. 

Bebtbbw', v. to sprinkle over. 



StrUian, strtedajir—ta Bpbead. 
Stbide, e. to walk witlL long steps ; j Bbbtbidk', v. to place o 1^ on each 
n. a long step. I Bide. 

"Bbh, n, a wager ; to wager. | Bet'tob, n, one wlio bets. 

Bet'tss, c. betrian, to improre ; to advance ; a. gnperior, 

Betweks', pr^. be, twegen, in tile intermediate space. 

Wicce — Witch. 
Witch, n. a woman given to nnlaw- Bewitch', v. to charm ; to enchant. 

ful arts. Bewitch'bbt, n. ^sdnation ; charm. 

Witch'bet, n. enchantment ; sorcery. Bewitch'ino, a. fascinatiDg; enchant- 
WircH'cRATT, n. the practicea of ing. 

BBTOiro', pr»p. be, geond, oa the fiirtber side of. 

Siddan — to Abk ; to Pbat ; to ComiAin). 
Bid, V, to command ; to offer. 
Bid deb, n. one who Inda. 
BiD'oraa, n. command; offer of 

Fobbid', «. to prohibit; to oppoee. 
Fobbid'dbk, p. a. prohibited. 

Fobbid'diiio, a. repulMre. 
OnTBiD', p. to offer a higher price. 
OvaEBiD', n. to bid more. . [ed. 

Unbid', c. not invited ; not command- 
TJiiFOBBiD'DBn, a. permitted; al- 

Bus, n. haer, a carriage for the dead. 

Byggan — to Bdild. 
Bio, a. great ; la^ ; hnge. | Bro'iixss, n. balk ; dze. 

Byi— BiLB. , 

Bile, n. a sore, painful tamer terminating in a postnle. 

Noiu— This word is now more commonly spelt MI, atthang^ the ortbogr^hy of 
bile is more In accordance with Ita etymology. 
Bcj^ an animal flnid, comes from (he LaUn (NKi). 

£{{«— Bnx. 
fiiLL, n. the beak of a fi>wl. | Bn.1., e. to caieaa ; to fondle. 

a tmall log of wood. 
Nora.— Bill, a written paper, cornea fh>m the French (MtU). 

Bra, n. bin, a manger ; a cell or chest for gndn, wine, dm. 


Bun, n. a goienl name fbr the &»tii- I Bird'cavohxx, n. one who catchea 

eied kind. birds. 

Bmn'cAGK, n. on incloaoie to keep Bibd'ujce, ». a glue to catch birds. 

birda in. ] Bird's'-ete, a. aeen from above. 

Bttan — to Bits. 

Bite, e. to cnuh frith the teeth. | Bit, 71. a nnall piece ; the part of a 

Bite, n. the woimd made by the teeth. | bridle to put into a horse's month. 

Bi'TiNa, n. the act of biting ; a, aiuup ; aevere. 

Biter— BiTOB. 
Brr'TEB, a. Inting to the tas1« ; sharp. I Bit'tzbitbu,)). a bitter taste; malice; 
Brr'TEBi.T, (Hi in a bitter manner. | sorrow. 

Biofc or Ma&— Blacx; Blxas. 

I Blac^'shtth, n. a smith that works 

Black'sdabd, n. a mean, wicked ftl- Bleak, a. pale ; cold ; drear;, 
low. 1 Bi.eak'i.t, ad. In a cold situation. 

Blsax'hzss, n. dreatioeea; coldness. 

Blade, R. Maed, a spin of grass; the cutting part of an instrament. 

JBlegen — a Blibtbb.; a Bi.Aiir. 
Blatb; n. a poBtole ; a blotch. | Chil'blaiii, n. a sole cansed by boat. 

Blteat, blaatan — to Puff; to Blow. 

Blxts'tkbdhi, n. rtdae ; tnmnlt 
Bus'txb, n. a thin bladder oa the 

Blow, t. to make a cnrrent of ur. 
Blow'hto, n. the motitm of the wind. 
Bloat, s. to swell ; to puff np. 
NOTL— Blaw, a Btroke, a enddan calamity, comes from the Dutch (iI»MMr). 

Blast, n. a gnet or puff (^ wind; an 

explosion of gunpowder in rocks. 
Blast, «. to. wither; to ii^nre; to 

split rocks. 
Blasx'ino, n. deatmction ; explosion. 
Blcb'tix, e. to roar as a storm. 

Bketan — ^Bi;eat. 

Blte»e~a. Blazb. 
Blaze, n. afiame; a stream of light; 

a white spot. 
Blazx, v. to make public; to make a 

white mark on a tree. 
Bu'zOKitT, n, the art of blazoning. 

Bla'zon, p. to adorn ; to display ; to 

make public 
Embla'zoh, e. to deck in glaring cql- 

EvBLA'zoinir, n. pictures on shields. 

BtfEcan — to Fade; to Whiteii. 
Bleach, c. to make white. | Bleach'bbt, n. a place fbi M—Tiin^ 


! Bledan — to Bleed. 

Bleed, a to loae oi dnv blood. | BLBRD'oia, n. a ronning of blood. 

Blend, t. btendan, to nuiigle together. 

Slessian — to Conbecsate ; to Blemb. 
Blrsb, e. to make happy ; to wieb I Blebb'ed, p. a. happ; ; holy. 
' ■ '- I BLESs'nra, n. a prayer for happiness. 

h, Sd jMT. »mff. of belicffan — to Dsbtbot. 
ce among pisats ; | Blioht, v. to caiue to wither or <3e- 
I cay. 

Blind— BusD. 

ig^t ; V. to make [ Blind'hess, r. want of right ; igao. 

Qt lu^t I Blukd'pols, p. to hmdei' from Heeing. 

BlUian — to Shimb ; to Dazzle. 
to look with fn- 1 B1.ISK, r. to purposely evade. 

Blts—Jo^; Gi^PNiaB. 

Blithe — Joyful; Mbbbt. 
H. I BLiTHB'B0iiB,(;Gbeeifiil;meT7;. 

itbe manner. | 


jd that drculatea 

rith blood ; craeL 
) state of being 

Blood'bhot, a. filled with blood ; red. 
Blood'tkibstt, a. desirous to abed 

Blood'temel, ». a vein or artery. 

mo— a Flower. Blowan — to Blook. 
rerofaplaot. I Blow, «. to fiower; to blotmi; 

fiog in health, Blowth, n. bloom ; blossom. 

>ka, cornea from the Dutch (Nmm). 

primary colors. I BLir'iaH, a. bine in a small d^rea. 
quality of being Bldb'-btbd, a. baring bine eyes. 


Blcht, a. dull on the edge or point ; I BLinrr'NBM, n. wmnt of edge ; ab- 
rough ; iiide. I ntptneas. 

BLDKT'Ly, di. in ft blant nunnw. 

AbliHan — to ft-CBH. 
Blitbs, c. to redden irith ihsms or I Bldbh', a. vUbont a bltuh ; im- 

confiuMm. L''*^- pndent 

BLUsa'niQ, TL the reddening of the I Outblubh', c. to exceed in rDa;f 'coliw, 
UiTKi.usH'nia, a. not blnaliing; destitute of Hhaioe. 

BoAs'iBB, a, Bwinisb ; bmt&l ; croel. | BxjLWs'isxBa, n. Htrengtb ; turdneee. 
Bkats, tl the flesh of b boar; the miuculEU' put of the body. 


BoAKD, n. a flat piece of wood ; a { Boahd'er, n. one who boards. 

table; food. Bok'deii, n. the ooter pi 

BoABB, «. to la; with boards; to live Imbob'dsb, v. to bonnd. 

at for a price. ] 

ielo-e«xon table wu fonned merelr 1 

Boat, n. a small, open Teasel. | BoAT'icAir.n.oiievhanumageaabOBt. 

Boat'bwaix, ». an officer in a ship, 


Bod't, n. the material part of an ani- | Bod'ied, o. having a body. 

mal. Bod'iob, n. short stays for women. 

Bod'ilt, a. relating to the body ; en- Bod'tocard, n. a guard to protect 

tirely. | the person. 

Byl — BiLa or Boil. 

Bn.E, Bon., n. a soie, pwnfiil tomor. 

NoTi.— Boil, to be agltited by heat, comes from the Lalln (&u2io). 

B€iid — Bold ; AnoAcions. 

Baij>, a. daring; brave; impadent I BoLo'incaa, n. coorage; impttdence. 

Bold'lt, ad. in a bold manner. | Bold'taced, a. impudent. 

BoUa — Am Roinn> Vbssxl. 

Boll, ti. a roond pod or capsule. | Bowl, n. a vessel to hold liquids 

NoTs,— Bowl, to roll, comeB from the Trench (bovU). 

Bolster — a Pillow. 

Bol'bti», n. a long pillow ; e. to support ; to hold lip. 


Bolt— A HotiBE ; tm Abbot. 
Bolt, Tt. on arrow ; tbe bar of a door. I Bolt, e. to &st«n with a bolt ; 

T> — _ .^ 1 lesert suddenly. | spring out suddenly. 

to separate &om bran, comes trom the 6er. (teuldn). 

: used to extend a sail ; a bar across a harbor, &C. 

I hollow Bdimd, comes ttom tba Dutch b(mmm, to sonnd hol- 

£en«— a Pbatxb ; aPaiTrrnHr. 

Boon, n. a ff&; a fiivor. 

ieiT7, kind, comes tiom the Latin (fionm). 

ComTBTHAK or Fabukb. Buan — to Till. 
>r of the soil ; a I Boob'isslt, ad. in a boorish maimer. 
I Bub'lt, a. (^oor^ike), lag ; tumid ; 
h; mde. | boiBteroos. 

BoB'uBBsa, n. bulk ; bluster. 

ote — CouTEKKATion; Satmp actios. 
adTantage. | Boot't, n. spoil ; pit 
I ; unprofitable. | To Boot, ad. over ant 
irlng for the foot, comes fiom the Fieuch (Aotfa). 

Borian — to Bobb. 
Iiole by taming. | Bobb, o. to vex or wearjr. 
ITT. Beorg — aHnj.; aCiTASBL; aREruax. 
oiate town. 

te town, 
lan of a bnrgb. 
nan of a bn^h. 
I me^Mrate of i 

Bobo'lab, n. a thief who breaks into 

Bubo'laby, n. housebreaking. 
Bubs'iiAbioub, a. relating to house- 
breaking, [rabbits, &G. 
Bub'eow, 71. a hole in the groimd for 

an — :to Borrow ; and Bohr — a Pledgr. 

I tjie use of for a I Bob'rowiho, n. the «ct of taking a 

Bob'bowbb, n, one who borrom. 
Bomtm — ^BosoH. v 
t ; the heart. | Bo'aou, a. confidential ; iatioMto. 

. ha, twa, the two; the one and the oQkx. 


JBotnt — BoTTOH. 
BoT'TOM, *». the lowest part. I Bor'TOMB-r, n. borrowing mtaof oa 

BOT^MKD, a. hsrinKA bottom. I a ihip. 

Bot'tomueu, a, without a bottom. 

Boffa — AsYTBTsa CnBTXD ; a Bkahck. JBugatt — to Bow ; t» Bkrs. 

BouQH, n. a branch of a tree. I Bow'leooed, o. havinK crooked lega. 

Bow, n. an instnunent for Bhootlng Bow'sraoio, n. the stniig (rfft bow. 
arrows; any thing in the form of a Bow'bpbtt, n. the spar pngecting 
CDtre. I from the head of a ship. 

Bow'wiBDOW, n, a prqjecting window. 

Bur — a DwBUJBQ ; a Cottaok. 

Nbtoh'bobhood, n. a plaoe near. 
Nsioh'boblt, a. becoming a nai^i- 

bor ; kind ; civil. 
UKRBiaB'BOBLT, a. not becoming a 

neighbor ; not Idnd. 

Bow'eb, n. a retired chamber; a 

ahadj recesH. 
Bow'sBT, a. having bowers ; shady. 
Nbigh'bob, n. (neaii, nigh), one 

who Uvea near. 

Box, n. a case made of wood ; a cheat. 

BoT, n. s male child. | Bot'hood, n. the ttate of k boy. 

Boy'ibh, a. like a boy ; childiBta. 

Sredan — to Bbaid. 
Braid, o. to weave ttq^ether. | Bbaid, n. a teztors; a knot. 

Bnvgen — ^Bbuh. 
B&AiN, n. the soft whitiah mass in- I Bn±ts'ixea, a. dlly: thoughtlees. 
dosed in the sknlL I Braiu'siok, a. disordered in the brain. 

.Bremfrcl— Bbavbls. 

Braea — Bbass. 
Buga, ». a yellow metal composed I Bbazh, e. to solder with brass. 

of copper and zinc. Bba'zehfaced, a. impudent; shame- 

B&a'eibb, n. one who works in brass. I less. 

Bba'zxit, a, made of brass ; impudent. 

Bread or 6reo({— Bbbad. 

Bbkad, r, food made of ground com; support of Ufik 

Brted — Bbeadth. 

Bbkadth, n. meaaore from aide to mde. 



Breean or bracan — to Bkxas; to Bbuibr. 

BBBAK,-e. to part by Tiolence. 

p ; to let out liquor, 
ch; a crack, 
rument for retarding 


Bbbacb, n. a gap ; a quarrel ; aa io- 

Bbsbch, n. the hinder part of any- 

Odt'bkeak, n, a burstii^ forth. 
Boeak'eb, n. a wave Broken by a 

Bxeak'fabt, n. the first meal of the da;. 
3 noise of an aia, comes from the French (]>rairei. 

Sreoet — Bbeast. 
part of the bodj. I Breabt'peh, n. an ornament for the 

Beeast'wobk, n. a work as high as 
I the breast. 

BriBth — BitEATH. 
It drawn in and ex- I Bkeatbb, e. to draw in and expel 

an^ the ur. 

BspiratioD. I Bboath'fol, a. Aill of breath. 

Bbsatb'lssb, a. out of breatii. 

tredan — to Noubish. Brod — a Bbood. 
) birth to; to bring I Bbood, n. the number hatched at once. 
I a kind. [up. Bbood, v. to sit as on egga ; to think 

lacation ; maunera; long and anxiously ubout. 

j Bbed, pp. brought up ; nourished. 

Brtwan — to Bkbw; to Mix. 
£6 malt liquor; to I Bkett'eb, n. one who brews. 

Bboth, n. liquor in which flesli has 
dxture. I been boiled. 

BsEw'£RT, It. a place for brewing. 

Brjfd — Bbide. 
an about to be mar- I BKiDE'flBOOif, n. a roan about to be 
narried. married, or newly married. 

Iding ; belonging to Bride'uaid, n. she who attends on 

I the bride. 
ib'hak, n. he who attends on the bridegroom, 

building raised over water for convenience of pusagCL 

BHdl — Bbidlb. 
ch a horse | Bbi'dlb, i 
I jiride oi 
Bbi'di^ «. to teetrem ; to control. 

ins by which a horse | BBi'DLs.e. to hold up the head L 
restraint. | jiride or resentment. 



Ansr— Bbixb; kPucxia 
Bbi'es, n. * prickly ihrab. | Bu'kbt, o. ftill of briei^ 

Beorht or frryAt— Bbioht, 

BBtanr, a. dear; sUoii^. | Bbiaht^t, o. with Itutte. 

. — . L_ u_L. I BaiaBT'maw, n. Instre; glitter. 

ntfflx uMd in fbiming « Bt«fa , 

Brymme — Bant. 

Bboc, n. the upper edge of « resBel. I Bbw'lbbs, a. without i brim. 
Bbim'vui., a. ftll to the twim. I BRWKma, a. ftall to the top. 

Byman — io Bmur. Bntn — Bbowx. 

Bdkk, e. to congnme with fire; ti 

wound with fire. 
BuRir, n. a wound catued b; fire. 
BusaT, p. a. conaamed ; scorched. 
Bukh'isq, n. fire ; flsme. 
OuTBDBs', e. to exceed in baming. 
Unbubskd', a. not burnt 
Bbin'skh, a, streaked, as if burnt 
Brin'dled, a. streaked ; spotted. 
Bbust, n. tite beat or Tiolence of ai 

onset; shock. 

Bbowit, n. the name of a color. 
BaowK'iiH, a. aomswhftt brown. 
Bbowvbtuii'x, n. deep tlwnghtftal- 

Au'sma, a, brown ; of a dftrk tan 

Bbaud, n. a burning piece of wood ; 

a mark of infiuny. 
Bbaiii), r. to mark with a hot iron. 
Bkasd'ibb, e. to wave ; to flourisli. 
BBDf'BiONS, n. Bulpbnr. 

KoTB. — Bu&N, a, brook, lued In Scotland, comea from tbe Qothlc (bn um a). 
Bryne—SAVt Ijqttob. 
Bbikk, n. water impregnated with [ Bun'tSH, a. saltish ; like hriii& 
salt I B— ■— - -" ''■- '^"- 

I Bhi'mt, a. salt: like brine. 

Bringtm — to Buss. 

BBnra, e. to feteh from ; to attract 

BrtM, byrat—'BrnftrLO. 

Bbis'tlb, n. Uie \ixii of a swine ; BdfE I Bbis%.e, c to stand erect 

hair. I Bkist'lt, a. thick set wiQi bristles. 

Bryttlan — to Bbelax. 
Bitt'tlx, a. easily broken. | BBir'TLEarBas, n. aptness to break. 

Brad, brted — Bhoas. 
BfioAD, a. wide ; ejitended from side I Broad'lt, ad. is a bit>ad manner. 

to nde. Bboad'cloth, n. a fine woolen cloth. 

Bboad'xh, e. to make broad. I Bboad'sidk, ». the ade of a stiip. 

Brucan — to Vex ; to EkfijOt ; to Bbab. 
Bboke, v. to transact business for I Bro'eeb, n. on aeent or negotiator. 

others. Bbo'kxbaox, n. the pay or reward of 

Bbo'eaoe, n. profit gained by pro- a broker. 

moting Inigains. I Brook, v. to bear; to endura. 



OOK, n. a Btream \ e. rivolet. 
Srom — Broom. 

f the same I Bkoth'eelt, o. li]{ 

I tionate. 
:'Bu.BBa, a. without a biother. 

. to depreee by etem 

Brysan — to Brxubb. 

e. to crush or mangle by blows. 

. bttc, a vessel for drawing wator. 
n — to ConFuat ; to Ebtabubh. 
x; to con- | Build'bb, 

Bjfndel — Bcudle. 
a number of thingH bcnnd together. 
Byrthen — BimiiBif. 
; a load. | Bim'D£KaouE, a. heavy; grierooa. 

V, to break or fly asunder by intenial force, 

yan or birian — to Bubt. 
rth ; to put I Bub'iai,, n. interment. 
I BuB'smo, n. burial. 

'■ian — to Bbubtlb ; to Bubtlo. 

Kith quick I Bbub'tlb, v. to rustle; to crackle 

atneetnesB ; | Bua'iiiy, od, in a busy maimer. 

I BDs'nrasB, n. employment; tntde, 
•bod't, n. a meddling person. 

r :',G(Kl'^le 

Be or 6i— Bt. 

Bt, pr^. denotea the way or means. | Bt, ad. 

Caegffian — to Lot 
Cask, i^ an cnclonm tai birds or I CjUB, « 
beasts. I 

Cunnan — to Ekot; to Hi 
Cah, «. to be able ; to have power, I Cun'iin 
Ksa, e. to H« at a distance ; to know. I Cun'sn 

Gmna — Cix. 
Car, ». R vessel for liquor. | Cah'hx: 

CSar— Oabb, 
Cabb, n. anxiety; caation; charge. I Cabb'pi 
(Use'tul,, a. anxioDs; watchjHil. | Cabe'u 
Cabs'lebs, a. having no care 

Carl— a Uau. Ceort— 

CABX.E, n. a strong, rode man. | Chukl, 

Chubl'ish, a. mde ; h 

Ceorfan — to Cabi 

Cabve, e. to cnt meAt at table ; to CQt I Cart'is 

into elegant foims. I scnlpi 

Caatel — Cahtlk. 
Cas'tlb, n. a fortified honae. | Cab'txi 



Ceap, ceapian — to Baxgaik : to Tkade ; to But. 
Cheap, a. having & low price. | Chaf'feb, e. to treat abont s bar- 

Chkap'en, e. to lesseii valae. gain ; to liaggle. 

Chbaf'lt, ad. at a Email price. Chaf'juh, n. a dealer. 

GHEAf'MBSS, n. lownesB of price. 1 Chaf, v. to barter; to exchange. 

Chap, n. a boy ; an inferior perwni. 

Cerran — toBusn. 
made by charring | Csab, v. to bnni to a cinder. 

', cearian — to Take Carb ; 

Ceat — CmcDUTXNTioii. 
d; to impose upon. | Chbat'bb,ti. me who pracrises fraud. 

C^c, ceawan — to Chkw. 
oftlie&ce. I CHEBK'BONBjfi. the bone of the cheek, 

with the t«eth. | CHBw'ina, n. masticBtion. 

Jowii an old expreuloc BlgnHying cloaatim, at face to face. 

Cyse — Cheese. 
ig the nature of I Cheese, m. the preaeed oiud ot milk. 

Cyst — Chest. 
Chest, n. a large box ; the thorax. 

Clcen — CmcKSN. 
oni^ of a hen. | Chick'brheabted, a. covaidly. 

Cidan — to Chide. 
; to find fault. | Cnro'ina, n. scolding; rebnke. 
CHiD'ifioijy, ad.\a& reproving manner. 

nt ; a very young I Chiui'hood, n. the state of children. 
I Child'ibh, a. like a child. 
CeHiD'lesb, a. without children. 

I Chill't, a. somewhat cold. 
SB, n. GoldnesB ; sbiTering. 


&M. I Ced'couob, n, the Trhooping coa^ 

Vtia— ■ FlMUBB. 

I CHim, «. to jingle. 
. opening in narrow d«m. 

can — to ScFFocATB. 

» ap. I CEOKE'ruLL, a. as ftall u poauble. 

09an — to Choose. 

ice ; to I Cboob'ino, n. Belection ; choice. 

I ChoicEj n. the power of choosing, 
, n. nicety ; particalai Tiuae. 

, cyrran — to Turh. 
1 making I Chobs'hio, n. the act of maVing b 
I ter. 

CXttmian — to GinR ; 

Cum, s. to clog with glutinous maU [ Clam, n. the name of a shell fiati. 
ter. I Clam'mt, a. glntinoiu; sticky. 

tXappan — to Hotb with Beats Lixb the Heabt. 

Claw— CiAW. 

Claw, n. the foot of a beut or bird I Claw, e. to scratcli, pnl], or tear w 
having hooked nails. I the nnila. 

CUeg — Sticky; Yibcovb. 
Clat, n. a t«nacioas kind of earth. I Clat'pit, n. a pit where clay is di 
Glu'xt, a. like ch^. | Ciu^t^iabl, n, a whitish, chalky cl 

Cltxn — Cleak. 

Clear, o. f^ from dirt 

Clbak'lt, a. &w from dirt; neat; 

Cuam'liness, n. fireedom from dirt; 

Clbahse, «. to free from dirt ; to j 

Clbasb'iKO, n. the act of purifyin 
UncLBAa', a. not clean ; duty. 

Cleafan — to Cleatb. 
CiKATB, t. to Split; to divide. I Clove, pra. divided. 

Glbat'eb, n. a Dutcher'saxe. Clo'tek, a. divided; parted. 

GLKpr, n. an opening made by split- Clo'ven-footed, a. having the t 


Clifian — to Ci.kate. 
Cleave, e. to adhere ; to taold to. 

Oteau)— Skillful ; Clevxb. 

Clet'kr, a. skQlM; dexteroos; in- | Clbt'bbhesb, n. desteritj; ekill; io- 

Ciev'krlt, ad. dexteroualy ; ingenionily. 

Cliwe—a. Ball op Thbead. 
of fbreod ; a guide. | Clbw, «. to guide as bj a thiead. 
ead muroDnd from a. clew need to guide one In a labyrinUi. 

3 bank. | Clifp't, a. broken ; cra^y. 

Climan — to Cliub. 

Ctingan — to Shhimk Up. 
ig upon ; to adhere. | CLme'sTORB, n. a kind of peach, 

Clyppan — to Ehboacb. 
with Bbeats ; to cut j Clasp, n. a hook to hold luythiDg 

le who clips; a fast Clasp'knipb, n. a knife which folds 
I into the handle. 

XacA — a Gabkent. 
M outer garment | Cloak, e. to hide ; to mask. 

Clucga — a Bell ; Clock. 
istmment to measure I Clock'wobs, n. tlie machinery of a 
I clock ; well adjusted work. 

Clttd — a Stone ; a Hillock. 
) of earth. I Clot, ». a concretion of Bolt or fluid 

Clath — Cw)TH. 
hing voveu. I Clothes, n. garments; dress, 

irer; to dress. CLOTs'isa, n. dcesa; garments; Tea- 

a maker or seller of ture. 



Oe-Afod— CoTZBKD ; Clocd. 
CuiiiD,ti. aco]lectJ<Hiof viubleTapor r Ci^no'imsa, n. the state of being 

in Uie air. cloudy. 

Cloud't, a. covered with clondR. Cu)up'i.zas, a. wittaoot clonds ; dear ; 

Cloiid'capt, a. topped with clouds. 1 bright. 

NOTB. — Tills vord U of doDbtfhl etymology. 

Gtefer-wyrt — Sicaix Ci,ovxb. 
Clo'vks, n. a species of trefoil. | Clot'ebkd, a. covered witb clover. 

Cleofan — to Dtttdb. 
Club, n. an assodation of perscms I Clitb, n. a Toom ifl which a clab 
each oontribadug his share. | meets. 

Nob. — Clos, I hesTj itlck, a blndgeon, come* from the Danlih (kbtb). 

{3atuter—A CLomia ; a Bckch. 
Club'teb, n. a bunch ; a collection. | Clds'teb, v. to collect in boncbea. 

Oe-Ueeean — to Beizb ; to Catch. 
Clutoh, v. to seize ; to grasp. | Cltttos, n. gripe ; grasp. 

. Coal, n. a cominoii fosul fhel. 
Coal'ebt, n. a place where coala are 

Coal'black, a. black m the highest 

CoA^mNB, n. a mine in which coals 

CoAL'HinER, R. one who works in a 

CoAi.'prr, Ti. a pit in which coals are 

Cou. iKR, n. a digger of cohIb; a coal 

merchant [dng. 

CoLL'tBiiY, n. a place where coals are 

Cock, n. the male of birds ; a small 
heap of ha; ; to set erect ; to stmt. 
Cock'adb, n. a ribbon worn on the 
Cock'atsick, n. a seipent. [hat. 

Cock'atoo, n. a bird of the parrot 

Coco— Cock. 

n. the dawn; eariy 

Cock'loft, n. the room over the gar- 

Cock'pit, n. the lower deck of a ship 

want of heat; nncon- 
indifferent ; want- 

Cold'blooded, a. without feeling. 
Cooii„a. somewhat cold. 
Cool'ibh, a. rather cool. 
Cool'lt, ad. without heat or passion. 
CooL'uBee, n. gentle cold; uidiffer. 

Cool.'hbai>ed, a. vitlioat paanon. 



CoLV, Xk « TOimg horse. | CoLT'iBE,a.1ikeacolt;fi[iBk7;w 

Catnb — a TaIiLby. 
f a Tslle;. I Coub, n. an instnunent for the hair. 

of places Bitnated in valle^B end In tonA; as Mannb, Bos- 
8 tfie name of tlie owner Is annexed; as, Cbm6-Ba8sett, 
b ia ohatiged iDto;i, us Comptoii.— Boswostd. 

Cuman— to Coub. 
; to advance I Cou'eng, n. approach ; arrlTal ; ad- 

I vancing near. 
kb', e. ofer, to conquer ; to subdue. 

beaut; ; dig- 1 Cohb'lt, a. graceM ; decent. 

Cop — the Top, or the Head. 

>p. I Cob, n. the head ; anything ronnd ; a 

head or top. strong pony. 
r cover of a Cob'ble, n. . 
COB'-moss, ; 
op or head. { the end. 

TOW in ears ; I Cobn, b. to sprinkle with salt. 

Corn'fieui, n. a field where com is 

1 who retails growing. 

I Corn'&ba1>, ti. a atore of com. 
^□ce on the foot, le from the Latin comu, a bom. 

Gtta — Cot. 
1 hut I CoT'TAOEB,n. one who lives in a cot- 

eep fold. tage. 

use ; a hnt. I Cot'tbr, n. one who lives in a cot. 

to/— a Catk ; a Bbpositoby. 

r bay ; a shel- I Cof'fbr-daii, », a wftt«p-tight case 

fixed in the bottom of a river, in 

^eDeiatly for order to keep a apace dry to boild 

Crabba — Cbab. 
levishpeiBon. | Ckab'bed, a. peevish; moroae. 


(km, n. the feoule of tbe bolL Cow'hbro, n. (Ayrtfe, a keeper), one 

Cow'uKK, a. KMinblinf A cdt. wbo tends cows, 

CoVhocse, n. a hooM m which cows Cow'lick, n. i tnft of hair tamed np 

are kept. oa if licked by a cow. 

Cov'pox, n. the vaccine dieease. Cow'akd, n. (from eawA^rd), oom d^ 

Cow'bi.ip, Ti. a species of primroee. sdtnte of conrage. 

Cow, «. to depieae with fear, Cow'ardics, n, want of courage. 

Cow'abdlt, a. feaifhl ; mean, 

Cradet — Cbadia 

Cneft—Ajer; Bxiu.; TRAsa 

Ckut, n. trade ; frand ; cunning. I Chapt'ii.t, ad. canning!; ; artftallj. 

Cbatt't, a. canning ; artful; ely. | CR&pr'Drasa, n, cunning; BtratogeiD. 

CRim'iLAS, n. an artificer ; a mechanic, 

Oammian— 4o Cbak. 
OsAM, e. to atoff completely fbl] ; to thrust in by fbrce. 

a kind of Hebon. 
CsANB, n. a Mid ; a machine for raising heavy goods, 

Craflan — to Cbatb ; to Ask ; to Iiiplobk. 

Ckatb, «. to ask earnestly ; to long I Cba'tem, n. a coward ; one who im* 

for, I plores for his life when vanqoiabed. 

Cba'tino, n, nnrenBonable desire, 

Cbskk, n, crecea, a small inlet ; a cove. 

Creopan — to Cbssf, 
(^EEp, V, to more as a worm ; to I CBBBp'moLr, ad. slowly ; like a rep- 
move dowly or feeMy. I tile. 

Cread or ervth — a Cbowd. 
Cbew, n. a ship's company ; a com- I Crowd, n. a confused multitadc ; t. 

I- I Crow] 
I top 

Crp6 — Crib. 
Cbib, n. a manger ; a child's bed ; e. to confine. 

Cricc—A Stick. 
Cbick, n. a painful Etiffiiess in tbe I Cbice'et, n. a play with bats and 
neck. I ball. 

Crtitoh, n. a support used by the lame. 



I in ridges. | Cbuip'iijo, n. the act of crimping. 

Crocca — a Pot; • Fttcheb. 
Teasel. | Csoce'bbt, n. earthen ware. 

rOfi|p— the Top ; an Eab of Corn. 
of a Mrd. | Cbof, n. the harvert ; produce. 

3S, comeB from the DaCch ir^ipen, to cat oS. 

Hreopan — Cbodp. 
Cbodf, n, a disease in the throat, 
unp of on animal, comeB ttom the Italian igroffia). 

Craw— Ckow. 

uma — Cbumb ; to GnAw or Bbbas. 
larticle; a frag- 1 Cbttu'ble, e. to break or &11 into 
I smali pieces. 

Cunnan — to Khow ; CmtNiKa. 

artfnl; sly, | Cru'muoLT, ad. tikilfall;; artfuilj. 

Cupp — Cdt. 

1. a casewifli ahelTcs for 

AM, «. detnman, to confine water, 

e parent, 1b from Dami, which comes from the Latin domiaa, 

Dearran — to Dabe. 
rage. I DAB'rao, a. bold ; fearless. 

i ; to defy, I Bab'ikolt, ad. boldly ; courageoualy, 


Sit; gloomy. I DAJtK'LT, ad. obscurely, 
dark, Sabk'hesb, n. absence of light. 

:hing to dork. | Dark'bohe, a. gloomy ; obacnre. 

eor or dj/ra— PBKcioua ; Belovkd. 

redone ; costly. Deabth, n. scarcity ; fatnine. 

idness ; at a high DSAS'-BOnaHT, a. purchased at a high 

ess; costliness. Dab'i.iho, a. belored ; farorite. 
lab', t>. to make dear ; to make beloTed. 


AdfuMgan — to Fsi^nMir; to Dishat. 
TihB'TiXa, «. k cmrard. | Du'takdlt, ad. covudlr ; memn. 

DAa'TABDT, n. cowardliness. 
Nora. — CowiBD, DuTiBD, FoLTBOOK, uid CiUTiN ^golfy oDe vuKlng eoaragc, 
lud they are all mod as terms of reproach ; bai, of tbe tbnr won!*, eaaanl b the least 

Dohtor — Dausbthb. 
DAoaa'TEB, n. a ftmale cUld. | Dauah'teelt, a. like a dAughter. 

Iktff—T)A.T. Iktgtan — Dawh. 
Dat, n. die time team simrise to siin- 

Dai'lt, It. h&ppening erety day. 
Dat'bkeak, n. the flrat appeanmce 

of ligbt ; dawn. 
Dat'dbxax, n. s Tlidon to tlie waking 

Dat'uoht, n. the light of day. 
Dat'tub, n. the time in which there 

ie light. 
DAWTi;n. thebieakofdajr; to begin 

to grow light. 
Dawk'big, n. break of day ; mombg. 
Dai'bt, n. (d!oy'»-<ye), a flower. 
Dai'iixd, a. loll of daimes. 

Dead — Drad. 

Dbad, a, depriTed of life; dnil; still. 
Dbad'eh, e. to deprive of leoMtion. 
Obad'lt, a. deertnictiTe ; nv^tal. 
Dead'hbm, n. loes of life. 
Death, n. exdnclion of life. 

DsAn'DBTnrx, a. so drank as to be 

DsAs'Lirr, n, tbe lifting of a thing 

at tho utmost disadrantage. 
Beats'ijxe, a. rcBembling deatii. 

I>ea/— Deaf. 

DxAr,((. wanting the sense of hearing. | Dbat'eh, t>. to make deaC 
DBAP'Ksee, n. want of power to hear. 

IHef^-A Pabt. Df^an—Us Ditise. 
Deal, n. a port ; a thin plank. I Deal'dto, n. action ; intracotine ; 

DcAi,, V. to divide ; to distribute. traffic. 

Deal'ek, n. one who deale ; a tntder. I Dole, v. to deal ; to distribnte. 

Im'tbbbeal, n. mutual dealing ; traffic. 
HoTB. — Dou, grief^ BOTToiT, comes Avm the Latin (doiw). 

IHean. — to Cotbb. 
Deck, v. to cover; to adorn. I Fobb'dbck, n. the fore part of the 

Deck, n. the floor or cover of a ahip. deck. 
Deck'bb, n. one who adoma. I Uin>ECEEn', a. not decked. 

DEED'LXBa, a. witltont action ; without ] Deed, n. an action ; an ezplcnL 
(oqdoits. I 

Deman — ^Deem. 
DsEir, «. to think; to judge. 



JDeop — Dref. 
Deep, a. exteading &r below the sot- 1 Drep'i.t, ad. to ft great deptli. 

1. Dbfth, n. measure from the Borface 

Ake deep. | downwardB. 

Delfan — to Dio. 

B pit ; earthennarc. | DelT£, v. to dig. 

Dbl'tbb, n. one who digs. 

Denu—Tlun ; a Dale ; a Punt. 

Den, n. a caTem ; the cave of a wild beast. 

irmioatloii Id the names of pliLcee, slgolfles a vaUey or vmodg plaiit. 

IHse — aPiATB; a Table; Dibs. 
led table for writing I Dish, n. a Tessel for serving up food ; 

J>eofol — Detil. 
L angel ; an eril spirit. | Dby'iush, a. like a deril ; wicked. 

Iteaw — Dbw. 
i» from the fttmo- 1 Dbw'drop, n, ftdropof dew. 

Dew'laf, n. the flesh which hangs 
!w. I from the throat of an ox. 

Bedew', o. to moisten gently. 

ip the eari;h ; to ex- I Dio'obr, n. one who digs. 
I Dike, n. a bank ; a moond. 
Ditch, n. a trench dog in the ground. 

iXMi— Dm. 

; clear; obscure; t. I Dih'lt, ad, not clearly; obscnrely. 
I Dot'NEss, n. dulnese of Hight. 
Dm 'eiOETBD, a. having weak eyes, 

ynt — a STnoEE; a Blow. Dint — a Hole. 
mall hollow in the I Diu'flt, a. full of dimples. 

DmT, n. a mark ; force, 
with dimples. I Drar, n. to mark by a blow. 

-Noise. Dynan — \o Uake a Noibb ; to Uma. 
nse; 0. to Stan with I DiN'flEB,n. thechief mealof theday. 
Di'maoRoou, n. the room for dining, 
r give a dinner. I Din'nektime, n. the time for dinner. 

Dun, t. to claim a debt imjKjrtonately. 


I>yppan — to Da. 

Dip, «. to pnt into an; liquor ; to m- 1 Dm, t. to plunge under the water, 
ter Hligbtl J. I 

i>y«t— Don. 

Diz'zT, a. giddj; vhiriing. | Da'xnsmm, n. ^ddinesi; vntigo. 

o Do. 

DoHB, e 
I. executed ; pec&nned. I Donroa, n. things done ; trenattctiotia. 

Dolt, n. a heavy, Btnjnd fellow. I Duix, a. atnpid ; eloggish ; blunt. 

DtH/tiBB, a. etupid ; dull. I DcL'HEeB, n. etnpitUtj ; heBVineBS. 

Dnix'aEAD, n, a blockhead ; a dolt 

Iteman — to Thdoc ; to JcnaE. 
Doovb'dat, », the da; of final jndg- j Dooh, e. to judge ; to condemn. 

Doon, n. the entmnce into a bouse or I Dooa'cAan, n. the frame of a doot 
apartment. I 

Xhxh, the past partidple of deavHan — to Moibtbv ; to WsTi 
DoDQH, n. wet floor ; unbaked paste. | Dodoh't, a. like dough ; soft. 

Dohtig — Bkave; Noble; Good. 
Douoh'tt, a. biave; raliant; noble. | Douoh'tobbs, n. valor; biaveiT. 

Dwva — DoTZ. 
Dots, n. a species of pigeon. I Dove'tah,, n. a joint in the form of 

Doye'cot, n. (aOa), a house fbr dores. | an expanded dove's talL 
Bovb'ukh, a. resembling a dove. 
Nora.— The dove ia the emblem of Iotb, ilmpllcltj, poiit;, and Innocence. 

Dun — DowiT. 
DowTir, n, a bank of sand thrown up bj the sea ; a tract of poor, hilly land. 

jldune, the past participle of duflan — to Sihk. 
ItowWijMwp. Iromahighertoalower I Dovni'wAKD, oJ. in a descending 

place. course. 

DowK, ad. on the ground, or an; flat Down'cast, a. dejected. 
surface. | Dows'tau., n. ruin ; calamity. 

Down'bioht, a, plain ; open ; direct. 
Not*— Down, the soft feathers of a bird, comeB from tha Danish <&««>). 


JF>ti'(es— Dull ; Stupid. J>u>teBean — to ErmrauisH. 

Dae'zle, ». to ayerpcmet tritli light. 
Daz'zlino, y. n. atrikii^ with epten- 

DocE, ». to sleep Hghtly. 
Do'zY, a. sleepj; drowsy; slng^h. 
Do'ziBEBS, n. eteepiness. 
Do'ziNO, ppr. Bleeping lightly. 
Daxe, o. to blind bj teofitn»g4]ight. 

—to Dbain; to SfSAiB. Drygan — to Dbt, 
gndoftUy ; to I Dbahi, it. a cfaumel &r w^er to flow 
I off. 

I>ragan — to Bbag. 

by force, 
res to retaid. 
r drawing; the 

: ; to attract. 
\y be drawn, 
box in ■ case 

Dbaw'sbidse, 71. a bridge which ma.y 

be opened. 
Dbat, n. a low cart. 
Drat'horsb, n. & horse which drawa 

Dbat'mah, m. a man who attends a 

Drawl, e. to speak in a slow, tedious 

at advantage. I^bdge, n. a drag for taking oysters. 
I of advantage. Dbedgb, e. to gather with a dredge. 

l>r(«c{— Dbsad. 
terror. I Dkead'follt, ad. t^tribl^. 

; awfol. I Dbbad'i.B8B, a. fearless; intrepid. 

Dreoriff — Dbeab. 
omy, [M. I DnsAB'n 
oomj J Dioum- J Dbeas'd! 

Orencan — ^to Oitib to Dkihil 

— to Dbowk; to Phthok or OyEBwaBLU. 

lorooghiy ; to i Dkdik'ablk, a, that may be drank. 

Drown, v. to overwhelm in water. 
irallow liquors. Dbdmk, a. intoxicated with liquor, 
swallowed. | Drcnk'ard, n. one habitually drunk. 
juk'bk, a. intoxicated with liquor. 

un — to DniF. Dr^ian — ^to Dbof. 

Drit'bl, e. to let the spittle fall like 

a child. 
Droop, e. to wnk or hang down. 
Drop, n. a globule of liquid. 
Drop, v. to let falL 

gin drops, 
lontity or sum. 
; a dotard. 

Oth, drygan or doigan — to Dbt. 
Kintinuance of I Drouth, n, want <^ laln. 


i>r4f%m— to Dbivx. 

Daiva,«.t»i(>iMal(isg; tanrgefbr-l DKtfT,«. tobediiraiKloi^bracini- 
wnrd. rent of water. 
Dritb, n. a paasage in k caniige. Dbovb, n. draf, a number of cattte 
Dbift, n. auythiuA driven at iwdtna. I driren. ' 
Ai>BirT,a. or od. impelted or namg iritliont direction, 

2%f rlian — to TumH, Wins or Twur. 
Dkdji, n. sn inatmmait ; a tot of I Dnrui, c. to bore and make a hole bj 

grain. taming an inatniment; to teach ana 

Terili., e. to pierce ; to feel a sharp, train by freqaent exetclBe. 

ibived^iiut ffpnotioii I 

J>reo»an — to Fau. ; to VMaamtAJw ; to Dbop or Dsoor. 

Dbie'ei.x, «. to fall in nnaU drop*. 
Dkiz'zlinci, ppr. falling in Bioall 

Dbiz'ei.x, a. shedding small rain. 
l>Koa8'T, a. worthless; tool. 

Dsow'siXEaB, n. sleepiness. 

DB0S6, n. the acnm of metalB; aqj 

worthless matter. 
Dkowbb, t. to make heavy with sleep, 
Drow'st, a. sleepy ; heavy ; dalL 
Dsow'sn.T, ad. sleepily ; laiil;. 

Pbonb, n. the male of the honey bee ; i Dbork, t. to lire in idleness 
one who produces nothing; a low Dboh'ibh, a. idle; indolent, 
hamming aonnd. I 

I>ruge, ttom dr«O0an—lo Act ; to BvTBsm. 

Dbttdob, n. one employed in mean I Dbusob, e. to labor in mean offices. 
labor. I DBrD'a£KT,n.ineanlabor;hardwork. 

Drt, drtff or dryg—'Dxt. 

Dbt, a. free ttoja moisture ; not wet. I Dbt'sbod, a. witbont wet feet 
DBT'LT.od. without moistore; coldly. DBiCQ,». (drlgan, to dry), any sub- 
Det'sbsb, n. want of moisture. | stance used in medicine. 

DBua'aiffr, n. one who deals in drags, 

Oedufian—to Dqck. 

Duck, e. to pnt snddenly under w«ter. j Dtick'udo, n. a ycmog dock. 
Duck, n. a water fowL I Ddck'lbgoed, a. shortleggedi. 

Thystre — Dabs; Obscitbb. 
Dubs, a, tendii^; to darimeas. I Ddsk'ibh, a. moderately dark. 

OnsK, n. twUight | Drmeft, a. somewhat dark ; obsciue. 

Dumb — Dumb. 

DuKB, a. mute ; not able to speak. 
Dumb'hbm, tt. incapacity to speak ; I 
tilcDoe. I 



ZhMf — Duar. 
IDiJBT, n. eartti or other matter redpced I DuBT'niEBa, ». the state of being eoT- 
to powder. I ered with dust. 

Dust't, a. filled or covered with dust. 

Dvjeorg — Dwabf. 

DvAsr, n. a person below the nsual | DwAB^'isaKBas, n. littleness of Btat> 

DwABF'iaH, a. below the natuwl size. . 

IHoinan — to Fade ; to Yahish. 
Ttms'iaJifV. to shrink; to grow less, | Dwihb, s. to pine away; to decline. 

Deoffan — ^to Dts. 
Dtb,:o. to tjnge; tocolor; to stain. | Bte'ino, n. the art of coloring doth. 

..Sift!— Each; Etxbt. 

Each, a. every one of any number. 

Eare — Eab. 

Eab, n. the oi^an of hearing. I Eab'wio, n. an insect ; a whisperer. 

EAB'sine, n. an ornament for the ear. Ear, n. that part of com which coq- 

Eak'shot, n. reach of the ear. i tains lie seeds. 

Eoii — Chikb'; Lbadbb. 
Eabii, r. a title of nobility. | Eabi.'dok, ». the dignity of an eaii. 

jEr— Befoeb. ,X^eet — Fraar. 

Eee, ad. before ; sooner than. I Ero-while', ad. some time i^o. 

Ebb-lOno', ad. before long. Bae'ly, a. soon ; being in good tame. 

Ebe-sow', ad. before this time. I Erst, ad. first ; at first; formerly. 

EamUtn — to Dbsbbtb. 
Eabh, c. to gain by labor. [ Eabh'ino, n, that which is earned. 

Eab'kbst, a. ardent ; zealons ; eager. { EAa'irsaTLT, ad. warmly ; eagedy. 

E&rthe — Easth. 
Eabth, n. the matterwhich composes | Eabth't, a. coudsting of earth. 

the globe. EABTH'itUAKE, n. a convoluon of the 

Eakth'bh, a.madeofeaithorclay. earth. 
Eabth'ly, a, belonging to the eaitii. | EAitTH'woBM,n. a mean,Bordid wretch. 

Eath — East ; Ready ; Oehtlb. 
X^ASE, n. qniet ; teat ; &cility. I Ea'silt, ad. without difficulty. 

Ea'st, a. not ^fficolt ; quiet. | Ea'boiebs, n. the qtiatity of bemg ^asj. 


jGton — to Eat. 
Eat, e. to cbew uid amUow ; to take I Eai'eb, n. one that ratst 

food. Eat'ino, n. the act of chewing and 

Eat'abi^ a. that may be eaten. | swallowing. 

^ese— aBaiK. 

£atks, n. the edges of the roof of a I Eateb'dbofpek, n, one who listens 
lionae, 1 onder the windows. 

£d— Asaut ; Back. £a— BmnnKO Wateb. 
ter running 
tiaiy to the ciineot; 

Ed'dt, n. water running back or con- 1 Eo'DYiNa, jp. a, moviDg drcnlailj; 

e drcularly. 

£(V— £dob. 

Edok, Ik tlie cutting part of a blade; I Gdbbd, a. sharp; keen, 
the brink. | Edob'lbm, a. blnnt; obtiue. 

Edob'wise, ad. with the edge forward. 

.^g — Eoo. Bffgian — to Goo. 
Eee, n. that from which the yonng 1 Et'by, n. a place where bird^ of pre; 

of some animals is prodaced. build tbeu nests. 

Eoo, t. to indte. | 

Aehta — ^EiQHT. 
BiOHT, a. n. twice four. I Eioht'fold, a. eight tlineB the quan- 

Eighth, a. the ordtnal of elgbt. I tity. 

Eiqht'hrb, a. eight and t«n. I Eight'scobz, a. n. eight times twenty. 

Eke, e. ecan, to lengthen ; to prolong. 

El'bow, n. the joint of the aim below I El'bow, v. to pnsh one's way. 

the shoulder. El'bow-room, n. room or space for 

El'bow, a. a sodden or abrupt turn. | exertion. 

Glt, n. a fiuiy ; «. to entangle the ] Eu'in, a. relating to fairiea. 
luur. I Elt'ukk, n. a knot of hair twisted. 


ISlm, n. a forest tree. | El'ut, a. abotindiiig wiUi «Ijn-traes. 

Hleapan — to Leap; to Jcxp; to Ruk. 
Leap, e. to jump ; to spring. | OvsBLEAf ', «. to leap over. 

LBAp'FKoa, n. a play of children. Elope', o, to nm away privately. 

Lbaf'teaii, n. every fourth year. Elofb'mhnt, n. a ruimuig away se- 

, OuTiJiAp', «. to leap beyond. I cretly. 

'EiSR, pron. other ; one besides. j ELBB'vraEaE, ad, in another place. 

^mt I — Empty. 
Utip'Ti, a. containiiig' nothing. | Emp'tinbbs, ». state of being empty. 

End, n. concltudon ; termination. ] End'lebs, a. witliout end. 
EsD'mo, n. conclusion. I Ens'tibb, ad. on end; erectly. 

Genoh — Plkhty; Bxnwwnxsci. 
Ekouoh', a. sufficient; that satisfies I Enotioh', (uj. in a sufficient' degree. 
desire. I 

^retid — Kebsaoi:; Buhekiibb; Cabb. 
Er'kadd, n. that which is intrusted I Ea'sABD-Bor, n. a boy to delirer 

Etb, E'ten, b. the close of the day. | E"vbkihg, n. the close of the day. 
E'vuNTiDE, n. the time of the evening. 

EN, a. level; smooth; equal, | E'^tbrlt, bA. equally. 

"'""■ BS, n. the state of being even. 

EyBB, ai. at any time ; alvrays. I Evbrhobb', ad. always ; eteniall;. 

Ev'bbobken, n. always green. Et'est, a, aetc, each one. 

ETB£i.ABT'mo, a. lastmg without end. I Ev'ekiwbesb, i«^ in eveiy place, 
Fobev'eb, ad, at all timea; without end. 

m^ or r/ct— Eva. 

Eowu — EwK. 
Ewe, n. a female sheep.. 



Eye'bai^ r. the apple of the eje. 
Hye'bbak, n. a gluice from the eye. 
Ete'buow, n. die faaiiy arch orer the 

Zye'iaASB, n. the bair Uiat edge* the 

Kts'ud, fl. the membnne tiiat dinta 

over the eye. 
ETE'-«mt'nflK, M. lerrioe peTfi>nned 

only under inspection. 
Erx'iiaHT, n. the eight of the eye. 
Dai n, n. (day'^^f/e), a flower. 
Imhtb' v. to pat ui eye in ; to Inocn- 

Otzbbtb', c. to saperintend ; to ot>- 

I^egen — Qlad; Jottci. 
Faif, a. glad ; pleased ; deligbted. | Faix, od. gladly ; Tei; ileainasly. 

fynigean — to Become Mtjcrrr ; to Dkcat. 
>, a. tinwimu. 

Jtegcr— Pair. 
Fair, a. beanlifiil ; white ; dear. [ Faiu'lt, ad. opcsaly ; justly. 
Faik'neos, n. beaut; ; honesty. 
NoTK. — Faix, a stated market, comes from tbe IaUh {fenaC}, 

FyUan — to Cur Down; to Faix. FeaUan — to Fall. 
Fall, e. to drop down ; to rinlc. I Bkfall', e. to happen to. 

Fall, n. the act of falluig ; aDtanm. I Fell, e. to caose to fall ; to cut down. 
Fell, e. to sew or hem. 

Feaio — Viujow. 

Fal'lvw, a. ploughed bnt not sown ; pale red or yellow ; left to rast after 

.FVinn— a Fam. 
Fab, n. an instnunent for agitating I Fax, e. to afiect by ur pnt in motion, 
tile air. 1 

Fengan—to Take ; to Seize. 

NRWTAn'aLED, a. fonned with affec- 
tation of no-velty. 

Fjh'oeb, n. one of the extnme parts 
of the hand. 

Faro, t. to aeixe ; to catch. 

Faha, n. the tnak of an animal. 
Fah'w.c, n. a tally attempt. 

Fas'oled, a. gandy; ridicnlooaly 

Feor — Fak. Fyr&t — SnperiatiTe of Feor. 
Fab, a. distant; remote, j Firbt'borii, n. the eldest child. 

Far'most, a. most distant FEBBT'FBnrra, n. earliest produce. 

Atar', ad. at or to a distance. Far'thsb, a. more remote. 

FmaT, a. earliest in time. I Fab'thfbt, a, most diatant or remote. 

FAH' rg rc BB D, a. forced ; strained. 


Feer—a. JouBiraiT. Faran — to Go ; to Tbatki-. 
Fare, e. to go ; to travel ; to happen Pbb'rt, n. the place whete a boat 

well or ill. passes over. 

Fare, R. faru,tooA; price of con- FEB'BT-BOAT,n.sbo&ttopaBBOveriii. 

veyance. Whbb'rv, n. a light, sbarp rowboat. 

Fabewbiil', ad. adieu ; the parting Mistabi:', s. to be in a bad state. 

compliment. WBL'rABB, n. happiness; prosperity. 

Farewell', n, leave ; departure. Ford, n. a shallow place in a river. 

Fer'bt, s. to carry over water in a Ford, «. to pass a river by walking 

boat. on the bottom. 

Pobd'ablb, a. passable on foot. 

Feorm — ^PBOViBioira. Feormian — to Supply with Food. 

■" ■ i under cnltivation; v. I FABu'BB.Ti.oDewbocaltivateBafarm. 

let I Fabh'ino, n. cnltiTation of land. 

F(egtan — to Hold ; to Stop. 
istain from food. [ Fast'day,?*. a day of religions fastiDg. 

Feegt — Stopped; Fixed. 
'/st, from fosstnian — to Seize ; to Faateh Upon. 
; strong ; fixed. I FASTsn'ma, n. that which fiistens. 

o make fast; to make FAeT'HBes,n. strength; a strong place. 
I Fist, n. the clenched hand, 
Fib'tioutfs, n. blows with the fist, 
, speedy, quick, is Ih>m the Welab (fttt). 

Frett, fedan — to Noubibh. 
> ; fleshy ; full fed. I Pat'ness, n. the quality of b«ng fat. 
nctuous part of animal Fat'ten, «. to m^e or grow fiit. 

I Fat'ty, a. having the qualities of &t. 
Vat, n. a lai^ cistern, 

JPterfer— Begrtteb, 

Feethem — the Spaos of Both Abxb Extbhded. 
a. that cannot be fath- 1 Fath'oh, n. a measure of rix feet. 

>nu are marked on lines and used In ineasiiiing the depth of water. 

Fcehth, past pert, of the verb fian — to Hate. 

Padoh, ini. an expression of abhorrence. 

Fiegnian — to Rejoice ; to Flatter. 

urt servilely ; to cringe, | Fawh'bb, «, one who fiiwu, 
1:1 . — 1^^ flattery. 

FAWH'mo, n. gross o: 
B young deer, comes fMm the French (/atM). 



fetr, feeran — to Tzrbiit. 
FuB,».di«ad; (enor; »we. | Fbab'tit^ a. timorons; afraid. 

Feab'lxss, a. ftes from fear. 

Fifther — PxATHKS. 
Fea^eb, n. tbe ptome of birds. I FEATH'Eai.KH, a. haviag no feathera. 
Futr'xbed, a. clothed nith featheta. | Fxa.tb'sb.y, a. resembling a featber. 

Feoh — CattIiE; Uobxt; a Btipkru or Rkwxkd. 
Feb, n. reward ; recompoiBe. I Fse'-simfle, n. 
Fee, I. to bribe ; to hire. 1.-..-.- - 

Nora. — " This word ./«A Is one of the oldest Id kll the El , ^ 

ou the first kind of propert; ; and by bartering, tbts word came to il^i^ mune; in 
genetiL"— BOBWOBTK. 

Fn, Id American law, an eitate of iDherilaace of which the holder has the entire 
dispoiu wlthont condition, and which Is traDsmlsaible to his heirs. Fss-biuple, 
oiled timpie {i. t, pure), beouue clear of aoj condition, llmllatlon, or reatrictlon to 

Fbda, foster— YooT>. Fedan — to Fkbd. 

Fob'tek, e. to feed; to cberisb. 
Foe'TEKma, n, the act of nursing. 
Foe'TEBCinu), n, a child nursed bj 

one who is not its parent. 
Fob'tkkbkothxb, n. one ntuwd at 
the same breast. 

P«n>, V. to supply with food, 
Fbed'er, n. one that feeda 
Pkbd'iso, n. the act of feeding. 
Food, n, an; thing that nonri^es. 
Food'lbbs, a. not aflbrding food. 
FtHyDEK, n. (ftom fedan,) food tor 

Felan — toFEKL. 
FoL, e. to perceive 1^ the touch. | PsBL'iira, n. the sense of touch. 
FBXL'moLT, ad. tenderlj. 

Fcelga. Fista — Much, and gan — to Go. 

Fxl'lt, or Fel'lob, n, tbe outward wooden rim of a vbeeL 

Felag, JPfe— Paith, and lag — Bouhd, 

Fil'low, », a companion; an equal. | Fbl'lowshif, n. companionship. 

FBLLOW-TSKi.'Dia, n, sympathy. 

FaUan, fceUan — to Oitkhd, 
Fkl'ok, n. one guilty of &lony. I Fkl'ont, n. a crime which incurs the 

Felo'hioi», a. crueL I forfeiture of life or property. 

^T, n, a hide or skin ; cloth made I Futra'tiob, n. the act of Altering. 

vithont weaving. Fn.'TKn,n. a piece of felt, Ac., through 

Fklt'haksb, n, one who makes felt, whtch liquids are passed to clear 

Fil'tbate, e. to strain, I them. 



Feawa — Paw. 
Fev, a. not man^ ; imall in nomber. J Fbw'nebs, n. Bm^lseia of unmber. 

FUoI—Ftoklk; Ohabtt, 

Fice'le, a. changeable; incuistftiit. ] ricK'tsuxsa, n. changeableneBS. 

Fm'DhE, n. a TJolin. | Fid',». ouewho plays on iifiddl& 

Feld,- the past part, of the verb fellan — to Fsuj.. 
Field, n. a piece of land; battle- 1 Fnrui '-piece, n. a imsll cannon. 
Erround. Fibij>'bfobts, n. shooting and hant- 

tbe commander ing. 

1 Feu., n. a hill. 
Fkll, v. to hew or cnt down ; to sew or hem. 

a cletuiDg, where the trees have been ftiUA 

Feond, fian, or feon — to Hate, 
PiEin), n. a deadly enemy, 
Fiehd'liks, a. lesembling a fiend. 

Fedb, n, a deadly qoairel. 
1 litDd on condition of mUltotr service, comes from tbe 

PioBT, V. feoMan, to contend in battle ; n. a contest 

Itlm — a Thiii, Light Coat. 
I. to cover with I Fiui't, a. composed of films. 

Fylth, afylan — to Dbfiia. 
Filth, ra. dirt ; nastinesa. I FD,TH'iLr, ad. nastily ; foully. 

Piltb't, a. nasty ; fonl. I Filth'ikxss, n. nastinese ; foulness. 

Findan — to Fdid. 
FmD, c. to obtain by seaiching. I Fnro'nn}, n. tUscorery ; Ta-tUet of & 

PiND'ttB, n. a diseoTerer. | jury. 

FmD'mm, n. the tools and materials used by shoemakeis. 

jy»— FntK. 

FiBE, n. the igneooB element. I Fibk'bsaud, n. a piece of vood kin^ 

Fm'iNa, n. nel; dischai^ of fire- died, 

anns. FmB'eniB, n. the hearth ; home. 

FmE'ABifs, n. gons, muskets, &c I Fibb'wood, n. wood for faeL 

FiBH, n. an animal that inhabits water. I Fibh'bbt, n, the place of BMag. 
Fisb'ibo, n. the art of catching fish. | Pish, o. to try to take 1^ artifice. 


Vloh, fleogan — to Ft.t or Caitr to Flt. 

FLura, «. to cut fiom the buid. 
Flbvt, c. to llj Ewiltl J ; to haste awiy. 
F1.SBT, a. rapid ; ewiil; quick. 
Fleet'dtg, p. a. psBHing away rapidly. 
Flsbt'lt, ad. swiftly; nimbly. 
Flebt'nbh, n. Bwiflness. 
Flick'es, t. to flq> or moTC the wings 

without flying ; to waver ; to fluc- 

F1.AW, n. a cmck ; a defect ; a Budden 

Flba, n. a small Insect 

Flt, t. to more witii wings ; to pan 

FLi'ms FISH, TL a smaU fish which 

Fl&o, r. an ensign ; a water plant. 
Fii&o, e. to hang loose : to grow weak. 
Fug'st, a. weak ; lax. 
Fuo'btaiv, n. the staff npon which 

the fla^ is elevated. 
Fledoed, a. feathered ; able to fly. 
nH'n.Ki>aED, a. not fledged ; yonng. 
Uim^o'oiKCi, a. not drooping j nn- 

Flbb, •, t« nm ftom danger. 
Flinch, e. to withdraw IWmi. 

Flioht, n. the act of flying or fledng. 
pLtOHT'T, a. fleeting ; wild, 
FuT, p. to fly rapidly. 

Xora.— yi.Aa, a broad. Bat elone, come* ttota the A.-S. jloaii, to flay. 

Flaxe— A Fisiax. 

Fua'fBt, n. a drinking vessel. | Flabk, n. a kind of bottlA, 

Fleax — Tuti. 
Flax, n. a flbroos plant. | FiiAx'sir, a. made of flax. 

Flax'sebd, ». the seed of flax ; Unseed. 

Fleos or fiyt, from /lean — to 
Flit, «. to Htnp ofi' the skin. [ Fi.bxcb, n. the wool ehom &om cote 

Flbkc't, o. like a fleece. I ehecp. 

Fi^a, n. a brmd flat stone for paving. 

Flota or fliet—t Ship. 

FLBSr, n. a company of ships. 
Kom— Tlkbt, swift of pace, comes from tbe A.-S. Jltogan, to fly. 

i<7(BSC— Flesh. 
Flesh, n. the muscular part of the I Fi:.bbh't, a. fall of flesh ; plump, 
body. I FLBSH'tMESS, n. pIompneM; fatness. 

FLBBH'LEse, a. withoat flesh . 

JW»(— Plimt. 

Fleardian — to Tbiflel 
Fliet, b. to throw with a jerk; to I Flibta'tioh, n. act of flirting; co- 
coqnet. | quetry. 

FuKT, n. a sndden Jerk ; a coqnett«. 



Fleotan, jh)m fiowan—la Fix>w. 
Float, b. to swim on the sTirface. I Plob, n. a mass of floatiiig ice. 
Flood, ti. Jlod, a great flow of water. | Flow, c. to run aa water. 
OvBBFLow', o. ofer, to mn over. 

J^tocc— Plock. 
Flock, n. a company of birds or Binall I Flock, v. to come ti^etber in nnm- 
bnasts. I bera. 

collection of sheep, to dlBtingulsh them fi^m a 

J^r— Floor. 

r with a floor; to 

Flltan — to DiaptTTB!. 

I Flout, v. to ahow contempt 
an insulting manner. 

Foh, fian — to Hate. 
my. { Fob'mah, n. an enemy in war, 

Fegan — to Collect. Fog — Collectiou. 
E mist. I Foa'oT, a. mirtj ; dull. 

Feaidan—to Fou). 
inble one part over an- I FoLD'nie, n. a dosbling. 

FoLEB, n. fole, people ; multitude. 

FolgUtn — to Follow. 
go or come after. | Fol'lowkb, n. one who foUowBi 

Fonne — a Fool. 
iUy tender and loving. I Fond'lb, b. to treat with tendernesE. 
g ardently. I Poitd'ly, ad. with great tcndemeSB. 

Foud'itbbs, n. foolish tenderness. 

Fot — a Foot. J^le*— Fkkt. 
by which anything is Foot'bsisqe, n. a bridge for foot 
Foot'stbp, B. trace ; track; mark. 
Foot'stool, n. a stool for the feet 
Fbt'tbk, n. a chain for the feet 
Fet'teb, e. to bind ; to chtdn. 



. Getan — to Get. 
Qet, e. to procQjre ; to obtain. I Foboet', v. to low memorj o£ 

Bbobt', «. to prodnce. | FoitaBT'FUL, a. apt to forget. 

FoBGKT'FDurBSB, n. loss of memor; ; neglect. 

FoBK, n. an instrament divided at I Fobe'kd, o. opening into two or more 
the end into two or more points or parts. 
proDgB. I 

Forma. Fort and nwcr— Mobb. 
Fos'keb, ». before aootber in time ; I Fok'kerlt, od. In time past ; of old. 
past i 

n^eard— HonoH Towabds. 
Fok'wabd, ad. toward a place in I Foh'tabds, a3.. etnught before, 

front. Is'wARD, internal. 

Fon'wAnDiraaa, u. e^eineM ; bold- Is'waudlt, internally, 

FvX,, foiU—DiXTY ; luruBs. 

FoiTL, a. dirty ; filthy ; hindered &om 

Poul'lt, ad. filthily ; not fairly. 
Foni.'irsse, ti. filthuiess. 
Fouii'HomrHBD, a. using scarriloiu 


Fom.'BFOKBR, a. slanderotu. 
Befoul', t. to make foul. 
FuL'eou E, a. nauseotu ; offennTe. 
Deftlb', d. gefylan, to make fool; 
to pollute. 

e Latin d^ 

Jieotctfr— Potm. 

FoiTK, a. twice two. 

FouBTH, a. the ordinal of fonr. 

Fons'Fou), a. four times as much. 

Fouh'scokb, a, four times twenty. 
Fob'tt, a. four times ten. 

Fonn'B^DABB, a. having four eqoal 

Fis'kih, n. the fourth part of a barreL 
FAB'THEHa, n. the fourth part of a 

f Uf/el— a BiKD ; Powi. 
Fowl,, n, a winged animal ; a bird. I Fowi.'iHO,n.theactofshootIoebirds. 
Fowt.'bb, n. a sportsman who pursues Powi'mopiacK, ft. a gun for shooting 
birds. I birds. 

Fox — Fox. 
Fox, n> a cunning animaL | Fox't, a. cunning; artfol. 

Fi'cmman — to Fbambi or Form. 

to fit <^ 

inythiDg else. 



j^eo— Free. Freond, from freon — to Frbb ; to Loti. 

Fese, a. haTing liberty. 
Frbe'dou, n. liberty; indepraidence. 
Pbee'lt, ad. with freedom. 
Fbkb'mbsb, n. openness ; liberality. 


;y held in p«r- 

of atone easily 

Frol'ic, n. a wild prank ; a scene of 
gayety and mirtli. 

Fbol'icsomb, a. full of wild gajety. 

Friend, n. freond, an intimate ac- 

Fbibhd'lesb, a. without frlendB. 

PRiBKu'tr, a. kind; fayombla. 

Friend'bbip, n. personal kindness. 

Befriend', e. to favor ; to assist. 

•"erse — Fbbsh; Pubb; Swbbt. 

not salt I Refbesh', e. to cool ; to relieve after 

resh. fatigue. 

ition. Rbpresh'ing, p. or a. reviving. 

; vigor; spirit. | Rkfbe8h'»ient, n. food ; rest. 

Fretan — to Eat or Gnaw, 

tovex;ton]t. | Fbet'ful, a. disposed to fret; peevish. 

c'tiho, ppr. wearing away ; vexing. 

^riga — the Ooddbsb op Love ; dceg—s, Day. 

'DAT, n. the sixth day of the week. 

-jAton— to A1.ABU ; to Tisbrut, 

sadden terror. I Aeprioht', t. to impress n ith sndclea 

; dreadM. I APFRiaHr'Fn., a. terrible ; dreadful. 

Fra—Wsa. Fram — From. 

[ Fro'ward, a. weard, perverse ; 
iiivation, dis- peevish. 

I Fbo'wardnesb, n. perverseness. 

Ban — to Freeze. Frost — Peobt, 

ito ice. Fbobt't, a. prodacing frost. 

fteezinft FRoaT'BiTTKN, a. nipped by the frost, 

d by co^. FROST'woRK,n. work resembling hnar 

ired wiHi hoar frost. 

Hoar-frost, n. frozen dew. 

FyUan—\o Fill. 
to satisfy ; to I Full'nesb, m. the state of bdng fitU. 
Fulfill', d. to accomplish ; to per- 
pty space. form. 

I Fdlfill'kent, n. completion. 

FvUlan — to Whiten. 
I tbieken cloth I Fttll'er, n. one who ftalla cloth. 

I'b-earth', n. a kind of claf. 


Faegen — 
Ptra, n. qport ; merrimenb | Fdn'kt, a. droll ; comlcaL 

Furtang. Fur — « Fitbbow, and tang — Lomo. 
Pux'Lono, n. tbe eighth part of a I Fm'BOw, n. a trench made 1^ i 
miie. I plongh. 

Feor — Fab. Faran — to Go ; to Astasce. 
Pob'theh, o. at a greater distance. I Forth, ad. forward ; abroad. 

J%»»— Bbadt ; Quick, f^aan— to Raster. 
Fobs, ». a tamnlt ; a bnatle. 

Oabban — to Mook ; to Jest. 

Oib'bebt8h, n. talk without roeanuig. 
Gibe, p. to aneer ; to tannt ; to derida. 

QrB'moLT, ad. ecomfully. 
Jab'beb, I. to talk idlj. 

Gab, v. to talk id!;; n. loquacity; 

the month. 
Gab'blb, v. to talk without meatdng. 
Gib'bbb, V, to speak rapidly and In- 


Ch» or Gan— to Ga 
Go, D. to be in motion. I Ooad, n. a pointed stick to drira 

Gad, n. a heavy whip. oxen ; to incite. 

GiD'iXT, n. a fly that stings cattle. I Gad, e. to roTO about idly. 

Note.— Wbbt, now lued u tbe preterit of Qo, is ■ part of the verb Wshd. 

Qynan — to Gaih. Oeudnnan — to Wnr. 
Gun, e. to obtun ; to win ; to attain, j QAiii'ru]:j.T, ad. profitably. 
Qaik'kb, n, one who gains. I Oaie'less, a. unprofitable. 

OeaUa—the Gaix. 
Gall, n. the bile ; anything very bitter. 

Gamen — a Jebt ; Bport ; Game. 
Game, fL sport; jest; a match at play. I Gau'blbb, n. one who plays for 
Qaxe, n. animals pursued tn the field. money. 

Gam'blb, c. to play for money. 1 Gamb'bteb, n. one addicted to play. 

NoTK.— Oahbol, to dance, to skip, to fWsfc, comeB from the Italian {gamba). 

Geapan — to Opks ; to Gafe. 
Gape, e. to opm the month wide ; to I Asafe', ad. staring witii open mouth, 
yawn. Gasp, v. to open the month to catch 

Oaf, n. an opening ; a hole. 1 breath. 

Oearwian — to Pbgfuib. 
Qis-'KB, a. gsnd J ; showy, | Gab'ishbbss, i 

Gyrdan — ia Gibd or Enclobb. 

of ground en- 1 Oab'dbheib, n. one wbo cnltirates a 

■H, Jroit, &C. 1 gardt 

Qeat — Qate. 

r I Gate'wat, n. the way through ; 


Gaderian — to Gatheh. 
1 assemWy ; a col- 1 Gaih'bb, t. to collect ; to assemble. 

GtBc — a Cuckoo. 
) ; a fool. " I Qawi'y, a. awkward ; ungwnly. 

Gesean — to Sek 
ilently. | GAEG'nH/, a. looking intently. 

leenaationof whirl- 1 Oid'hihebs, n. the state of being 
1 giddy. 
Qid'dilt, ad. carelessly. 

Id — Yellow ; Gold. Geldan — Golden. 

IS metal of a bright I Gild'ino, n, the ait of overlaying 

with gold, 
of ^Id. Gilt, n. gold laid on the sni&ce. 

' with gold. 1 Enoild', v. to brighten. 

iq; a Bbahch. Gyrdan — to Qnm; to Subsouiid. 

ft pang. I Gra'DLE, n. a band ; a belt 

>iiad. GiBT, n. a circular bandage. 

incipal timber in a Gikth, ». a circular bandage. 
I Begird', h. to surround. 

Gifan — to Give. 

; to confer; to yield. I Foboiye', f. to pardon; to remit. 
given. Foroive'nbbs, n. pardon. 

ed with powers. Poroiv'ing, a. disposed to forgive. 
gives ; a donor. | Misgive', v. to fill with doubt. 

I Glad'lt, ad. with gladness. 

de- Glad'hebs, n. joy ; cheer^lnesB, 

I GLAD'soiif E, a. pleased ; gay. 



?IoTS. — TIm old 0«rauiiB railed Amber gJo; 

Glass, n. » hard, brittle, inniparent 

Qlasb'x, a. like gloss. 
Qlazb, v. to cover with glass. 
Gia'zier, n. one vho glues windows. 

Quom, R. ft imooth, shimng sar&ce. 
Globs, e. to palliate b; specious ra- 

Oloss't, a. amootli &ad shiniiig. 
GLOBs'ixEas, n, polish. 

CHeatn — Glxai 
)t of Ught ; e, to shine I Gleajc'iho, n. shooting ss raja oi 
I ligM. 

OI{«— Spobt; Music 
a sort of I Qlbb'ful, o. merry ; cbeerftil. 

I Glee'soh£, a. full of nuniinent. 

Glomung — Twilioht. 
Glooh, n. partial darkness; melan- I Gloou'ilt, ad. dimly; dismally. 

cboly. Oloom'ibbss, n. obscurity ; melan- 

Olooh't, a, obscnre ; dismal. I choly. 

Oldx, e. to look snllen. 

CHo/— Glovk. Cleofen — Clotkm; Split. 
Olotx, n. a cover for the hand, with a abeatli for each finger. 

Oiowan — ^to Gu>w. 
Slow, *. to be red with heat ; to feel I GloVmoly, ad. brightly ; with pas- 
passion. I sion. 

Gnome — Sobbowtdi.; Couplaihiiio. 
GvABL, «. to growl ; to snarl. I Gnabl'ed, a. full of knots. 

Gkab'lt, a. having knots; knotty. | Knukl, t. to gnorl. 

Gnaffan — to Sokafb ; to Okaw. 
Ohav, p. to bite or scrape off with I Qraw'kk, n. one that gnam, 

the teeth. | 

Oo«— Goat. 
Goat. n. an animal. I Goth'ah, n. (poaU honu), a name 

Qoat'hebd, n. one who tends goats. sportively applied to me dty of 
Go'tHAnTo, one who lives in Gotham. 1 New Tork. 

Gor—THvn; Gobb. 

I. bloody. 

NoTx— OoBS, ■ triangular piece of cloth, comes ftom the W. (gor, an opening). 


Go«i— God. C«kJ— Good. 

God, n. the Snpreme Being, 
Oos'debb, n. a female divinitj. 
Gon'HSiAS, n. the dirine nature. 

god, good, 
hidings), the 
ur Saviour; 

God'lixb, a. divine. 

DaM'iGOD, m. half a god, 

Gob'bip, 71. (god, good, and si&f re- 
lation), a sponsor; an idle tattler. 

Gos'aiFiNO, n. a running about to 

Good, a. not bad ; proper ; 'nbole- 
Bome ; usetitl ; happy ; kind. 

Goods, n. property ; merchandise. 

Qood'lt, a. beautifiil ; graceiiil. 

QooD'LiNGBa, n. beauty ; grace. 

GooD'tiBeB, n. excellence ; kindness. 

GooDBREisD'iNa, n. elegance of nian' 

QoD siguifles both Qod sod good ; 

he Saions call him Sod, wbich U L „^^, 

be Deity and bU most endearing qnaiity.''- 

.^ -±t Mas Ib need to de- 
he Saxons call him fiod, which ia iiterallj, Iht Good ; the 

" " ■'■ ' ■ " '.V.''— BOBWOBTH. 

Gos — QoofiB. 

I Geesb, n. the plural of goose. 
a young goose. 

rafan — to Caevk ; to Dra. 

t of one tree I Gbavb, ti. {gr€ief, a ditch, a trench), 

er. a pit for a dead body. 

I substances. I Qhotb, n. graef, an avenue of trees. 

ni, n. a diannel cut with a tooL 

erioos, comes from the Latin gratit, heavr. 

:d ont of a thicket of trcea ; It is oat tbe Ubtcket ItselC 

r-enian — to Gbow ; Gbain. 

the direction of the fibers ; temper. 

om, comes from the Latin (^ronum). 

E. Orapian — to ToncH ttith thb Bauds. 
to grtK^- I Gbap'nbl, n. a small anchor, 
■old of I Obofe, v. to search by feeling. 

i Sroot Pobth ; to SPBOUT ; Obass. 
. the common herbage of the fields. 

CtroBg — Qbat. 
mixture of I Gbai'bbasd, n. an old man. 

GraHan — to Graze. 
I Obaz'izs, »i 


€treat — Great. 
GsEAT, o. luge; vut ; iuporbut. j Gbkat'i.t, ad.ina, great degm. 
OBKAT'BBaB, n. the itate of being great 

Gradtff — Gbxzst; Coystovb. 
OBKEi>'T,<i.nireiKiUB;eagertoobtain. | GBSED'nnu, n. udcnt d^in. 

Or«n9 — Gbrxh; FLOtnuemse. 
Green, a. of the color of growing I GssKii'iraM, n. the itate of being 
plants; &«sh. | green. 

Oretaat — to Go to Hkkt ; Wuena Pkacb. 
GBEBT'iiia, n. addiestiiig with kind | Gbbki, v. to niate; to welcome 
widiJea. I 

Qritn — FixBOB; Fkboviotib. 

Qrindan — to Bkuisb; to Gkasb. 
Ordid, v. to reduce to powder; to | GfiniD'sTora, n. a rtone on which' 

tools are aharpened. 
>r grain to be ground at one time. 

Great — Bans; Dobt. 

aiUT,)i.tbec(Mrw part of meal; mud I Grit'tt, a. containing grit 
or grarel. I 

Granan — to Lahknt ; HbURM ; Wikp. 
Gboah, t. to breathe or righ as in I OaoAii'ina, n. a deep dgh. 
pain. I GBvnr, t ' 

Grund— GBomm ; Eaktb; Bottou. 
Obotthd, r. the snr&ce of land. I Gaouim'LBeB, a. void of reason. 

Gbohns, e. to place or fix ; to mn GBOiJND'i.Bsai.T, ad. without re* 
aground. I or cauae. 

AoBomiD', ad. stranded. 

Qrowan — to Qbow. 
Gbow, v. to increase in mze. | Gbow'ino, ppr. increasing. 

Growth, n. increase ; product. 

Geomrian — to Gsibvk. 

Weard — a Guard; Watch. 

GuABD, e. to protect ; to^ defend. | Goabd'kd, a. cautious ; circumtipect. 

Guab'diak, n. a protector. 


6e and wifflian — to Deokivk. WUe — Gdilk. 
OuiLB, n. craft; cunning. I GuiLE'LEsa, a. fi%e from goile. 

OvnlB fdIj, a. wily ; artful. BnamL,!:', e. to deceive ; to amuBe. 

Wile, n. a decdt ; a trick, WitiLT, ad. fraudulently. 

Wi'lt, a. cunning; sly; inddions. | Wi'lisebs, n, cunning; gnile. . 

dylt — a CmuE ; a DksT. 
^te of having com- I Quilt'lebb, a. free from crime. 
le. QuiLT'iNEaB, n. the state of bedng 

tly chargeable with a guilty. 

Cfonta — the Palate ; the Jaw ; Oim. 
■Crete juice of certain | Omi'irr, a, consiBting of gnm. 

Haccan — to Hack. 
p ; to cat clnnsily. | Hack, n. a small cnt 
% horse let out for hire, is IWim tbe French {/taqamit). 

Hicgl — Hail. 
of nun frozen while j Hail'btonb, n. a single ball of hail. 

flier — Hais. 
filament issuing from I Haib'siibadth, n. a very small dis- 
red with hair. I Haib'cloth, n. cloth made of hair. 

Hisol/'— Half. 

rt of a tiling which is j Halve, v. to divide into two equal 
TWO equal parts. | parts. 

HAyoa, n. two equal parts of a thing. 

Halig — Holt; Hallow. 
make holy. I Hol'idat, n, a festival day. 

religious ; pure. Hal'idou, n. an adjnration by what 

ncti^ ; piety. is holy, 

religious festival. | 

JSe<iUian — to Hold and to Stop. 
a ; to stop. I Halt, a. lame ; crippled. 

Halt, n. a stop in a march. 

Evelfter — a Holdes ; Halteb. 
ope for confining an I Hal'teb, n. a rope to hang 


SiBm«r— Havhsb. 

t for drir* I Hax'kkscloth. n. the doth wbkli 
I cwTera a coacli-box 
Ham'mkk, «. to beat witli a huniner. 
Hots.— Tbe coMb box WM formerlj <u«d to «vi7 ■ Aomnwr, plncen, a bw DkOs, Ac. 

Hand — Uun>. 

Haitd, n. the palm vitb the fingers. 
Hajid, o, to give ; to lead. 
Haitd'tul, n. as much as the hand 

can bold 
Hah'di.b, v. to touch ; to manage. 
Has'dlb, n. that part of a thing 

which is held in me hand. 
Euhd't, a. ready ; conrecient. 
Hand'tlt, ad. with shill ; with dex- 

Eaitd'iwosk, n, work done by the 

Hamd'cttff, n. a fetter for the wrirt. 
Hahd'sbl, n. (gpUan, to gire), the 
first act of adng any thing; a gift. 
Hakd'bou, a, dextraiu ; ready. 
HAKD'aoHB, a. beautiful; graceful; 

HAimBOHGLT ad. dextroosly; with 

Urhakd', v. to let go. 
Uithau'dled, a. not handled; not 


Manffian — to Hass. 
Haho, v. to suipend; to fasten to 

Bomethiiig aboTe ao aa to leave 

without support below. 
HAKfi'ma, R. death b; a halter. 
Hnras, n. a joint on which a door 

OvKBHAne', e. tojutorer; to impend. 

UNHAHasD', a. not punished by hang- 

Uhhihoe', t. to take &om the hinges ; 
to displace. 

Here — an Abky, and beorg — a Rktugb. Bere-heorg — Harbob. 
Hab'bob, n. a place of refuge, or I Hab'bo&kb, n. one who shelters an- 
safety. | other. 

HAB'smoEB, n. a forerunner; a precursor. 

NoTC— HABBniOBB la properlya penon who goet before to provide harbor of loi]g- 
li^ tOT those that follow. 

^Heard— Habs ; the primaty sense is Psbmkd. 
Habd. a. Ann; not soft; difficult. | Hard'nkso, n. the quality of being 
HabdW, v. to make hard. hard. 

Habs'lTjO. with difficulty; scarcely. | Habd'bhip, n. toil; &tigue. 

Mara — Habe. 

Meamt — QBisr; Oftence; Hcbt. 
tif, Rv^iignry ; crime. | Habh'ful, a. hurtM. 

Habm'lebs, a. not hnrtfVil ; unhurt 

Searpe — Habf. 

I Habf, d. to dwell a 

a contirmal dwelling on. 

,G Otitic 


HsBvefaM — Hastbbt; Autumn. 

Hab'ybbt-hoxb, n 
ering tbe barvest. 

Hab'tist, n. tbe Benson of gathering I Hab'ybbt-hoxb, n. tbe time of g«th> 

Hae'tbbt, p. to g 

IfcBt — a CoTBiB ; Hat. 
bead. I Rat'ter, n. one who makes bats. 

ca — a RAiLnia ; Gate ; Hatch. 
tbe openingB I Hatch'wat, n. the w&j through the 
I batches. 

ice jonng fh>m eggs, comes from the Oerman (Affilxn). 

S.€ttia» — to Hate. 
Hy. I HATB'FiJU.r, ad. odioiuly. 

I Ha'tbed, n. great dklike; enmity. 

1 — to Hate; Hold; Dstaih; Couht. 

a IncLoauKB ; Haw, 
the haw. 

Hafoc—6, Hawk. 

\ Hat'oc, n. waste ; devastation. 

tCap; Haekl. 
a'eelhut, n 
a cap nat. 

Heafod — Head. 
animal which I Hbad'achx, n. a pain in the head. 
he chie£ Hbad'loho, a. rashlj ; hastily. 

bead. I Behead', v. to deprive of the head. 
n. the part of fiice which is above the eyes. 

%n, heran — to Heab ; Heabkbh. 

' the ear. I Rbheab', e. to hear again. 

1 by tiie ear. Rbhbaxse', v. to repeat ; to recit& 
omor. I BEHEABa'Ai., ». repetition. 
BAXS'mi, V. to listen; to attend. 



.&<eI, or luetu — HEAi,Ta, Sint— Hxaltht ; So^ikd; Whols. 
EmAit, «. to grov welL | yfwoLK'BAMJ^ n. mIs in large qunnti- 

Hbal'imi}, ppr. curing. ties. 

Health, n. freedom trom rickneae. Whole'boice, a. contribating to'fol, a. free from dcknesa. health.'t, a. enjoying health. Whole 'boxelt, od. in a nholeaomo 

EsAi.Tn'isEBB, n. the state of health. manner. 

Halb, a. health; ; eonnd ; hearty. Wholx'soxenbh, n. the qoalit; of 
Whole, a. all ; total ; complete. | being wbolvMane. 

Whollt, ad. totally ; completely. 

Heorte — Hk4bt. 
Hbabt, n. the muicle which is the | Heast't, a. cordial ; dncere. 

seat of life. Hbabt'ii.t, ad. from the heart. 

H£AHT'LBss,ii.Toidof>irection;'with- HBART'iMua, n. sincerity; eagemeaa. 

oat coaisge. i'achb, n. eonon ; ongaiah. 

S^ban — to RAiea. Heofon — Raised ; Elbtatkd. 
Sefig—LoTED wttb Labob. 
Heatb, e. to lift ; to ruse ; to throw. I HsiAT'EinrABD, ad. towards heaven, 
EoAy'riiici, n. & lieiiig ; a swell. Hkat't, a. weighty ; dgected. 

Hbat'bn, n. heofvn, the regions Hsay'ilt, ad. with sreat weight 

above. HsAT'niEas, n. weignt; deprei 

Hbat'enIiT, a. supremely excellent. | Heft, n. weight ; heayineas. 
Heft, e. to try the weight by lining. 

Hege — PBOTBcmnt; Hedge. 
Hbimb, n. a fence made of thottu. I HEtwE'Hoa, n. an animal set with 
Hedqb, ti. to encircle for defence. [ prickles. 
Huo, t. to embrace closely. 

Sedan — Hsxd. 

Heed, t. to mind; to regard. | HsEo'LEaB, a. negligent; careless. 

Hged'fui., a. watchful ; cantioos ; at^ Heeo'lessebss, n. careleeaneia. 

tentire. I 

.HI fitho — HEiaHT. 
HnaHT, H. space measared upwards. I High'i.t, oA. In a great degree. 
Hbisht'bn, v. to make higher. Hioh'ness, n. elevation ; loftiiieB8L 

UiSH, a. elevated ; exalted ; lofty. I Hioh'wat,* n. a public road. 

* So called becuiNi tbe groimil wu raided to fonn & dry padl. 
Melpan — to HEi.r. 
Helf, v. to asast ; to aid. I Help'fui., a. ^ving help. 

Hof'EB, n. one who helps. I Helf'lebs, a. without help. 

Mem — a Bobdeb. 


Hbk, n. the female of birds. I Bes'pscked, a. govemed by & wife. 

•Heh'sahb, ». (bane, poison), a pois- Hbk'boost, n. a place where poultry 
onoiia plant. I roost. 

Heona — Hbuce. 

JSyre— Hbb. 
Hebbklp', pro, a female wbicli is tbc j Exr, pro. belon^ng to a female, 
subject of discourse. I 

Heord—A CoiXBcnos ; an Abbshslaqk. 

Here, ad. in tJiis place. | HEBE'ABoura, ad. about this place. 

"" ~ "' CB, <nf. in time to come. 

Myre — a Rewabd. 
Hebe, e. to engage for pay. I HtBE'Lisa, n. one who eerres for pa;; 

HmB, n. wages paid for service. | a mercenary. 

flitfor— HiTHBB. 

Hith'sk, ad, to this place ; nearer. | Hith'ekto, ad. to tliis time. 

HOAB. a. white or gray with age. I Hoas'fbobt, n. dew flrozen, or whits 
""iAB'T,a<l white or graywith age. | frost. 

HOAK'Houm>,* n. a plant. 

Bar — Gray. 
„ . »ge. I HoAS' 

Hoab't, ad. white or graywith age. | frost. 

HoAi' * 

* So called from Iti ai^earance. 

BoAXD, n. a qoantit; laid ap in secret | Hoabd, c. to store secretly, 


BoABSB, a. bating the voice rough. ' | Hoaesk'mess, n, roughness of voice. 

S'««3E — JaOKT. 

HouE, n. m trick pUyed off in sport. | Hoax, «. to decein in Jok«, 

Hoppan — to Hof. 
Hop, e. to leap on one leg; to daac& I Hop'pbb,* n, one wbo hopi 

" ■ .• • rijjmai^, I into which o — ' .- 1_ 

s'blb, e. to walk lamely. 

Hop, e. to leap on one leg; to daac& I Hof'pbb,* n, one who hops; a box 

Hop, n. a leap ; a meetinefor dancii^. | into which com ii put to be gronnd. 

Bob'blb, e. to walk lamely. 

NoTX. — Hop, a pluit OMd Id brewing, comei thnn the Dati^ 

Ho][^ n. a cavity ; a cell. I Rol'steb, n. [heolMer, a hiding- 

Hol'ixiw, a. G<Miitaiimig an empty place), a case for a honeman's pis- 
space. I tol. 

Hol'lowbxw, n. state of being hollow. 

Ham — « HouBB ; a Ytllasx. 
ffi»(R,n. one's own honse, or comitry. | Homs'ukess, n. plainness. 
HoKE'i.xBa, a. without a home. Hcws'hadb, a. i^ide at home; 

HoMS^T, a. plain ; not elegant | Hox&'apun, a. ^nn at home. 

Ham'let, n. a small village. 

Hunig — HoKirr. 
Hon'bt, n. a Hweet Juice collected by I Hos'etkooh, n. the fiist month after 

bees. marriage. 

Hok'kicoiib, n. cells of was for Boh'ied, a. covered with honey. 

Hood'wibx, c. to blind by covering I Hoos, n. a covering for the bead, 
the eyea; to decdve. I 

Bopa — Bops. 

NoTV.— Tbe primary sense li, to rcttcb forward. 
Hops, n. expectation of good. I Bops'irtiunBB, n. promiM of good. 

HoFB'rui., a. foil of hope. I Hofs'less, a. wanting hope. 

Bom — HoBH. 
HoBB, n. a hard, pointed snbatamoe I Horm't, a. like bom. 
growing on the heads of tome ani- Hobr'pipk, n. a lively tune. 

Bora — HoBSS. 
EoBSEi, n. a well-known qnadmped. | Hobbe'iusbhif, n. the art of riding. 

Bom — Hose. 
HosB, n. Btoddngs. | Hos'ibb, n. one who sells stockiogs. 


Bo*— Hot. 
Hot, a. having heitt; fiei^. ] Hot'sfub, n. a violent, piedjutato 

Hot'lt, ad. witb heat ; violently. | mao. 

HoT'KBas, n. heat ; fury. 

Hu — How. 
How, ad. in what maimer. I Howboet'eb, ad. in whatBoever man- . 

UowBu'rr, ad. ueTertheless ; yet. I ner. 

Howev'eb, ad, at all evente. 

Yiellan — to Howl. 
; the cty of a I Howl, e. to ciy ob a wolf or dog. 

fiito— Colob; Fosu. 
HcK, n. color; tint; dye. 
K, an ■lann, comea from the I'mtcli Ifiver, to hoot). 

Hunger— 'RxmasA. 
bod ; pain felt I Hon'oBT, a. feeling pain from trant 

of food. 
id; starred. I HcN'o&iLr, ad. with a keen appetite. 

Huntian — to Hunt. 
learch for. I HusT'isa, n. the diveruon of th« 
itlntB. I chase. 

'e'lUK, n. one who practises hunting. 

flyr*— ■WoDHDKD ; Hubt. 
injure. I HuRT'njL, a. iiuniions. 

A. I HnBT'LBsa, a. harmless. 

E ; a CoTBBED Placb. Bonda — a Mabtsb. 

', who tills tlia 

uman abode. 
t a houBe. 
lily living to- 

rtresa of a fam- 

lined to a wo- 

Hub'tinos, n, a cooncil; a place 

where an election is held. 
Out'hoube, n. a house separtte from 

a dwelling-hooae. 
Pbnt'house, n. a shed bangiitg adops 

from the main wall. 
Hot'el, n. a Bbed ; a mean haMtation. 

), n. a mountain of i( 



ItUt—YAm; Enftt. 
rin.K, a. d<Miig noSiing. I I'dlxb, n. & laxj penon. 

I'DLKKsae, n. the state of being idle. | I'dlt, ad. Unly ; careleMlj. 
Nom. — Idol, m image, come* &om tbe Qreek (ridoi). 

Ir, eon, gif, auppoong that ; allowii^ tbat. 

r/rf— Etil; Iix. 

Ilii a. bad; not good; mck. I Ill'hatcxe, n. bad temper. 

' ' ' " I Iij.'wnj^ ». enmity, 

Wa«rc— Ache; Pais; Ikk. 

I Ikk'bomb, o. wenriBome ; tedioni. 

Tr^^ — Ibon. 
and oseAil I I'boitx, a. made of iron ; like iron. 

Irrc — AxoBT. 

None— Jak, an earthen veiael, «omet nrom tbe French (Jam). 
Cene — War'likb; Eaokb. 
Kkeh, a. sharp; piercing; eager. [ Ebeln'lt, ad. sharply; eagerly, 

Eeen 'hkss, n. sharpaeea ; eagemees. 

Cepan — to Keep. 
Kbbf, e. to bold ; to retain. I Kbep'sakb, n. a gift in token of r»- 

I ganJ- 
<}weSan — to Kill. 

.iJAiL,e. to &il in spirits; to qoake; 
to tremble. 
Not*. — QuAn., a bird, comai from the FreDch (coCfc). 

Cyln — a PcitiiACB or Eftohbr. 
KiLir, n. a laige stove or oven. | Eiln'dbt, s. to dry in a kiln. 

Cyn — Km; Kind; Relatioh. 
Ei!r,n. relation by blood. [ Kiira'MAii,7t,amaaoftbeaamefBmily. 

EniD, n, race ; sort ; nature. IJkkihd', a. not kind ; not obliging. 

Eind'i t, a. nataral ; congeniaL Ehud, a. disposed to do good to othera, 

Kih'dbed, n. relations by birth. | Knro'LT, ad. with good wilL 

Eihd'iixsb, n. good will ; favor. 


Cynin^—a Chtbp ; a Leader. 

Kma; n. a monarch ; a sovenngD. I King'ls, a. belongins to a kiog. 
Knsa'uoJi, R. the dtHuimon of a king, | Eiho's-b'til, a. scrotnla. 

Cyssan — 14> Kiss. 
Eias, V. to salute with the lips. | Eiss'eb, n. one who kisses. 

Cnapa — a Bot ; a Skbtaht ; a Euave. 
NoTB.— OriglDoIl; a bo; or young man, then a servant, and Inatl; n rogae. 
leceitful fellow. | Ejia'tbbt, n. dishonesty. 
Kka'vish, a. dishonest. 

Cneow — Eneb. 

Cniht~-» Bot; a 8ebva2it. 
if honor. I KmaHr'HooD, n. the dignity of a 

I knight 

Cnytdn — to Tie ; to Kbit. 
rithout a loom. [ Ejirc'TDia, ^pr. uniting by needles. 

Cn<ep — a Top; a Bcttoit, 
ranee. | Knob'bt, a. Ml of knobs. 

all at the end of a Kmop, n. a knot ; a tnfted top, 

I Nape, n. the joint of the neck behind. 

lication made by I Euor'Tia), a. AiIl of knots. 

I Kmot'tt, a. foil of knots; difGcoIt. 

Knot'tisess, n. difficnlty. 

Cunnan — to Enow ; to Be Able. 
tend clearly. Unknown', a. not known, 

iming ; skill. Dnacknowi'edoed, a. not owned. 

to own ; to confess. Acenowl'sidgeuent, n. recognitioti ; 
310W before. confee^on. 

. not previously Khow'hjo, a, ekillftil; intelligent 

Cdn'hinq, a. artfully deceitM; crafty. 
Cdn'hiho, n. artifice ; deceit 

le otknoalag or »kil(fid, 

Cnucl—» Jonrr. 
it of the finger. | Knuc'elb, «. to yield ; to eabmit 

'ormerly algnlflednny joint of Ihe body. 



Xeode— a Nattor ; & Pkopls. 
Las, li. a youth ; a yoni^ man. | Lam, n. a girl ; & yonng woman. 

Hktd — a Load. Jtladan — to Load. 

Ladr, e. to load ; to freight. | Uiilade', b. to remore a cargo from 
Load, n. a burden ; a freigbt. a veaael. 

OtbbIiOAd', t. to boidea too much. I Ukixiad', e. to take a load from. 

JIladaH— to Draw Out ; to Exptr. 
I La'dis, n. a large spoon with a long | Lase, «. to tljrow oat by dipping. 
I handle. I 

I Hhefdie—liABY. 

Nora. — From Mj/tnn, to lift, t. e. one mlsed to the nmk of her huBband or lord. 
La'dt, n. a woman of high rank. I La'dtuxe, a. becoming a lady ; ele> 
I gant. 

Z-anff — Loiro. 
t.Aa, a. coming behind ; alnggiab. | Lao'oabs, n. one who laga. 

Zitttnb — Laub. 

Latn — Lake. 
LAitB, a. wanting the natoral power I Lams'lt, tu2. in a lame manner. 
or strength. I Lajcb'nxsb, n. the state of being lamo. 

J/and — Laito. 
Land, n. lihe solid matterof the earth. I Lahd'oto, n. a place to land at. 
Land, e. to set or come on shore. Lasd'scafs, n. a picture of a portion 

Lahd'uare, n. a mark to designate of coantry. 
boundaries. | 

Xotost— Last ; contracted firom Latest. 

I Labt'ino, p. a. continuing; durable. 
I Labt'lt, ad. in the last place. 

Lagte—K Footstep. 
Last, «, the mold on which shoes are formed. 

Xifeccan — to Catch ; to Beizb. 
Lanm, ». a fastening for a door. I Lack, n. a string or cord for tying. 
Latvh bt, n. the string that &stens a Laci;, e. to fasten with a string passed 
Aoe. I through oppodte holea. 

Lethrian — to Anoint ; to Latheb. 
Lath'eb, «. to form a foam. | Lath'bb, n. froth or foam. 


Lwt, latian — to Dklay or Rbtabd. 
Late, a. not etuij ; Blow ; recent. I LATs'iniss, n. the et 
Latb, ad. afler tbe proper season. | of time. 
Latb'iiE, ad. not long ago, 

Hlihan — Laugs. 

Kised to be formed frota tbe BOimd. 

LBt noiae wbich I Laugh' aslei, a. exciting laughter. 

ixcites. I Ladoh'tub, ». convulai " ""~ 

jAUGH'ihgly, ad.\a& merrj way. 

—Law ; from lecgan, lege— to Lai. 

Law'qitkr, n. one who makes laws. 
Law'uaker, n. one who makes laws. 
Law'stjit, «. a procees in law. 
Out'law, n. vt, one excluded from 
the benefit of the law. 

Bon ; a rule of 

ably to law. 
ained by law. 

Lead, /led— Lead. 

I Lbad'eh', a. made of lead; heavj. 
Lt^an — Lead. 
conduct. I Lbad'br, m. one who leads. 

Lead'ing, a. principal ; chie£ 

ie«/e— Leap, 

ignificotion seems to be broad, fiat. 
ended part of a I Le^af'u:sb, a. destitute of leiiTea. 
I Leaf'let, n. a little leaf. 
Leap't, a. full of leaves. 

« — to Teach. Xeomfan — to Learh. 

wlec^ o£ I Leabn'ino, n. skill in langaagea or 

.earning. science. 

. knowledge. I Lobe, ji. learning. 

Xiesan — to Let Go ; to Loose. 

limited time. I Lebbee', ti. one to whom a lease !■ 

ly lease. | given. 

Lether — Leatheb. 
L hides of ani- I Leath'erk, a. made of leather. 
I Lbath'ebt, a. resembling leather. 

lEATB. Iitefan — to Leave ; to Periot. 




Xjeoht — Light. Gelihtan — ^to Gutter. 
LraHT, n, the iigait which produces Lioht'kinei, n. the flash which pro- 

Tision. cedes thunder. 

LiaHT'EiT, T. to illuminate ; to shine. Liobt'eomh, a. luminouB ; gay ; airy. 
Lisht'br, n. one who lights. Qut'teb, «. to ehine ; to sparkle. 

- Lioiit'lbsb, a. wanting light. Glit'tbsing, a, shining; brilliant 

QIjIb'tbk, d. to sparkle with light. 

Leoht, leohtan — to Liohteb. 

Li0BT,*a. nut heavy; active; nimble, j LiaHT'KsisB,n. want of weight; levity. 

Lioht'en, v. to make less heavy. Liobtb, n. the lungs of an animal. 

LiaHT'sB, n. a large open boat. I IjOHr'HBADsis.o.thoaghtless; giddy. 

Lioht'keabteid, a. gay; meny; cheeriii]. 

lAhtan — to Aliqht. 
Ltaar, v. to All or come by chance ; I Aliobt', c. to come down ; to dis- 
to settle froia flighL | mount. 


Lix'bk, v. to represent as like; to 

Diblikb', b. to regard with some 

Like, a. resembling ; similar. 
Likb'lt, a. probable. 
Lieb'lihdod, n. probability. 
Likb'hbbs, n. resemblance ; form. 

Likk'wisk, ad. 

lAdan, from He, lac— a Gift ; What Plbabbb. 
Like, *. to be pleased with. | Lik'ino, n. desire ; pleasoift 

Liee'lt, It. tbat may be liked ; pleasing. 

lAtn — Limb ; a Mexbeb. 
Limb, ». a branch ; t. member. | Lihb'lesb, a. wanting limba. 

T.iMF, V. to walk lamely. 
NOTB.— LmB, a border, comee from tie Latin ([(mftw), 

lAnte — Limb. 
XiiMB, n. a calcaieons earth ; the lin- | Lnis'stLii, n. a Ainiace for lime. 

den tree. Lmn'sTONE, n. the stone of which 

Lnui'BUBNBB, n. one who bums lime is made. 

stones to lime. | 

NOTH. — LiAe, a species of lemon, comes from the French (Knu) 

lAst, from lesan, lyaan — to Collect or Agsembls. 

List, n. a roU ; a catalogue ; a limit ; a strip of cloth. 

Hlyatan — to Listbn. 
Lis'tbb, e. to hearken. | Lis'tekeb, n. one srho listenia 


lAf—law^ lAflan — to Livs. 
IxTK, c to be in lif« ; to exist Lits'lobq, a. long in paasiiig. 

LiTK, a. not dead ; acttve. LirK, n. Titalitj ; existence. 

Livb'i>t, a. brisk; vigoroiis. Liwx'lsm, a. void of life. 

Lttb'uhood, n. mesiu of living. LrrE'Lm, a. like k liring person. 

LivBi'iiiiiEss, n. Tiradtf. Lifb'tiick, n. continiuuice of life. 

ZM^Utn — to Hatk ; Ut Dbtkbt. 
Loathe, v. to feel disgust at [ Loath'soke, a. disgnstii]^. 

LoATB, a. nnwilling. LoATH'eoKBTrEas, n. qooli^ of rsisiilg 

LOATB'ruL, a. abhorring. I disgust 

LoATH'iNa, n. disgust 

Loe — an Sroumubk; Look. 
Lock, n. an instmment to fasten a I Lock'xt, n. a small lock, 
door ; a tuft of hair. [ 

Logian — to Pi^cb ; to Put ; to Lodqb. 
LoDOE, 0. to place ; to reside, I Lodok'ubiit, n. the act of lodging. 

LoDQB, n. a small bonse at a gate. I DmLODaa', t. to remove from a place. ' 

lAggan — to L™ ; because it liea unmoYed or inert 
Loo, n. a bulk; piece of wood. | Loo'emiaKAS, n. a blockhead. 

Loctan — to Look. 
Look, e, to direct the eje. | Look, n. air of the &ce ; aapect 

Zomo — UTBKBiLa; Looh. 
Look, n. a weaver's machine. | Luk'bkb, n. anytliiog oselees ; timber. 

JjeoTnan — to Bhike ; to Logic 
LooH, e. to appear larger than the I Loaii'Tna,p. a. appearing indiatiiLCtl; 
real dimenaiona. I large. 

Leasan, lyaan — to Loose ; to Fur or Taeb Aw at. 
Loose, v. to free from any fiiatening. I Loobe'nebs, n. state of being loose. 
Loosb'I'T, ad. not firmly. Less, a. smaHer ; not so large. 

Loob'bh, v. to relax ; to free. I Lbss'en, v. to make or grow less. 

Lbbt, cm. that not ; for fear that. 

NoTR.— IiBSSON, a task, an eierclse, la from the Greek (i^u, to gBUwr, itt read). 

Hlaford—liOSD. Shif—n Ijoat ; and ford— to 8uppi.t. 
LoBD, n. a niler; a nobleman. I Lord'lt, a. prond; baoghtT. 

IiAiKD, n. the lord of a manor. Lobd'bhif, n. the address of a lord. 

Lobo'lise, a. befittmg a lord. I LoBD'LiKBes, m. digmty ; pride. 

LoAT, n. a mass of bread, as baked. 



tn — to RuK AwAT ; to Be Lost. 
to win ; to I ZjObs, n, damage ; 'waste. 

Lob'ino, a. that incurs loas. 
lyed. I Lobs, a. loat ; forsaken. 

aLOBH', o, forsaken ; helpless. 

Lufian — to Love. 
iffection. I Lot'eb, n. one who is in love, 
ove. Lot'oio, p. a. kind ; affectionate. 

Lotb'lobk, a. forsaken b; one's lore. 
leea. j Lotb'lock, n. a lock of hair. 

in — to Low ; a Humhuio Noibbi. 

w. I Low'nia, n. the cry of cattle. 

imble, is from the Datch {laaff). 

fffftan — to Dbag bt the Haib. 

«f— Dxems; Will; Powbb. 

, stoutness ; vigor of 

md — TKOTmi,BD ra Mnro ; Mad. 

e mind ; en- | Mad'nbbb, n. distraction ; fliij. 

Mad'cap, 71. a rash, hot-beaded por- 
>ecome mad. eon. 
oad. I Mad'uan, n. a man void of reason. 

MtBden — Maid. 
'Oman. I Maid'bn, n. a yonng woman. 

KfAiD'ENLi, a. like a mud. 

JUadan — to Make. 
Q ii, to caase, to act or do, to prais, drlTC, strain or compel. 

Man or mon — Maw. 
a mole. Uahkiiid', n. the race of ham 

uen. beings. 

«eous. Uau'lieb, a. like a man. 

fa man. Mam'lt, a. like a man, 

HAs'LiBBBa, n. dignity ; btxnry. 



Jf en<«f— Uabtle ; Cloak. 
Mah'tlb, r. ft kind of cloak ; work { Uas'tlx, v. to corer ; to flpreftd ; U 

before ft chimiiey. nuh to the &ce. 

Hastelet', n. a auuU cloak. I Dibmax'tix, e. to strip ; to divest. 

Mantg—TtAiiY ; HrcB. 

JUearc— a BouiTDABT ; aUABX; a StOH; Haxch. 

Mabch, e. to border ; to join. 

Uabch'bb, n. bordera, limits, oi &on- 
tiers of a conntij. 

Dehabca'tioh, n. separatioa of terri- 

Mark, n. a token bj which anj thing 

ia known. 
Mask, v. to Itnpreai ; to biand. 
Masked, fi. a. noted; prominent; con- 


Hakks^uit, b. one ddllftil to hit a mark. 

Market — Mabkkt. 

Hab'ket, n. a public place for bnying I Hab'ketablx, a. that may be sold. 

and Belling. | Mast, n. a place of public traffic 

Mearh — Mabbow. 
Mah'sow, Ti. a soft, oily eabstance in I Hab'rowt, a. fiill of manow; pithy, 
hopes ; the best part of a thing. | Mab'bowfat, n. a kind of pea. 

Jilersc — Habbh. 

JUaca — an Equal ; Fklu>w or Coupahioii'- 
Mati, n. one of a pair. 
Hatch, n. an equal ; a contest 
Match'lkob, a. having no equal. 
Couatb', n. a companion. 
luMATCB'AiLUe, a. that cannot be 

Misuatch', o. to match unsuitably. 

In'katb. n. one who dwells in the 

same house. 
Overmatch', o. to conquer. 
UmfATCHBo', a, having no match or 

UmcATca'AJSLR, a. that cannot be 

KoTB. — Match, a combnittble aabBtsnce for lighting Area, oomeB fVom the French 
{audie), und Mati, a teim in chew, fi^m the Sp^lab ^nati—miUer, to kill). 

JHctgan — to Bk Stkono or A-ni.n ; Maf. 
Mat, e. to be able ; to be possible, I BiaifAT', c. to deprive of strength of 
M18HT, pret. had power or liberty. mmd. 

Sisiut', n. terror ; fear. I UitDtsuAiED', a. not discouraged. 

TsB'uAaAKT, n, a brawling women. 

HoTB. — Mat, tbe fifth month, comes from the Latin {Main*). 



Meedewe — a Meadow. .ITcEd— What Ib Moim ; ewe — Water. 
IteAD'ow, n. laoist grasa land. f Kbad'owt, a. resembling meadowiL 

Mbad, n. moist laud covered with Ukas'owubk, ». a bird. 
grass. I 

JUteger — Hraobb. 

JttceJ— a Fabt or Portion. 
Ub&i^ n. a portion of food taken at I Msal'tooc, n. the time for eating a 
one time. I meal. 

PiBCB^iEAi,, ad. in or bj pieces or fragments. 

Melu, tnelo — Meal; Flous. 
Hotb. — The primary sense Beems to be, soft, smooth. 

I^AI^ n. the edible part of grain. I MSAL'T-uoDTHBD,a, oungBoftwoida. 
Meal T, a. of the softneas of meal. | Mbl'low, a. eott witli ripenesa. 
MEL'LOWmiBB, n. Boltness ; ripenees. 

Mwne — Faub; Bas. 

Mwnan, tnanian — ^to Hayb ih tkb TSma. 
Mbak, r. to intend ; to pnipose. [ MEAn'raa, n. intentJoD ; signification. 

Note.— Mean, tha middle, comes from the Latin (maJiai). 

Metan — to Meet ; to FraD ; to Meabush ; to Comfase. 
Mbbt, c. to come together. I Mebt'sbsb, n. fitness ; proprietf . 

Hbbt'iro, r. a coming together. Mete, o. to measure \ to reduce to 

Uebt, a. fit; proper j suitable. 


JHeltan — to Melt ; to Disboltb ; to Coos. 
Mki^, v. to make or become liquid. I Moi^bn, a. made of melted metaL 
MELT'nie, n. the act of sofleuing. | Smslt, d. to melt or fiise ore. 

Mere — the Sea, and mteden — Maid ;— Mekuaid. 
Meb'iiIAID, n. a &bnlous sea ^oman. | Mer'mah, n. the male of the mermud. 

MiHff — Mebbt; Pleabaitt. 
Mbb^t, a, gay of heart; jorial. Mibtb, n. merriment ; hilarity. 

Ubb'bii.t, ad. gaily; with mirth. MiRTH'FDii, a. merry; gay. 

Msit'itiifBNT, n. mirth ; gaiety. MmTH'rDu,T, ad. in a merry manner. 

Hek'uvthodoht, n. a forked bone in Mibth'i.ebb, a. joyless ; cheerlasK 
the breast of a fowl. 


Hnr, n. & Be« fowL 
NoTK. — Mew, to conflne, to cige, cornea from the French (ntw), ukd Hew, to C17 at 
ft rat, from the IceUndtc {mtatia). 

JflAt— UlQHT. 

MiQBT, n. Etrengtb; power. I Hioht^y, ad. powerfully; Btronglj. 

Hioht't, a. stTong; powerftaL | VSiQar'umm, n. power; greatnesB. 

a^yiK — MiOBT, bod power ot liberty, Is tbe prMerit of the verti may. 

Meolc — Milk. 

MrLK, n. ft white fluid with nbich 1 MiLK'utEsa, n. resemblance of milk. 

animals feed their Tonng from the I BIilk'sop, ». s soft, efieminate person. 

breast. Mile't-wat, n. the gkUzy; a lamiD- 

Uii^k't, a, like milk. I ons zone in the al^. 

Mn^H, a. giving milk. 

JHiW— Mild. 
Mild, a. kind; tender; soft. | Mild'i, 

AbLD'HXsa, n. ge " 

JUj/le7i — Mill. 
KoTB. — From the ancient Gaelic word mell, dust. 

I Mill'bacb, Ti. tiie channel In whick 

. . I the water of a mill-pond is con- 

j/dam, n. a dam by which water 1 Teyed to the wheel. 

the I^in (jitiSe, a thousand) 

j Mill'btone, n. a stone for grinding 

)r thonsandth port of a dollar, comes from 

mtngtan — to Diminish ; to LaesKS. 
HiNCE, e. to chop into very small I Mincb, e. to half prononnce; to act 
pieces. I with affected deHcacy. 

Mihce'-pib, n, a pie made of mtnoed meat. 

Ctetnynd, gemunan — to BBmaiBBB. 

MiiiD,n. the intelligent power in man. | MurD'FTL, a. attentive; heedful. 
RmoHD', V. to put in mind. 

Mengan — to MnroLB. 

Mm'oLE, e. to mix; to blend. | lumN'OLE, v. to unite with numbers. 

Mxh'glek, n. one who mingles. iKTEBMm'oLK, v. to mingle tosethtr. 

CoKMDi'oLE, e. to mix into one mass. I Mor'sbel, o. of a mixed breed. 

Unnan'oLED, a. not mixed ; pnre. 

MlsttBcan — to Mistbach ; to Hisinfobk. 

KrarAKB', ji. to take wrong; to err. ' Mibtakb', n, an error. 


Mist, n^ a thick vapor. I Mibt'ili, ttd. not plainly. 

3Iibt't, a. overspread with mist. | Hist'diebb, n. tbe state of bdng misty. 

Mwnan — to Lamest ; to Couflair. 
audibly. | Moam'fcl, a. expressing sorrow. 

Jttoi— ft SroT, Habk, or Bmw, 
Hole, n. a natoTal spot on the skin, 
md, a dyke, cornea from the L4ttia Imola), tmd Mole, a smal] 

fod— Mikd; Dispositiok; Fassiok. 

mind ; humor. | Mood'y, a. angiy ; out of humor. 

Mood'enebs, n. peeviahnesa. 
iriatloik of a verb Co expreBs manner of action or bemg, cornea 

JSona — Hoos. 
inly body which 
lightened by the 

ly of light &om 
light given by 

Moon'sHiNB, n. the light of the moon. 

Moon'strugk, a. lunatic. 

Mon'dav, 71, the second day of the 

Month, n. one of the twelve divisions 

of the year, 
Month'iiE, a. happeiung every month. 

Mor — Waste Lasd. 
oor land overrun 1 Moob'laud, n. watery ground. 

—to Meet fob Cohvebbatidn ; to Discuss. 
: plead on a sup- 1 Moot'iho, n. the exercnse of diapat- 
I ing. 

irt of the day. | Horm'eno, n. the flrat part of tbe day. 

', n. morning ; the day after the present day. 

; disiipated, diEpencd, us 
they are dispereed, ttwsB 

IfcBat, super of mycel — Qbeatebt. 
[[uantlty or num- I Mitch, a. la^^e in quantity. 
MoBE, a. greater in i^uantity. 

e greatest part ; Mobbo'ver, ad. bendcs ; over and 



Vonr'KB, n. a fenule parent. I UorB'sB-Tonans, n. k Isngaage to 

MoTH'BBi.Esa,a. having lost a motber. which aDotber language owes its 
Motb'kbi.y, a. is th« manner of a origin ; one's native language. 

mother; tenderly. i 

NoTK.— HoTHKB, » thlclc, illmT mbstance In Uqaon, comes from the German (tn»- 
Ser, mad). 

Molde—'EiRTB; Powdbb; Ddbt. , 

HociJ), n. fine, soft earth ; a aubatance I HorLD'T, a. oreigrown with mould, 
like down on damp bodies. Morui'oiEsa, n. the Htats of bong 

Houi^d'eb, v. to turn into dust. I mouldy. 

NOTB.— Mouu), that In which aoyttalag Is cast or recelrei Its Bhape, anil MODLDEB, 
one who cobU or shapes, comes from the Spaotsh (rnofdt, a matrli). 

Muman — to Moukw 
HoVBB. «. to grieve ; to be sorrowfil. I MouBH'Fuii, a. canmng sorrow. 
UouBiTBB, n, one who mournH. | MouBN'PTnj-T, ad. sorrowMIy. 

UoCBS'rao, n. sorrow ; the dress of sorrow. 

JHu»f plnral fny» — House. 
Hotras, n. a small aninud. | Mice, n. the plural of mouse. 

Muth — MocTK. 

Mouth'fuii, o. aa much aa the montl: 

can hold. 
Mouth'piecs, n. one who speaks fbi 

UoiTTH, n. the cavity between the 
jaws ; an opening by which any- 
thing can be filled or emptied. 

MoTTTH, e. to utter with a loud, af- 

Mauian — ^to Cut Down ; Mow ; n. a Lrm^ Heap. 
Uow, t. mOf to cut with a scythe. I Mown, p. a. cut with a scythe. 
Uow, Tt. mov>, a loft in a bam, | Mow'ino, n. cutting with a scythe, 

MUeactan — to BecoME Son ; Mttlce. 
Uui^cs, e. to cover yiith half-rotten I Mttuih, n. half-rotteo atraw. 

Mortlter, ntorth — Death. 
.. the act of <f'"i"g a hu- | Mub'dbboub, a. guilty of murder. 

>. mot, to be obliged. 

s from the LaUn (murfum), and Host, to mak^ 

Kail, n. a homy substance on the I NAiL'Ea, n. one who makes naUs. 
human fingers and toes ; a piece of Nail'ebt, n. a manuftctory of nails. 

metal for K"'"'"" 



Ha'ebd, a. not covered. | Na'ebdhebs, n. want of coveting. 

Xanta — Naub. 
Namb, n. that bj wbicli a person o 

ifB, n. a name given m contempt. 


I. ] Nap'lbss, a. tbreadbai 

n^anvian — to Make Nabbow. 

V«— Not ; and wuht—& Whit ; Astthqici. 
ling. I Nauoht't, a. wicked ; sinfiil. 

-the MmDUi ; Centbk ; Natb, 

iber in the | Navk, n, the middle ■ oc body of a 

I church. 
',f the point in the middle of the abdomen. 
Inlpg to ships, cornea fh>m the L-navit (Gr. t>ii{^),asblp. 

JTeoA — Near. 
idgh. I Nioh'lt, ad. nearlj. 

diatance. Nian'HEBa, n. nearness. 

Next, a. nearest in place, time, &c, 
t. I WELMnoH', ad. almost. 

, n. neahbur, one wbo livea near. 

Xeat, nyten — Cattlb. 

I Neai's-foot, n. the foot of an oz, 
ikes care of cow, &«. 

:gant, comes &oni the LaUu (ntCao). 

JVeft— Neb. 
k. I Nn'BLE, s. to bite by little at a time. 

; the point Nib'bleb, n. one that nibbles. 

Hnecca — Nsoe. 




JVo— No; Not. 

eftiaal. I Nor, ad. {naht; tie, not, and awAe, 
re. ought), a particle of denial. 

md an, Noth'eno, n. (na, no, and thtng), 
I nut any thing. 

I Nook'dat, ti. mid-da^. 

1 Noon'tipk, n, raid-day. 

he time bom morning to mid-day. 

Xorth — North. 

I. being in the norA. 

, a. towatds the north. 
tie wind vhich blows from the north. 


] Noz'zu, «. the nose ; the snout ; tbe 
lose. I end. 
AY, n. a bunch of flowers. 

origin with A. -3. > 
mcs of projecting t 

1 — to Take Aw at ; Numb. 

on, I Nux'sKiiii., n. a dunce, 

I Beniticb', v. to make torpid. 

Hnut — ^Nnr. 
a kernel ] Nut'oaix, n. an excreecence of the 

int long Nct'hbg, n. a kind of aromatic nat. 

-ito— Oat. 

I Oat'ek, a. made of oata. 
AL, n. meal made of oats. 

O/— Of. 

I OFF'BcouBnjo, n. refhae, 
Off'bet, n. a apront. 
diatance Oir'spsiNa, n. children. 

I Alocf', ad. {aU, off), at a " 

On— Cw. 
rith the I On'wAmi ad. forward. 


WoB, v)tB» — WxTiTEas; Oozs. 
Ooze, n. eaxQi bo wet as to flow gently, j Oo'zt, a. miiy ; muddy. 

Openian — to Ofsn ; to Be SLunFEST. 
O'PEK, V. to unclose ; to unlock:. I O'peshssb, n. plainness ; cle&mesa. 

O'rBHiNa, n. an apertore. O'Tvss-iLouTBSD, a. raTenonaj clam- 

O'PEHLY, ad. pnbucly ; plenty. | oroDH. 

O'pES-SKAXTED, a. generous ; candid. 

Ort-geard, Ort — an Hbbb ; geard — Gabdeh. 
Or'ceabd, n. an assemblage of fruit I Oa'cKABDrar, n. one who cnltirates 
tiees. I orchards. 

'Scfim. — Apples, pe&n, peaches, and cheirles are the (hiits principally cnltlTBted In 


Ordaet. From or — Gbkat, and dael—J\w<iiix>Fi. 
Ob'dkai., a. any seTsre trial ; test ; experiment. 
Ut — Owe. Utterre—OvTWAJO); Uttsb. 
Out, ad. on the outside ; not within 

t. to ^ect ; to expel. 
Odt'eb, a. being on the ontaide, 
Onr'wABS, a. external ; visible., 
Odt'waedlt, ad. eitemally. 
Ht'teb, c. to speak; to proDOunce. 

Agan — Owir. 

Nora.— ^wx Is formed from the A.-S.^an, by softening the gnttnral^ Into «,o>u 

Owe, e. to be indebted. | Owu'eb, n. one to whom a tidng be- 

OVmo, ppr. due ; impntable to. longs. 

OcroHT, c. t« be bound in duty. Owu'ebihip, n. the right of poesw- 

OwM, e, to poeaeee; to avow. I won, 

Disowjr', V. to deny ; to renounce, 

Fteth, PmtMan — to Go \ to Tread Flat ; to Plattxv. 

Pad, n. a soft saddle or cmhion. 
Path, n. a way ; a road. 
Fath'less, a. having no path. 
Path'wat, n. a narrow way, [gers. 
Poot'path, n. a path for foot pasaen- 

Ut'teb, a. the greatest degree ; 

Ut'siobt, a. extreme. 

Pas, n. a road ; an easy-paced horse. 
Pad, s. to travel gently. 
Pad'loce,* ». a lock hang on a staple. 
Foot'pad, n. a highwayman who robs 

on foot. 

* A lock for a pod-gate, or a gate opening to a path. 

Panne — a Pas. 
Pait, n. a broad, shallow vessel. |PAiT'oAEE,n.athincakeMedinBpan. 


Pearroe—tt Paxk. 
Pad'ikjck, n. a small incloaure in a I Park, n. a piece of incloeed ground. 

pasture for a sick aniniaL I 

NoTB.— Pasdock, origiDitll}' an IncloBure id d park, for bonnds to ran natchca in. 
Fin — Punishment; Tobtubk. J*in«n— to Paik. 
Pain, n. tm uneasy sensaticm. Pains'takeb, n,. a laborious person. 

Pain, t. to make uneasy. Pike, v. to waste away with pain or 

Pain'fui,, a. full of pain. distress of mind. 

PAiN'FirLi,T, ad. with pain. Pin'inq, n. a wasting away. 

Pain'lbss, a. free from pain. Ritines',c. to fret; to be discontented. 

Pains, n. careful toil; trouble. Bepin'ino, n. the act of murmuiing. 

Pang, n. a charp and sudden pain. 

Pteccan — to Dbckitb bt Faub Appeabakcb, 

NoTS.— They who put patehet on a little breach, to bide it, we careful that tbe color I 
g'aoll nearly as possible resemble that upon vhicb they pnt It. I 

Patch, n. a piece sewed on to cover j Patch'work, n, work composed of 

a hole. I pieces. 

Feabl, n. a whit« body found in I Peasl't, a. like pearls. 

oysters. | 

fodofr— Pebble. 
Pzb'bi.b, n. a small, roundish stone. | Peb'blt, a. fall of pebblee. 

Pocca — a Bag ; Poke. 
PoKB, n. a bag ; a sack. I Peck, ». the fourth port of a bushel. 

Pock'et, n. a small bag in a garment. Poach, v. to steal game. 
Pock'etbook, n. a smul book for the PncK'En, e. to gaUier into pluts or 
pocket. I folds. 

Pouch, n. a small bag. 

Pyndan — to Shut In ; to Pen, 
Pen, n. an inclosure for cattle ; v. to 

PonSD, n. an inclosure for cattle 

which have been taken in trespasB- 

PiN, P. to inclose ; to confine, 
Pik'fold, n. an inclosure for cattle. 
Pond, n. a small lake. 
Impound', e. to put in a pound. 

Peni(7— Penny. 

Pbn'nt, n. a coin. | PEN'NiiBea, a. wanting money. j 

Note. — Tbe penny was fbnaerly a sllTer coin, first utrack in England by the Sax- I 

— T, --ick with a cro«s bo deeply Bank in It, that It might be eaaily parted J 

ice called ba^-pmnia, or Into four partB, thence called Jburthingt or i 


/--' ■ . - ■ 


Oepose — HRATuress ; BruFnifa of the TTiuti ; Posh. 
PoBE, t>. to puzzle or put to a Btand I Poe'sit, n. aomethiiig tbat pozzlea or 
bj asking difficult questioDB. | silences. 

NOTK.— Pose' (pj>«i), posture, attitude, comes from the French (ptwi)- 

Prtete— pRBTTT. 
Phbt'tt, a. neat; beantifbl without [ PsBT'TiNxaB, n. beauty vithont dig- 
dignity. I nity. 

Pbet'tilt, ad. neatly ; pleanngly. 

J*rfcrf«n— to Pbick. 

Puce, t. to pierce nitb a small pone- I Price'li!, n. a small, sbarp point. 

ture. I Frice'lt, a. foil of sharp pointa. 

2Vi/(— Pbidk. 
PBtDB, n. unreasonable Beif-eeteem. | Pkid'inqlt, ad. ivitb pride. 
pBmB'FCl, a. fiill of pride; insolent. PaoTJD, a. haying inordinate self- 
PaiDB'LBSS, a. without pride. 1 esteem. 

Psoud'ly, ad. arrogantly \ haughtily. 

Preost — PBiEflT, 
PuBST, n. one who ofSdates in sacred I Pbibst'esb, n. a female priest 
offices. I Pbibst'sood^ n. the office of a priest. 

Pbibst'likb:, a. resembling a pnest. 

Preon — a Bodkif ; Pbosg. 
Pbons, m. a point«d projection ; the tine of a forfc. 

Frofian — to Fbove ; to Try ; to Judgb, 
pBOvn, «. to show by tesdmony or I Paoor, n. evidence; test; trial, 
argument. I PBOOF'LBsa, a, wanting eridence. 

PvUian — ^to Pull. 
PuLi., «, to draw forcibly ; to plDCk. | Pcu-'baok, n. that which keeps back. 

Cwactan — to Quaks. 
Qdakb, p. to shake ; to tremble. I Qoao'Mibe, ». (suahe, mire), a shaking 

Cuiealm — CtorrAaion; Pbstilkbce; Qcalm. 

QpALM, n. a sudden fit of sickness. ] Qualm'ibh, a. sick at the stomach. 

SquBAu'isH, a. haying a taBt« difficult to please. 

Owen — a WouAa ; Qukeit. 
QusKH, n. the vi& of a king. | Qubak, n. a worthless 




KioHT, a. just ; proper ; straight. 

RlGHrK0B8„a. jU8t; TirtuoUB. 
RlGHT'Fri^o. just; lawful. 
Biaffir'Fuu.Ti ad. accorduig to right. 
Riqkt'lt, ad. jost; properij. 

Bight'sbm, n. correctneaa; skaight- 
Uf'biobt, a. Btzaight ap; honest j 


Up'bightly, ad. honestly. 

ji, boneatj ; integrity. 
Kma, n. a circle ; a round line or I Bnia'LSAsaB, n. the leader of a riot- 

course. ous body. 

Rnia'i^T, n. a cod. I Rrae'woBK, n. a diaeaw. 

Hringan — to Eras, 
Rnra, t. to came to sound. | Rmra, pp. did ring. 

Brao, n. the eonnd of metals. I "Rato'isa, ppr. causiiig fo Bound. 

XOTB.— HCHd, a step of a ladder, a heavy at«fi^ cornea from the Gaelic {rang, a tp&r). 

Sip — a Habtsbt. Bippan — to Take that is Ripe. 
IfopB, a. brought to perfection in I Ripb'kbsb, n. state of bemg ripe. 

growth ; mature. Rip, n. to tear ; to separate. 

Ripe'ly, ad. maturely. Reap, «. to cut grain with a mckle ; 

Rj'fbn, 0. to grow npe. I to gather; to iKitain. 

Reap'eb, n. one who reaps. 

re brought to petfecUon.— Boswokth. 
Rod— a RiDrao ; a Wat ; a Road. 
Road, n. an open way ; a public I Road'btbad, ». a place where ships 
passage. I con anchor. 

Bro/— Root"; the Top; a Raibbid Pabt; to Wbihele. 

Roof, n. the coyer of a building. I Rdpf, v. to ruffle ; to disorder. 

Eoop'i.BBa, a. wanting a roof. Rot-'fib, b. to put out of form ; to 

KuFF, n. a plaited ornament worn disorder. [ornament. 

about the neck. 1 Ritp'flb, n. plaited linen, Sx., for 

^roe— Boos; Crow. 
Rook, a. a species of crow. | Booe'bbt, n. a nursery of rooks. 

NoiB.— Rook, a castle in the game of chess, ia &om the ItallaD (roeat). 

JRum — Book ; Bpags. Rytnan — to M*inr. Wat ; to Ehlakcib. 

Rooic, n. space ; extent. | Rooh't, a. spacious ; wide ; large; 

Roam, «. to wander about ; to stroll. 

QO£K, n, a large cord. | Ro'py, a. tenacious; glutinotu. 


Botlan — toBoT. 

a pntr^ ; to decay. | Rot'tkk, o. pafarid ; nnaonnd, 

Breof—'RavaB; Scasbt. 

BouaH, a, haviiig ineqiulities on the 

Roubh'ek, e. to m&ke nnigh. 
BonGB'LY, ad. barehly. 
RoDQH'ii^a, n. tmerennoB ; lunh- 

Roush'cast, t. to form nidely. 

RouQK'DSAroHT, n. a aketch. 
RouaH'HEWK, p. a. nnpoliflhed ; radfl, 
Rot7aH'wo&K, e. to vork cooreelj. 
Ruo'oBD, a. rough; aneren. 
Suo'sKDMBBB, n. sUte of beong rag^ 

Rue, n. a coarse covedet for a bed. 

Sother—*n Oab ; Rtiddkb. 
RvD^HEB, n. the iustraniBat for steer- I Rud'der, n. tmything that gnldea or 
ing a TGwel. I goveniB. 

^bvotvoM — to RspmiT ; to Lamxbt. 
KuB,e. to besonjfor; to ngret, I Ruth, n. mercy; pity; sorrow. 
RcK nji., a. sorrowfdL Rcth'ful, a. merciM. 

Rns'rnu.T, ad. moomftitly. Ruth'fuli.y, ad. aadly; sorrowlUly. 

Rue'foIiIibss, X. matmiftiljieM. | Rdth'lbm, a. cniel; pitilew. 

RcTH'uxsmEse, n. want of pity, 
Nora. — Bci, & bilter herii, cornea from the Greek (fivv^. 

Jtenttan — to Run; to Flow. 
Run, e. to more twiftty ; to flee. I Rutt'awat, n. one who desertB. 

Ruh'hkb, n. one who nma. ^Iv. FooBBnn'KKK, n. a meoenger aent 

Bun'iinio, n. the act of moTing swift- I before. 

Otbbsuit, e. to ran or spread over. 


.. .--.. IE- 

Bubh't, a. abounding with rushee. | rush. 

Rdsh'likb, a. like a nub ; weak. 

Breoaan—to Rcsh; Bhaks; Waybb, or Faix. 
Rdbh, o. to more forward with- vio- 1 Rabh, a. acting witiiont cantton. 

lence. Rasb'lt, ad. hastily. 

Bithh'dig, n. a violent coniae, I Rabb'itrbs, n. inconsiderate hasto. 

Rash'eb,* n. a tbin slice of bacon for fiying. 
* Probubl; from the raihneis or JjMtc nilh whith the cookety Is despaCcbed. 
KoTB.— Rise, to slice, comei (born the Italiaa (ratcMan); Rabb, su eropUon, from 
Uie Italian (rcuika, the Itch). 


BWT, II. a cmst which forms <m the I Rust'ensbb, n. the state of being msty. 

Bor&ce of metala. RnaT, e. to gather rust ; to become 

Rtmr'T, a. covered with mst. 1 dnllfromwantofactionorexertion. 

habitant of the connCry, comes 


JSrtsUan — to Rustlb. 
SosTLB, V. to make a noise Uke the j Bcax'LiNa, n. the noise of that which 
rabbingofdryleaTea. I ruBtlea. 

I Satcb'ssl, n. a small sack or hag. 

Sadel — Saddm!. 
slaced on a hone's I Sab'dleb, n. one who makes saddles. 

Sigan — to Fuj. ; to Sink. 
dnk in the middle when supported at both ends. 

)j which the wind | Sail'eb, n. a ressel which sails. 

Sail'or, n. a seaman, 
ed along by press- Sail'-loft, n. a place where sails an 
u ssila. j made. 

SyUan — to Sell. 
' a price. I Bale'able, a. fit for sale, 

selling. I Salbs'uax, n. one that bcIIb. 

latowtg, aatwig — Swabtht; Dabk. 

; pale. | SAJ.'Lowiiissa, n. sickly paleness. 

ce used for season- Baxt'iixbs, n. the state of being salt, 
iserving &om cot- Sai-t'cbllab, n. a vessel for holding- 
■0 salts. Saltfb'tks, n. a mineral salt; niter, 

'hat salt. Sai/t'wobk, n. a place where salt la 

sating of salt. made. 

,p, a jump, cornea from the Latin («aZ(wn). 

Sand—E^RTK; the Shobh. 
tides of stone. I BAflD'niBss.n. the state of being sandy, 
d with sand. Sakd'stobs, n. a loose, ftiable kind 

and. I of stone. 



i8am«_AuKB ; As Wkll. 
Saks, a. not di&Tent | BAu'flXai.n.dteiUto bong the aame. 

Seep—Ba; JdiCB. 

Saf, n. the rital jaic« of pUnta. I Bat'lhid, n. a yomig plant or tree. 

Saf'lebs, a. wanting up ; dr; ; old. | Saf'ft, a, aboaadii^ with sap. 

NoTX. — 8lP, to UDdermine, comes &om tbe French [•opn'). 

Sater-d€Bff — Satubn's Dat, 

Sat'cbdat, n. the last day of the week. 

Saw, fi. a cntting instniment with a I Saw'tbr, n. one wlio tawa. 
toothed edge. I Saw'dubt^ n. diut made by sawing. 

Saw'fit, n. a pit where wood u tawed. 

Seegan, aegan — to Sat. 

Sat, e. to apeak ; to ntter in words. J BAT'nta, ». an eiprewon ; a maxim. 

Saw, n. a saying ; a maxim. 


Sccabb — BOAB. 
Scab, b. a crust formed over a sore. I Bkab'bikzm, n. meanneM ; ngged- 
Scab'bt, a. diseased with scabs. neas. 

Bhab'bi, a. mean ; paltry. I Bbab'bilt, ad, meanly. 

Settle— & Shell; a Hnaz. 
FloALx, n. the dish of a balance. I Boa'lt, a. coyeied with scales. 

ScALs, n. a small shell or cmst Sbell, n. the hard covering of ony- 

Scai.£'lkb8, a. destital« of scales. I thing. 

Ssel'lt, a, abonnding with shells. 

Non— ScALB, to climb u by u Udder, comes fti>m the Latin (tcah, » ladder). 

Seearfe — a FxAauKHT. 
BcAKF, n. a piece of dresH that hangs | ScABr'sKDi, n. tbe ontet akin of the 
loose npon the sfaonlders. I body. 

ScathUin— to Lxjcbb; to Dakasb. 
ScATH, e. to damage ; to waste ; to 1 Scathe, «. to dama^ ; to destroy, 
deetroy. | Bcatb'ful, a. injunooa; destructive. ' 

ScATHliBW, a. vrithout harm or damage. 

Scateran — to Pouk Ott ; to 
Bcat'teb, v. to throw loosely aboat. I Shat'teb, c. to break at once into 
ScAT'TEBEDLT,ad.looBel7;separately. | many pieces. 

Bcat'tbbiho, n. the act of disperring. 

■,G Otitic 


Sceol — Bhoal; Cbowd; Bchool. 
8cHOOL,».aiboalormultitadeoffiflh. I Bhoai,, ra. a plAce where the miter is 
Q„^,. « = ~~,„t multitude aaaem- of little depth. 

j Bhal'low, a. not deep. 
place wbere lostruction i9 given, comes iravi the Latin (tehUa'), 

, from aeeran — to Bheab ; to Cut ; Scobe. 

;h, or mark cut on a stict ; twenty ; reason or motive, 
en nseij for tiroiil;, hoB been well and ratlonallj ncconnted for 
ur anlcaraed anceatora, to avoid the embarraaBments of Isi^ 
bad mode twice ten notches, cnt off the piece or Callj conlolning 
I counted the scores or pieces cut off, and reckoned by the Bnm- 
ea, or by Koret— Uornb Tooke. 

Scur — a BcoTjMKG ; 8co0B. 
X& with Bomething | 6coTrB'n?Q, n. the act of cleaning by 
I rubbing. 

U, in ScDi>Ei>GBD, Bcowit-Etbd — Scowl. 

Screopan — to Sceapk. 
off the surface by I Scratk, n. difficulty or tnmble; 

I ScuAF, n, a small piece. 
Icbap'br, 71, an instrument for scraping. 

Hrwman — to Cry Alood. 
1, qniclc, loud cry | Scbbam, e. to ciy oat Bhrillj. 

Sceotan — to Buoor, Dart or Rush. 
pass over quickly. Shoot, v. to make fly with speed or 
iving before a gale violence. 

Shot, ». the act of shooting, 
lorf clouds driven Bhoct, v. to utter a loud cry, ■ 
ind, Bhut'tle, n. a weaver's instmment. 

I, to run with af- Bhut'tlecock,)!. Gorft, a cork stuck 
with featheta. 
Up'shot, n. conclusion ; end. 

Sceorfa — SctmF. 
e^ crust. I Scuk'tt, a. vile; mean; n. a diseaae. 

art I Scmi'viLv, ad. vilely ; basely. 


g of two edges. I Beak'btbesb, n. a womui who B( 
ag no seam, \s .... 

I SejUi't, a. showing the seam. 



8tK, ««, »U%V—Sak, 

Bea, n. a luge body of ealt water. Ska'boabd, n. the sea const. 

Sba'coabt, n. the edge of the sea. Ssa'fabxb, n. a seaman ; a sailor. 

Sx&'voBTHT, a. fit to go to Bea. SsA'amT, a. enciicled by the sea. 

8b&.'wabs, a. towards the sea. Bb&l, n. aeol, a marine qoadroped 

Sba'bbeeze, n. wind blowing &om tbond in cold latitndeii. 
the sea. 

jSean — to Skb. GevJAt— Sight. 
Sbs, e. to perceiTe l^ the eje. I Saw, e. gatoon, did see. 

See'ino, n. eight ; vuion. Siasr, n. the Benae of aeeiog. 

Seen, pp. beheld ; obeeired. Siqht'lksb, a. wanting toght. 

Sgeb, n. a prophet | Sisht'lt, a. pleanng to the ej 

« anclentl; wrltteo tigh, whence tighti, *^ftd; 

Utln Mdo, a seat, (' '" '" -'*' 

S<bA — Sbbd; Bownia. 
Sbed, n. the BnbBtance &om which | Sbbd'y, a. td& of seed; poor and 

new plants spring. mieenble looking. 

Seed'ud'o, n. a plant jnat spmng Seed'tdie, n. the season of sowing. 
ftom the seed. I 

Seothan — to Seetsi ; Boil, or Cook. 
SsETHE, 0. to boil ; to decoct in hot I Bod'deh,^. soaked and softened in 
liqaor. I water. 

Sylf, geotf—SuLv. 
Self, n. one's own person. | Sblp'isbi.t, oif . in a selfish manner. 

Bblf'ibe, a. rugarHiiig onlj onB's own BELP'isHSEaB, n. the quality of being 
interest. I selfish. 

Self'sakei, a. exactly the same. 

S€ftan—U> Bm. 

Set, v. to place ; to plant ; to regnlate. 

S&T,p.a. rq^lar; fixed; firm. 

Sbt, n, a nnmber of things enited to 

each other. 
Set'teo, ». a large seat with a back. 
Set'tie, 8. to fix in any place or way 

of life 

Sbt'tlehebt, n. adjustment; a col* 

Set'teb, n. a kind of dog. 
Beset', e. to surround. 
BssET'TiKa, p. a. habitually attend- 

Out'bbt, ft. opening ; beginmng. 

Shake, «. to agitate ; to make to tot- I Shak'ii 
ter or tremble. 1 Shock, 

Bhock'qig, a. that shocks; ofiiensive. 

Sceal—I AK Obliged ; I Ought. 
SttALL, e, an anziliary yexb denoting | Shoitld, e. the preterit of Bbahl, 
duty or obligation. I 


am light and 
timed b; the 


Sceadan — to DmsE ; to Shade ; to Cotxb. 
/ldb. Scedan — to Poub Out ; to Qbed. 
at light. Shad'oitt, a. fill) of ebade. 

: Bcreen fWim Otebbhad'ow, e. to tbrow a shadow 
le sun. over. 

Shbath, n, the case or coyer of any 

Bhbathe, v. to pat into a sheath. 
BaBATH'LESs, a. hBTing no sheath. 
80 as to caose Bred, v. to let fall ; to pour out. 

SHED'cma, ppr. flowing ont ; castlDg, 
ID, n. a slight coTering to shade. 
composition In the Benee of fffiaion; as blood-iAcd. 

izcited by the | Bhame'ful, a. diagmcefal. 
It, or b; the Bhaub'lbbb, a. d^titute of shame. , 
;ht to be con- Bhaub'faced, a. modest; bashful. 

I Ashaked', p. a. touched with shame. 
Uf , n. a falee pretence ; a fraud. 

d {Tmn atJiained. 

!n — to FoBu ; to Create ; to Shape. 

luld ; to make. I Shapd'leibs, a. destitute of reg^alar 

Bhape'lt, a. well-formed. 
( ; to Shave ; to DrvniE ; from' sccr—n Share ; 


itendence of a ahnre. 

from the snr- Shbeb, a. pure and unmixed ; very 

hears. Sheer, e. to deviate or turn arade. 

s. Shirr, n. a county. 

; two or more. Shbb'iff, n. (scir-gerefa, shire- 

:U6. reeve), the chief civil officer of a 

ig on water. county. 

n. the under-garment worn by men. 

if timber to prop with, comes fh>m the Dutch (xJuior). 

n, to ahorten, (from ueran, to shear). 

Scearp — Sharp. 
n edge or fine I Sharp'lv, ad. keenly; acutely. 

Sharp'hebs, n. keenness of edge or 
Harp. point 

illow. I Bhabp'sbt, 0. hungry ; eager. 

tn — to SoBAFR ; to Make Smooth. 
>th ; to cut o 


Av'iRo, n. a thin slice pared ott, 

Ch Kittle 


Sceaf—B Bhkap ; & BtTKDLR of Corf. 
LV, n. B bundle of stalke. | Skkaf, e. to make Bheaves. 

, I. like K Hheep ; baehfni. 
Hhbepb' etk, n. & modest, diffident 

Dhep'hebd, n. hj/rde, one nho tends 

8hkkf'ibhi.t, ad. tnsbflillj. 
SHBP'EEBDBse, n. n female who t«ndi 

:, n. an implement 

tan of a ull, comu &0111 the 

Sc{/I/e— Bbelp. 
BsELV,n. K board fixed on BQpporteiB I Bbelve, V. to place on ibelvcs; to 
for holding anything. I slope. 

SHBLV'mo, p. a. sloping ; inclining. 

Scj/ld — flnnn.n Scjfldan — to COTKB J to Pbotbctt. 
to protect. 

Bbielo, tt. defence ; shelter ; pmtec- I Shkl'teb, n. a corer ; a protectii 

Soel'teblesb, a. destitate of shelter. 

is formed flx)m torttoM, A.-3. «cyWan, to cover, 

HtudpaatpartldploiAlaU, Uko/Kl,jW/ buUii, iuUf.— Bascut. 

Seyftan — to Divide ; to Vkboe ; to Bbouitb. 
Bmn, V. to clunge place; to moTe. | Bhut'ds'ci, n. act of changing, 
Shut'lbss, a. destitnte of energy. 

Scitian — to SHiKa. Sceone—^vjijynsmM 
Ssnre, e. to be bricht ; to glitter. I BHt'irr, a. bright ; splendid. 
Sbih'ibo, p. a. tn^^t ; splendid. | 8Hi»a(, a. bright ; glittering. 
Bhbsn, n. brigbtneu ; splendor. 

Ship, n. a lai^ veesel for sailing. | SHip'iaiirr, n. the act of loading a 
Batp'Fiiia, n. ships collectivel;. I ship. 

Bhif'wheck, n. the destruction of a ship. 

NoTK.— 8bip, ea a termination, denotes *tate, oCDce, or dignity j at, tiieaithip. 

Sceoppa — a Tbbabcrt ; a Btoebhohbb ; (Dut. leAap, a shelf,) 
9soF, n. a, place where things are sold. | Snop'prao, j^. yiddng ahops to bay. 


Shoe, it. s covering for the foot. I Bhod, pp. having the feet covered 
Shob'lsbb, a. deetitate of shoes. | with ^oeB. 

ShokVakhb, n. one who makes shoes. 

Shokt'ly, ad. quickly j soon. 

,, sceofan — to Bbovb ; Thbdbt ; Cabt ; Put. 

I Skut'fls:, v. to throw into disorder. 
SoAfT, n. an^^iug straight. 

Sceawian — ^to Look or Bee ; to View. 
lent to yiew, I Bhow't, a. splendid ; gay. 

Scur — Bhowbr of Raih ; 
> fell of rain of short I Show's: 

Screadian — to Cur Off. 
nt into pieces narrow I Bbbbd, n. a figment ; a strip. 

Syrwan — to Ekbnabs ; to Entbap. 
peerish, brawling wo- 1 Shbeiwd'lt, ad. cunningly ; miscbier- 

? ; cnnntng ; artthl. Bhbew'ish, a. peerish ; petulant^ 

n. sly cunning. [ SHBBw'isHsxaB, n. petulance. 

Serin — Cabket; Chest. 
ue in which something I Enbhbine', e, to preserve as sacred. 
posited. I 

•crincan — Shbine; to Withek; to CtoNTBAOT. 
contract itself I SHiuKF,n.asniallcrastaceoi;iaanimal. 

.. contraction into a lees Bhkimp'mst, n. a net for catcliing 
I shrimps. 

ips, when boiled, coottuct or draw together In a roundish shapes 

jover ; the dress of the ! Shbohbb, n. ropes extending from the 
1 masts to the sides of a ship. 


SasDB, n. a bnita; & ematl tree. | 8HBT;B'BSHT,n,ftpIantationofBhrab8. 

nea bom Cfae At«- 

SiCK, o. ftfflicted vith diaeaae. I Eiok'i.t, a. not healthj. 

8i<:k'bk, v. to make, or become ncfc. Sick'libB8B, n. the state of bang 

Skx^bh, a, somewhat sick. I sickly. 

Side'wats, ad. on one aide. 
aife. Si ftan— to Bift. 

o Beparate bj a neve. 

Siecet—A 8ioh ; & Gboas. Sican — to StOH. 

n. audible emisdon of 

Bilk, «. a fine, Boft thread apnn by I Bas'sai, a. made of rilk. 
the alk-wonn. I Silk't, a. soft ; tender. 

SOiK'nmaB, n. softness ; smoothness. 


Seolfer, tylfor — Silteb. 
Sil'tkb, n. a precious metal. | Bil'tgibt, a. like silver. 

*^m— SiH. 
Sdi, n. a viotation of the Divine law. I Sih'lebs, a. free from mn. 
^'pDii, a. gnilty of sin ; vicked. | Sin'mB, n. one guilty of sin. 

SUhthan. SUh — ^Aites ; and tttfenne—THEs. 
Sacs, amj. because that | BmcE, ad. from the time tbat 

Sinu— Snrarw. 
Sih'et, n. a tendon ; strength. | Bis'ewx, a. stroog ; powerfiiL 



Sinffan — to Snta. 
Bmo, V. to modulate the voice to I Sing'er, n. one who sings. 

melodj. BtHo'soNO, a. bad intonation, 

SniG'iNO, n. the nttenuice of melo- Sobq, n. that which is snag. 
diouB soondB. | Sonq'steb, n. one that dugs. 

Soho'btkebs, n. a female singer. 

Slnean — to Sikk. 
wn through anj I Biss, n. a drain. 

I Bmx'iNO, j>pr. a. falling ; declining. 

Sipan — to Sip. 
nail quantities. | Sip'pbt, n. a small sop. 


Sitten— to Sit. 
e lower part of I Sit'tdio, n. the act of resting on s 

Bkate, n. sceadda, a flat fisb. 
le for eliding on the ice, comee bom the Dntch (tcAoaft.) 

—to BrsTiKQpiBH ; to Skpabatk ; to BCALB. 
Dowtedge of any i, a. knowing; dexterons. 

Slatb, n. a l<ind of stone which read- 
ng; dextetons. ily splits into plates, 

th skill. I Slatt, a. resembling date 

coTering of the I Sxih'heb, ti. one who skiDS. 
I Skin'ht, a. wanting flesh. 

Bkin'dbep, a. slight ; superficial. 

ScUan — to Thbow Oct; SKimsH. 
lightaied; timid. | BKir'TieHLT, ad. shyly. 

e, staw— Slow ; Idle ; Lazt ; Reuibb. 

; hard drawn. Slow'neb8, n, want of speed. 

3n ; to relax. Bx«th, n. slowness ; ladness. 

f; remissly, Sijjth'pul, a. lazy; sluggish. 

"CSS. Sluo, n. a piece of metal shot from 

Bluq, n. a slow, lazy, sleepy fellow, 
Sluo'gahd, n. a slow, la^ pereon. 
Blug'gibh, a. lazy ; dull ; slow. 
SLuo'GtSHLr, ad, la^ly; slowly. 


Staughter, from riaupht, past part of glean — to Bur ; to Bkat. 
Blat'ek, n. one vho alajfl. 

Elaitoh'tbs, n. deatmction of life by 

Bladoh'terods, a. destractiTe ; mi 

Slay, e. to pnt to death ; to kill. 

Sledob, n. a large, beav; hammer. 
Blest, n. utiitt, a fall of hail or snow 

with rain. 
Slbet't, a. coDrasting of gleet. 

SlUh — Suooth; Bliftbbt. 
Sleek, a. Bmooth; gla^. I Sleight, n. an artful or adroit trick. 

Sleek'lt, ad. smootblj ; softly. Slt, a. meanl; ; artfiil ; crafty. 

Sleee'sesb, n. gmoothness. Slt'ly, ad. with secret artifice. 

Slick, a. Bmooth ; slipper; ; gloaay. I Blt^t^s, n. artfbl wcrecj. 

Stapan — to Bleep. 
Sleep, e. to take reat by the'enspen- I Si.BEp'iRo.n. the atateof being at mt 
don of the bodily and mental BLEEF'LEsa, a. having no Bleep. 
powers. Bleep't, a. disposed to sleep. 

Slebp'kr, a. one who sleeps. I Bleep'elt, ad. drowsily ; lazily. 

BLEEp'tNEBS, n. inclination to sleep. 

Slyf—a Blbbte. Stefan— to Clothe ; to Coteb, 

B, a, having no sleeTM. 

Slttan — to But ; . to Slice. 
Slice, v. to rat into broad, thin I Blic'eb, n. one who slices, 
piecea. [ Slit, e. to cut lengthwise. 

Slldan — to Slide. 
Bled, n. a carriage with mnnera used I Slide, v. to move along without 

on anow. stepping. 

Blbigh, n. a carriage with numeis SLiD'niQ, p. a. gliding. 

used on anow. | 

Slime, n. moist, adheslTe earth. | Bldi 't, a. conastiiig of slime. 

Slingan— to Slvsq. 
Sldio, w. on inatnunent for throwing I Slikg, e. to throw ; to hurt. 
Etonea. I 

Slipan — to Slip. 
8lip, ». to slide ; to glide. I Si.ip'PEitT, o, smooth, like ice. _ 

Slip'pbb, n. a loose kind of shoe. I Blip'kkot, n. a knot easily imded. 
Blab, n. a plane or table of stone. 

SlntnerUtn — to Sltjmbbh. 
Slim'beb, e, to sle^ lightly. | SujM'BKHniG, n. state of rtpose. 



Stop— Slough. 

Slotioii, n. a place of deep mnd. ■ I Slddoe, n. mire ; mud. 
Slotjgh'y, a. miry; muddy, ) Slddo'y, a. miry, 

Sniecccan — tc Tastb. 
Smack, v. to Idaa with a sharp noise ; I Shat'tbb, h. to talk with but little 

to have a taste. knowledge of the enbject. 

Smack, n. a loud kiss ; a quick, smart SuAT'TSBiNa, n. superficial knowl- 
hinw I edge. 

CE, a flslilng-Tessel, comes from the Dutch (tmak teMp.) 

S»Ket— Small; Thin; Slendbb. 
ble ; miDnt« ; petty. | Suall'ibh, a. somewhat Bmall. 

Small KBB8, n. state of being small. 

Smeortan — to Suabt. 

Smyrian, »«te»*c— Fat; Qbease. 
I overspread with any- j Besmeae', e. to bedaub; to boU. 

Smitan — to Strike ; to Smite ; to Dabe. 
^ve a blow to. | Smith, n. any one who strikes < 

ne who smites. | smites witji a hammer. 

Smith'cbait, ». (cra/f,') the art of a smith. 

jSm«oc— Smoeb. 
J Tirible matter which is | Smok'bb, n. one who smokes. 
boimng substances. | Bmoke'lesb, a. having no smoke. 
Smok't, a. emitting smoke. 


Smoran — ^to SuypocATB. 

to suffocate by exclud- 1 Smoux'der, o. to bom and smoke 

I without flame or vent. 
(CnrL'DBRptu, a. burning and smoking without vent. 

Smugan — to Creep. 
to import or export no- 1 Smuq'oler, n. one who smuggles. 

iS»(e(?ci— Snail. 
my, alow oreqiing reptile. | Shail'ltkb, oi. as a snail ; veryalow. 


.Smitto— SifUT. 

Bitot, n. & spot made with soot or j Shut'tt, a. blactc with smoke ; ob- 

coal. Bceoe. 

Bmrr, n. obscene lanmiage. 1 BxBmn', e. to soil with Boot or smoke. 

Skittch, e. to bUcken with smoke. 

StUcan — to Mote Boftlt ; to Bnkak ; to Cbbsf. 

Bheak, «. to creep or steal awaj | Skdo, e. to lie close, as in bed. 

privatelj. Bmuo'oi^ v. to lie cioee and warm. 

Snbak'oio, a. servile ; mean. Shuo'lt, ad. closely. 

BKua'nasB, n. state of being mug. 1 Sn axb, ». a kind of serpent. 
Bhak't, a. like a snake ; sly. 


Bhobs, «. to breathe audibly Qiroogh | Shobt, e. to blow through the nose 
the nose in sleep. I so as to utter a strong sound. 

&<oBT'nro, n. the act of blowing through the nose. 
KOTK.— SfOBs, > string or cord with whlcb > bo; ipins * top come* from the Dutch 
(■Kwr, a suing or cord.) 

Snow, n. frozen vapor which &ll8 in | Bkow'y, a. white like snow. 
wbite flakea. I Bhow'bau., n. a ronnd Inmp of snow. 

Show'dbop, n, an ewlj flower. 

Seobgend — Ck>iiPi.AiinNa. 
Sob, e. to sigh with convnlsion. I SoB'sme, p. a. ughing with a heav- 

I ing of the breast. 

Seft — Sojt; Mild; Qumr. 
8on-, a. earaly Tielding to presanre. I Boft'hesb^ n. the qn&litj of being 
Boft'es, c. to make or grow soft. soft ; nuldnew. 

Soft'lz, <^ gently; mudly. I 

Selan — to Son. ; Smkab or Btaih. 
Son^ o. to make dirty ; to stain. | SoiL'iBa, n. the act of one who aoilib 

NoTX.— Bon., the groiuid, earth, load, cornea fhim the Lattn ((oJont.) 

Sol— a Bole or Bahdal. 
Sole, a. tbe bottom of the foot. | Solb, n. a flat fish. 

HonL — B<HJt, single; only; comei from the LaUD(<a2w.) 
Sum — Soke. 
Soke, a. notiitg a quantity of a thing Soub'thino, ». a portion more or less, 
but indeterminate. Bomb'time, ad. at one time or other. 

Soue'body, n. a person unknown. Some'what, ad. more or leas. 
Bokb'how, ad. in some way not yet Somu'wheirb, ad. in some pUoe OT 
known. other. 


8&lh — Sooth; Tbdtk. 

6e9othian — to Fi^itsb ; to Abb&kt ; to Sootbo. 

r, ad. vitb flatteir. 

8ar, gorg—VATx; Cabb. 
floRB, n. a tender and paiiifiil place. | Sob'bovfui., a. monniflil ; Bad. 

Bobb'lt, ad. with great pain. &ob'bt, a, erieved for tne loM of 

Bobe'hbsb, n. the state of beinff sore. some good ; meaD ; wdrthless. 
Sob'row, a. pain of mind ; gnef. I Sob'bilt, ad, meanly ; wretchedly. 

BoT, n. a habitnal dnmkard. | Sot'tish, a. dnmken ; atupid ; dull. 

Sawl — Life; Soul. 

Bom., », the immortal spirit of man. [ Sont'LEse, a. withoat aonl ; mean. 

Su ntt — Hkaltbt. 

jSutk^— a SwaotasQ ; a Shallow Sba. 

lloTB.— Somm, (ujtUng tndlble ; » nolac ; cornea lh>m tbe Latin (m 

Sur—^jjB.. SureHce—SmcDY. 
8ouB, a. acid; tart; harsh. 
Bottb'ish, a. somewhat sonr. 
Bocr'ly, ad. with acidity. 
Bour'nesb, n. addity ; harshness 

Sdb'liness, «. moiosenew. 
lloTB.-4oitBBL, a yellowish browu color, comee tiota the French (aourv.) 
Siith — South. 
BoBTH, B. the point in which the sun I 8otith'bbi.t, a. lying towards tho 
is at nooD to the inhabitants of the south. 

northern part* of the earth. I South'ebh, a. belongiDg to the mhiIIl 

Bouth'wabd, ad. towards tbe south. 

Span, vpannan — to Ueahube ; to CllAsp ; to Join. 
tbe space front the end of | Spas, t 

jmb to the end of the little tendi 

finger extended; nine inches; a Spajj'h 

Sob'rel, n. 8 plant, bo n 

its add taate. 
Sue'ly, a. gloomily ; m< 

SuB'Liir, ad. in 9k anrly b 

Sfab, «. the space from the end of | Spab, e. to measure by tbe hand ex- 
the thumb to the end of the little tended. 



Sporran — to Bas ; to Stop ; to Hihsbb. 
Stab, e. to dispute ; to figM with prelanve etrokea; to box. 
Nora.— Bpih, » malt, boom, ett., cornea tram tbe Dutcli (^wr, a rafter,) and SPABf 
■ njBMlliied mineral, Ikvm the Dutch (j^aatk.) 

Spai^an — to Bfabe. 
Bpabb, e. to tue frugally ; to do I Sfasb'lt, ad. frugally, 
without I Spabx'sbbb, n. leaaneai. 

Bpakiso'lt, ad. frugally. 

Spearca — Sfjas. 
Spabk, n. a small particle of fiie. j Spars'libo, a. glittering ; lively. 
Spab'kle, n. a particle of fire. BpARK'LDiai,T, ad. with twinkling 

Spar'elb, v. to emit eparks ; to ehine. lortte. 
Spase'lbr, n. one that sparkles. I 

Sprtecan — to ^vax. 
Spe^ e. to express thoughts by 

Spbae'ablb, a. tbat may be ipoken. 
Bpbas'br, n. one wiio speaks. 
Spbak'ino^ ». the act of expresring 

Bespeak', p. to speak for beforehand. 

Spbkcb, r. the power of expressing 

thoagfats by words. 
Spebch'lkbb, a. deprived of ^eecb; 

Bfoxe, e. did speak. 
gpoKEs'iiAir, n. one who speaks fbr 

Spo'kbit, jppr, expreased tboaghts. 

NoTB. — Spokx, one of the bsrv of a wheel which extend from the bub to the rim, 
tomet bom the A.-S. (tpaea.) 

Speck, n. a email «pot ; c. to ipoL | Spxg'kle, e. to mark with mnall spots. 

Spedan — to Bpebd ; to Pbobfer. 
Spbed, «. to make baste; n. qaick- I Bpeed'ilt, ad. qoickly. 
Sfbed't, a. quick ; swift. 

SpcB— History : Speech; TromoB. 
Spell, a. a charm conmBting of I Spell'bocnd, a. under ma^c influ- 

words. I 


Spelian — to Take Ahothbb's Place. 
Spell, ti. a tom of work ; » short I Spell, v. to relieve by taking a turn 
turn or time ; season. I at a piece of work. 

Speetan~-io Thbow Out. 
Spit, t. to eject from the moutb. I Bpit'tle, n. moisture of tbe month; 
Spit, n. wbat is ejected from the Baliva. 
moutb. I Spat'telr, g, to ^linkle wifb dirt, 

Bkbpat'teb, e. to spot over with dirt 
Nora.— Spit, a long Iron prong on which moat U roasted, cornea from A.-S. Qpller.) 



SpeUian — to Nabbats. 
Spell, e. to form words with thdr I SpELL'ma-BOOx, n. a book for tsKcb- 
proper letters. | ing orthogtaphy. 

^endan — to ConsnuiL 
tesiii), V. to lay out ; to waste. [ Bpssd'hk 

Speotd'thbipt, n. a prodigal ; 8 

Spitman — to Sns. 
Spht, e. to draw out and twirt 
threads; to protract; to move 
idly round. 

Sfihiike, 71, one who spins. 
Bpiii'aTEB, n. a woman who spins ; i 
unmarried woman. 

Spdi'dlb, n. the pin on which the 
thread is formed ; a long, slender 

Brci'DLB-LEOOED, a. having long, 
slender legs. 

Spi'deb,* n. an insect. 

* From ^in, n being dropped, so named, from spinning his web. 

Spon — a Chip. 

ks much as a spoon can 

SvooK, n. a ntensil with a concave I fipoon'virL, n. u 
part fi>r dipping liqnldfl. I hold. 

Spreedan — to Sphbad. 
tend in all directions. | Spbeas'iko, n. the act of extending. 

Springan — to BpBtso. 
e out of the ground; | 8pBti(0,n. the season when plants be- 
imp. gin to grow ; a foontain. 

3tic. I Spbdio'idbsb, n. elastidty. 

Sprengan-^to Bpbikkle. 

Spreot—B, Spear ; Spbtt. 

a sprit. 

OyUan — to Yell. 

Stei^—A Stick. 
[ used In walking. I State, e. to break in pieces. 
in, narrow piece of Stovs, ppr. broken in as a boat or 


>M — to Qo ; to AaczKD : to Homr. 

EtTASE, n. a raiwd floor ; the theatre ; | Btaibs, r. a eeries or flight of Btep& 
a d^ree of advance. Sm^ n. (gtigel,) a set oi steps for 

^Aax,'-coACH, n. a public coach. paaaing a fokce or wall. 

&TAIB, n. a step by which we ssceDd. I 

Staee, «Heton— to Stick. 
Staee, n. a stick fixed in the groand. [ Stakx, n. that which is pot 

Stalf steal — a Placs ; a Btaitd ; a Stable. 
Btale, a. old; Icmg kept. I Stall, n. a bench or fount 

STAi.E'i(Bse,n.tbestat«ofbdiigBtale. in the open tur, on whic 
HtjILL, n. a crib for a horse or an ox. is exposed for sale. 
Btall'fed, a. fed in a stall. | Fobkstai.1.', c. to take bei 

SttBtean — to Stai.x; to Go Bofti.t or Wasily. 
Stale, e. to walk with loftj and I BtALK'ma-ROBtn, n. a me 
proud steps. I tence. 

Sta^ — a COLDMK. 
STAI.E, n. the stem of a plant. | Stale'lebs, a. having no i 

Standan — to 6taiid, 
Stand, e. to be npon the feet in an j Staati'abd, n. an ensign 

erect position, J rule or measure. 

6TAin>, n. a station; a halt. I STAHD'ina, a, settled; losl 

Stap^ — a Pbop ; a Btake Bet in the Qitomit. 
8ta'pi.b, n. a loop of metal ; a prin- I Bta'pij:, a. chief; prindp 
cipal commodity. I 

Stearc — Rigid; Btiff. 
Starch, n. a substance used to stifien I Stasched, a. stiffened ; p 
linen. I Btakk, ad. completely • w 

Styran — to Btib ; to Hote ; to Stebb. 
Start, s. to move snddenlj; to alarm. 
Stabt, n. a quick spring. 
a / — _ '»— act of moying sud- 

Star'lioht, a. lighted by 
Stab'boabd, n. the right 

Stfbr, t. to direct ; to gu 
Stbeb'aoe, n. an apartmei 
Stbrit, n. the hind part 
where the rodder ia pla 
Stib, e. to move ; to agita 
Bestir', o. to put into brii 

Fonng bullock, comeeftom the A,-B. (steor;) andSiEi 

L-e. (ftyran, to stir, lo move). 

councenance, comes from the A.-8. {itarian, to etare) ; 

out, from the A. -8. {ttyran, to stir, to eteer). 

inn ; to fright. 
\,) a InminouB body 


Starian — to Stakb. 
Stakb, e. to look with fixed ejee. I Stbbn, {styrne.) MTere of counte- 
STAB'Ba, n. one who etares. I nance ; hareh. 

Stkkn'lt, BCTerely. 

Steorfan — to Die ; to Perish. 

^r or cold. | Stabva'tioh, n. the act of Btarving. 


IStbiad't, a. firm ; fixed ; conBtant, 
Stbad'ily, ad. with Bteadineaa. 
Stead'ihbsb, n. firmness; constancy. 

lUelan^-ta Steal. 

I Stai' WORTH, o.(««Bl-M'eor*ft ,worth 
ict. I stealing,) stoQt; strong; robnst. 

tU^ — a Stbp; a Goraa. 

; ; to walk I Btib'kup, n. a step rope ; a kind of 
hoop in which a horseman rests 
iding with his foot. 

imbue, cornea from the Gennan (atipptn.) 

ri^ia, from i^an, to step or nioeiiil, and rc^ a rope.) 

iv« been ropea. 

iteopan — to Detrivb ; to Berbate. 

Btep'dauokter, n. a daughter by 

Btkf'hotheb, n. a mother by mar- 

g lelation- 
1 marriage 
y marriage. 

a son by marriage. 

tta — Work ; and iveard— a Qdard or Ksbfeb. 
lan^es the I Btew'abdhhip, n. the office of a atew- 
I ard. 

Btick. Sticce — a Piece ; a Part. 
ce of wood. I Steak, n. a slice of meat for broiling 
or flTing. 

SHUtm — to Stiu.. 
to quiet. I 8tiij.'iibss, n. calmness ; tileDCS, 
ss. I 

dlatUlittlon, cornea tiom the LaMii (iHOb.) 


SttHan — to Bncx. 

Stingan — to Smro. 

Sma, e. to pieice or wound with a I Stdiq, n. an;rtl>iiig wMch f^jet paio. 
■harp point | Brmo'i.BaB, a. having no sting. * 

SUnatn — to SmrK, 
Sunk, t. to emit an offenaive amell. | Btrhch, n. a bad amell. 

Stintan — to Stop. 

Stoe—A Placs ; the Stsh or a Tree. 
Stock, n, the body of a plant- a Un- 1 Stock, r. to supply; to fill, 
eage ; shareB of a pnblic debt | Stockasb', n. an inclosuro. 

Srom, li. earthy matter coDdenacd i Ston't, a. full of rtonea. 

into a bard state. Stose'wors, n. work coneiBting of 

Ston'otbiis, ». tUe quality of being stone. 

stony. I Stoub'slikii, a. perfectly blind. 

Stupian — to Btoof. 
Stoop, «. to bend or lean forward ; to ] Sroor, n. an Inclination forward. 

descend. I 

NoTB.— aroor, the eti 
% drinklng-veuel, Q'om 

Stor — Obeat; Vast. 
SioBE, n. a large qnantit; ; plenty. | Store, t. to la; np. 

Storm — Stokh. Styrman — to Assail ; to Raok. 

BTOBU,n. a violent commotion of the I Stobh't, a. tempestuous, 
atmosphere. I 

Strac, 8f itBC— Btraioht ; Rioid. From Streeean — to Stretch. 

Straight, a. not crooked ; direct Straight'wat, ad. immediately. 

Siraioht'kk, e. to make straight Stretch, t. to extend ; to draw out; 

Stbaiqht'lt, <id.ia& right line. to stiHin. 

Btraight'mebs, n. state of being Street, n. {^treeti) a way between 

attaigfat. two rows of houses ; a public road 

Stbught forth, ad. directly. or place. 

. the act of mbbing 


S(r«>w— Stbaw, 
Straw, n, the stalk or etem of gnun.^l Btraw't, a. like straw. 

Struegan — to Spkbad ; to Dibperse. 
STBAa'oLE, E. to wander ; to roTB ; to I Stray, e. to wander away. 

be dispersed. Abtbav', ad. ont of the right wa;. 

Stbao'qlbb, n. one that straggles. 1 SraoUi, e. to stray about. 

StT'ica — a LiNi: ; Biboctiok \ Coubsa, 
s or mark of a dif- I Strbak't, a. atiiped. 

Streatn — Stbeah. 
Btrbam, n. B current of water or | Stre^u'eb, n. an tamga ; a pennon. 
other flnid. I Streah'let, n. a smaU stream. 

Stkeah't, a. like a stream. 

Astrtcan — to Stbikb. 

Stkikb, t. to hit with force ; to ii 

BniiK'ER, n. one that strikes. 
Btrik'ing, a. aurpri»ng; strong. 
BxROKSi, n. a blow ; a sound. 

Streng — Stbikg; Sinew; Cobd; Lenb. 
BTRina, n. a small rope or cord. I Steoko'lt, ad. with strength ; firmly. 

BnunQED, a. 'harnaa strings. Stbemotb. n. force ; firmness. 

STRiNa'i.BBs, a. having no Btringg. SntEnraTH^Eii, «. to make or gto'w 
Stbdjo't, a. conaiating of threads. strong. 

Strods, a. vigorous ; powerful ; firm. | STRUna, pp. placed on a string. 
Stbbboth'lebb, a. wanting strength. 

Bestrypan — to Strip, 
mil or tear ofT. ] Strip, n. » long, narrow piece. 

line, band, or mark of Stbi'fes, a. having stripes. 

I Stbip'llno, n. a youth ; a lad. 

Styb or sfeft— Stub. 
rtnmp of a tree. I Stub'blb, n. the stumps of wheat, 

brce up ; to strike the etc., left In the gronno. 
t. Btub'bork, a. hara to be moved ; ob. 

hort and strong. 1 Btinate. 

Btdb'bobni.t, ad. obstinately. 

Sucan — to Suck. 
raw with the month. | BcCK'Lnia, n. a young cUld or ani- 




SuD^Kir, a. happening withoat pre- I Suh'dkiikxm, n. flie state of bring 

viotis notice. sodden. 

Sud'deki.t, ad. withoat notice. I 

8m.'ET, a. ndlai; soar; morose. | Bm^'imM, n. dlent mHauHM. 

Swoiath, awoleSxAT. 

Sui.'tbt, o. hot and close ; wann and I Stjl'truixss, n. the state of being 
damp. I sultry. 

Sun'dul, n. an instrament which 
shows the hour b; a shadow on a 

Sdn'dkixd, o. dried in the nja of the 

Suk'liciht, n. the light of the son. 

Sun'bise, n. moming. 

Buh'set, r. close of the day; even- 

Snn, n. the InminaT^ which ^vea 

li^ht and heat to tlio pUneta. 
6uh'i.bS8, a, wanting snn. 
Suk'itt, a. exposed to the sun. 
Euh'bbax, n. a la; of the sun. 
Suh'bokb, o. to diacolor bj the snn. 
Sith'buskt, a. discolored by the son. 
Sdk'dat, n. the flist day of the week ; 

the Sabbath. 

Btn'BHDtB, n. the light and beat of the son. 

Sundriattf gyndrian — to Bckdeb. 
Stri'dkb, «. to part ; to sever ; to di- I Bcd'dby, a. several ; mot« than one. 
Tide. 1 Smt'DBiKs, n. several things. 

Anm'DXB, ad. apart ; separately. 

Supan — to Sup. 
8u7, e. to take or diink hy roonthfuls. | Bttp'fer, n. the evening meal. 
Sc7, t>. to eat Hie evening meal. | Bdf'pbblebs, a. withoat suppN. 

Swethei — to Bwadqi-b. 
SwAs'iiLS, e. to bind tight with | Swad'dldtg, j^. binding in tight 

clothes. clothes. 

Swathe, n. a band ; a flllet. -. | Bwathb, «. to bind ; to confine. 

Swegan — to Botraro or Rattle. 
Bwao'qkr, c. to blaster; to bully. | SwAa'GXBEB, n. a tnrbnlent Mo'v. 

Swam — a Fuhgub or HusHBooif . 

Swamp, n. spongy land ; soft, wet I Swamp, o, to fill with water as a boat 
ground. | Swajcp'y, a. low, wet and spongy. 

Sweart — Bwabt. Stvtethe — a Track; a Path. 

SwABT, a. moderately black. I Swath, n. a line of grass or grain cut 

Swabth't, a. dark of complexion. | i^wn by a mower. 


W<Bge—a Paib or 8cAi.Ka, Weeg—A Watb. 
Stay, o. to wave in the hand; to I Btat, n. power; rule, 
govem. I 

Swertan — (oSweab. 
BvuAB, e. to ntter an oath. | Fobsweab', v. to swear folself, 


BwBAT, n. the mt^nre which igsnea [ Swxat't, a. covered with nrest. 

Swapan — to Bwbef. 
I with a broom ; to I Swkkp'ihgs, n. things swept away, 
long stroke. Swab, r. a kind of mop. 

the whole money Swab'bins, j^pr. cleaning with a 

BwooF, e. to &11 on at once and seiza 

jStt^— Sweet. 
le to the taste or Swbkt'nkbb, n. the qmility of being 
to any »ense, sweet 

ake or grow sweet Bweet'biubb, n. a fl-wnitit shrub, 
ewhat Bweet. Bwket'hbiabt, n. a lover or mis- 

I sweet manner. tress. 

VKBT'ifEAT, n. fruit preserved with sngar. 

Swetlan — to Swrlu 

to BwELT. Qothie, ewUtan — to Bn ; to F 

1 ; to swelter. | Swbl'teb, v. to sweat profbsely. 

ffweorfan — to Tumi ; to Warp. 
m aside ; to devi- I SwEBT'ina, n. deviation from rule or 
I dnty. 

from awl/an — to Ttms ; to Whibl Bodhd. 
rapidly ; quick. I Swtr'Ei^ n. a ring which tonu npoq 
dly ; quickly. a staple, 

ed; qnickness. 1 

Swimman — to Bwnc 
to be dizzy. | Bwm'iano, n. act of floating, 

f 'lOHCH.T, ad. smoothly ; with great soccesB. 

SuHn — SwniE. 
I pig. I BwTN'iflH, a. like swina ; groas ; bratal. 


Swelgan, mtrylgan — to Bwallow; to SwiM-. 

NoTX^-Swuxow, k bird, comei Ihun the A.-S. (neobw.) 

Swengan — to Swihs. 
'ord Mid for- 1 Swmo'iiia, < 

^otvanan — to Lanoitish ; to Perish; to Bwoox. 
SvrooK, e. to &int ; n. & Mnting fit | Swooir'Dia, n. the ut of fiuntiiig. 

Bwoito, n. a wariike weapon. 

To-eeiean — to Add To. 
Tack, v. to fasten; to joia. | Tacx,o. to chaoge the course of « ship. 

NoTKc— Tack, a small nail, comes ft'om the DauUli (laUa.) 

T^can — to Tkach. Tacan — to Takx. 
Task, v. to receive what is offered. I Betake', v. to have recoone to. 
Tak'iho, a. pleasing ; engaging. Teach, e. to impart linowledge. 

Tak'tkohebb, n. qoality of pleasing. I Teach' ablb, a. that may be tanght. 
Teacs'ek, n. one who teaches. 

Dif«— Befboach ; a Rbcxontho. Tettan — to Teix. 
TAI.B, n. a story; a narratiTe; ac- Tell, o. to utter ; to express in words. 

count ; number reckoned. Talk, v. to apeak ; to conreTBe. 

Taiji'bbabeb, n. one who officion»ly Talk ativk, a. given to talk. 

tells tales. Talk'er, n. one who talks. 

Tai.b'tblleb, n. one who tells tales. TAi.K'mo, n. oral conversation. 
Tbix'tale, n. one who ofBdously Tat'tle, e. to use many words with 
gives information. little meaning. 

Tat'tleb, «. an idle talker. 

- Item — Tame. 
Take, a. not wild ; subdued. I Take'less, a. wild ; untamable. 

Tame'ahle, a. that may be tamed. | Take'lt, ad. not wildly ; meanly. 
TAKE'NBsa, n. the quality of being taiue. 

TiBppan — to Broach, as a Cask. 

Tap, «. to pierce a cask. | Tap'steb, n. one who draws liquor, 

Tap'boot, n. the prindpal stem of s root. 

KOTB.— Taf, to Biriie a very gentle blow, comee Ai>m the French (li^nr, to Btrtke.) 

Jiiper — Taieb. 

Ta'peb, n. a small wax candle. [ Ta'feb, o. to grow smaller towards 


Tare, tyr—TiiL. 
Tab, n. a thick Bnbstance obtwned I Tah'by, a. covered wifli tar. 
from pine trees by heat I Tae'faolin, n. tarred canvas. 

Teran—to Tbab ; to Rknii. 
Take,* n. a weed growing among j Tak'get, «. (targ, a shield,) a marlc 

gfain_ set up to be shot at, 

Tat'tbh, ft. a fluttering rag. I Tat'tbhbd, a. being in tatten. 

Teae, b. to separate by violence. 

" Take, beoanse the weed deslroja the grain. 

Note — Takh, an allowance for welgbt of caab, etc., comeB from the FMnch {titre, 

lOBS, waste.) 

Teart from fai* — to PrnvoKB. 
Taut, a. sour; aharp of taste. I Taet'ly, ad, sourly; sharply. 

Tabt, n. a kind of open pie. | Tabt'kess, n. sourness ^ Bliarpoees. 

Team — a Rack; Offbpedig, 
TsAic, n. a number of things in a I Teau, n. two or more hones or oxen 

TcDsan — to Pluck or Pull. 
ir card, as tooI or I Tbase, o. to tnitat« with pet^ aa- 

!on, tugon — toTuo; Tow; Poll or Deat To. 
all ; to tear ; to haul. I Tow'-traB, n. a rope used for towing, 
name given to a dog. Tuo, e. to pull with great effort 
(iiae of flas or hemp. Tua, n. a boat for drawing others. 
w tbrungh the water. { TDa,n.along,haTdpnll;agreateffart 

Tyman — to Bbihg Fobth. 
oduce ; to be full. | TBmi'FCL, a. prolific ; btitnfbl. 

Tebh'lxss, a. tinfhiitfuL 

Thanne — Thau. 
paiticle used in com- I Thbkcb, ad. from that place; from 

that time, 
hat time ; afterward. I Tkehce'fobth, ad. from that time. 

Thmr — Thebb. 
I Thbbb-ai 
I TsEOEFOBEi, ad. for that 

that place. I Thebb-ap'tbr, ad. after that 

5, ad. near that place. | T -.»... 



Thick'lt, ad. densely ; closely. 

Thick'bbt, a, closely planted. 

TnioB, n. itiieoh, thick,) the nait of 
LiuEBB, n. me B(He oi oeiog the limb between the k 
it body. 

Thioh'-boiib, n. (ihiek^tt,) the bone of the thigh. 

Teiet, n. one wbo steals. | Thietb, e. to steal. 

Tegit, n. the iict of Btealing. | Thikt'ish, a. given to Btealb 

7%il— a Stake; a Plahx. 
Thill, n. the ahafts of a wagon. { Thiu.'-bobse, n. a shaft-hon 

Tedi, a. having bnt little extent be- I THm'LT, ad. not thickly. 
tween two ntr&cta. I Thui'i^m, n. the state of be 

lyirr, a. little; small; pony. 

Thencan — to Think : to Rehehbbs ; to Tsask. 

Tsibk'eb, n. one who thinki 
THnnc'nia, n. having though 
Bethink', b. to call to mind. 
Thodoht, n. {theaht, fron 

can,) the act of thinking ; 

age tbcmed in the mind. 

; TaiHK, B. to express gratitude. 

TaiRKB, n. expresaiona of gratltnde. 

Thmi'fdi., a. fall of gratitnde. 

Thaiu'lkss, a. ungrateful. 

TJUNKs'orvniG, n. the act of givi^ 
; thanks. ^ 

TaoK, 0. to employ the mind. I Thodqht'fui., a. attentive 

THonQHT'LBSB, a. heedless ; careless. 

Taatsr, n. a desire io drink. I THiRBT'isBsa, n. the state > 

Teimt't, a. su&iing for want of thirsty. 

2%«aA— Though ; Tbt; Still; Howkvkb. 
I '^oiroa, am. however; yet. | Althoitoh, con. notnithBtaoi 

Tkreacwatd. Therscan — to Bkat ; to Thbesh ; and tvald^ 
Tebash, o. to beat grain out of the I 

'^WgB'KR, n. one who thrashes. | 
j NoTK.— Tbls word is written thnuh or threA ladlfferently, fAroiA being pi 

Thraed — Thbead. 
Reread, n. a small line or twiat of I Thrbab'kh, a. made of tlirei 
«Gj Bbrous snbfitauce. I Thbead't, a. like thread. 

Thbu&ii'baBi:, a. worn to the bare threads. 


Tft r^ — Thrall. 

Thrall, n. a slave ; bondage. | Thbal'i>0Mj n. slareiy ; boadage. 

Ihthrall', e. to reduce to Bemtude. 

ITweatian — to Urge ; to Reprove ; to Thbxatsin. 
Thbeat'kn, o. to menace ; to de- I Threat, n. a menace, 
nounce evil. | THuKix'KsnjB, n. foreboding eril. 

Thbeat'fcl, a. tall of threats. 

Tftrote— Throat. 
Throat, n. the fore part of tUe neck. | Throt'tlb, n. the vindpipe. 
Throttle, e. to choke; to eufibcate; to strangle. 

Xhurh — Through. Duru — a Door ^ hQatr; aFABfiAoE. 
.Throuob, prep, itom cnde to rade, oi 

from end to end. 
THROuotfoDT, ad. in every part, 
Thor'ouok, a. complete; perfect. 
THOB'ouaHBBED, a. completely edn- 

Thor'ocghlt, ad. completely. 
THOB'oDGsrARB, n. a passage throagb. 
Door, n. the entrance into a house. 
Wih'dow.w. door^ an opening to let 
light and wind through. 

Thratvan — 

TAuma — Thithb. 
THtriiB, n. tbe short,, thick finger of I Thuub'ed, pp. handled awlcward- 
tbe hand. I ly. 

Thuner — Thdhder. Iftor— the God of Thubdkb. 

Thun'dbsclap, h. a bonrt of thnn- 

Thdk'deb, n. the sound which fol- 
lows a flash of lightninK. 
THnH'DBRiBO,n. the emission of thun- Thuh'dbrshower, m. a shower with 
"' thunder. 

Taun'DEBeTRUGK, pp. or s. ostomsh- 
ed; amazed. 
Thdbs'dat, {Thora-fUeg,) n. the fifth day of the week. 

Tlnelan — ^to Ticklr. 
Tic'klb, X. to touch lightly and cause I Tick'Lnia, n. the act of one whs 
to laugh. I tickles. 

Tick'libh, a. easily tickled ; tottering ; easy to be overthrown : criticaL 

Tfd— Time ; Season. Tidan — to Eapfbk. 
Tide. n. time: season; the flux and 1 Ti'dt, a. clean and neat. 

reflux of the aea. Ti'dings, m. news; intelligence. 

Tide'mill, n. a mill put in modon Betide', v. to happen ; to be&U, 

by the lida, 1 Ti'dilt, ad. neatly; readily. 


Tian—to Tm. Tied, tt'd—Tiaur. 
Tight, o. close ; iwt looae. I Tisht'lt, ad, closely. 

Tio&T^xr, e. to make tight I Tight'kkhs, ». closeneaB. 

Tie, e. to fasteD with a cord or Btriog. 

TUfan— to Tax. 

TniT,, fl. to cnltiTat*. I Tilth, n. culture. 

Tixj-'ablb, a. that may be cnltiyated. Ton,, o. (tiolan,) to work h&rd. 
TiLL'AaB, n. the act of cnltiratiiig. Toil'soxe, a, laborious. 
Tiu.'kr, n. one who tille. I Tool, n. any isBtrnment. 

Note. — Till, to tbe Ume of, cornea from tbe A..a. (HI,) and Till, a maaey drairer, 
]£ or nncert^D etjmologf . 

Toil, a net, ■ auare, cornea from the Latin (tela.) 

Timber— TotSBXL Timhrian — to BunA ; TniBBa. 
Tim'bkb, n, wood fit for building. | Tiu'bebed, a. Aimiehed with timber. 

Kmo— Tdik. 
TuE. n. tlie mearare of dantion. I Time'ly, a. seasonable. 
TiME'i.Bse, a. endleas. I BBrniBa', ad. boob ; early. 

Tin, n. a Boft, white metal. I Tin'POtL, n. (L.foUum, a leaf,) tin 

Tdi'hsb, n. one who works in a tin reduced to a thin leaf, 
mine. j Tci'iun, n. a manufiicttirer of tin. 

Tendan, tynan — to Kindle. 
Turn, ff. to set on fire. 1 Tiu'deb, n. any thing very inflamma- 

I ble. 

. Te«riun, ttrian—to Rub Avat ; to Fail ; to Vex. 
Tibk, n. an iron band ased to bind I TntE, «, to fatigue ; to weary. 

Teotha — aTENTB. 
Ttthb, n. the tentli part. I Ttth'able, a. that may be titlied. 

TrrsE, e. to take the tenth part of. | Tttk'bb, n. one who gatliers tithei. 

Toll— a Tbibutb. 
Toll, n. a tax imposed for some service conferred. 
Norn:— Toll, to *onnd a bell slowly, comes from the Wetoh (tot) 
Tunge — Tohgui:. 
Tosavs, n. tJie organ of speech and I Tohoue, t. to chide ; to scold, 
tagte, I ToBGtJB'LEBB, a. speechless. 

TosaTiE'TiBD, a. unable to speak freely. 



Toth — ^TOOTH. 
Tooth, n. a bony aabatance growing I Tooth'lebs, a. wanting teeth, 
out of the jaw. I Tooth'bomb, a. pleasing to the taste. 

Tooth'achb, n. pain in the teeth. 

Top — Top. 

Top, n. the highest part of anything. 

Top'Moex, a. highest. 

Tof'ple, v. to uU forward ; to tom- 

ble down, 
Top'HEu.yz, a. haring the top too 

Top'kmot, n. a knot worn on the top 

of the head. 
Top'sAiL, n. the highest sail, 
Tofbt-tuk'tt, ad. (tops, or heads 

in the turf,) with the bottom up- 

TealHan^-to Tottkb ; to Tilt. 
Tot'teb, e. to shake BO as to threaten 1 Tilt, e. to incline; to raise 

a fall. end. 

Tot'tbbinq, p. a. shaking as if read; Tilt, v. to raise and point, i 

to fall I weapon. 

ToroH, a. flexible without being | Toros'LT, ad. ia a tough manner. 

brittle ; strong. Touob'kesb, n. the quality of being 

Todqh'ein, e. to make or grow tongh. | tough. 

Tor — a Bock ; a Peak ; a Towbk. 
Tov'eb, n. a lofty, narrow bnUding. | Tow'eb, v. to rise or fly high. 

Tun — a Plaob Fenced ItoDBD. From Tynan — to Hbdos In ; to Idclobb. 

a town. 

Treppe — Tbap. 
Trap, n. an instrament for catching 1 TBAP'mcK, n. a stjck for playing at 

vermin or game ; an ambush. trap. 

Tkap'door, n. a door in a floor, | Ektkap', d. to catch in a trap. 

TraMian — to Tbxat. 
Tbeat, e. to behave to ; to use. I Tbka.t'ibb, n. a discourse. 

Treat, n. an entertainment I Trbat'hbnt, n. management. 

Tksat't, n. negotiation ; nsage. 

L. Tre*, Thbbb, and A.-8. Bteal, Stall, Tbsbtle. 
Tbbs'tlb, n. the frame of a table ; a three-l^ged stooL 

2W/«ton— to Redttce to Mikutb Pabth. 

Tai'pLB, t. to act or talk with levity, I Tbi'fi^b, n. any thing of very little 

a, being of little value. 



Tredfut — to Trxad. 
Tbbad, v. to set the foot I Trbad'lk, n. the part of a machine 

T&KAs, n, a step. | which is niovedl)y the foot. 

Trutn — Fan; Bouns. I^mian — to Pbepabe; to Hake Btboxo. 
Tbim, a. of orderly foim or shape; ] Tbih'lt, ad. neatlj; nicely. 

neat. TaiM'Miiia, n. ornamental append- 

Thim, n. dreas ; condition of a Tessel. ages. 
Tbim, e. to set or put in order. I 

Treowe, treouHan — fo Tbubt ; to Confidb In ; Tetb. 
Tbcb, o. conformable to fact. I Tbus'piehht, n. an honest fellow, 

Tbob'nebs, n.'Bincerel;; reality. | Tbust, t. to rely on; to commit to 

Trde'isx, n. a self-^viclent tnith. | the care of. 

Tku'li, ad. according to truth, Tbttbtkb', n. one iDtrDBt«d with any- 

Tbuts, n. tme state of &ctH or things. thine. 

TRDTH'Fin., a. full of troth, TRTjerri-Ess, a. not worthy of trast 

Tbuth'i,esb, a. wantinK trath. Tsubt't, a. that may be trusted; 

Tbdb'bobh, a. of genome birth. honest. 

Tkue'iikabtsd, a. honest ; faithfhl. TSDar'iflKBB, n. honeaty. 
Tbots, Ti. tmth ; belief; fidelity. M lB TBUBT', c. to suspect ; to doubt. 

Taow, ». to think; to belieye. MwrBUffr', n. want of confidence. 

TsuCB, n. a temporary peace. MiSTSDBT'ruL, a. donbting. 

Trttst, n. confidence ; reliance on an- SIutbu8T'i.bbs, a. unsuspecting, 
other. Tbtst, n. an appoiotmect to meet. 

Trendel — a SrHEBB ; a Cercuc ; Antthino Tubhkd. 

Tbend, e. to turn ; to diverge. I Tbcn'dlb, n. an; round rolling thing. 

TBBND'iHe, n. a particular Unction. Tbcn'dlb bed, n. a low bed that 

Tbun'dmi, b. to roll along, as a bowl runs on wheels under a higher 

or hoop. I bed. 

Tom'dat, n. the third day of the week. 

Tumbian — ^to Tuublb ; to Dance ; Tumblb. 
Tox'blb, v. to fall ; to roll about, | Tcm'slkb, n. a drinking glass. 

Note. — Tumblsb, bo called became ortginally It had a pointed baae, and coold aot 
be set down with any Itqnor in It. 

Tunne—a Butt ; a Tim ; a Vat, 

Tun, n. a large cask. I Tun'nbi., n. an arched way under 

Tuk'nel, n. a conical Teasel with a ground, 
tabe for conveying liquids into Ton, n. a w«ght of 20 cwt 
caaks, bottles, etc. | Toh'saoe, m, weight ; duty by the ton, 

Tnaj', n. a tliin layer of soil held to- 1 Turf, n. a race conrsa. 

ther by the roota of grass. | Tdbf't, a. like turl 



!Pt/rnan, tuman — to Tobn. 
Torn, v. to moTe round ; to xevolve, [ Tdeh'btile, n. a tarnpike in a fbot- 
Turn'eb, n. one who turns. path. 

TnKs'piKB, n. a gat« acroaa a road. I Oteetukn', v. to throw down. 

Tux— a Tooth. 
Tpbk, «. h iong pointed tootb. ] Tush, n. a tooUi of a home. 

Tw€Bdding—i Fi^attebiho ; Twaddle. 
Twad'dia, n, unmeaning talk ; non- 1 Twad'dlb, b, to talk idly. 

Itoel/— TwBLTB. 
TwKLTB, a. tm and two. | Twklpth'tide, n. twelfth day »fter 

Twentig, from twend. Two, and tig, Tbk— Twkhtt. 
Twek'tt, a. twice ten. | Twen'tieth, a. the ordinal of twenty. 

Tweon~leoht, Tweon — DoTjnr, and leoht — Light ; Docbttul Liqht. 
Twi'light, n. the faint light before sunrise and aft«r sunset. 

Tivin — TsKEiD. Twinan—ta Twibb, from Tko. 
Twine, d. to twist so as to form one I Entwins, v. to twist or wreath 
body out of two or more. | round. 

Twin, n. one of two produced at a birth. 
Note.— Th^kui or Twikb bw (tro or more flbere or stronda twisted roimd each other. 

TuHcdan — to Twitch ; to Pmx ; to Catch. 
TwiNQB, V. to torment with sudden t Twitch, e. to pall with a sadden jetk. 
sharp pain. | Twitch, n. a sudden pull. 

Ttvinctian — ^to Twilkle ; to Glitteb. 

I moment; an ^ 

Getwysan — to Twist. 
I unite by winding one | Ehtwibt', «. to wreath round. 

Edwitan. Ed—Aans, and tvitan — ta Biahr; to Twit. 
Twit, c. to tease l>y telling faults. | Twit'thigly, oi. so as to upbraid, 

Ttva, twir—lvro. 
Two, a. one and one. 



Offa — Obeat Fbab ; Dskad. 
UG'i>r, a. oSeaaye to the sight. | Uo'LniEea, n. total want of beanty. 

Uncuth, Un — Nor, and cuth — Knows. 

Ukcouth', o. not known ; awkwsid ; I Unoouth'li, ad. awkwardly. 

Under— VsDR^ 

TJs'deb, pr«p. beueatli ; below. | Un'derlino, n. an inferior agent. 

Un'sBBiioeT, a. lowest in place. 

Under, atattdan — Umdebstahd. 
UHDSBeTAiiD', V. to know the mean- 1 UnDSBSTAsn'iiro, n. the capacity of 
ing oC I knowing. 

Up — Up, 

Up'sraid, e. {gebroBdatt, to en- 

UFBBAm'ma, n. the ^ of reproacb- 

Up, ad. aloft ; on high. 

t7p, prep, froin a lower to a higher 

Up'pkb, a. higher in place. 

Up' w ABD,iz. mrected to a higher place. 

Wftdan — to Wadr. 
Wase, «. to walk through water. I Wad'dt.b, d. to move from side to 
I side in walking. 

Wofgan — to Dbobits; to Famitt; to Chrat. 
Was, n. one who plays merry, frolic- 1 WAa'QEKr, n. mischievons merriment. 

some tricks. I Waq'qibh, a. frolicsome. 

NoTB^— Wia, to move traia side to side, comes tiora the A.-B. {vagian, to more to 
and fro.) 

WtBgen — Waoos. 
Wag'ok, n. a yehicle with four I Wao'ohbii, n. one who driTes ft 
wheels. I wagon. 

Wealcan f p. weotc — to Roll ; to Tuicble. 
WALKfCto more with moderate steps. | Walk'sr, n. one who walks. 

Wann — ^Palb ; Litid. From Wanian — to Dbcbbase ; to Waitsl 
Wam, a. pale ; haying a sickly hne. | Waut, e. not to have ; to lack. 
Wak'ubss, n. paleness. Waht, n. need ; necessity 

Wahb, b. to decrease ; to decline. I WART'iira, a. deficient ; I 

WAJra'i.KSH, a. ftbimdant ; fliiitfttl, 
NoTB^-WiBBD, War*!), Waht, past pattlolple of Wahb. 

Weard, we&rdes— Tow abbb. 
Ward, a. snffix mgntf^ing direction I Fko'ward, a. perrerae ; peeriiA. 
to or from. I FBo'WAaDiTBaB, n. perverseneM. 


Weatl—A Bhosb; a Bahs. 
rtone or brick I WALL'rsmr, » 
or defence. | a wall. 
Wai.Ti'siied, a. barlDg white eyes. 

Wandrian — to Wakdee. 

WAji^EB,e. to ramble here and there. | Wa^dbbeb, n. one who wandeiB. 

WAH^EBina, n. the act of roving. 

Uuerre, weer—'Wia.. 

Wab, n. a public contest carried on I WAR'LTKEfa.relatiQRtowaTimarti&I. 

bj force. Wab'rior, n. a soldier. 

Wab'fabb, n. state of war ; military Wab'fboof, a. able to reaat a war- 

serrice. | like attack. 

Wab'wokh, a. worn with war. 

Weard—o, Odabd ; Watch ; Tiqilaucb. 
Wabd, b. to gosrd ; to watch ; to I Wab'sbn, n. a keeper. 

defend. Wabd'er, n. a keeper; a guiird. 

Wabd, n. a divimon of a town ; one Wabd'robb, n. a place where clothes 
under a,gnardian. | are kept. 

Wabd'bhip, n. gaardiansliip. 

Ware, from warn — ^Hbbchasdibe. 
Wabb, pi. Wabbs, n. goods ; mer- 1 Waub'soube, n. a Btore-hoose for 
chandlse. | merchandiBe. 

WABE'aouBENa, n. the act of depouting goods in a warehonse. 

Wark, e. to inform preyionsly. 
Wabn'iko, n. previous notice. 
Wab'baht, e. to authorize ; to justify. 
■Wab'bant, n. authority ; commiBBion. 
War'bastablb, a. jnatifiabia 
Wak'bantt, n. promise ; security. 
Wab'ben, n. (warian,) a park, or 
incloBure for rabbits. 

Wabe, a. ca&tious ; v. to take heed. 
Wabe'lebb, a. iucantioaB. 
■Wabb'lt, ad. cautdously. 
Wa'bt, a. cautiouH ; prudent. 
'Wab'ily, ad. cautioualy ; prudently. 
Wab'enebb, n, caution; prudence. 
Bswabb', e. to r^ard with caution. 
Aw abb', a. apprised ; consciouB. 

Wab'bbheb, n. the keeper of a warren. 
Notb.— At present Wabb Ii lued only in composition. 

Wearm — Wabu. 

Wabi£,o. heated inamoderatedegree. I Wabk^t, oi. with modermte he«t. 
Wabkth, n. moderate or gentle heat. | Wabm'kbm, n. moderate heat 

Waeacan, wacaan— to Wash. 
■ff Afltt, e. to cleanse vrith water. | Wabh'bb, one who waebea. 

BwABH, n. impulse of water flowing with violence. 



Weorpan, wurpan — to Tnaow ; to Cast ; to Wabt. 

Wabp, e. to turn or twirt out of shftpe. I Wabp, b, to man & VMeel by meaiM 
Wabf, n. the threadii which m ex- of a rope made taat to eome fixed 

tended lengthwise in anything wo- otject 

■yen. I WiMr'nga, n. Uie kct of turning adde. 

W€e9p, we»p—» Wast. 
Wasp, n, s stinging iniect I WAap'iHHLT, ad, poeriahly ; anap- 

Wabt'ibh, a. peevi^ ; petalant ; har- piahlj. 
!ng a slender shape. I 

Weatan — to Wamk ; to Lay Waste ; to Rataqh. 
Wavtb, n. to diminish ; to squander. | Wabts'fcu,t, oi. in a lavish manner. 
Wabte'vui., d, destnictiTe ; prodigal. | WAaxx'THBOT, n. a speodthrifL 

Waelan — to Wakk ; 

> ABOCflB. 

Wixx, «. to rouse fW>m sleep. 
WAKB'nn^ a. not sleeping ; watchM. 
Wak'bk, n. to ronse from sleep, 
WAK'nis, j^. being awake ; rousing 

&om sleep. 
Awake, o, to lonse from sleep. 
Awake, a. not sleeping. 
Watch, v. to be awake; to keep 


Watdb'eb, n. one who watehes. 
WATCH'rUL, a. yjgilant ; attentive. 
WATCH'iNO,ppr. careftilly obserring. 
Watch'housb, r. a bonse where a 

guard is placed. 
Watch'kan, n, a man who keeps 

Watch'wobd, n. the word given to 
sentinels to know their fiiends. 

Jfceie*-— Watkb. Wt^, hwet—'Ws.T. 
Wa'ter, n. a well known fluid. 
Wa'tbbdio, ppr. supplying with 

Wa'tsbish, a. resembling water ; 

Wa'tkbt, a. like water. 

Whet'btohe, n. a stone for sharpening, 

• Whet, becanae while rubbing tbe done la kept wet. 

Wet, a. containing water; moist. 
Wet NESS, n. the state of bein^ wet 
Whbt, v. to stimalnto ; to incite ; to 

Whbt," v. to rub for the purpose of 


W(Bff— a Watb. Wagian — to Wao ; to Movb to asd Fbo. 

Watb, n. a moving swell of water. 
Wave, «. to undulate ; to brandish ; 

to put ott. 
Wate'lesSjO. without waves; smooth. 
Wa'veb, o. to fluctuate. 
Wa'vtno, ppr. moving to and fro. 
Wa'vt, a. rising in waves. 
Wat, n, a load ; a pas 

Wapt.c. to convey through the water 

or air. 
Wat'usbb, a, having no road. 
Way'fabbb, «. a traveler. 
Wat'iat, t. to beset by ambush. 
Wat'wabd, a. liking his own way. 
WAY'WABDHEas, n. perverseness. 
Wao, p. to move from side to side. 

o move from aide to side. 

JFodncsd<eff. Wodnea, of Woden — the Ck>D or Wab, and dag — Day. 
Wedbbb'dat, n. the fourth day of the week. 


Woe— Jspoim; Wkak. 
Weak, a. feeble ; not sttong ; infirm. I Weax'i-y, ad. feebly ; faintly. 
WoA^'aH, e. to m^e weak. | Wbax'nbsb, ti. wont of Htrengtli. 

Wbax'stdb, n. a foible ; a failing. 

TFeox, from wac — Pliablb. 
Wax, n. (weax,) a tenacious sub- 1 Wax'woek, ». a fignre made of -was. 
Btance formed by bees. Wax, h. {weaxan,) to grow ; to in- 

Wax'bn, a. made of wai. crease. 

Wax't, a. resembling wax. | 

NOTB. — Wax, to grow, to increage, OOraes lh>m the A.S. (werra, tbe substance of 
irbich honejcomb is formed, ) Beee are constantly adding to their store of honey- 
comb, tbereby causing iL to grow, to hicrease. 

Werian — to Weak. From tver — a Gttari) ; a Pkotbciioh. 
Wkab, d. to waste by nae or time ; to I Weab'bb, n. one who wears. 

Werig—F^TiomiD ; Dbpkessbd. Werian — to Wkabt; to Tsabe; t 

Wea'ry, a. tired ; fatigned. I WnA'anrassB, n. state of being weary. 

Wba'bied, p, a. tired ; fatigued. Wea'risoubnebb, n. tediousness. 

Wba'bisome, a. causiDg weariness; Wok'bt, s. to tease; to trouble. 
tedious, I Wob'et, ti. trouble ; perplexity. 

»>/«"— to Wrate. IToeft— Web. 

Weate, e. to unite threads so as tc 

form cloth. 
Weat'er, n. one who weaves. 
Web, n. any thing woven. 
Wbbbkd, a. join^ by a membrane. 
Web'foot, a. having the toes cou' 

nected by a membrane. 

Woof, n. the threads which cross the 

Tarp, to, (tvearp,) the threads 
which ore extended lengthwise in 
a loom. 

WeddUtn — to Covenant ; to Pbomisb ; to Pl&doe. 

I. marriage; nuptials. 
I Wed'lock^ n. marriage ; matrimony. 

Weod— Weed. 
r troublesome I Weed'er, ;i 


I. one who weedi, 
, a. free iiom weeds. 
Webd't, a. abounding with weeds, 
mounilng dress, c( 

a (him the A.-S. (itad, a gonnent, 

ITeoc— Week. 

1. the space of seven days. | Weee'lt, a. done once a week, 

Weee'dat, n. any day except the Babbath. 


Wenan — to Thihk, Suppots or Hops; to Wbbk. 
Ween, e. to think; to imagine; to I OvBBWBKii'nTe,;pr. a. arrogant; con- 
fancy, cdted. 
O vMtWBBK ', V. to think too highly. I OTEBWBKK'iNaLY,aiiwitiiBrrog»nce. 

Wepan — to Cbt Oct ; to Ws^. 
Wbef, b, to shed or drop team f Wbkp'eb, n, one who weepi. 

Weef'ihqi.t, ad. in teara. 

Wegan — to Beab; to Cakbt; to Weigh. Weff — a Balaxce. 

Weioh, v. to examine by the balance. | WEioHT'LEaa, a. having no weight ; 
Weioh'bb, n. one who weighs. light. 

Wbioht, n, {wiht,) quantity ascer- Weight't, a. heavy ; important, 
tuned by the balance. | Wkight'ilt, ad, heavily ; vritli force. 

WKiOHT'craM, n. heaviness. 

ir«l— Well. 

Weli^ a. being in bealtli. 

yfsLiJsBED, a. elegant ij 

WEI.COME, n. (wltcuma, a good comer,) kind reception. 
Note.— Wbll, a deep, narrow pit dng fur the parpo»e of obtaining water, 

Weai., ». (viela,) happiness; pros- 

Wbalth, n. (wdig,) riches; opu- 

WBALTH'ttr, ad. richly. 

Wteltan— to Roll ; Welt. 
Welt, n. the edge of a garment I WsiL'TEB,e.toioUor wallow in some 

turned over and sewed together. foul matter. 

Welt, e. to sew on a border. I Wel'teeino,;jPp, rolling; wallowing. 

Wentl—& Tcbn; a Cbahoe. Wendtxn — to Go; to Coue. 
Wbttd, e. to go ; to pass ; to move. | Went, pret. of go ; did go. 

Jfes*— Wbbt. 
I. Qie region where the san | West'bblt, a. ton-ards the west 

Sweel — Whale. 
Whaler n. a large animaL I Whals'bose, n. an elastic substance 

1 from the upper jaw of the whale. 

Ahtvylfan — to Overwhelm. 
Whelk, h. to cover completely. | Ovebwhelm, ». to crush nndemeath. 


Hv)eer — Whkbe. 

I WHEBBAfi', ad. when on the oon- 

, _... what or trary, 

nhich place. 1 'Whsihb'fobe, ad. for wluch reaaon. 

Wtefian — to Babble ; to WKirFLB. 
■WmF'FLB, «, to turn or change with I Whxp'flb-tbkk, to, a short bar to 
eyery wind. which the traces of a horae are 

Whiff, n. a slight blaat ; a pu£ I fastened. 

Note. — Whipplb-trbb, somellmeB, but emineously, written Wmppia-mBB, gets 
its name from its comtant cbangc of position caased by tt>e onward motion oImJm 
tkorae. See Whip. 

Hwil — WmLK. 
WmLB, n. space of time. | While, ad. during the time that. 

While, t>. to draw out ; to spend, as time. 

Wanian — to Deplore ; Lament ; Bewail 
Whute, 5. to lament with a plaintive I Whih'ihg, n. complaining in drawl- 
noise, ing, plaintive tones. 
Whihk, ». a drawling cry. I » 

Hweopan — to Whip. 
Whip, «. to Btrike with a lash. 1 Whip'hand, n. advantage over. 

WHip'piiia, n. correction with a laab. | Whip'btock, ti. the handle of a whip. 

Bwtyrfan — to Whikl ; to Tukh. 
Whirl, v. to torn round rapidly. j Whibl'pooi., n. watci moving <nrc(t- 
WhtblWo, tt. a toy which tarns larly. 

round. Whihl'wchi, n. a revolving colamn 

I of ail. 

Htoieprian — to Whispee. 

BwisUan — to Whistle. 
. to form a kind of ma- j Whts'tleb, n. one who whistles. 
A by the breath. I 

ITiftt— a Cbbature ; a TraHO ; Whit. 
point ; a tittle ; a very | Wight, to. a being ; a person. 

ffwi(— Whitb. Hwltel—to Make Whtth. 
aving the color of edow. I Wsit'ibh, a. somewhat white, 
to make or become white, Whit'tlk, to. {hwitel, to ro&ka 
, n. the state of being whito,) a knife; a white cloak. 
I Wnrr'TiiE, «. to cut with a knife. 
vihUiU itido, to cnt off tbe bark with a knife, to make them wliita. 


Who, JMW. reUliiig to peiBoiu. I Whou, pro. the objeddre caae irf 

WaoBT'sBiprw. an; pereon whatever. | who. 

Wicca — an EncHAHTBB ; Wicked. 
Wick'xd, a. motmll^ twd ; viciooB. | Wick'edhbsb, n. Tice ; un ; guilt 
Wick'edi.t, ad. vicioiutj. I ' 

Wn>K, 0, extended far each w«y. I Wid'kn, b. to make or grow wide. 
Wide'lt, <bi with great extent; far. | Widb'sesb, », breadth. 
Width, n. extent from side to ude. 

Wcaldan — to Gdtebit ; Wield. 
WiKU>, t. U> nae with ftill command I Wibld'x, a. manageable, 
or power. I 

IT*/— Wipe. 
WiTB, n. a woman who is united to I Wife'hood, n. the state of a wife, 
a nian in marriage. I Wite'less, a. without a wife. 

Witb'ly, a, becoming a wife. 


Wiu), a. not tome; desert ; disor- 1 Wii.s'heib, n. state of being wild. 

derly. Wu'dkb, i. to lose the way ; to puszte, 

Wnjiir, od. in a wild manner. 1 Wn.'DEKHEBB,n ■" """-i*"'-*-^ t_^ 

BEWSj'iDiiK, o. to perplex; 

WiHo— Wax. 
Wiu., n. the power of mind bj which i Will'fullt, ad. stubbornly, 
we choose to do or forbear. Wiij.'ihg, a. deairoua ; read^. 

WnL, fl. to determine. Will'isglt, ad. with ftee will, 

Wiu-'rui., a. stnbbom ; perverse. Wnx'iBaHEBa, n. teadj compliance 

Winnan — to Btrdoole ; to Win. 
WiH, e. to gain in a contest 1 Wis'mino, p. a. attractive \ charmingi 

Windan — to Wdtd. 
WntD, o. to tnnk round; to twist; to I Wihd'lass, n. {lace, a cord,) a ma- 
blow, chine for raising weights. 
WiKD'nia, n. a turning. I 

Wincian — to Behd One's Sbm ; to Nod ; to Wink. 
VfiKK, B. to close and open the eye- I WmK'nts, n. a rapid and repeated 

lids. I movement of the eyelids. 

NoTB^— It Is probable that Wma and Wink ma; be tbe same word dtCTerenClr ap- 
plledi — a» mnfi and egdidi have somenbat similar morons. 



IFtnd— Wdid. 
Wind, n, air in motion. 
Wibd't, a. conaJBting of wind. 
Wind'inbbb, n, state of being windy. 
Wind'paix, n. fruit blown from a 

tree ; an unexpected benefit, 
Wtnd'mill, n. a mill turned by the 

WraNOw, n. (windivian, to wind,) 
to separate grain from chaff by the 

'.. the passage for the 


WiRD'wABD.ra. the point from which 

the wind blows. 
Win'dow, n. (door,) an aperture for 

the admis^on of light and wind. 
Wra'TEH, n. the cold season of the 

Wisd'bow, n. grass lud in rows for 

Note.— From German vnhm, to blow; part, athend, blowing, contmcled Wihb. 
Tbe primary sense U, to move, Bow, raali or drive aloDg. 
* Skiniieb and others think It is eo called beciLOBo it Is theioin^ season of the year. 

Geliwing—e. Side; a Cobhbh. 

Witan — to Wist ; to Kfow. 

Wit, 0. to know, or to be known; 
To-WiT, ad. namely. 

WiT'TiNGLT, od. knowingly; by de- 

Wis, e. to think; to know ; to wit. 

Wist, pret. of writ, thought ; knew. 

■VVist'ftti., a. fiill of thought ; desi- 

WisE, a. {wis,) having knowledge ; 
making a right nae of knowledge. 

WisT'FCLLr, ad. attenlJTely. 
Wis'dom, «. {wis, wise, and d4>m, 

judgment.) knowledge rightly ased. 
Wise'lt, 3d. judiciously. 
Wise'acbe, n. (Ger. lagen, to say,) a 

eimpleton ; a dunce. 
Wir'nuBB, a. one who sees or knowa 

Wiz'akd, n. a conjurer; 
Wot, v. to know. 

Wit, or ffc-wi*— Wit. 

Wit, 71. intellect ; the power of asso- 
ciating Ideas in new and nnespect- 
ed relations. 

Wit'lebs, n. wanting understanding. 

Wrr'i.KSSLT, ad. witboat judgment. 

Tv™', .«^^ ^ pretender to wit. 


Withan — ^to Joik. 

With, pwp. by ; noting cause or 

Withal', ad. along with the rest; 

WiTHm', pwp, In the inner part 
'Without', prop, not with or by. 

Wir'TiciBM, n. an attempt at wit, 
Wrr'Ty, a. full of wit ; mgei^ona. 
Wit'tils, (kZ. with wit; ingeniously. 
Wrr'TiNESfl, n. the quality of bdi^ 

Wyrthan — to Be. 

Withdraw', e. (dragau,) to take 

back or away. 
Withhold', e. (healelan,) to hold 

Withbtasd', e. (standan,) to op- 
pose ; to resist. 

Withe, n. (withlg,) a twig nsed for a band, or to tie with. 

andwiUout; i.».,t 


Woe, n. grief; sorrow; misery. I Wo'fdij.t, ad. aoirowfi 

Wo'rai^ a. sorrowM ; wretched. I Wo'^ULSKaa, n. miserj 
Woe'bboohe, a. far gone in woe. 

Wtrf/— Wolf, 
ffoLP, ». a beast of prey. | Wou'ibh, a. like a wol 

Wifman — Wokajt, 

Wunian — Won. 

IFundler — Wohdbb. 
Won'dbb, n. the emotion excited by I Won'debfuixt, o^ in 

anything strange and inexplicable. maimer. 
Wos'debfitl, a. agtonishiiig. I WOH'DBone, a. marrelli 

Wogan — to Woo. 
Woo, o, to solidt in loTe ; to court | Woo'eb, n. one who coi 

Wudu—& Wooo. 

Wooo'ladd, n. ground 

■Wood'mam, n. one wh 


Wood, n. a large collection of trees ; 

the substance of trees. 
Wooi/rd, a. covered with wood. 
Wood'eut, a. made of wood. 
Wood't, a. abounding with wood. 

Wool, n. the soft hair which grows I Wool'tjss, a. made of 
on sheep. 1 Wool'lt, a. consisting 

Word— WoBD. 
Word, n. an aiticulat« sound which I Word'less, a. without 
conTeys an idea. I Wobd't, a. foil of wore 

Word'ilt, ad. with many words. 

WoruM — WoBLD. 
WosLD^n. the whole system of ere- | WoRui'Lina, n. one de 
ated things. I world. 

Wobld'lt, a. relating to this world. 


■ -V 


Weorcan — to Work; to Labok. 
Work, e. to labor ; to act 
WoBS, n. labor ; employment 
Work'bb, n. one who works. 
Work'mah, n. a laborer. 
Wokk'masukx, a. well perfonnod. 

Wobk'kani.t, a. aklltfbl. 
Work'kakship, r. manuiactare. 
Work'shof, ». the place where work 

is done. 
Wbiqht, n. (wyrMa,) an artificer. 

Wbodoht, pp. performed by work. 

Wyrm — ^Wohm, 
WoBU, n. a reptile ; aDjthing spiral. I Work't, a. f^II of worms. 
WoBu, c. to worm slowly and se- Woru'k&teh, a. gnawed I^ worma. 
cretly. I Worbi'wood, n. a plant. 

WoBBB, a. more evil ; more hnrtfiil. j Wobst, a. bad in the highest degree. 


Worth, n. value ; price. 

WbRTH LESS, a. having no worth oi 

"Wor'tht, a. deBerring ; valnable. 
WoR'TimiEBfi, n. merit ; excellence. 

Wor'bhip, v. to adore ; to honor. 
Wor'shifek, n. one who worships. 
WoR'smT, n. (wwrtA and «^,) dig- 
nity; honor. 

■WODHD, n. a tort given by vio- ] Wootid'lbbs, a. free from hurt or 

Hiveorfan — to TuBir. 
Wrap, t, to loll tt^eUier ; to in- I Wraf'fbb, n. that in which a thing 
doee. I b wrapped. 

W^ra<A— WE4TH. 
Wrath, n. violent anger ; rage. I Wrath'lbsb, a. free from anger. 

Wrath'itji., o. very angry ; farione. 1 "Wrath't, a. extremely angry. 
Wroth, a. very angry. 

Wreean — to Wbbak. 
Wreak, e. to do for a purpose of I Wsrak'tui., a. revengefiil; angrj. 
vengeance. I 

Wrtec~an Exile ; a Wertch ; Wreck. 
Wreck, «. destruction by sea. I Wretch, n. a worthless creatore. 

Wreck, e. to drive agunst the shore Wretch'ed, a. miserable ; worthlesa. 
and destroy. I Webtcs'edlt, ad. miserably. 

WaETCH'EDNESS, 11, misery ; meanness. 

WrUan— to Wrttk. Gothic, arU*, a letter. 

I Whit'er, n, one who writesi 
I WRTT'iBa, n. any tiung 

-y ^' 


Writtgan — toWaraa; to Twibt. Wrcsttan — toWBTTHs; to Tvtibt. 

Wbeno, «. to twist or turn around 

Ttitfa violence. 
Wmiia'EB, n. one who wrings. 
Wbah'olb, e. to dispute peeyishly. 
WBAir'ei-K, n. B peeyish dispute. 
Weokg, n. a violation of right. 
WBOKG'Pri., ffi. ityurioDB ; nnjust. 
Wboho'lt, ad. anjusttf ; amiss. 
Wreitch, c. to pntl with a twist 
Wbuhg, ypr. twisted. 
Wktji'ki.k, n. {WTincle^ a small 
fiUTOw on an; smooth 

Wreath, n. anything twisted; a 

Wbeatrk, c. to interweave \ to twist. 
Wbeath't, a. twisted ; carlei 
WarTHK, t, to twist ; to twist with 

Wry, a. twisted ; crooked. 
WBTNEae, n. the aute of being wry, 
Wrkst, «. to twist by violence. 
Webs'tlk, e. to strive who shall 

throw the other down. 
Wres'tlkb, n. one who wrestles. 
Wbes'tukq, n. contention. 
Wrut, n. (from wrtxUan^ fbe joint 

which unites the hand to the arm. 

Giftird— a Btaff ; a Hod ; Tabo. 
Tabd, », a measure of tliree feet V' ■' 

Cfeard, (from gyrdan, to Oibd)— Tabd. 
Tabd, r. a small piece of enclosed ground. 

Gear— Tkab. ___-— "^ 

TiCAB, n. the time in which the earth I Ykar'ldio, n. an animal a year old. 
moves Tonnd die sun. I Yeab'lt, a. happening every year. 

ToBB, ad. in time past ; long ago. 

Qeam — ^DBSntotfa; EAam. 
Yeabs, v. to feel a strong deeire. I Ybarh'imo, n. emotion of tendeme^ 
I or pity. . •" 

Geleu) — ^Yellow. " 

TBL'xAw.a. being ofthecolorof gold, I Yble, ) „ .. „ ™ii^™,.~.*-^.- .~. 
YEi'i^owisH, a. £)mewhat yellow. | YoL^; { "■ *^^ Tallow part of an egg. 

Ybo'mait, n. & man of small estate in | Yeo'habri, n. the colleddve body of^ ^ 

land, I yeoman. \^' ' 

Gyrttan — Yi»rEB. 
Ybb'teb, a. lost ; last past. ] Ybs'tbbdat, n. (dceg,) the day last 

Clyidan — to Pat ; to Rbbtobb ; to Rkrdbb. 

YiBXD, e. to produce ; to afford ; to I Yifld'ance, n. concessioiT — ~— ^ - 

give up. I Yibld'iho, a. the act of giving np. 

YntLD'ntaLT, ad. with compliance. 


EoWf ittf iuch — Too. 
live plural of thoD. 

You, pfo. the nominatiTe and objec- I Yoxm, pro. belonging to 70a. 

Geonff— TouMO. 
TocNG.a.beingmtbefirstpBrtofUfe. | Yootjo'ihh, o, somewhat young, 

Geoguth — Towth. 

'oTrra, n. the part of life which buo- j Torra'puLKESB, n. state of bein 
ceeds childhood. yonthfiiL 

YovTB.'rmi, a, pertaining to early Touth'lt, a. yonng: early in 1I&, 
lifb. I TiTLB, n. (jffeol) Cbnstmaa, 




AbouHr. A — To, and bout—EsD. 
',v. to end at. I ABcr'nKNT, n. that which receiTes 

AxjTT, n. tbe larger and blunt end of the end of a thing. 
a thing ; one who ia the olgcct of Btrrr, p. to strike with the head or 
jeata. I horns. 

BirrTK, n. an abrupt hill. 
KoTE.— Bdtt, a lai^ Tessel or oaak, comes from the A.-8. (Suae.) 

Accoutrer — to Dbbss. From eoudre — to Bkw. 
Accou'tbk, •. to dress; to equip. I Accou'TRsmiNT, n. militar; dress 

[ and arms. 

AJoumer. .^— To, and Jour—BiY. 
another daj. 

Advahcb', v. to bring or put forward. I AvACirr', tn^. hence ; begone. 
Adtascs'mest, n. progresa VAnr'Aoa, n. gaio; profit 

Adtaji'taob, n. benefit ; gain. Van, n. the front of an army. 

ADTAHTa'oEOirB, a. profitable. I yAii'ouABD,n. theflratlineofanarmj. 

Avi^er — to Adtisb ; to Pbeceite ; to Sbb. 
AsT^', •. to counsel ; to consult I Adtib'ablk, a. prudent ; expedient. 
Advice', n. counsel ; inatructinn. 1 Adtis'bb, n. one who adfises. 

Agre^^-to Coucca. From a gre — at Wnx ; at Coscobd. 
Agreb', c. to think or act in nnison. | Asbeed', p. a. settled bj consent. 
AoBBB'Asi^i.flnitableto; pleasing. | DraAOBBS', c. to difier- to rary. 

Alartne, (Ital. alParmi,)— 
Alarh', n. a cry or notice of danger. I Alabk'iko, p. i 
Alabu', 0. to call to arms; to excite alarm. 
fear in. I Alabuu, n. s> 

Alerte — At.hh t, 

Embuehe, From en — Is, and boia — a Wood, or BusHEfi. 
Ah'bitbh, n. tjie place or act of Ijing I Aubdscadb', n. a station in i 
in wait. I men lie to surprise otbera. 


smith's hamd-book of etymology. 

I Piece'm 

a fragment. | Fiece'meal, ad. mot by pieces. 

Apprendve— to Lbabn. 
Apfbisb', «. to inform ; to ^ve notice. I Afpreheh'sioh, n, aeiznre ; intelle* 
Appekhend', v. to lay hold on. | few. 

Appbbbbh'bives, a. quick to understand ; fearfal. 

A^ttacher — to Attach. 

Attach', e. to fasten; to lie; to join, | Attach'mbint, n, foodnesa; loTe. 

Beffler— to Bbfooi. ; to Mock. 

I Baf'flbb, n. one wIlo baffles. 

Sailler— to Delite'r ; to Give. 

Bail, v. to release on security given 

for appearance in court. 
BAiL,'n. the sum given for security. 
BArt, o. (paUle, a tab or bucket,) to 

free from water. 

Bail, n. the handle of a pail, buck- 

BAn-'ABLB, a. that may be bailed. 
Bail'itf, il a law officer. 

Balle — Balk. 

Balustre — Balubteb. 
e of the supporters [ BAii'uETRADB, m. a row of balusters. 
' htof stairs. | Bal'dstkrbd, p. r '^-— - >^ • ■ 

Badiner— to Tbifle ; to Joeb. 
Bam'tee, p. to ridicule pleasantly. | Bah'tbexng, n. raillery ; jesting. 

Barre — Bab. 
iction to hinder en- I Babbicade', n. on obstruction made 
bnnal of justice. in haste. 

DbstructiotL I BAE'ntSTBB, n. a connsellor at law. 

Baran — Babok. 
c of nobility. I Bas'ohy, n. the lands of a baron. 

i wife of a baron. Bar'oket, m. the title next below a 
I baron. 

Battre — Batteb. 
beat with repeated | Bat'teb, n. a mixture beal«n to* 

I gather. 
''t£by, n. act of battering; a place for cannon. 


Bofffuigner— to Hioolz. 
BAK'aAm, n, m contract or igree- 1 BAB'aAmnro, n. the ftct of nuldiig 
raent - I bargaiiu. 

AitoUfo— Battlb. 

Bat'tls, n. s flgbt ; a contest | Battal'ior, n. a diyiaioii of the army. 

Beau — Faib; Bxahtitui. 
Bkatt, n. a man of dreaa ; a fbp. I Bbau'tt, r, that assemblage of gacea 

Boeuf—A Buu. ; an Ox, or a Gov. 
Beef, n. the fleah of bnlls, oxen, or j BBcrxe, n. oxen, eto^ as fit for 
COW& I food. 

Biai»—X.CROM; Athwart. 
Bi'AS, n. incluuttioD ; partiaUtj. | Bi'as, v. ia canse to incline to one mdc 

Billet — a BtiiL ; a Haitdbilii. 
Biif'LKT, n. an account of money dne ; I Bel'lrt, n. a short letter, 
a proposed law. I Bn-urr-Donx, n. m lore letta. 

BiL'i.vr, t. to qdartei soldiera by ticket 

Btaapheme — Blahs. 

BiiAM'abls, a. {aalty; culpable, | BLAXs'LEsa, a. withoutlilame. 

BiiAKK, e. to charge with a l«alt | Bi^uib'fui., a. deserving blame. 
~ ' L&iuty; cul 

Blanehtr— to Hake Whitb; to Qbow Wmra. 
Blamch, p. to whiten. | Blekch, e. to shrink ; to start back. 

KiAKX, a. white ; without writing. | UsBLXirCB'HD, a. not disgraced. 

Boot, n. a covering for the foot and leg. 
Non.— Boot, profit, adrujtage, cornea from A.-8. (tot, compeosatlon.) 

BoMe—t EuHP or Knob. 

Bs', V, to form with protober- 

Hon.— Boss, A niperiiiteadent, come» from Ibe Datch (btua, a marter.) 

Branche — Bbabch; Bouqh. 
r bough of a I BKANca'i.&as, a. witboat branches or 
I boughfi. 

Brigade — Bbiqasx. 
a diyifflon of troops. | Bbioasikb', n. an ann7 offloei; 


194 smith's hakt-booe op ErYMOtoar. 

Bribe—* PmcEi or Bread Or/BUfK a Bbooab. 
Bbibe, n. a reward given to cormpt I Bbi'mirt, n, the crime of ginng or 
the conduct. I taking bribes. 

Brigue—B, Jjcpux. Loat. 
BBicK,n.aBqnaredmaBsofcla7banit. I BRics'KiLir, n. afbmacefar bnming 

Bbick'bat, n. a piece of brick. | bricbs. 

Brillant — SrASELino. From BriUer—U> Shdik or BrAnxLB. 
Brill'unt, a. diining ; ^arkHng. I BntLt'iAnr, n. a diamond of the fln- 

.BrouMfe— a Bboil. BfHtuiOer— to Ehsboil. 

Broil, n. a noisjr contention ; a brawl. | Eubboil', v. to disturb ; to conitas& 

Bruler—\o Bran. 
BBon.,o.tocookbflajingonthecoala. [ Broiled, p. a. cooked over fhe coals. 

Brunette, brun — Brown. 
BRmrBTTE', n. a woman with a daik complexion. 

JBrome— Bbush. 

_, ___trameDt foj 

and sweeping. 

instrament for cleaning j Bkdbh, «. to dean with a bnidL 

Boucher — Botcher. 

BouteiUier — a BrrLES. From BoutelUe — a Bottle, 
Bct'ler, n. a servant wbo has cha^e of UqnoTS, 

Cabane — a Cabin; a Cottaqk. 
a small house or but. I Cab'inet, n. a closet ; a small room. 

I'iNBT, 71, the minbters of state. 

Caisae — a Bra or Chest. 
Case, n. a coveting; a sheath. 
Cabe'haedem, e. to harden on the 

Cabr'enifb, n. a laige table knife. 
Case, n. a close vessel for contiuning 


Cab'ket, n. a small elegant box for 

jewels, etc. 
Casque, n. a helmet ; a case for the 

Cash, n. money at command. 
Cashier', n. one who has charge of 

from tlM 


Cooler— Cajovk. 

Cuole', s. to d«lade by Baitexy. | Cxiol'kbt, n. flattery ; dectnt, 

Chaufftr--*o Wabk. 

Csira, t>. to wum by nibbiiig ; to { CsAr'ma-sna, ik m portablo w. 
make angry ; to wear by mbMna;. | ing atenml. 

CKur'na, fpr. beMuig or wearing by Mctian. 

Charget^-to Load; to BuBoiar. 

Chaboe, v. to introBt ; to impute at 

debt; to accQse. 
Chabok, n. care; accusation; ex- 

Cab'oo, n. the lading of a ship. 

Chaxob'ablb, a. imputable ; ezpen; 

Chaboe'i,e8S, a. free from charge. 
Chabq'ek, n. a laige dish; a war- 

Clutaaer — to Emrr ; to Chabe Wild Astkau. 
Ckasbi, n. banting ; puraait ; the I Ckabk, «. to pursue ; to drive, 
thing birnted. I 

NoTK. — Chabb, to emboai, u mBtats, comei bom the Freach {duuu, a Ihuae.) 

tkjhee — a Chhck. Elchiquier—A CHEes-BoABD. 
CwECK, n. an order for money ; cloth j Chbck.v. tostop; toreetrun; tocork 
woven into aqnares of difibreat Ckeok'eb, e. to form into sqnaiea of 
colon. I different colors. 

CA«re— EnrKKTAUWEirr. 
o comfort I Chbbb'liibb, a. gloomy. 
' " ' ■ ' erfhUj 

In a cheerAil n 

'Cmiui'FCiJixes, n. gayety ; alacrity. 

C%«/— the Head, t. «, the Tof or Hwhett Pontr. 
CaiKF, n. a commander; a leader. 
Chiesb-, a. principal ; moat important. 
CniKP'i.T, ad. principally. 
Chief'tain, n. a leader of a clan. 
A. CH1KVE ', 0. to perform ; to flniah. 

Mis'cHiBYOUS, a. hurtfal ; wicked. 

Chevalier — a Emioht. Cheval — a Hobsb. 
Chbtalieb', n. a gallant horBeman. I Chiv'albt, «. a military dignity ; 
CHiT'AiJion8,«.(nillant; warlike. I knighthood. 

OoHe— Coat. 

Coat, n. an outmde garment worn by 1 Coat, e. to cover the oottida. 


Conibattre—ia Fight Aoahist. 
Com'bat, c. to flgbt; to oppose. | Cou'batant, n. one who coml>ats. 

Controle. Contre^-AoAHisr. Bole—& Roll, or Rbsibtkb. 

Cotttboi.', n. a regiater k^t tp verify | C,ohtboi.'i,bb, n. one who controls. 

another account. Comptbol'lsx, n. an officer who ex- 

COHTBOi.', n. reetmnt; check. amineB the BCCOunts of collectors 

Contbol', 0. to have power over, | of public money. 

Coqtiet—& Beau ; a Oenbbai. Lovxb. ' 

Coquet', e. to practise deceit in love. I CoqiiBT'ET, n. trifling in love. 
Oo<iUBTTK', ». a vain female. I Co«ii!BT'TiBH, a. practifang coqnefoy. 

Costume — Cubtoh; MAinraBs; Cosiuxb. 
Costume', n. stfle or mode of dieaa. | Co8'Tui[BB,n.onewhopreparefldTess. 

Coueher, couche—a Bed. 
Couch, «. to lie down ; to stoop. | CoucH'nTa, n. the act of bending. 
CotrcB'Ain, a. lying down.; squatting. | Codch'-fellow, n. a bed-feUow. 

Pr. Cour, &om h. Oortit, — a Yasd or Enclobeji. Place ; a Coiipakt op 

ComT.n. a palace; a ball of justice; 

an encloeed place in front of a 

CouBT, n. to endeavor to please ; to 

OooBT'iKB, n. one who conrta favor, 
Cottrt'lise, a. elegant ; po1it«. 

Cour'tesan, n, a lewd woman, 
Ecraser — to Cbubh.. 

Coubt'lt, a. elegant ; flattering, 
Codbt'lenebb, m. elegance of manners. 
Coubt'bhip, b. the act of making love. 
Coub'teous, a. polite; well ored ; 

Coub'tkbt,™. cirility; act of civility 
made by women.. 

Cbazb, d. to break ; to crash ; to dis- 
order thq intellect. 
Cba'zt, a. broken ; feeble ; disorder- 

Crabh, n. a sudden, loud noise, 
CRASH'iNa, n, a violent mixed noise, 
Cbush, e. to break by preesnre. 

Craie — Chalk. 
Ckat^oh, %. ft peodl for drawing. | Chay'oii, e. to design with a crayon. 

Course— to Behd. 
Curb, n. any thing that Festrains or | Curb, t>, to leatrain ; to control. 

I>anger — Daxoeb, 

Dah'oeboi , ^ 

J>ah'obboublt, ad. perilously. 

[p.oeniB to death, loss I Dah'oeboub, 


I Ladt. 

Dahk, n. the miBtrew of a botue. I Bsl'dak, n. on old woman ; a hag, 
DaKjA. a female parent of beasts. [ MAs'AXgfkalenQofaddreaBtoaladj. 
NoTB. — Dam, a baak to conBne wnter, cornea from the Dutch (dom.) 

Hebaueher — DBBADca. 

Debauch', e. to coimpt ; to TitUte. | Dkbauchxe', n. a Ubertine ; a rake. 

I&bauoh'eby, n. excess ; lewdness. 

Iie» nuxurv — of Good Haitnxbb. 
affectedly modfst 

DsHusE'.a.ofBeriooBorpennTelook; I DEinms'i.T, ad. with afieoted mod^ 
" ■ " ■ ■ I e«h. 

Dmnnx'irasB, n. sobenesB. 

J>raper— to Cloisb. 

I Dka'feb, n. 

I Dba'pbbt, n. cnrtaiuB, hangings, etc 

J>reM«r— to Maks BxRAiaHT. 
Diucfia, «. to set or put in order; to [ Dbebb, n. clotbes; gaiments. 
clothe. I 

Drole — Droix. 
TisoLL, a. comical; odd; merry. | Dboll'ebt, n. idle jokes. 

' Onffe — a Pi-BsaE. 
Gasr, n. a pledge ; a Diessnre. i:NaA'oiKO, p. a. winniiw ; attnct^TS. 

Ehoaqb', e. to bmd ; t^ enlist Uobt'oaos, n. the pledge of an es- 

EMaASE'uEHT, ». obtigatic 

DiSEHQAaE', c. to s^arate ; to with- 

tat* as security. 
Waob, n. pledge; gage; wages. 
Waqkb, ft. hire ; reward for servio 
Wa'obs, n. a bet ; p. to bet. 

Nont—WAGB, to venture, to nuke, to carrj on u war, is bom the Germui {vagea.) 
BtUicer — to Enticb. 

s', V. to ^nre to evil, | Ehticb'iieii 

Equiper — to Equip. 
I Bhuif'agk, 
Equip'hbht, n. complete outfit. | compoDiinentH. 

JS»— FctB. 

Fihb'sfun, c 

Equip', c. to fit out. I Eijuif'age, n. a carriage with its ao- 

FiHK, a. small ; thin ; not coarse. 
PnJK'LT, ad. beantdfnlly ; well. 
FtHB'BBBS, n. elegance ; pnritj. 
Fih'eky, n. show; gaiety. 
Fimemb', n. artifice ; stratagem. 

to purify. 
Bkfing'iibiit, n. polish of manoerg. 

BuPOBFiNi:', a. Tery or most fine. 

'19b smith 8 HAND-BOOK OF Ki-YUOLOOr. 

fWMe— Fbbbls. 
Fs&'bia, a. weak ; inflim. J Peb'slt, ad. Ttetldj ; wiUiont 

FsB'Bi.KwitBH, a. y^akneea ; ioflrmity. Btrengtb. 
ENFiCE'BiiK, pp. made weak. | Foi'blb, n. a moral 

Finance— FaiixcB. 

FiHAiiOE', n. teveiiae ; iocome. | Fdiah'cial, a, tdaUng to finance. 

FraABciBB', n. one who onderstands revenue. 

I^atter, from L. iiTiito— to Blow. 
Fi^T''rBB, V. to Boothe with pr^aea. I Flat'tbbino, p. a. exdtmg bopfli 
Flat'tebeb, n. one who flattera. | Flat'tebt, n. false praiae. 

Jtoir— ScBNT. 
Tla'yos, n. frsgnmce ; relish ; teste. | FlaVobed, a. having a fine tasta, 

Affoler— to Foil. ' 
Foil, v. to baffle ; to defeat. 
NoTX.— Fon, a leaf, gilding, cornea &om the IMVo (JoUmm.) 

I Fol — Mad; Foolibh. flm— a BlAmus; a Fooi.. 

Fool, n. one of weak onderstanding. I PooL'tiABDr, a. foolishly bold. 
Fooi-'iBa, a. unwise. Fool'hakdinebs, n. cowsge witlioDt 

Fool'tshubsb, n. want of wiadom. I sense. 

Fol'lt, m. want of nnderatanding. 

Fourrager — to Fobaos. 

Fob'aoe, V. to wander in search of I FoBAomGjn. roTinemeearcb of pro- 
Qtoil. I viaiona, 1 

Forge, from L. IWrum — Iron. 
FoBOE, n. a frimace for heating iron. I Fobob, d. to coDnterfeit ; to &Mfy. 
FoBOB, V. to foim by fimuce and Fobo'bb, n. one who fbtges ; a faled- 
banuner. I fler, 

Foeg'bby, n. the crime o^falufying. 

Franc — Fbahk. 

Fbahk, a. free ; open; suioere. I FaAiTK'iJH.n, a freeholder; a steward. 

Fbanx'lt, ad. openly ; freely. [ Fbabk'hkbb, n. plainness ; openness. 

Fbah'ohisb, n, privilege ; right. 

Frtter — to'Ji^zz. 
Fbizz, e. to cnrl ; to crisp. [ Fbiesb, n. a coarse woolen cloth with 

Fbiz'zle, «. to cnri in short curls. I a nap on one side. \^ 

FnB'msH, «. to supply ; to. fit np. I Fde NiflHBix>, a. anpnllef 
Fub'kitubb, ». goods in a house for use. r 


— p -_tVOTi«er — to WKuraiiH. 

Fsown, «. to expraw diBpleunn Tiy^^fBovxIiia, p. a. ezpreadiig disploa*- 

contracdng the brow. tu by & firawn. 

Fbowit, n. a look of diipleaaore. FBOwn'maLT, ad. with « took of dis- 

I pleasiue. 

Ga2ant — Gali.aht. 

I GAu.Airr', a. polite and attentiTe to 
lobly. i ladies. 
Galluttbt, n. biaveiyi nobleneai. 

Oamir — to Fobsish ; to Adobm. 
GAs'insa, «, to adorn ; to beaatiQr. | Gax'iieiit, n, a coveiiiig for fh« bodj. 

Ooi— Oat. 

Genievre — a Jokipkb Behbt. 
Qnr, B, a dialiUed spirit flavored with jnniger berries. 
NoTB.— Ora,atTspiBBiiM«; an fnitramect for clesniiig coUob; is a coDtracUon of 
the word tngine. 

Gianer, glane — a Handful op CoKtr Gathxbkd, 
GliEar, e. to gather what is left b; | Oleak'sb, n. one who gleans. 
reapers ; to gather what is thinly GLKAB'mo, n. anything gleaned, 
scattered. I 

Cloamuma — QoHiUjn>. 
GoB']Uin>,n. a greedy eater; agluttoo. | Qob'mahdizb, e. to eat to excess. 

GaranHr — to Wabbaht. 
Gbant, v. to ^ve ; to admit 
Gbahtbb', n. one to whom a grant it 

Grappe—A Buhch; a Clcbteb. 
Gbafb, n. the finit of the vine. I Qbatb'shot, it. shot so arranged as to 

Qbatb'bto^ n. theseed of the grape. | resemble a bvncb of grapes. 

Gbais, e. to wear away ; to mb hard, [ Obat'cis, a. rubbing ; harsh, ^fi> 

re from the 
ne LiUiQ {grami.) 

Oraisse — Fat. 
Qbsabb, n. umnal &t in a soft state. I Gbbab'ibbss, n. the etate of being 
Gbkab't, a. smeared with grease. greasy. 

Gkbas'lct, ad. with grease. I 


Grewpe — Obodf. 
collection. | Geodp, c. to collect togeUier. 

GuMer— to Qcidb. 
It lead in a waj. | Qitidaiicb, n. direction ; govemmeDt. 

-■ Guise— GciBE. 

(i)DisBf'ni~nan])«^; garb; dress. ] Dibouibg', c. to conceal by an nnu- 

I Boal dress, etc. 

I ! /y Hardi — Bold; DASOta. 

HAB'oT,^i^^_;,.«tTong; bold. | Hab'dikood, n. boldness ; stontnen. 

. I Kab'ddjehb, n. fimmesB ; courage. 

'//"; Haaard — Hazabd. 

Hae'abd, n[ eljAnce;. danger. | Haz'akdoitb, a. dangerous. 

;/ Haineux, /iaf»«— Hatbbd. 

Hei'sods,"^ wicked in a high degree. | Hibi'nouslt, ad. wickedlj. 

^ fl'ideuic— PkIhHT ; TJeead. 
Hid'bodBjX frightfiil to the sight. | Hid'eoublt, ad. horribly. 

W tToiouz! — Jraloub, 

j£AL'cn»4 apprehensive of rlvalship. [ JbaIi'odst, n. suspicions fear, 

' ' ■ Nor. Pr. J^u^e, Pr. J^oyau — Jbvsl. 

^anjomamentofgreatTBlae. | Jsw'eIiRT, n. jewels coIlectlTelT. 

Jour — Datlioht. J'oumee — Dat. 


Joub'nbt, n. the travel of a day. 
tToie — Jot. 

I Jot ors, a. glad ; meny. 
•TtM — JuiOB. 

Joor'nexiiah, n. a man hiredj^ tba 


I Jot'lebs, o. giving no pleaaoi*. 
' -' -»,o. gXad; 


JuiCB, n. tliq sappf vetfetables. | Jui'oDiEes, n. abundance of juiock 

Jui'cT, a. ab^^uunffXith jnice. | JniCE'Ls»ia, a. destitute of juice, 

V __ iatfe**— Lavb. 

Latb, r. to throw up or out, I Lat'ishlt, oA. proAisely. 

Lat'tsh, ij.'ljroAise ; wasteful. 1 Lat'ibh, c. to espeiid in profhrioo. 

/ ii. 

ntSKCH BOOTS Ain> DEBlTATirn. 301 

Loiter — Lbibcxz. 
I>n'niB%fi.fteedom£romoocaiHition. | Lei^ubklt, oA. Assoa without hurrj. 

Xon^te— A Slot Felu>w ; a LnroEBKB. 
LouKSM, «. to ipend time laslj. | Louho'eb, n. an Idler. 

JTantere, &om L. JToAui — the Hahd. 
IUh'hek, a, method ; peculiar way. | Max'rkrlt, od. ciril ; coniteoiu. 

JIfanofr, feiin L. Jfanar— to Abide. 
Hah'os, n. the land of a lord. | Hako'bui., o. pertainiiig to a manor. 

MaravtAtT—ia Pt^t ths BeanB. Maraud — a Booub. 
HABAUs'.v.toTOTeinqiustDfplDnder. '| Uabacd'eb, n. a plondersr. 

Jlfa«;A«r— to Chbw. 
Xus, «. to mix or tteat into a c 

JfiMQfue, from Sp. JCawam. Jlfi^f^^HoBl^and frrriT YjniinT, inff. a 

I Mraa, p. to Mp< -to taSeimine. n / ff/ I 
I Mi'iTKB, n. one who digs in a miiw; ^f 

Uase, », a CAver to duguise the ] MAMtTtKBAOB', n. an aaaembUge of 
&ce. I persons wearing maaka. 

a&re^, ftom L. Stuericordia. 
Ker'ct, n. tendemen towards an of- I MEB'ciFin., a. willing to pitj and 

fender. spare. 

Heb'ciuws, 0. Twd of DMroy. I UBB'onixsflXBss, n. want of meicy. 

.aflne— flSrel^^^ / 
Hmx, n. a pit from which minerals I MiRS, «. to sap^'lo ^ 
ace dug. I Mi'itkb, n. one who ^ 

^ Hib'kbai^ n. a snbstance fbnnd in the earth. 

Nora. — Um, of, or belonging to me, COtuea Ceom the A.-S. (mln.) 

Modeme, from L. Ifodo — Jvbt Now. 
Mod'kbk, a. of the present time. | Mod'ebnizb, e. to render modem. 

Moite — Moist; Damp. 
Mowr, a, wet in a small d^ree. I Uoibt'hbbh, n. wetnesa in a small do- 

UoiBT'mf, «. to make damp. I gree. 

Moibt'iibb, 71. a moderato degree of wetness. 

Xoule — a Mould or a Hatbix. 
Uduld, n. that in which anything is I Moirut'EB, n. one who caets or 
Bhaped, I shapes. 

NoTs.— UoDin, the upper or Bnr&ice loll, cornea from the A.-S. {mi^de, mjfi, earth.) 

302 filflTH'S BAHD-BOOK of KITUOLOOr. 

MoUlr—to MnBT ; to Mouu). 
Mott, •. to make mouldy. j Mm'ty, a. spt^lttd with damp 

Mcs'TraoBB, n. mouldiness. | age. 

Mutiner — to Humnr. 

I Mtr'TiMonB a. tnrbulent. 

Hv'TlitT, n. ft riedng sgunst author- I Miitinbbb', n. one guilty of motii^. 
ity. I V-" --.--.-^ 

JVefr— Ehtikblt, 
I. clear after all dednctionB. 
ine, etc^ comes ttosa the A--S. (ml) 

Noise — Strifb; Quab 

fanteler— to Oabp fob Bsoath. 
Paitf, e. to beat, as tliB heait | Paht'ino, n. rapid breatbing. 

Farter — to Spoak. 
FartiB, «. to talk ; to conTerae. I Pab'tjamknt, n. the Britiah l^ala- 

Pab'iiAsce, n. conYersation ; talk. tivo council. 

Fab'lbt, e. to discuss orally. I Pak'u)r, n. a Bitting-room. 

Pabole', n. a verbal prttBdae. 

F€tte — Pabtk; Douqh. 
Pabte, n. a cemeat made of floni | FAs'Tr, n 

and W8t«r. Fabtk'bo 

Fab'tby, n. thiuga made of baked paper. 

paste. I Fab'tbl, tk a kind of crayoo. 

Petit, ftom h. PetUtu — BtanDSB ; Dklicatb. 
Pbt'it, «. small; little. Pet'tisb, a. fretfnl; peerisb. 

Pet, n. a little favorite. Pet'ticoat, n. a woman's lower gai^ 

Pet, n. a slight fit of peeviBbnese. ment. 

Pbd'dlb, v. to travel about and sell Pbt'tifoo, v. to do small buraneaa as 

goods in amall quantities. a lawyer. 

Fed'lsb, n. a tnveling dealer in Pet'iifoooeb,)!. an infMor lawyer. 
small wares. Pbt'tt, a. smttll ; trifling. 

PEx'TisEaB, n. smallness. 

Pereer, from L. I^rtitndo, pertuma— to Beat, Pubh, or Thbubt THsoceH. 
PiBBCB, v. to thnut a pointed instni- I Piebob'ablb, o. that may be pens- 

ment into. trated. 

Pixbo'kb, n. one that pierces. I PiBBc'iHa, p. a. cutting ; keen, 

I^£Bc'Qrai.T, ad. sharply ; kmnly. 


Payer, itaai L. Paco, paeart — to Pac&te ; to P&ctift. 
to diachfti^, 08 a debt. I Pay'ablb, a. that may or can be p(d< 

compensabun for Berrice. | 'Pi.t'itssv, a. tbatvhich is paiiL 

Paywin— « Cottaseb. 
Psu'ast, n- a coontiTiaan. | Fkab'astbt, n. countiy pei^Ie, 


F^er, pUter—to Pluxskb. From L, Pih, to deprive of haix. 
I^EEL, «. to strip off; to plunder. I Pti.'i^ge, n. plunder; spoil. 
E^OiL, V. to strip; to rob; to pill^e. Puj'feb, e. to steal b; pettv theft. 
PiL'iiAaB, 0. to atrip of property by Pil'fxkeb, n. one who pilferH. 
Tioloice. I Pil'fxrdio, n. petty theft. 

Feler^n, from L. Pert^inat — Okb wbo Ck>KBB raoM Abboas. 
Pn'oBiM, n. one wbo travels on a | Pil'obimacib, n. a journey to a holy 
regions acconnt. I place. 

tlpingle, from L. Spina— t, Pbicxue; a Thorh. 
PiB, R. a Bnall pointed inetrument I Pin'cubhio!;, n. a cushion to stick 
Pik'cabb, n. a case for pine. pina in. 

Pis'holx, n. a very small hole. I Pni'ttoNRT, n. a wife's pocket money. 

Pm'FKATHBBKD, a. not fully feathered. 

lancer — to Pntca, 
FncH, e. to aqueeie between two | Pqi'cebb, n, an instrument for grip- 
sharp points. I ing. 

Flgwr—to Pbick ; to Smro. 
PiqmB, «. ill will j offence. | Piq'cant, a. sharp ; pungent. 

Pnt'oAiiOT, R. ahupoeiH ; tartness. | Piq'dai4TLt, ad. soarply ; tartly.- 

Fiti« — CoHPABSIOK, from L. Piefau— DrrnTji, Cottdcct. 
Pit't, n. the feeling excited by the j PrT'BouBi.T, ad. in a piteona manner. 

distress of another. Pit'iablb, a, deserving pity. 

PifBons, a. aonowfiil. I Ptt'iful, a. fbll of pity. 

Frr'n.zss, a. without pity. , 

. ■ '_- /?.'-. .;x..-J 

(^L ■ — J»tai<fer— to Plbad. i. 

Plka, n. Oiat which is advanced in I Pi.saii, «. to ai^e before a court. 
— pleading. I Plbau'bb, n. one who pleads. 

Flbab^o, pp. supporting by atgomenta. ^ 


fPoeAer— to Bbuisb, as the eyes.' 
PoKB, V. to feel in the dark ; to search | Pqk'eb, n. an instnunent for starring 

'--''" -.--.-- . I theflre. _- ' 

I. drudging ; servile. ' ' ^ — ' 

aponcb, apocket, etc, comes from theA.-S: (pocea.) 


Feser— to WrooH. 
FotSB, n. weiglit; balance. I Ovkrfoibb', t. to ontwcMi. 

CouN'TERPOiaR, n. equivalence of Outpoibk', p. to outweigfiT 
weight. I Unfoibed', a. not balanced. 

Pow'dbb, ». any dry substance com- I Pow'dbrflabk, n. a caee in which 

posed of nunnte particles. gunpowder is kept. 

Fow'debt, a. dusty. Pow'dbrhill, n. a mill foi nmlcing 

I gunpowder. 

Pourchasaer— to Pcbsdii ; to 8bbe. 
PuB'oHiSB, V. to buy ; to acquire. | Pus'chabeib, n. one who buys. 

Pouvoir—ia Br Ablr. 
Pow'bb, n. alulity; stiengtb. 
Fow'bbfui., a. having power. 

Old Pr, Frim — Pbhos ; Frasr. 
pRDf, a. straight ; precise ; affbctedly I pBm'iTBiSB, n. aSected formality oi 

nice. niceness. 

Prim, t. to deck with great nicety. 1 

Frovigner— to Latrb the Vdir for Pbopaoation. 
Pkubb, e, to cut off superfluous I Pkub'rb, n. one who prunes, 
branches. I 

NoiB.— Phukb, a dried plnm, comes from the Latin <p™»i»n.) 

Faimie. Puis— 8isce, and ne—BoBS. 
Pc'sT, a. small and feeble. | Po'iry, n. a small horee. 

Old Fr. Quarrier— to SqrAKs, i. «., to Hew amd Pbkpabk theh for 

Qdas'by, n. a place from wliich Btones I Qoar'by, «. to dig from a quatrj. 
ar« dug. I 

NoTB. — To quarry stones, meuie properly to iquare. 

Qtterir~~to Sbbk. 

Quab'kt, n. the game flown at by a hawk. 

Quitter, from L. ^weto— to Hake Quibt. 

Qinr, e. to leave ; to forsake. I Qurr'TANca, n, ^sclisrge. 

Quit, a. free ; clear. ] Qutt'claim, n. the release of »oiMm 

Qmr'aEmx, n. a smfill rent reeerved. 

BaUler— to BAsrmi ; to Jbbt. 
Rai,'lt, p. to treat with satirical mer- 1 Rah'ijirt, n. jesting language, 
riment. I Rail, v. to use insolent language. 

NoiB.— RiLLT, to rennlte, to come back to order, comes tWim tha French (naBiw.) 


Santper—to Cbbep. 
KiHF, o. to climb ; to leap ; to sport j Bomp, e. to play rudely. 
IUm^ast, a. einbemnt; raok. | Romp, n. a noiay, boisterous giri, 

Bxnsr'itB, a. inclined to romp. 

Bang — Row; Lihb. 
Rural, c. to place in order. | Rakx, ti. a line ; a rov ; a clasa. 

jirrtere — Rkab. 
Rkak, n. that which is behind. [ Reas, a. in the rear; hindennost. ' 

NoTB. — BxiB, to iBiM, to elevate, cornea bom the A.-S. (nzron.) 

SefuMT, from L. Befuto — to Repbbbs; to RumTE, 
Rbpobb', v. to deny a leqaest. I Rbtua'ai., n. denial ; option. 

Rbf'usk, n. what remaioH. I Rbfdb'able, a. that may be reftiBed. 

Segarder~~io Look At. 

Rkoakd', «. to obeerve ; to respect. I RBQABn'FUL, a. attentire. 
Rbgabd, n. attention ; respect. | REaAno'LESs, a. heedless. 

CHd Fr. Sewerdon — RBCOJtndKs. 
I^wakd', v. to give in return ; rec- I Reward'abls, a. worthy ofreword. 

Siote — B, Bhawl ; a TmniLT. 
Bi'oT, n. ft tnmnlt ; an uproar. | Ri'otoub, a. tmbnlcnt. 

River, ftom L. ffyjw— to Tdkh or 'Whkbl Rodho. 
Rit'et, «. to &sten by bending down I Rit'et, n. a nail ctinched at Iwth 
the point. [ ends. 

Rock, n. a large mass of stone. I Rooe't, a. fbll of rocks. 

Roce'lemb, a. without rocks. 1 RocK'ii(SB8,».thestatoofbeingrocky. 

a from the Danish (jtUcker,) 

Rand, (torn L. Botmidut—ViCfaSD. Rota — a Wheex» 
KouND, o. circQlar ; spherical. 
BouHD'iHH, a. somewhat ronnd. 
BoQint'LT, (uJ. in a round form. 
Rodhd'hbbs, n. the quality o£ beiog 

Round'bobih, n. a writing signed by 

names in a circle. 
Route, n. a road ; a way. 
Rouiise', ». a round or course of 


Bound'aboct, a. indirect. 

tkMUter— to Libtbii ; to Hbab. 
BcoFT, n. one who is sent privily to I Scour, o. to act the spy; to reject 

otiserre the motions of an enemy. [ with contempt. 


206 sjoth'b handtbook: of ettmology. 

Sauce, from L. Scdtui — Salt, 
Sauce, n. eomething to ^ve relUh to i Sau'cily, ad. impudently, 
food. . Sac'cinkm, n, im|iiidence. 

Sau'cek, n. a platter for a U& cup. Sahce'boz, n. an impudent person. 
Sad'ct, a. insolent; impudent. 1 Sadce'pas, n. a email pan. 

Saison — Sbasoh. 
SBA'aon, n. one of the four diviaonB J Sha'sok, e. to prepare for use by time. 

of the year. Sba'sonablb, a. at tbe proper time. 

Sea'bok, n. a fit or Hoitable time. Sba'sokikci, n. sometbmg added to 

Sba'bon, v. to gire relish to. | give relish. 

StUsir — to Seize. 

Sevrer — to Sbfabatb. 

I. different ; Bepai&te. 
■<■ ^ 
I. eeparation. 

Sire, from L. 8eiim-—mi Aobd Psxbon. 
' Snt, n. a word of respect. 

BntK, n. a father, I Sm'HAH, «. or iateiy. t 

' " ■ I proach or iMalt. 

Teindre, from L. TOiffc— to TniaK ; to Die, 
Stadi, e. to discolor; to spot; to | SrAiii'LasB, a. free from sfain. 
disgrace. I 

l&taneher, from L. 8taffru> — to Make Staqnaht. 
Stakch, b. to stop from flowing. | Stahck'less, a. tbat cannot be 
Stanch, a. strong ; firm; sound. stanched., 

Stam'chioh, n. a prop ; a support I Staxch'sebb, n. stoutness ; firauiesa. 

Surflot—the Bisrao of Biij.ow upon Billow. 
SuBF, n. tbe swell of tbe sea breaking on tbe shore. 

Sitrprfae— SuBPBiBK. 
.._ , .. to come < 


SuBFBisii', 0. to come or fall upon I SnupRrsiB', n. tbe act of taking v 

Subfbis'ai,, n, the act of snrpriung. 

Taiilewr, faiUer~to Cdt. 
Tai'lok, n. one who makes clothes. I Tal'lt, n. a stick with uotchea cut 
I to mark numbera. 

^tang—a Poiro ; a Pool. 
Tahk, ffi. a large clst«m. | Tank'abd, m. a large drinking Tenet. 


T^nn«r— to Tax. 
Tah, e. to impr^nate with bark ; to i Tah'her, n. one who tani leather. 

make brown. Tannin, n. the asUiogeat principle 

Tis'stSQ, R. tlie process of making in bark. 

leather. ) Taw'hy, a. of a yellonieh dark color. 

Tater — to Fkel ; to Tabtk. 
Taete, v. to perceire by the palate. I Taat'abi.b, a. thtX maj be tasted. 
Tisft&, n. the aense by which we per- TASTE'rcL, a. haTing good taste. 
cdve the reljab of a thing. I TAaTB'LESB, a. having no taste. 

3V(»cer— to Rebuke. 
Tacht, «. to reproach with insulting | TAUiri'iHaLT, ad. scofflogly. 
words. I 

IVte-~the Head. 
Tes'tt, a. fietfiil ; peeriah. [ Tss'TiNxaa, n, fVetfblness. 

Etlquette—h LtTTLB Notb, Bbbtlatb or Biuk 
TicK'ET,n.a token of any rightordebt. | Tick, n. trust; credit. 
E.— Tick, a naall aniniB], comes IVoin tho F 
noise, from the Datch (fiUun,) and Tick, tbe cu 

To7vhe, from L. Torgtuo-—to Twibt. 
ToKCH, n. a large light carried in the I Tobch'uqht, n. the li^t of a torch. 

NoTB^ — Because the; sre msde with twisted thread. 

IV»MC/ier— to Touch. 
Touch, h. to peiceiTe by the senee of I TorcH'y, a. peevish ; irritable, 
feeling ; to come in contact witb. | Tovc&'imo, a. affecting ; pathetic. 
ToDCH'iMKes, n, peeviahneaa. 

Tramatl, firom L. 3Vama-^the Wkft, or FiLLoa op'a. Web. 
Trah'iiel, n.anet; a kind of shackle. | Tbak'kbl,, e. to ahackle ; to hamper. 

TravaUler—to Tbatel. 
Tbav'ail, e. to labor ; to toil I Tbav'kled, a. havinE made jonmeys. 

Tbav'kl, v. to make jonmeys. I Tbav'elbe, n. one who travels. 

Trlcherie, tricher—^ja Chbat ; to Thick. 
Teeach'bbt, a. breach of feith. I Tbick'ket, n. artifice. 

Tbeach'bboub, a. faithless. TarcK'isa, a. artftil ; knavish. 

Teick, «. a sly fraud. I TBicK'BTER.m. one whop ractiaestnckB. 

Tranclier, from L. 2Va(M— Across, and acwufo— to Cur. 
Tbekch, e. to cat or dig into ditches. | Trench'ant, a. cutting; Bhaq>. 



TroUbler, &om L. Tarbo, turfioAu— t^ Tebow nrro Disobdbr. 
TBonn'LS, v. to diBtnrb; to afflict; I Tboub'lbbouei, a. {^ring trouble. 
to vex I TBotm'LOtra, a. disordered. 

2Vuand— a Yaoaboud ; a Bbooab. 

, B. one 


TbiKjUit, n. one who neglects his'l Tbu'asct, n. the act of playiog tru- 

I ant. 

Tromper — to Dbcbivb. 
Tbdvp, v. to impose upon. | Tbdicp'bbt, n. wortbless finery. 

NoTB.— To Tbdmp rr, to forge, to get togetberb; nil sorts of eipedlcotB. Tbuxp, 
a wlnnlni' cord, comeB from the Latin {trhanplai*,) aai Tbdhf, a mnsical Instnuuent, 
tiora the Italian (tToaiia.) 

n-ier—to Cull Out. 
Tbz, e. to prove by experimetit. | Tki'al, n. the ^t of tryuig ; test. 

VanteTf from L. Fbno, eanatwrn — to TJtthb Emttt Wobdb. 
Vauht, e. to boast ; to brag. | VAxiST'itB, ». a boaster. 

Viver, fiom L, ffyw, fft/rattu — to Turn m jl Ckclb. 
Teeb, f . to tarn ; to change direction- | Vkeb'iho, n. tiie act of taniing. 

Fte— to TnHB Asorr ; to Twist. 
ViCB, n. an iron press with a screw for holding fest 
Nora.— VioB, deprsTlty, wlckedneBs, comes from the Latin (riHiim,) and Vice, Id 
(be place oS, from the LtUln (vl'ce.) 

Voyage, fiom L. Via — a Way, and Ago — to Poraue. 
Vo^'aqb, n. a Jonmey by sea. | Vot'aobib, n^ one who travels by sea. 

Quichet — a Qsatdtci ; a Lattiok-wobe Doob, 
, Wiok'kt, n. a small door mada in a gat& 




.ScAuin— AwsT ; Obliqux. 
Aaeaxcb', ad. udevrise ; obliqnelj, | Aaxaht', ad. udewise ; obliquely. 

Bat^k^ — BAaqnsT. 

BAN'^nsT, R. a gi-and entertsinment of eating aad drmkiDg. 

NoTB. — Bxsixwr, In the leoae of bench or t&ble, at whloh mecsmatea Bit and feait 

Barfr— a Basx. 
Basqx, n. a large tow boat. | BAsas'icAir.n.thenuuiELgerof abarge. 

S€^fbelen — to Pkattlh ; to BiiAB. 
B1.AB, c. to tattle ; to tell tales. | Blab'skr, Tt. a tell-tale. 

Btaer — a PutmiA ; a Blibteb. 
Blkas, a. dim fritb iheom ot water. | Bi.xab'-btxd, a. baTisg sore 6768. 

Blokk — Block. 
Block, n. a tieavy, thick piece of wood or atone. 
Sots. — To Block, to shut up, to obstrnct, eomei from tb« Fiendi (Uoquir, to 

l>ondet^-to TmnnDSR. 

BLtm^BKHOAD, n. a etnpid fellow. 
Blaar—A Blibtbb ; a PtmruLE. 

Sldbt, v. to utter saddenly. 


Boib'teboub, a, stoimy ; violent ; | Bois'tsbotbit, ad, in i boifteiont 
noisy. I maDBer. 

Baas — Mastes. 
Boee, n. a master among mechanica. 
ICoTB.— Thifl word origlnwed In New Tork among the Dutch. 



Blosen — to Bldsh. 
Blowze, n. a, rnddy &t-fiiced girl. | Blow'zt, a. &t and ruddy ; Bnnbnint 

Srttk — 841.THH. 
Brack'ish, a, iBttaer salt. I BKACE'iBHiiEsa, 71. saltaeBs in a small 

1 degree. 

Braggeren — to Bba& 


I Bbao'oi 

Bub'slb!, n. a gmalt bladder of water ; I Bub'blg, h. to rise in bubbles. 
auything emi)ty ; a cheat. 1 Bub'bly, a. couaiBting of Imbblefl. 

BuUe — Bdij,. 
BuTiL, n. the male of bovine aDimols. | BtrLYocK, n. an ox. 
Note. — Bull, on edict or muiditte issued by llie pope, couiM from tlie I^tin (buCo, 

abusB, a knob,) ao named from the seal nfBxed [0 It Imvlng raised vorkoD It. Bdu., 
u gross contradiction or blander, was so named from Odamab "Bvul, a lawyer in the 
time of Henry VII., noted for his blnnders. 

Bolwerk — Bulwark. 
Bul'wabk, ». a mound to protect I Bdl'wask, n. the woodwork rotmd 
from an enemj. I a vessel above het deck. 

Boei — Boot. 
Buoy, Tt. a floating mark. | Bcot'ant, a. tending to rise or float. 

Koeh — Caeb. 

Cake, n. sweetened doitgh baked. | CAn^ n. anj mass of natter concreted. 

Kowten — to Jabbbk. 

lae. I Chat'teb, v. to talk idlj ; to make a 
talker. | noise by colMon of the teeth. 

Kappen — to Chop. 
Cbof, c to cut with a qnick blow. ] Ostp, n. a smaU piece cat o£ 

Clrcken — to Camp. 
Chtrp, v. to make a noise like a bird. | CHntp'mo, n. the gentle noise of birds. 

Klatteren — to Ciatteb.'teb,«. to make a confused noise. | Clat'tbrino, n. noise; clamor. 

sunken — to Kline ; to Eitkt. 

I Clink, «. to make a small §baTp 


Stomp — Cldhf. 
Clump, r. a BbapcleH mua ; b clua- Cltw'bilt, ad. in* clonHy mam 

ter of trees. CLUM'smBsa, n. awkwardness. 

Clcmf'i, a. ri)apeleae; ill-«hw>ed. Lump, n. a small mass ; the gross. 
CLVK'eY, a. witnoat grace ot fiinn ; 

awkward. uvujr x, a, nui < 

£«ct8~a Coach ; a Coitch. 
CoACB, n. a foof-wheeled ple«mre | Coach'hobbe, n. a hone for drawing 

Coach'hibb, I 


£Mt— CoiT. 
Cost, k. ^rice ; (ibarge; e^tetue. I Cost'li 
Cc«i'i.BSB, 0. without expenee. | Cost'u 

JTroeft — Cback. 

Cbace, n. a nanow breach ; a fiasore. I Qback'lb, v. to make slight and fre- 

Ckack, •. to bmik partially ; to cause qaent cmcks. 

to aotmd sharply and aaddenly. | CaAGK'LiNci> n. a slight freqaent noise. 

CRACK'sBAHnED, d. crazy. 

Kramp — Cbaxf. 

Kricken—io Cbeak, derived from the soond. 
Cbkax, v. to make a sharp, hatsh I CasAK'tna, n. a harsh grating noise, 
gratiiig sotmd. | 

So m ibcre n — to Cuxbeb. 
Cuv'bek, e. to (^presa with a Io«d I Cnu'sEANoa, n. burden; hiodranee. 

or bardeo. Cnu'sBona, a. burdensome. 

Cuit'saaeoiat, a. tnrdeiuoma I Esocm'bbb, v. to elog ; to load. 

MiitUen — toCCKL. 
Ctnz^A. a^rijBglatof baiz. | Cum., e. to fona iato etuie. 

Cca'tT, o, having curls 

Xtabben — to Dab. 
Dab, e. to strike saddeoly. Dab'steb, n. one who is expert tt 

Bab'blb, e. to dip a little or often. aDything. 

Bedab'blk, s. to wet ; to besprinkle. Daub'bb, n. one who danbs, 
Bab'blbb, n. one who dips slightly Daub'bd, a. smeared with soft, adhe- 

into anytluD^ mve matt«r. 

Daub, v. to smear ; to punt coarsely. Bkdaub'ed, pp. daubed over. 


Holten — to'TsmA. 
'Dm.'i.y, e, to lose time-in trifles. | Dal'luhoi^ n. acts of fondnea*. 


Damp, a. moist ; slightly wet. I Daicp'bb, n. that which checlcB o 

Dahf, e. to moistrat ; to check or abates. i 

abate. Daiep'ish, a. somewhat damp, 

Daxp'bn, v. to make damp. | DAMP'iTEsa, n. moiBtnre. 

Koyen, kooi — a Caae ot Dbcqe. 

a artifice to entnp. 

DiBT, n. any thing that rendera foul | Dibt't, a. foul ; nasty ; flinty, 
or nndean. I Dibt'ily, ad. filthily. 

Dibt'isehb, n. fllthiness. 

Drootn — Dhbam. 

Dbsah, n. t)iOQght8 of a person in | TysfUiit'isaLt, ad. slnggidily ;, aegft- 


Trom — Dbux. 

J>om— Dull; Blput; Stupid. 

I Dch'px. a. anllen ;- short and thiek, 
I Duk'fuko, n. a Bort <^ pudding. 

Ftefc— aSpoT, 
FbBCE, e. to spot ; to streak. I E'RBC'KiiB, n. a yellowish spot in the 

Fkbax, o. to variegate ; to checker. | skin. 
NoiiB.— Fbus, a whim, a fimcy, cornea &om the Oemuui (flwA, Impndait, bold.) 

TsxiQBTf ». Om caxgo of a ship. I FBisionr'AOB, n. mmey for frd^^t 

JWscA — Fbbsh; Livbly; Oat. 
TBiaE, «. to leap ; to skip. I Fbisk'y, a. frolicsome ; gay. 

Peibk'ful, a. foil of gayety. | Fbisk'ilt, ad. gayly. 

.fbmmeten— t^^Fiwi-n- 

Fdk'blb, v. to feel or grope about. [ FuM^isa, p. o. doing anyUni^ 

I awkwardly. 


Gantetope. ChuU~^ Pibojmx. IA>opet^—^o Rns. 

GART'i.n', Ik a military panishment, in which the criminal, running between 
two nuikH, receives & lash ftom each man. 
Sorn—QAnsTixt, m Iron gloTB, comea from the French {gtmUUL) 

Giaren — ta Olabk. 

GiAXK, n. a bri^t, daizliDg Bght. 1 Glae'dtolt, ad. notoriguriy. 

Olimmen — to Oluikek, 
GuM^CBR, «u to Bhine fidntlj; I QuMraB, ». a faint light: a short 

QuM'uBitnro, n. a faint view, | riew. 

Gbust, a. Bnrly ; harBh, | Qbctf'sbbb, «. huihneSB of miumer 

I or look. 

CHwen— ta Grssa. 
Gttksb, e. to jndge at random. | Guhu'wobk, ». woit doDe by gneea. 

KuUen — to Guu.. 
QmjL, V. to triclc^ to cheat | Ocu., n. one easily cheated. 

NoTK.— Gcij, « gea bird, comes from the WeUh (ptejAm.) 

Oa;/M>o/d— Oxhbajql 
Hooa'HEAi), n, B large cask. 
NoTB.— The EnglUh orthographj la groealj corrupt. 

Hoog — Hnas. 
Hdok, o. very lugs in cdze. | Hdqs'lt, oi!, inunenselj; 

HcoB'iiXBG, n. enonnOQs bulk. 

HtUzen — Hubks. 
Husk, n. the covering of certain fruits. | Hces'i, a, roogh \a tone. 

Xa«J{rA — Lazi. 
L&'zT, a. disposed to be idle. | La'zilt, ad. idly ; indoleDtly. 

La'zihess, n. diBpoution to be idle. 

Lbak, n. a hole which lets water in I Liux'i, a. letting water in or ont 
or oQt. Leach, e. to cause a fluid to peico- 

Leaa'aoe, n. the qoanlity that e»- late through. 
capes by leaking. 1 

Note.— Leech, a phfllclon, a kind of worm, comes from the A.-S. (ItE«.) 


Looptn — Bbg^dbs ei u Eabilt Supfed Off. 
iiOO», H. * desble in a string. I Loop'hoiiB, k. a hole fbr escape or 

Laag — Low. 
ZjDV, a. not h^h ; hnmble. I Low'i>t, *. hnmble ; meek ; mild. 

Low'EB, 0, tobring low; to lessen. Low'lihxbs, n. hnmUity. 
Low'iat, e. to appear dsrk or gloomy. I Low'kmb, ft. state of bang low, 
Low'lajto, n. laud which is low. 

Oelukf luk — LccK. 
LTicx,n. that which happens; fortune. I Ldce'ily, ad. fortunately. 
IiUCE'T, a. mccesBfnl 1^ chance. | Lcgk'inbm, n. good fortune. 
Luck'lkss, a. unfortunate. 

Novs.— The Bense U, that which eomei, fills, or bappeni. 

MMdelen^ta Hbdutb. 

Ifon'Di.R e. to act in the concerns of I Med'dleb, n. one who meddles. 

others m which one's interpoaitioii iiaa'Dj^BBOna, a. given to meddlmg. 

is not neCKSary. I Msd'cltoo, n. officious interpositicHi. 

Mkd'lbt, n. a mixture. 

Mappen — to Pour. 
Hope, p. to be Tery doll and spiritless. | Mo'pish, a. spiiiUess. 

Uus, n. moist and soft earth. J Hds'dle, e. to make confused. 

Huh'dt, a. foul with mud. [ Moth'bb, n. a thick, slimy substance 

Mud'dii.1, ad. with foul mixture. | in liquors. 

Uoth'ebt, a. fiill of mother ; concreted. 
Note.— HOTHBB, the Ibmale parent, comes from ttie A.-8. (tnodo-.} 

Jtfo/— Muff. I 

UuTF, n. a cover for the hands. | Mnp'FLB, o. to covet; to conceftL 

MuF'rLBB, «, a cover for the fece. 

Mommelen— to Spbas Like Oira WxABina a Mask. Mom— a Hase. 
Huu'ble, o. to speak inwardly ; to I Uui('bl.eb, ft. one who mnmblea. 

mutter. | I 

Kn^f>p€ti — to Kcp. I 

Nip, 0. to pinch ; to blast [ Nif'febb, n. small pincers. I 

J****— Pack. | 

Pack, n. a bundle ; a bale. 

Pack, e. to press close. 

Paok'tbbeac, n. thread for packing. 
Horm — Packet, a vessel for conreying the ouUs, etc, comes from the French (pogiHf.k 


FUoot. PiU — a PLmfMVT Lcn, and Loot—I^at. 

Fi'lot, a. 9m who Bteos a abip. [ Pi'i.oTA(iB,n.tbedat7orpft7of apUot. 

Pinken-~\o Twikxlb ttth tbk Kyxi. 

ftoto— DuiJ.; Hkatt. 
Plod, e. to toil ; to tnrel or work I Plod'dhb, n. one fdio ^lods. 

elowly. I PiiOD'oois, n. alow moaon or studj, 

J'Zoep — PujDoa. 

pLOUSS.n. an matmment for turning | Plodoh'bot, ft. a bOy who ploogha. 

up the ground. i Piouqh'mak, n. one who ploughs. 

Pix)D(jh'8habe, n. part of a plough, 

Bol — a Balt. ; a Bulb, 
PoLi., n. the head ; the place of an I Poll, e. to lop or cut the top off; to 
election. I register, aa a vote. 

Pol'labd, n. anything polled, or having the top cut ol£ 

r»(— Pot. 
Pot, n. a hollow vessel used for boil- Pot'hkeb, n. an herb fit for cookerj. 

ing meat, holding liquids, etc. Pot'hook, n. a hook on which pots 

Pot'taob, n. anything boiled for food, are hung. 
Pot'tbb, n. one who makea earthen Por'nouBB, n. an alehouse. 

vessels, Pot'ud, n. the cover of a pot. 

Pot'text, It. the place where earthen Pot' valiant, a. courageous &om 

Teasels are made. strocg drink. 

Pot'bbbbd, n. a fragment of a broken pot. 

Nom. — Sbebd, from A.-S. {tceard,) a (rsgniDat. 

Proaten— to Pbatr 
PRATB, V. to talk Idly. I Pkat'ino, n. idle talk ; tattle. 

Pbat'bb, n. an idle talker. I Pbat'tle, n. trifling talk. 

Prat'tler, n. a chatterer. 

Bof—ik BoimcK. 
Puff, n. a small blast of wind. I P 

PoFF, ». to Bwell with wind. 1 1 

Ratelan — to Rattlb. 
Rat'tle, v. to make a sharp noise | Rat'tldio, n. a rapid snccesdon of 
rapidly repealed. I sharp Bounds. 

Rbbf, n. a portion of a sail. | R&EF, v. to reduce as a auL 

Note.— Beef, a chain of rocks, comes from the German (rff.) 


Back, b. a«aiit«st in mmiiDg. 

NoTE^-RiCB, tbe lineage of & fomily, comes (Tom the Latin (radix.) 

2tot — ROTIT, 
RorT, n. a clsmorooa mnltitade ; a I Bow, n. & riotoas distuibance. 
select coupanj. ! Bow'Dr, n. a. riotous fellow. 

SehtMen — to Rau.. 
Scold, e. to find &nlt with rude j Scold'dio, n. clamorons, nide lan- 
damor. | goage. 

Schop — Scoop. 
Scoop, n. a large ladle. | Scoop, e. to make hollow. 

Krabb^en — ^to Scbapb ; to Scratch. 
Scrab'ble, e. to scrape or scratob I Bcbam'bli:, «. to catch at anything 

with the hands, eagerly with the hands. 

ScBAwi,, V. to write clumsily. I ScaAw'um, n. an iuel^ant writer. 

Zweemen — to Reheublb. 
Sbeh, e. to appear ; to present the | Sbeji'imoli, ad. in appearance. 

appearance. Sqbu'lebs, a. iadecorons. 

SETOi'nia, n. appearance ; show, I Seem'lt, a. becoming decent. 

Bebeeu', v. to became; to be fit. 

Schpf, Qer. Seheidett — to Divide ; to Sepaeatb. 
Shtte, n. a littlo piece ; a splinter. I SHir'sBisa, n. tbe act of breaking 
Bhit'bb, «. to break into many unall into pieces. 
pieces. Skiv'bb, n. a sheepskin eplit by a 

I machine. 
Note.— Shitmi, to shnader, as with cold or Tear, comeB from tbe Qennan (acAtiwren.) 

Sehuto — Sht. 

iKoAden— Slabbeb. 

Blen'dkb, «. thin ; slight. J SijEs'tmslt, ad. slightiy ; without 

Si.EiT'DBRHE8a,n, tliinness: stightneas. | bulk. 


Sleeht—BAB ; Heam; Wokthusb. 
3uoHY, a, BnuU; veak; trifling. I SuoHT'inaLT, ad. witiiont respect. 
SuQHT, n. n^lect ; duregsrd. Slight'lt, ad. weakly ; negligently. 

Blisbt'kb, n. one who diaregud& I Busht'mus, n. weftkn^sa. 

iSlo/— Caxxlrsb ; Neoliqeht. 
Blot'bh, n. <me canleulj dressed. | 6lot'rnt.t, a. aegligeiit of 

Stordig — Slottibh; Bad. 
EtLim, «. to pass ligbtl j. | Slub, n. alight reproach or disgrace. 

Snappettf from Ger. Sohti^ibe—the Bsak of a Bibd. 
811AF, e. to bite or catch suddenly. I Shap'fbr, n. one who eof^s. 
Shap, v. to breftk soddenly. I Bkaf'pibh, a. eager to bite ; peevish. 

NoTS.— A bird nopi or leizea Its prej with tu beak. 

Snoer — a Btbihci or CoBi>. 
Skobb, ». a string with which s boy I Shabk, n. anything which entraps. 

spins his top. I Shabl, n. entanglement. 

NoTB. — Shohb, to breatbe uidlbly tbrang^h the dobd Id aleep, cornea ttom tbe A.-8. 
(mora, asnorlDE.) Snasl, to jtniwl, m a aarlr dD){; to Bpeu raogbly, comes from 
tha Qemmn (lamama, Co speak in the throat.) 

S«mI/— SiruFF. iSnufven — to Shcff. 

Smipr, n. the banit part of a csndlo- 

wick ; powdered tobacco. 
Shuff'ebb, n, a ntensll for Bouffing 

Shof'fi^, t>. to speak fliroagh the 

Snuff'er, n. one who snnfls. 
Siiiff, e. to draw sir audibly np the 

Smiv'eLj «. to cry as children with 

gnnfflug ; to run at the nose. 
Snit'elbb, n. one vho snivels. 

Spang— BpiXQ. 

SpAxa, n. a shining ornament. I Besfak'qlb, e. to adorn with spon- 

Sfah'ole, n. a small plate of shining gles. 
metal. I 

iSpar^-A Rafteb. 
Spab, n. a general term for masta, booms, yards, etc 
Notb—Sfab, a crystiUlLEed mlnersl, cornea from the Gennsn (^poCt,) uid Spab, to 
ditpate, to box, eomea from the A.-B. (i;)Hian, to dlapnte.) 

i^»lrf— Vexatiob. 
Sftts, n. malice ; hate. | SrrrB'FUL, a. filled with spite. 

Splinter, apHJten — to Split. 

BpLim, n, a fragment rotit off. | Splin'teb, n. a thin piece split ofC 

Sfut, e. to divide lengthwise. 


BoerUg — Mebbt; Jocdijiil 

Spobt n. pU? ; diversion ; mirth. I SpoBT'LBsa, a, JoyleM; sad, 
Stdrt'pui^ a. tneir; ; doue ia ;|eat. Sports'mah, n. oda who piKBlMe field 
Sfort'fdi>li, ad. in jest; in mirth. aporta. 

Spoet'ivr, a. playful; froticBome. I 

Staggeren — ^to Staooeb. 
Stao'giui, e. to move from ride to I STAe'oBBiHCi, n. the act of reel- 
aide in walkiog. I iiig. 

Stampen — ^to Stamp. 
Stamp, e. to stride downward with I Stamp, ti. an instrament for makiiig 
the foot ; to impress with a marlc | an impressioiL 

8ta«n — to Stand. 
Stat, e. to continue in a place ; to I Stayed, p. a. propped ; anpported. 

prop; to support. Staid, a. sober; grave; steady. 

Statb, n. a woman's waittcoat. 1 BxAoi'inoHS, a. sobriety ; gravity. 

Stoep — a Step, 

Stoop, n. the steps before a door. 

NoTB. — Stoop, to lieud down, to leim forwiird, cornea &om the A.-8. ((tHpion, to stoop.) 

Stoppen — ^to Stop. 
Stop, v. to hinder; to obstnict | Stop'faob, n. the act of stopping. 

Stout — Bold; Stout. 

I Stoi3t'i.t, ad. lustily ; boldly. 
strength; boldness. 

Sfreven — to SnttvB. 
Stbive, v. to make efforts. I Strite'fttl, a. contentdons. 

Stbife, n. contention; discord. | BTsjv'isa, a, contest; contention. 

Stuff, n. any matter or body. I Sti'fle, e. to stop the breath by 

Stu^p, v. to fill very full. crowding something into the wind- 

SruFS^raa, ». that by which any thing pipe, 
ia filled. 

Stump, n. the part which is left when I Stump, o. to lop ; to pnzzle. 
the main body ia taken away. | Stumf't, a. &£ of stumps, 

Ziwendelen — to Swihdi.b, 
BwiN'DLn,n. to cheat by &lBe pretense. [ Swui'dlbb, n. a cheat; a rogoe. 


Tintelen — to TnioLx. 


Tut'gi.b, e. to feel a kind of thrilling | Tm'zix, e. to m^e b efaaip, qnick 

Bound or pain. noise, 

TiN',n.atiuiIUiigK>uiHlorpaiD. I Tixe'uvq, n, a aharp, quick noiBe. 
Tikk'xb, n. one who mends old pano, etc 

Tip— Tip. 

Tip, n. the end; the point. | Tir'toa, n. the end of the toe. 

Tif'tof, n. the highest df^;ree. 

Tcwsen— to Heap Up. 

Toss, «. to duow; to fling; to agitate. | Toet'iira, n. noient commotioa. 

Too^en — to Attire; toAnoKR. 
Tot, n. a plaything ; a bauble. I Tot'shof, n. a shop where toya an 

Tot, & to play ; to trifle. sold. 

ToT'MAir, n. one who deals in toji. I 

TreUeti — to Draw ; to Pdu.. 
Tbail, n. a track left by anything | Tkail, v. to drav alix^ the gronnd. 
that faaa passed along. I 

Trappen—to Tbeas. 
Tbakp. e. to valk with a heavy I Tbamp'eb, n. one who tramps, 
tread. I Tkajc'plb, o. to tread tinder foot 

Tripptien — to Tup. 
Trip, ti.tostiikefrom under the body. | Tbip, «. to mn or step lightly, 
£u>eCf0r«»— to TwiTTEB. 

WaeAten~to Watch ; to Wait ; to Btat. 
Watt, t. to stay in expectatloQ ; to I Watt'bb, n. one who widta 
letnain. I 

Wab—e, S0U.KB ; a Cyuhdeb. 
Wixnz, n. a Idnd of whirling dance, j Waltz, v. to dance a walti. 

iToj/ten— to Habtkn ; to Pubsitb Eaokblt. 
Yacht, n. a enull reeeel for pleafioie. 


uhth's hahd-book or bTtuoloot. 


Bab'ibb, e. to compel to leave one's I BAK'iaHUXNT, n. act of b anistiing . 
country. I 

Begehren — ^to DBsnua. 
Bbg, r. to aak for with hnmility. I Bbg'oak, n. one wto begi. 
Bao, r, to Baanme without proo£ | Bko'gablt, ad. meanlj ; poody. 

Bbo'oaby, n. great want. 

Boll— Bowi. 

Bowl., n. a lonnd mass or ball of i Boto.'des, n. a large round stone. 

wood. BowL'rNO-GBEKW, n. a level piece of 

Bowi, e. to roll 08 a bowl. ground for bowling. 

Bowl'kb, n. one who plays at bowla. | 

Note —Bowl,, b Teesel to hold Uqnlds ; the boUow p«rt of injthiDg ; comes from 
tbe A.-y. {boUa, a round veeael.) 

JBrav—BoTJi; Honbbt. 
Bbavk, a. courageous; valiant | Bbatb'li 

Klataehen — to Claf. 
ChABB, e. to strike against ; to act in [ Clabb'ihq, n. oppoation. 
oppoeition. I 

2>oH«ren— to Tbemblb; to Tottkb. 
Itorii, e. to bare the mind impaired | Dor'AQE, n. mlly fbndnees. 
by age or pasaion ; to be over- Do'tabd, n. one whose miad is im- 
foud. I paired by age. 

Hogge — ^Doa. 
DoQ, n. a domestic aalmol. | Boo'h-eabs, n. tbe comers of leave* 

Doo, e. to follow in a sly manner. of books folded down. 

Doo'qbd, a. snllen; soar; morose. Doo'fiLKKp, ». pretended sleep. 
Doo'aBiBEL,n. irregular kind of verse. | Doo'tbot, ». a gentle trot 
NOTB. — Doo preflied to other words denotes mesnaen, degenerac;, or worthleun«i& 

o of tbe United States; 100 cents. 


JVecft— I mfu p b mt ; Bold. 

d c&OBelew I Frkak'hh, 

JFlieMen — to Flow. 
Flush, e. to redden ■□ddcnlf. I Plub'ter, e. to make hot and rosj 

Fhvaa, a. Cresb ; Ml of Tigoi. | with confoeion. 

Flub'tebsd, a. heated and confoaed. 

Fatter — a LnnKS j Feb ; Fubbisq. 
FuB, n. the fimei hair on «nim»i«, I Fcb'sibo, n. stripe of Tood nailed to 
Fdb'by, a. consisting of far. joists, etc., to bring them to an even 

Fns'RiEB, n. a dealer in fim. I stir&ce fbr lathing and plasteiing. 

GUmsen — to Gliotkh ; to Shinr. 
Glaitcb, e. to look with a rapid cast I Qlascx, n. a quick view, 
of the eye ; to Hj off obliquely. | 

OroUen — Gbowl. 
QsowL, •. to sturl like an angry dog. { Gbowl, n. a deep snarl or mnrmor. 

Harnch — Habbh. 
Habbs, a. rough to the tonch, ear, or [ HAses'LT, ad. ma. harsh manner, 
taste. 1 Habbh'kkbs, n. roughness j seTcrity. 

fCMf— Haste. 
Habtb, n. hurry; speed. | Has'tt, a. quick; speedy. 

Habt'bn', v. to make baste. I Habt'ilt, o^. with haste, 

Has'uxob, ». early peas ; early iruit. 

JZeroM— Hbbau>. 
Heb'aijD, n. a prochdmer. | Heb'aldbt, «. the art of a herald. 

Buchen — to Takb ok ths Back. 

Hutntnen — Huk. 
Htix, e. to utter the sound of bees. | Huv'iaita, n. the sound of beea. 
Hoif'-DBuif , a. dull ; stupid. 

Kind — a Child. Nup — to Btbal. 
giV wAf, e, to steal a human being. | Kid'haffeb, n. a man stealer. 

ZMtte — Lath. 
Lath, n. a thin slip of wood. | Lat'ticb, n. a network of tatba. 


Xidten— to Lull. 
XrLL, V, to quiet; to become calm. | Ldi-'labt, n. a song t« lull & 

jra»»— Wet. 
Naa'tt, o. diBgnstingly dirty, | Nas'ti 

Ode— SouTAST. 
Odd, a. not even ; strange. j Odd'lt, a<j. not 

Odd'itt, n. Bingo Isrity. I Osd'hesh, n. Bti 

Odds, n. inequality ; advantage. 

JPlump — Rude; Coabsz; Cldkbi 
Fl.ttitPj a, ftill; round; o. to fall I Pldiiip'nehb, n. fttllneai; 
' heavily. I 

Punch, n. a drink compoaed of spir- 1 Punoh'bowl, n. a bowl to hold 

Franffen — to Shihb ; to Uaks a Show. 
Pbaux, v. to dress ostentatiously. I Prascb, e. to spring; to bonnd. 
PsAiiK, m. a fiolic ; a trick. | Pban'ciko, n. ttie act of bouiidi^. 

id of spir- 1 Punoh'boi 
its, water and sagar.' | punch. 

NoTB.— PoBca, to perforate by driving, cMmes from tl 
the bufibon of a puppet show, Irom the Italian (pancAinHla.} 

Quaken — to Qoacs. 
Quack, c. to cry like a dock. | Quack'sby, n. &lse pretenses to skill. 

Metben — to Bub, 
Bub, e. to move along the sni&ce I Bub'beb, n. one that robs; a mtyor. 
vritli pressure. I ity of three games. 

Bub'bibh, m. anything worthlesa. 
NoTZ.— Bdbbiss, that which comes off by robbing. 

Mummeln — Bumble. 

Schirmen — to Covim ; to Pkotbct, 
ScRBBK, n. something that affords I Sckesb, o. to protect ; to hid& 
shelter or conce^ent. I 

a the Latin {ezetmo, to sqwrote,) tbroHgk 

Schlich — Tbice; Cjjssma. 
Slbiqht, n. an artAil or adroit trick. | Sletoht'tuii, a. utAd; Otnuung. 


BiATK, ft. me held in bondage; a | SLAT'EBT.n.thestateofbeingaBlave. 

dradge. I Blat'ibh, a. eerrile ; mean. 

Su&v'isHKBsa, n. servility ; meanness. 

NoTB.— SI.1TI, In Its preuDt &om tbe Slati or Sci^yi,(Slawmiaiu,) 
reduced to serrltDde b; tbe Germiuia. 

StorHff— Sturdy. 
Stub'dt, 0. bnidf ; stout; strong. | Btob'dilt, ad. hardily; o 
SruB'DHfEBS, n. hardinesB ; Btotttness. 

Wirbetn — to Wbihl. 
Wab'blb, e. to move from ride to I Wab'slb, e. ta> ring with 
mde. I of tone. 

Wab'bles, n. a ringer. 

TFaMe— Wad. 
Wad, n. a moss of a loose substance I Wad'dins, n. a soft etui 
pressed together. I quilting. 

Wisdt—A Wisp. 
Whisk, n. a kind of brash or broom. | Wbisk'br, n. hair grov 
WmsK, e. to sweep with a light rapid cheek, 
motion. j WmsK'nia, a. sweeping al< 


Bicre—a C(»KmoT; to Peoxuke Bmns. 

, a qnanel 

Bostio — to BoAflT ; to Vaunt, 
Boast, o. to bmg; to exalt one's selt | Boast'eb, n. one who boa* 
BOAJTf 'fdIi, a. given to boasting. 

Boeh — the Chbbe. 

Box, n. a blow on the head or ear, I Bok'er, n. one who boxes. 
^ven b; the hand. I Box'uia, n. fighting with t 

Note. — Box, an evergreen ebrnb whose wood Is very meful, cornea ffon 

ihroueh tie Laiin (bitna, a bos-trce,) nnd Bos, a case miidc of wooi 

A.-3. {box.) 


, JBrot — BbaooitiO'. 

Bkawl, n. a noisy qoarrel. | Bbawl'htq, p. a. qoarreling noiidlf. 

Bonglera — to Bdsdle. 
Bdk'qls, c. to perform clum^. I Bun'oi^a, n. a bad or clnmsj work- 

Gog — a Labor Sronx. 
Cloo, d. to load with so as to hinder I Choo'orsa, n. an obBtmction ; a bin- 
motion. I derance. 

Clog'ot, a. thick ; adtaeuve. 

Clwpa — a Enob or Lu»p. 


Cldb'fisted, a. having a laige fist. 
CLiTB'rooTED, a. having crooked feet. 

Damio — to PiECB. 
Dabn, v. to mend a rent or hole. | DAiui'iiia, n. the act of mending holea. 

Own — a Cotitkaotioti of EHonra. 

OrR'povTDBB, n. Hie ponder pat in 

Gdh'hhot, 71. the distance a gun will 

Gun'bmith, n. one who makes gnns. 

OiH, n. anj machine. 
QON, Ji. a, general name for firearma. 
Gun'her, n. one who manHgee guns. 
GvN'iraKY, n. the art of managing 

KoTB.— Gin, a kind of ardent Bplrits diatUled from rje and malted 'barley and fla- 

j_j,i.i — ._— t — 1— '^-m the Latin (jun^jen- •'-- '—' '- ■■— 

o, 10 proance:— Bi "--' *■ 

:e HpenlDg.)— MINI 

_ inftjerm.thejunlporlree; junfi . 
o called becatiae v. pots forth jooDger beniet 

flap— LncE; Ckakcb. 
; fortune ; accident, 
ihappy ; onfortunate. 
rfaaps ; by chance. 
come to psBS. 
y ; in a state of felicity. 
;wd fbrtune ; felicity. 

Hapsaz'abd, n. chance ; accident. 
MiBSAp', ». ill Inck; misfortune. 
Peroapb, ad. it may be. 

Ukhap'ft, a, miBerablc ; unfortunate. 
T7nhap'filt, ad. unfortunately. 
Uhsap'pihe^, n. misery; misfortune. 

Bwt — Hoot. 
it in contempt. | Hoor'nro, n. shouting \ clamor, 

de— the Foot. 
e with tbe foot. [ Eiok'kb, n. one that kicki. 


Xten — IiAXD. 
IiAwn, n. ft graw; plain. 
Hotk^-Lawv, s aort of flue Uneii, comM from Uie LaUii (ibunk) 

X«eeA — a Btoxs. 
LxASUK, n. a distaoce of three miles. 
HotK^-LxAfiCB, la aUlmce ; a combination ; comes from the Lfttiu (1^) 

Jfoef— Bau) ; Babb. 


I Pbrt'ly, iuI. briskly ; aaacily. 

Sytb — Briwranma ; Olub. 
Size, e. to cover with glatmouB mat- 1 Bize, n. a glutinons BnbBtance. 

NoTB.— SizSibnlk; magnltoiloi UanabbreTlatloDOf As3izB,acoart, or tbe tilling 

of a conn, from LmId (wH'- ■--'•'- >' '- -— "■i~~ ~J"~j •" —.■- 

uUnty in nspect to time, ni 

of a conn, from Latin {oMidM, lo Bit bj or near,} formerly an; tiling r«daced U 
..,-,- . . •- "jn^ nnmber, q — "'"- -'- 

jStry/— BwBBT. 
Sd'et, n. bard SaL \ Bu'btt, a. reaembling suet 

hb/— tami. 

Tall, a. high in stature ; lo%. | TALL'nKBe, n. hoght of Btatnre. 

Took, m. a horizontal fold made in a I Toes, v. to gather into a. narrow 
gftiinent to ahorten it. I compass. 

Tock'eb, n, a amall piece of linen over a woman's bosom. 

6w€tBg — Pbbbbubsi; SftuaKBB. 
Wamt, ». the middle part of the I Waibt'bahd, n. the band which en- . 
body. I circles the waist. 

Waot'ooat, It, a coat orer the waist. 

Chwim — Quick Motiok 
Whim, ft. a sudden turn or start of | Whuc'sicat., a. ftdl of wWmi. 
the mind. 1 

Gwingo— to Wbioole ; to Twist. 
WaoK, e. to ahiink ; to start back. [ Wtroh, n. a crank or handle to turn. 




Sorfc— Babk. 

Babk, n. the rind <w coTcring of a I Babk, v. to strip off baA. 
tree. I 

NOTS. — OAaB.j iUH uu 

ButK, a kind of ship, et 

Pief— a Blot. 
Blot, s. to spot ; to Etain ; to blnr. { Bix>t, n. a Bjrat or ri 
B1.0TCH, n. a spot upoa the ikin. 

Bqlk'heas, n. a partition acroas a ibip, 

Kaste — Cabt. 
Cast, e. to ttuoir ; to fling ; to com- I Cabt, n. a throw ; a mould, 
pate. I Cabt'er, n. (»ie who caatA. 

Cast'away, n. an abandoned person. 

Dingle — ^Dakgi.k. 
Dah'ole, t. to bang loose and swing- I Dah'oleb, n. one who hangs <tbont 
ing in the air. | women only to waet« time. 

l>«Mn — ^DowH. 
]>owii,n.tbefinea>ftfeatliersof fowls. | Dowh't, a. covered with down ; toft. 

2>t)a«fer— to Stat. 

DwEUigC. to live in a place. I DwBLi.'BrB,A. one who lives insplac& 

Dwell'ihg, n. place of reudence. 

Myg—Qan; Pliable. 

_ ntle. 1 Mkek'lt, ad. 

Mbek'hess, n. miidneas ; gentteneea. 

Skaane — to Sfarb. 
BcAKT, e. to limit; to stint. | Scaiit'y, ti. small ; not ample. 

Scant, a. not plentiful ; scarce. 8cANT'n.T, a. sparing^. 

Bcast'kkss, n. smallnees. I ScAirr'iifRBB, n. want of fbllnesB. 

Sfcrfpe— ScBBAK, 
BcBBAK, V. to make a shrill, loud noise, | Scbeecb, v. to cry ont as in tenor. 


Sky, ». the aerial r^on which inr. | Skt'lark, n. a bird which monntl 

ToimdB tiie earth. and eingv. 

Bks'ibs, a. like the sky. I SKy'uaHT, n. a window in a ioo£ 

Trivea~to Isckkabk. 
Thsitb, e. to iocrcMe ; to grow. I Thbut'y, a. thriring by indnrtiy 
THEiT'niG, n. proBperity ; growth. and fn^Uty. 

Thbift, n. fingality ; gain 

Vigre—* Twio. From Tiger— -to Yteld. 
'WicK'xa, a. made of twigs or | Wiok'bbwobk, n, a tozttua of twigt 


Itue/— a Catasbh. £0/— Sdtfocattos. 
Cough, n. a conTnlrioa oif the lang& j Coush'ek, n. one who con^^ 

OreUan — to Car. 
Cry, e. to utter a load noise. | CiiT'iMa, n. clamor. 

Dai'bt, n. a place where milk is I Dai'btiuid, n. a fbmale servant in a 
kept, I dairy. 

ITiinsatt — to Duicb. 

Dahob, b. to move with r^fnlated I Dam'cikg, n. act of moring with reg- 
Hteps. I nlated steps. 

Gruds — Loath. 
Obttdgb, v. to grant with ndnctance. | BBOBri>aB,e.toenvy theposBe^ono£ 

Qi^Uan—to Poxm Our. 
QiraH, «. to flow or ntsh oat with I Gust, n. a sudden violent blast, as of 
yiolence. I wind. 

NOTB.— Odbt, teste; rellsli; comes tmm tbe Latin (gmtm.) 


228 SUJTH'B band-boos OF BTTUOLOOr. 

Murva — to Dbitb; to Moyb Yiolentlt. , 

HuBL, P. to throw with Tiolence. I Hob'kt, e. to hasten; to drive. 
Hdb'lt-bub'lt, n. tumult; a. tomnl- HcB'ny-BEnB'RT, ad. confUpedlj. 

Mea — a Table. 
MBsa, n. a poition of fbod. I Mbbb'matb, n. one who eats at th 

I same table. 

Klander — Irtamt. 
SjUUi'diib, n. ftlse censure. | Sulk'dkbkb, n. one who Blanden. 

Slak'deboob, a. attering iUse leproach. 

mmm boots and debitatives. 

Krok, hroha — to Cunva ; to Behd. 

D€Uk€lr-r-ia Stbikbi. 
Dabb, v. to strike or throw i 

JDroft&o— to Hit. 

Dbdb, «. to beat ; to thrsdi. | Dbub'biho, n. a beating. 

Htyitt — Majisht GBoms. 
HiBX, n. soft, wet earth ; mod. | MfsT, a. full of mire. 

Qlabt, a. iloping; inclined from a I 8T.Ain:'iH&, p. a. in c lip iPg fiom 
dinct lime. I right line. 

Fir— Wma. 

Wmx, n. a metallic fliread. 




A^wnr, ». ft doth to keep the drew deam. 

A>9— Bos. 

Boo, «. s Boft, nuBBhy ptaw covered I Boo'ot, o. moidiy ; swiinpy. 
vithgraaa. 1 

Bran — ^Brak. 
Baja, n. the husk* of whe^t or other gnin. 

Brisgear — Gbiatlk. 
Bbib'kbt, n. the bre«at of an ■nimal, 

(htuta — a WiDB Houth ; Retxlkt, 

Cakocis',*. to drink &eely and with I Caroc'bal, n. a noisv drinking boot. 

jollity, I Cabotts'bb, n. one who carouses. 

Clann — Clam. 
Ci'Ait, n. a &inily ; a race ; a tribe. | Ci.Air'inBH,0. disposed to unite inclans. 

Craig — Chao, 
CaA0, n. a nmgfa, iteep Tock. | Cbao'ot, o. nigged; rocky; longh. 

DcDS, n. old worn dothet. I Dow^t, n. an awkvard, iU-dresaed 





BOTOB, n. a woA. ill flnubed 1 Botch, n. a clnmay workman. 

Sr^cza — ^Bbxezb. 
Bbbezz, n. a gentle gale, j BiaiszK'uiaB, a. vitlioat a breeze. 

Bbocade', n. embioideied ulk, { Bbocad'ed, o. woven as brocade. 

Buffime, buffo — Coinc 
'BcwTWSs', n. a low jeiter. [ Buffooh'xkt, n, low jeato. 

Sttfflano—t, Fiicp. 
Bwr'un, n. a bmtal ftllow. | Iti;rFi''uin.T, a. brutal ; Tiolant, 

Salvia, from L. iSa2«o— to Satb. 
Baqb, n. a plant. 
Nora.— &<>■, wIm ; pradent ; cornea from the LaUn (lOffM.) 

Scarso — Scabce. 
SCABOB, a, not plentiitil ; rare. I Scabcb'i.t, ad. bardl; ; with diffi- 

SoABtfiTT, n. want of plenty. | enlty. 

Soabgb'kbbb, n. want of plent?. 

Soorare— to DreHRABTEM. 
SoiBB, e. to terrify suddenly. I Soabb'cbow, ». an image to ftigbten 

I birds. 

BooBK^fl, jpr. treating with contempt. 


ImUIH boots AHD D£BITATirS8. 



liKTOt words are tutuUy pronoanced in this country, m accofduce with 
the fteneral ^principles of Ei^listi pronnnciatioii. It i« important, hoverer, 
to bear in mind : 

let. That everv rowel or diphthong in a Latin word mast be ennndated : 
«. e., every word bas as many Byllablea as there are vowels or diphthongs in 
it. Thus, fniZei is pronnunrad mi-lm; autre, mar-e. 

3d. Words of two syllables have the accent always on the first syllable; 
as, a'ar, a'go, ar'bor. 

3d. When a word of more than one pliable ends with a, that letter is 
Bounded as a in aA. 

4tb. That the diphthongs m and a are sounded as rimple e would be in 
tbe same place; thna, fa'dm, fe'doa ; palna, pe'na; oni'utu*, ein'ulas. 

fith. That ek is always sounded like k, 

8th, That c and g are hard before a, o, and «, and soft before «, i, and y; 
thm, in the words ea'U, co'la and eu/ra, the c baa tbe sound of i; in ee'da 
uid ei'fw it has the sonod of i. 80 g, in the words li'go, Itm'gut and gufta, 
has the soond of ; in go; in the words g^ro, gig^, it has the sound of j. 

Aoid'ttt, n. sourness ; tartness, | Acid'diate, e. to make sl^tly soi 

At^rU—Samp; Boxm. 
Ac'iuD, a. biting to the taste. | Ac'sthokt, n. ill nature. 

jl'm-o, aeu't-um — to Shaspeis. 
Acu'KEir, n. sharpnesa of intellect. | Acvtb', a. sharp ; pointed. 

* A'ffo, a^tum—U> Do ; to Peofobic ; to Dbitb. 

i^Acr', e. to perform ; to decree. 
Exact', e. to take by force. 
JExACT', a. ftccarate ; strict 
XIx'ioENCT, n. pressing necessity. 

AaiL'rTT, n. quickness of motion. 
Ao'iLB, a. moving eauly. 
Ac'tcate, p. to put in action. 
A'axNT, n. a person acting for another. 
Afl'iTATS, e. to put in motion. 
Co'gent, a. forcible ; powerflil. 

Coo'iTATB, c. to think. 

Pbod'ioaIu a. driving forth reckleaalj. 
Tkamsact , B. to perform through. 
Navioate, o. to drive a ship to sail. 
Rbact', e. to act ba<^ 


232 sMrrH's bamd-book of ettmoloot. 

■Ag'ger — a Heap ; a Mouxd. 
ExAa'&iiBATE, t. to enlarge beycmd the truth. 

Afger, a'gri — a Fiku). 
^ AGHA^tUN, a. relating to lands. 

A'Hus — Othbb; Ajrothsb. 
A'libn, n. A fordgner. I A.'i.ibnate, e. to treiufeT to another. _, 

A'uAB, ad. otherwise. I Auena'hoh, n. estrangement. 

A'lo, ali'lum — to Feed ; to Nousibh. 
Al'dieht, n. food. I Ax'inniEB.n. one who distribnteB alms. 

Al'iuoki, n. the allowance to a di- Aucs, n. guts to the poor. 
Torced woman, t Coalxbce, h. to grow together. 

Coali'tioh, n. anion ; league. 

AUer'nu»~bj Tusks; Obb Astkb the Otheb. 
Altbk'satii, v. to do by tonts. I Altes'satitb, n. a choice of two 

I things. 

Al'tua — Hioh; Loftt. 
Al'tttudbi, n, bdght; eleTadon. | Exalt', o, to nuse up. 

Am'fiulo — to Walk; to Pace. 
Am'bls, e. to pace, as a horse. | Pbbah'bulath, s. to walk throngb. 

A'mo — to Loth. Ant'icua — a Fribnd. 

Am'atoktt, a. relating to love. 
Amateub', n. a lover of the fine arts. 
A'miabiiB, a. worthy of love. 
Ak'obocb, a. affected by love. 
Av'iCABLS, a. Mendlj. 

Am'itt, n. fnendfhip. 

Ek'mitt, n. hatred. 

En'emt, n. a foe. 

Irih'icai., a. nnftiendly; opposed. 

Auodb', n. a love affiiir. 

^m'plus— Labqe ; ExncKsiTBi Pucbtiful. 
Am'plk, a. large ; fall ; wide. I Am'plift, e. to enlarge. 

Am'flt, ad. l^gely. I Am^vica'tion, n. enlargement 

AH'pLiTnDB, n. laigeness. 

An'ffUa — EnsiiAitd. An'glieua — English. 
An'oLiCAiT, a. of England ; English. I Ait'olo-Da^osh, a. belong^ to the 
An'olo-Aues'ican, n. an Anvericaii English Danes, 
of English deecent Ah'olo-Bax'os, a. belonging to the 

I Engli^ BaiODB. 

An'gOf anac'i — to Vex. 
Air'amBB, n. intense pun, I Auxi'ett, n. solicitude. 

An'gek, n. wrath; rage. I Arx'ious, a. troubled in mind. 



ix'oLX, n. ft comer. 
Afl'GUitia, a, having comers. 
MuiTAU'oiTLAB, a. many cornered, 
PENTAK'aDi.AB, o. Atb comered. 
QDAs'KAKaLK, n. a Bqaare. 

REcr'AHQi^, n. a riglit angled fbnr- 
nded figure. 

SBFTAH'auiiAK, o. haring wren cor- 

EquiAn'aiii.AB, a. having eqnal anglcfl. 

Tbi'akglb, n. a three cornered figure 

An'lntua—lSna); GovRAoa An'ima — Wuro; Bo&atk; Lifr. 
Uwamim'itt n. 

Au'dtai., n. a living creature. 
AmiAii'cuLE, ». a minute aoimaL 
An'dcate, e. to mate alive. 
Ashudt^bt', c. to pass censure. 
Ikui'iiuth, o. lifelew. 
Asqia'tioh, n. livelinew. 
Asuoa'iTT, n. violent hatred. 

, n. agreement. 
IJiiAB'iiiors, a. of one mind. 
Eqdahim'ity, n. evenness of mind. 
HAanASric'iTT, n. greatnesa of mind. 
HAoniji'iiious, a. brave ; noble. 
Pvsoj^nsnt'm, ti. cowardice. 
Helah'iuate, II. to restore to life. 

An'sALB, B. yearly records. 
AiraiVBE'sABT, n. a stated day com- 
ing once ia every year. 
An'boal, a. yearly. 
AHNu'rrr, n. a yearly tdlovrance. 
Bies'hial, a. in every two yean. 
Millkn'sidx, n. a tbonaand yeois. 

An'tius — a Cibclb ; a Yeab. 

CsSTEs'siii^ a. 

every hundred 

OtTTEN'mAi., a, in every eighth year. 
Peseh'sial, a. perpetual. 
Shptrk'nial, a. in every seven yeare, 
Tnnai'mAL, a. in every third year. 
SursRAx'unjAiB, e. to impair by age. 

Anti'guua — Old or Abcikkt. 
An'TiqijABT, n. one who studies an- 1 Am'ttquatb, o. to make obsoleto. 
dent things. 

Aktkiua'biaii, 1 

relating to auti- ADTiQ'unT, t 
Ak'tio, a. odd ; fiiuci^L 

Apf^riOf aper'tum — to Ofeh. 
Apk'bieiit, a. g«ntly purgative. | Ap'ebtukb, n. i 

Ap'tu8^¥TV\ Meet. 
Adapt', e. to fit ; to aiyust. [ Apr'uaas, n. quiokm 

A 'qua — ^Watkb. 
AquAT'ic, a. pertaining to water, I TBBAA'4UB0Da, a. composed of land 
A'quBDucT, n. a channel for water. and water. 

A'qDEocB, a. watery, I 

Ar'biter—an Uwpma or Jddse. 
As'sTTRATi^ e. to decide. I Ab'bitkatob, n. a decider; an nm- 

Asbttba'tioii, n. determination by pire. 
an arbitrator. [ As'nnBAKr, a. despotic 



At^bot^—i Take. 
Aa^BOK, n. a bower. [ As'soHABr, a. belonging to trees. 

Ar'eeo — to Erep ; to Dbiye ; to RBBraAnr. 
CoBBCB, t. to restrain bj force. | Cktua'cion, n. reatiunt. 

Artfus—» Bow. 
AitcH, n. a CQired atnuitare. | ABOH'EB,n.hethatBhootBwiQiabow. 

Ar'deo, ar'aum — to Bdsk. 

Ak'dbitt, o. hot; paB8ioiiat«. I Ar'dob, n. pasuon ; zeal. 

ABttBNCT, n. eagemew ; beat. | Ab'bos, n. ae crime ofhoiise baming. 

Ar'guo — to Asovbl 
Ab'oub, e. to reason; to diapiite. | Ab'sdveut, m. a reason offered. 

Ar'tna — ^Abhs; Wsaponb. 

As'inenoR, n. a ceaeation of hoetil- 

Asat, V. to fhnueb with arms. 
Abks, n. weapons. 
Abka'da, ». a fleet of wpt. 
Ax'uAitfBHT, n. a naval warlike force. 
Ab'uob, n. defenaive arms. 

Ak'mory, n. a place for arms. 
Ab'mt, n. a number of armed men. 
DiBAsu', e. to depiiye of weapooB. 

Akt, n. skill; camiing; trade. 
Abt'ibt, n. a professor of an art. 
Akt'iban, n. a workman. 
ARTiFi'cui^a.madebyBrt; notgen- 

Ara, ar'tia — Abt; Skili,; Trick. 

Ab'tifiok, n. trick ; fraud. 
Abt'lebs, a. nndullfol ; without 

Ar'tus — a Jorar. ArtU/tUus — a Ltttlr Joint. 
Ab'ticle, n. a BJuele thing, I Abtic'dlatb, v. to spei^ diadnctly. I 

Abtio'ulax, a. belonging to the Abtic'olate, a. distinct; joiat«d. 
joints. I lNABTTc'DU,Tjt, a. not distmct. ' 

A^per—Bavaa; Habsh; Sxvxbbl 
Abfeb'itt, n. roughness. | Exas'fbkatb, v. to enrage. 

Alfrax, atro'cta — Cbuel ; Fiescb. 
Atbo'oiodb, a. extremely wicked. | Atroo'itt, n. great wickedneB^' 

Av^dio, auM'tum — to Hrab ; to Listkn ; to Obet. 
Au'dibls, a, that can be heard. Au'ditobt, n. an ossembl; of hearers. 

Ati'diziice, n. the persons assembled Obey', v, to comply with commands. 

to hear. Obe'dience, n. submission. 

Ao'dft, e. to examine an scconnt. Obe'dibst, a, obeying. 

Au'ditob, n, a heater. Dibobkt', d. to br^ oommandi. 

IiiAir^ifiLB, a. not to be heard. 


Au'deo—ia Dasx. At^dax—Ysx,^ DABnre. 
Adda'choub, a, bold and impadat | AiroAc'nT, n. effroatery, 

^u'ffcOf autflum — to Isokkabb. 
Adohbst', e. to incieoae. j Ac'thor, n. an otigiiutor. 

Ado'TioK, n. a sale to the highest Att'thobizs, v. to gire ftnthorit7. 
bidder. I AtrTBoR'm, n, Iqpu power. 

AiTZiL'uitT, a. helping. 

AtKoim, ff. to fbretell ; to predict I Au'cdbt, n,. prediction by omou. 
Ikau'sdoate, e. to lead into office Auspic'ioub, a. favorable, 
with Buitable ceremoDies. I iNAUBPi'cione, a. unfortunate. 

Saifchus—ia heathen mythologj, the QoD of Wine. 
Bacwhaka'uait, a. pert^ning to I Dbbavch', v. to corrupt ; to min. 
dmnken rerelrj. | Dbbauchkb', n. a rake ; a dninkard. 

Dbbadch'hbt, n. intemperance. 

Bar'bartM—^VDx; Sataqb; Ckubl. 
Bas'baboitb, a. mde; uncivilized. I Babbab'ic, a. foreign; rude. 
Babba'bias, n. a savage. I Bab'babibic, n. inhumanity. 

Babbab'itt, n. brutality. 

Bea'ius — Hafft; Blbsbed. 
BxAT'xrr, i. to loake happy. | Bsat'itudb, n. blesaedneas. 

BcTtom— Wae. 

B^ne — Qood; Wbll. 
BKMKP itfnow, n. a bleseing. I Bekef'icent, a. kind ; dmng good. 

BEiiEFAc'Tioii,n. a blesdng conferred. Bbkefi'oiai., a. advantageous. 
Bknbfac'tob, ft. he who confets a BBiiiBT'oLBHCE,n. good will: charity, 
benefit. | Beit'bfit, n. advantage. 

Senig'nut — Ejhd; Libbbal. 
Bbsibn,' a. kind; gmeiDDs. | Bskio'iiitt, n. actual kindness. 

Si'bo — toDsiHK. 

StottdiM— QsKTLB ; WlNKIHG. 

S36 Burre's bakd-book or vmioLooT. 

Bts— Twice. B^ni—Two by Two. 
Bi'fubcatxd, a. hftving two prunga. i Bibeot', e. to cut into two equal 
Bia'AKT,n.liaTii]g two wivesatonce. parts. 
Bi'nabe, a. composed of two. Combihs', v. to join or anite. 

Bi'PBD, n. on animal with two feet. I BiKS'iiui., a. in every two yeaxt, 

Bis'cDTi, n. a kind of bread, (twice baked.) I 

JBre'vis — Shobt; Brief. | 

Bbisf, a. short ; conciae. I Bbev'urt, n. an abridgement i 

Brbt'itt, n. ahortneas. | Abbbs'viate, e. to ahortea. ' 

Abbidoe', p. to Bborl«ii. 


Bbd'tai., o. unfeeling. | Bbu'tibh, o. like a brntfl, 

Ca'do, ca'sutn — to Faix ; to Katpss. 

Cabcadk', n. water&U. 

Ca'dbmob, n. the fall of the voice. 
Deca'dbncb, n. fall ; decay. 
Cabs, n. condition ; atate. 
Cab'oai,, a. accidental. 
Cab', n. accident. 
Ac'cmsNT, n. that which happens 

CoracTDH', ' 
Cojs'ciDssca, n. conctmaifie. 
Dbcat', v. to rot ; to fait away. 
Dbcid'iioub, a. falling ; dying, 
Ih'cidbkt, n. an event 
Occa'sion, v. to cauae. 

Oo'cmEHT, n. the weat 

CafAo, t(xfaum, — to Cur ; to Kill. 

Iscie'iON, n. a cnt into any thing. | Fbat'bicidb, n. the murder of i 

Excis'ioK, n. a cutting out. brother, 

Excise, n. a tax on goods. Hoh'icidb, n. a manalayer. 

Cohoibb', a. short ; brief. Infah'tioidb, n. the mnider of si 

Decide', e. to determiae. in&nt. 

Dbcib'ion, n. determination. Pab'bicidb, n. the moider of i 

DEOi'atVE, a. conclo^ve; final. parent. 

Pbbcibb', ti. esftct; strict. "~' 

Pbboib'iom, n. exactneas. 

Cof cti/u«— a SuAUi Stoue ; a Pbbblb. 
Cai.'oulatb, v. to compute. | CAi-'onLrs, n. a disease. 

Ca'leo—\a be Waru or Hot. Cic'Ion— Heat. 

Calbtac'tion, n. the act of heating. I Calobif'ic, o, making hot. 
Cai.'dbon, n. a pot ; a boiler, I iNOALBn'CBMCE, n, warmth. 

CaiiOb'io, n. the element of heat. I Scald, c, to bum with a hot fluid. 

Camp'ua—A Pi,aim ; a Tektbd Fibld, 
Cahp, n. the ground on which an j Decamp, v. to cbaage a camp; to 

army pitches its t«nts. move oS 

Cakpaion', n. a military year. | EncAifp', r. to pitch tenti. 



Calutn'nia — CAi.DiEirr. 
Cu.'inaiT, n. &1ae accnution. | Caluu'kious, a. danderono. 

Caluu'hutb, c. to accuse falaelf. 

Can'deo — to Gloit with TTha t ; to be Bbiqht or Whtfb. . 

Cam'dob, n. frankness ; mncerity. 
Can'oid, a. fair; open. 
Cui^isATB, n. one proposed for of- 

Cau'di^ n. s light macle of t&llow. 

Ihcbu'diabt, n. one who sets on fire. 
(k^noj ean'tum — to Sinci ; t 

EzcAiTDEa'oEiiCK, n. wbite beat. 
Cbaxdblisb', n. a branch for candles. 
Ih'ckmbk, n. perfume burnt. 
IircBVBE', e. to enra^; to proroke. 

tncsR'TrrE, n. a motive ; inducement. 

Chast, n. a kind of sacred mnmc 
Cas'ticlb, n. a long. 
Can't©, n. a section of a poem. 
Cast, n. affected manner of speech. 
Dcscast', e. to discourse. 

delight highly. 
Ihgahta'tiok, n. the act of enchaulr 

ing by singing. 
Rbcast', e. to recall ; to retract. 

Ca'pio, cap'tutn — to Take ; to Taxk nrro thb Mdhd. 
Accept', t. to take ; to receive. Except, «. to leave out. 

Accbpt'abib, a. plearang. 
Amnc'iPATB, V. to take beforehand. 
Ca'pabi.b, a. able to do or take. 
Capa'cious, a. wide; laive. 
Capac'itatb, v. to qualify. 
Capac'itt, n. power of holding. 
Cai^ttocs, a. peevi^ ; caviling. 
Cap'titatk, e. to take prisoner ; t 

Cap'ttvb, n, a prisoner. 
Cap'tob, d. he who takes priaonere. 
Cap'tubb, n. a seizure. 
Cancan', n, fancy; opinion. 
CoMCBrva', 0. to think. 
Coscep'tioh, n, notion ; idea. 
Decoivs'. v. to cheat; to mialead. 
Dbcoit', n. a &i>nd; a cheat. 
Decep'tion, n. act of deceiving. 
EHAs'ciPA'm, e. to set at Ub^y. 

Cap'tUf cap'i 

Cap. ». a covering for the head. 
Cap'itai., a. chief; principal. 
Caftta'tidii, n. counting by beads. 

CAPiT'DiATH,r. to surrender by treaty. 
Cafb, n. a headland. 
Cap'taih, n. a chief conunander. 
Chap'tbr, n. a division or head. 
Dbcap'itatb, v. to behead. 
Fbe'cipice, n. a headlong steep. 

Ihtbecept', e. to stop on the wey. 
Miscohcgp'tion, n. a false opinion. 
Ocoupa'tior, n. employment. 
Oc'oopT, V. to possess. 
Pabtio'ipatb, e. to share. 
Pergeivb', e. to notice ; to see. 
Prk'ckpt, n. a rule given. 
pRra'cTPAL, a. chief; capital. 
Pbih'oiple, n. cause ; motive. 
Rbckitb', e. to take ; to admit 
Receipt', n. acknowledgment for 

Recef'tacle, n. that which receives 

or contains. 
itecEp'TioN, n. a receiving. 
Keo'ipb, n. a medical prescription. 
Rbcip'ieht, n. one who rece' 
Busckp'tible, a. senaitive. 

Head; Life. 
Peeoip'itaijob, n. headlong hurry. 
PsEcip'rrATE, e. to tumble neadlong. 

Peeoip'itate, a. headstrong; hasty. 
Pbecip'itatb, n. a sediment. 

Rbcapit'itlate, e. to repeat. 

f the 



Car'bo, earbi/nis— a Coal. 
Cab'bon n. Uie eaaentlsl ingredient I Cab'bdkclb, n. ft little coal; s gen 

of coal. a tomor. 

Cabbok'io, a. containing carbon. 1 

(k^ro, ear'nta—FLESB. 
Cab'itagb, n. slanghter. I Car'hital, n. a ftaat before Ixnt 

Cak'nal, a. fleBhly; lustful. Cab'bion, n. putrid fleifa. 

Carnit'okoub, a. feeding on flesh. | Cab'cabs, ». a dead body. 
Ikcab'fatb, a. clothed with flesh. | Cabhkl'ian, n. a red stone. 
Cabha'tiom, n, the natural flesh color. 

Ca^tUB — Chaste; Pubk; Cobbsct. 
Chastb, a. pure ; tracomipt [ Cha«'tity, n. parity. 

Oav'tM— Hollow. 
Cat'ern, n. a deep, hollow place. I C 
Cat'itt, «. a hollow place. 1 1 

Cau'sa — a Ca^sb ; a Rbasos. 
CArsE, n. ttist which produces an j Acctisk', v. to charge wit3i a crima^ 
eflect I ^cusb', v. to pardon. 

Bbcaubb', am. for the reason that. 

Ca'veo, cau'tum — to Bbwabb ; to Take Cask, 
Cad'tiom, n. prudence in respect to I Ca'tbat, n. a warning. 
danger. 1 Incau'ttotts, a. heedless, 

Pbeoac'tioii, 71. previous care. 

Ctfdo, ee^aum — to Tikld ; to Go Awat. 

Excess', n. more than enough. 
IsCEs'fiAST, a. without paose. [ 

Imtekckde', p. to go between. 
Pbecbde', v. to go before. 
Pbbc'bdest, r. an example. 
Proceed', p. to go forward. 
Recede', v. to go back. 
Proc'ebs. n. a method, 
Pboces'biom, n. a ceremonious march. 
Bbobbs', n, a place of retreat. 
Secede', *. to withdraw from. 
Becbs'bion, n. a withdrawing from. 
Succeed', ». to follow ; to prosper. 
BuccEsa', n. fortune ; prosperity. 

Cede, p. to yield or give up. 
CEfi'aiON, n. the act of yielding. 
Ceabb. v. to stop ; to leave o£ 
Cesba TiON, n. a stop. 
Accede', n. to assent to. 
Access', n. approach. 
AocEa'BiOK, n. an increase. 
An'ckstob, n, a forefather. 
Am'cbstrt, n. a series of ancestors. 
ANTECE'DKifT, a. ^ing before. 
Coscede', b. to yield ; to grant. 
Conceb'sion, n. the act of granting. 
Deceabb', n. death. 
ExcKEo', v. to go beyond. 

Sdcces'sitb, a. following in order. 

CWTo— a Celi. ; a Shall, Close Booh. 

Cell, n. a small, close room, { CelI/AB, n. a room under a boaae; 

Cbl'lulab, a. having little cells. 


(debris — Rxso-wkkd; pAicoua. 
Cbl'ebbate, «. to pnuse ; to extol. | Crlsb'sitt, n. &me ; renown. 

C^ler — BwTFT. 
CcLBB'nr, n. iwifbiesa ; speed. | Acckl'kbatb, c to bosteo. 

Cefgu« — High ; Lutbd Up. 
Exckl', e. to outdo ; to sorpaas. | Ez'ceij.ekt, a. soipasaing. 

Oe'to — to CoTBB ; to Hms. 
Cosceal', b. to bide. | Cokcbal'heht, n. the act of hiding. 

Cen'eeo — to Thine ; to Judoi: ; to Blahb. 
Cbn'bor, 71, one who jndgea, | Ckh'bub, n. a numbering of the peo- 

Ceh'sube, Tt. blame; reproach. | pie. 

Ckkso'kiods, a. apt to ceosare. 

Cen'trum — the Ckntee. 
Ceh'tes, n. the middle point of any I Cohobn'tric, a. having the tame cen- 

Cmt'TBAii, a. lelating to the center. I Corcer'trate, t. to bring tc^ether. 
EocnK'TBic, a. going fkim the center. 

Cen'tum — a HinramBD. 

Cent, n. the one-hnndredth port of a 

Ces'tubt, n. a bondred years. 

Cestkh'niaI/, a. occurring ever; hun- 
dred years. 

Ces'tited, n, an insect with many 

Centu'riok, n. an officer over a hun- 
dred men. 

Cebe, «. to cover with wax. I Siacebe', a. pare ; true. 

Cb'sato, n. an ointment of wax, etc | Bincbb'itt, n. honeaty ; ptiiitj. 

Cer'no, ere'tum — to Bipt ; to BisnusavKB ; to Decoee. 

Conceeh', b. to affect or disturb. 
Decree', v. to ordain or command. 
Discerm', v. to see; to distinguish, 
Discekn'mekt, n, jadgment. 
Discbeet', a. discerning ; prudent. 
DiscBB'noN, n. pradeace, 

Bec'retakt, n, one who writes for another. 
Note.— SscioprABr, bo called from the eecret aflalra entrusted 

Dibcrim'htatb, v. to diatinguish, 
Dibckimika'tion, n. distinction. 
iNDiscRiu'tNATE, a. not making any 

Se'cret, a. hidden ; private. 
Becretb', fi. to hide or conceal. 

Cer'to — to Contend; to Stbitb. 
If, to contrive together, I Dibcokcebt', e. to distnrb. 
n. a musical entertain- Prbconcebt'ed, a. contriTed before- 


Cer'tug — Cbktaih; Sukb. 
Cbr'tais, a. Hure ; undoubted. j Ckbtif'icate, n. a testinum; in wiit- 

Aacbbtair', v. to moke certain. ing. 

Ceb'tipt, o. to asBure. I Umchh'taih, a. doubtlbL 

■ Cht/rus — a Dakce AoooHPAniED ■with Bohq, 
Choib, n. a band of cnngers. I Cho'kal, a. belongins^ to a cboir. 

Cho'bub, n. a namber ot singers. | Chok'ibtbb, n. a lea^r of a choir. 

Cin'go, cinc'tum — to Gmo ; to Bdbbouhii. 
Pbk'cimct, ». a district. ] Succibct', a. short ; compact. 

dr'cus — a CmciA Vir'culua — a Little Cibolh. 
Cnt'cLE, n. a ring ; a nmnd space. | Cnt'curr, n. extent ronnd about. 
Cm'ci-BT, n. a little circle. CisoTi'rroua, a. not direct. 

Cat'CDiuUi, a. ronnd, like a circle. Cra'cna, n. an open space for sports. 
CiB'on^Tii, «. to move in a circle. 1 Encib'cle, d. to snrround. 

Ci'to — to Cali. or Buuuoh ; to Stib Uf. 
CiTB, D. to summon; to quot«. I IsoTm'xssr, n. impulse. 

Bkcftk', c. to stir up. Rkcttb', o. to repeat ; to tell over. 

Excitb'ubkt, n. agitation. Rbcita'tion, n. a telling over of 

Ihcitb', e. to urge on. 1 something learned. 

Rbbub'ottatb, v. to bring back to life. 

Ci'vis — a Citizen. 
Crv'ic, a. relating to a city. I Unoit'il, a. impolito ; rude. 

Cir'n., a. gentle ; well bred. C[T'n.izB, n. to reclaim from a saTage 

Cit't, n. a large corporate town. state. 

Cnr'izFj*, n. on inhabitant of a city. | CiviL'nT, n. politeneaa. 

Cla'tno, dama'tum — to Cax Our ; to Shoct. 
Clah'ob, n. outcry ; noise. | Disci.aih', e. to disown ; to deny. 

Clau'obotjs, a. noisy. Ezci^aih', e. to cry out. 

Claim, o. to demand. Pboci.aik', v. to publish. 

Ci.Aiu'AirT, n. one that demands. I Reolau', e. to recall ; to refoim. 

CSo'ruj— Clbab ; Bkiget. 
Clbar, a. bright ; evident; 
CiiAs'iFT, s. to purify. 

dau'do, clau'autn — ^to Shot ; to Oi.oaB ; to Finish. 

Claosi:, n. a part of a eottence. Eiclddk', o. to shut out 

Clobb, v. to shut. Seclitdb', e. to shut apart. 

Clob'et, n. a small private room. Pbbclodb', t>. to shut nefbre. 

CONCLimB', v. to flnisb. Inclosb,' v. to sbtit in. 

Dibolosb', f>. to reveal ; to teU. Bkclu'bion, n. retirement, 

ENCLoaB', V. to shot in. Rsclubb', n. a solitary pcoKH 


<X^men», tiemen'tU — Vbrn; Kebcifiil. 
Ciah'krt, a. merdfiil ; kind. 
iHCLBH'aHT, a. severe ; rongfa. 

GSfno— to Bekd ; to Lkax. 
Ikcuxe', «. to bend; 

G/lo, ctWtum—U> Till ; to Chltitatk. 
Col'obt, 71. a settlement in a new I Ccl'ture, n. cultivBtion. 

conntrj. Ao'BTCUi.Tunii, n. cnltivation of the 

Cul'titatk, «. to improye by labor, | gronud. 

EoH'xioui.TUia:, n. gardemng. 

' Co'meaf eatn'tifa— a Compasioh. 

CoH'nT, fl. kindnees of manner. 
CoiTCOu'iTAXT, <t. gidng with. 

ConcttiOf conellUt'tutH — to Uinrz ; to Makb Fsikhda. 
BxC<aicnx, t. to make fiienda again. | Coscn-'iAis, e. to win to friendship. 


Coup'u^ n. two things togetlker. | Coup'lbt, n. two veraea. 

Ck/quOf coeftum — to Bon. ; to Cook ; to Diokbt. 
Corcoot', «. to prepare hj digesting. I Deooc'tioii, n. a liquor in whicli 
Cook, e. to prepare food by heat | something haa been boiled. 

Cor, coKdfo— the Eeabt, Mran, or CouBAaE. 

Cous'AaB, n. the state of baring 

heart; bravery, 
Die'cooD, n. dleagreement 
Rbgord', e. to regiater. 

CoBx, n. the heart or central part. 
Cob'dial, a. warm ( bearty. 
Oob'dial, n. any thing tbat gladdens 

the heart 
Cos'ooBD, n. agreement, 

Disoods'aqb, p. to depress ; to tieier. 

Co'riutn — a Bkoi or Hide, 
Cdb'bieb, n, one who dieesra hides. 1 Exco'riatb, e. to take ofiF the akin. 

dor'pus, cor'pari»—A Host, 

Coe'pobal, n. an army officer. 1 Cob'pobatb, a. onited into a body. 

CoR'poBAi^ a. relating to the body. Coa'PTLEHT, a. having a bnlky body. 

CoBfo'BBU., a. having a body. I Coitn, n. a body of soldiers. 

CoBFSB, n. a dead body. 

Craa — To-hobbo'W. 
PaocBAa'TiKATB, 8. to put o£ I Pkocbab'tinatioii, n. deferring. 


Cre'dOf ered'ttum — to Tbpbt; to Belibvk. 

Cbebd, n. articleB of belief. ' [ Ceed'itor, n. a truster. 
Cre'dbnce, n. belief; credit. Cekd'ulodb, a. apt to Iwlieve. 

Crkd'it, n. belief; trust. Dibobbd'it, e. to disbeUeve. 

C&ed'ibls, a. worthy of belieC | Ibcr&d'iblc, a. not to be belieTod. 

" ' ■ » of belief. 

Crffo, crea'tum — to Cbeate. 
Crbaix', e. to cause to exist. | Bec'bkast, a. cowardly ; bias, 

Cbba'tubb, n. a thing created. | Rbcbb&'tioh, it. amtiEeineiit 

Cre^co, cre'tum — ^to Grow ; to Incseabb. 
Cbbb'orht, n. the increasiDg or new | Decrease', e. to grow less, 
moon. I Ihcrsabe', e. to grow lai^er. 

Rbcbuit', v. to repair ; to supply. 

Cri'men, crim'ints — an Accubation ; a Cbihe. 

Orit'tliM— Raw ; Usbipb. Crtwte'^i*— TJmfbbi.ihg ; Cbukl. 
Ceudb, a, raw ; nnripe. I Cbit'el, a. nnfeeling. 

CBmiB'NESB, n. umipenesB. | Cbd'eltt, n. inhumanity. 

Vrus'tor—A Gbust ; the Touoh Shell op a Lobbtbb. 
Cbdst, n. an outer coat ; a case. [ Iucbcbt', e. to cover with a cnub 

Cu'bo, or eunt'bo — to Lib Dowk. 
Cuk'bbr, t. to burden ; to hinder. | Rbcux'bbbt, a, leaping. 
Encum'ber, t. to burden. Ctm, n. the young of a beasL 

Ibcuv'bbiit, a. resting upon. I Suocuhb', c. to si^ under a difficalty. 

CtU'pa — a Fadlt ; BiaME. 
Cuij'fablb, a. worthy to be blamed. I Excui.'pate, v. to clear ftom blam& 
Ccl'pbit, n. an accused peiHon. | Ihchl'patb, «. to pat into blame. 

Cu'nnUua—A Hsat. 

Accu'injLATB, e. to heap np. | Cij'iruLiTrvB, a. heaping tip. 

Cu'ra — Cabe. Cu'ro — to Take Cabb Op ; to Hbat. 

Cube, c. to restore to health. 

Ctj'bable, a. that may be cored. 
Cu'batb, n. a parish priest. 
Cn'HAcr, n. the office of a curate. 
Cabb, n. anxiety. 
Cd'bioitb, a. prying; inquisitiTU 
Ac'cCRATE, a. exact; correct. 
Ac'cuRiCT, n. exactness. 

Secube', a. free from care ; Ba& 
Skcc'mtt, fl. safety. 
In'bkccke, a. not safe. 
Procube', e. to obtain, 
Prok'y, n. a aubstitnte. 
Bi'necurb, n. an office of profit wifli- 
out empl oy ment. 


Cw^ro, eur'mim — to Rum ; to Pabs Swi 

dTK'BBNT, n. a nuinin^ stream. 
CUB'sosr, a. hHrty; slight 
Cakekb', 71, B course ; a race. 
C'oit'RiE:B,n. a mesaeuger sent in haste. 
CoQBHS^ n. career ; progiew. 
Concitb', v. to agree. 
Cod'codbse, n. a gathering. 

KxcDs'aioii, n. a ramble. 

Ibcdr', 0. to become liable to, 
Iscck'bioh, 71, inroad ; invadon. 
Occuk', v. to happen. 
Occub'bencz, n. an event. 
Rbcub', e. to happen agun; to re- 

PBBCnB'aoE, n. a forerunner. 
RBCOtmes', n. a ranning to seme- 
tbing for protection or aid. 

ic'ooB, e. to help ; to relieve. 

Cur'«!l**~BKST ; WraDDTG. 

CuKVM, ». a brat line. 

CuBTiLra'sAB, a 

C^7to— the Szm. 
Cu'ticue, n. the thin oater sMn. [ CoTA'KEoua, a. a^cting the skin. 

Dam'num — Loss; Hubt; Daiuoh. 
Dah'aqe, n, loas ; injury. I Tsoat'mrY, s. to relieve from low, 

Cosdehf', 0. to give sentence against. [ Ikdbm'iiity, n. security Crom loss. 

JD«6'*«»— Wkak. 

DiiBii.'rrT, n. weakness ; langaor. | Dxbil'itatb, t. to weaken. 

Deb'eOf d^Uuin — to Owe. 
I>EBT, n. that which is dne. I DEBunT'uita, n. a writing acknowl- 

" '~ '" ' '"Ldebti I edging a debt. 

D drtit I Due:, a. that onght to be paid. 

Du'ty, n. that which one onght to do. 

D^cet—to be BsooHiira or Pbotbr. 
De'ckrt, a. becoming; fit, | Dec'obats, o. to adorn. 

Db'ckrct, n. proprietj of mannar, Dbco'kous, a. obaervi)^ proprietj, 
Deco'rox, n. propriety. I Iksbco'biik, n. impropriety. 

DeH'^<c — Fuubdsbb; Delight; Nioekees. 
BELi'ciors, a. pleasant to the taste. { Dbl'tcatb, a. nice ; fine ; soft 
Dix.BO^ABLE, a. delightftiL I Delight', n. pleasure ; joy. 

Den'suB — Thick; Close. 
CoTmxsBR', c. to thicken. [ Dxnse, a. close ; thick. 

Dena, den'Us — a Tooth. 
Deti'tal, d. perbdniu; to the teeth. I IifDENT', t>. to impress, as with teeth. 
Den'tist,' n. a tooth <E<ctor. '" ' '"'^ 

Dbn'tipbicb, ». tootli powder 

244 BUIia'S , HAim-BOOK of ETTUOLOar. 

DeTua—Ooa. JH'vua—A God. 

De'iht, n. one who believeB in (Jod I Divnra', a. godlike ; henTeblr. 

bnt denies rerelation. DrvTNi:', t, to predict 

DB'nr, n. tbe DiTuie Being. I Ditira'tion, n. foretelling. 

Dms'iTT, n. the nature of Qod. 

i>eir'ter— RiQHT-OAiiDED ; Rradt; Expbbt. 
Dex'tebotis, a. expert ; ready. | Deztsb'itt, n. teodioeas. 

IH'co, dicta'tunt — to Detote ; to Bet or Pot Apabt. 
Ubd'idatk, c. to devote. I Fbed'ic&tb, «, to show before the 

Ab'dicate, «. to pye ap right. people. 

Ih'dioate, 0. to point oat I 

IH'co, aU/tum—to 8at ; to Speak ; to Tell. 

Dio'TiON, n. language ; style. 
Dio'tioitary, n. a word book. 
Dio'tatb, v. to give commands. 
Addict', b. to derote to. 
Behedio'tioh, m. a bleedng. 
E'dtot, n. i proclamation. 

Di'ABT, n. A daily acconnt. 
I>i'al, n. a plate npon whicli are 
marked the hours of the day. 

Indict', c. to aocuBe in writing. 
Istbbdtot', e, to prohibit. 
Ikdite', e. to pot into words. 
Mai-kdio'tiok, n. a curse, 
Pbedict', s. to foretell. 
Tkb'hict, n. the deciaou of ft jury. 

-ft DAT. 

I Diub'hai^ 


». daily. 
R. midday or n 
sad; gloomy. 

Dig'ntie — Wobtht; Dbhkbting. 
Dio'inrr, n. trae honor. I Iimio'iiAirr, a. angry and disgnsted. 

Dio'mctt, 0. to make worthy. iBDio'inTT, ». nnworthy treatment 

l^iQN, V. to condescend. Dibdain', v. to despise ; to scorn. 

Oondiok', a. suitable ; merited. ! lNDioifA'TioH,n.angerwithco&teQqit | 


I follower. 

i>i«'ce*-i-4o Leabh. 

I DiB'oiKLiini, n. instrnclioi). 

IHi/iao — toDmDB. 
Divide', v. to separate into parts. IDiv'idknd, «, the number diTided: 
DiYis'iON, n. a myiding. 1 a share. 

]>ivib'ob, n. the number to divide by. I Ditis'iblil «. that may be divided. 
Imditid'dal, n. a dngle bemg. 
Nora. — A single person is indlTislble. 

i*o, da'tum — to Give ; to Pur or Place. 

Ass, «. to pat to ; to join to. 
Addi'tioh, n. the act of adding. 
CONSt'TION, n. qoality ; state. 
Date, n. a point of time. 

IEd'it, 0. to give forth ; to pubhsh. 
PBBDi'Tioif, n. destractjon. 
Ren'dbk, f . to give back. 
SuxBBn'DEB, B. to give up. 


XH/ceo, do^tum — to Tsaoh. 
Doc'tob, n. a teacher. | Bd&TsnrB, n, that irtiich U tangtit 

Doc'uiiBKT, It. a pq)er conUining Doo'ilii, a. eanly tan^t. 
evidence. I Bocil'itt, n. aptness to be tkugbt 

Zt&'leo — to GBiKvn. 
DoLs'niii, a, loiTowfiil. I Cosdolb', e. to lament with others. 

Do'lohoub, a. full of grieL \ Ix'aoixscR, n, lasfnees. 

Jdofn'lntM — Makteb; Lobd. 
DoHHi'iOH, n, Bupieme power; ter- 1 DoM'iirAiiT, a. niliiig. 

ritory. DoK Ara', n. empire ; estate. 

Doioba'tiob, n. arbitrary power. I Doioheeb', e. to role with inBotenoe. 
Fbsdoh'ibatk, e. to prevail over the reat 

IH/itiM» — a HouBS. 
a hooee; a Bpherical rool I Dombb'tic, o. belonging to the hoiue 
' tame. I or fiimilj. 

Dou'ioii., n. a manidon or abode. 

Qdt. Xto'tM), ^iona'i^m — ^to Qitb ; to Pbebbht. 
I Dok'ativb, a. ^ving. 
I Dobbb', n. one who recdvea a gift, 

Hn^mio, dortni'tum — to Sleep. 
Dob'haxt, a. sleeping. | Dob'uitoby, n. a place to sleep in. 

2>ttr'«u»M— the Back. 
Dob'sal, a. rdating to the back. | Ehdobbb', e. to write on the bat^ 

DiifbUo — to Hebitate to Belietb. 
Doubt, e. to hedtate to believe. | Dotjbt, ti, uncertaint; of mind. 

Dd'biodb, a. doubtful. 

Ihi'oo, dutftum — to ] 
Door, n. a little channe). 

Conduct', v. to lead or gnide. 
Con'ddct, n. behavior. 
Coitduce', e. to lead or tend. 
Con'duit, n. a water pipe. 
Dbdocb', e. to draw from. 
Deduct', tr, to substract. 
Duke, n. a leader; a noble. 
Edttce', v. to brin^ oat. 
Ed'ucate, v. to being up ; to inBtmct. 

; toE 

; to Cabby. 

Indttce', «. to lead by motives 
Isduce^ibnt, n. a motive. 
iNDrcr', e. to bring in. 
Im>nc'TroK, m. a leading in. 
Ihtbosucb', d. to naher in. 
Produce', b. to bring forth. 
Produc'tivb, a. capable of prodi 

Pbod'ijct, n. a tbing produced. 
Reduce', t. to bring down. 
Seduce', f . to entice : to cormpt. 
Seduc'tivb, a. fitted to entice. 
Tbaduce', x. to calumniate. 


Du'al, a. relating to two. 
Dc^EL, n. a comtet between two. 
Duet', r. a piece of music. 

IDottb'lx, a. coDustlng of two. 
DcPLi'cATB, a. double ; twofold. 
DurLic'm, n. double; dealings 

Iht'rwf — Habd; Solid. 

Du'rablb, d. lasting. 
Dn'oAscB, n. imprisonment. 
Dura'tioh, n. continuance. 

Ebbi'htt, n. drunkenness. | Iitg'briate, n. a drankard. 

Bobbi'ktTi n. Bobemeaa. 

.^Tdea, afdi» — a House or BuiLDma. 
EiyiFiCB, n. & bailding. | Ed'ift, o. to instruct; to improTs. 

E'donsx, n. talking much of one's I E'a 

e who talks mach of 

Wmo, emp'tum — to Buy. 
Exioipt', a. not liable. 1 Peompt, a. ready ; quick. 

Exbiept', «. to free from. Pse-eup'tioh, n. a right of bojing 

Exkup'tion, n. freedom ftom. before others. 

PBB'EMPTOEy, a. a^lute. | Redeem', e. to buy back ; to rescue. 

I. deliverance ; rescue. 

Ens, en'Hs — Bmho. Ea^ae—To Bs. 

Am'bsst, a. not present. 
Es'bence, n, the beet part 

JPo, i'twm — to Go or Pasb. 

AiiBi'TioN, n. dedre of honor. 
Cib'cuix, n, extent round about. 
Ex'rr, n. a departure. 
Phr'ibe, c. to die ; to decay. 
Pbet'bbitb, o. put ; gone by. 

Bedi'tiok, r. a goiug amde. 
Tbak'bibnt, a. passing quickly. 
Tban'bit, n. a pasong over. 
Tbansi'tion, n. change from one con- 
dition to another. 

E'quuf, for .^qutu — Etkm ; EquAi. ; Juer. 

E'quAL, a., of the same size -or im 

E'ttUAUzE, e. to make equal 

E'lJUABi^, a. not varying. 
Cos'quAi., a. of the same rank. 
Ad'equate, a, eqnal to. 
EttcANiH'rTT, n. evenness of mind, 
Equa'tion, n. making eqnaL 
EttDiuB'siDU, n. equal weight. 

E'qumoz, n. the time of equal day 

and night. 
E^'uTTT, n. jaeCice. 

iNiq'niTT, n. injustice. 
EQuiv'ALEflT, a. equal in value. 
EquiT'ocAL, a. ambiguous. 
Eciuiv'ocATE, V. to use words of 
doubtful 01 



f gtM**— ft HOBSK. 

EQUBs'^rBiAit, d, pmtftiiuiig to hcnse- I E'qdkbt, n. a stable for horees. 
mansbip. 1 Equip', v. to fonush ; to dresei 

Er'ro, erraftum — ^to 5Vamd«b; to Ebb. 
Ekb, e. to miBtake. | Erb'mq, a. itngaiat ■ Ticioua. 

Eb'rob, n. a mistake. I Ebbo'nsoiib, a. wrong ; incorrect 

.^Mtitno— to Valde. 
Es'timatk, 11, to cMinpote the value. I Es'tmablk, a. worthy of esteem. 
Bstou'tioh, n. cMmpntatioD. I Es'tkbh, n. bigh T^^rd. 

^vutn — Life; Tihb. 
Cob'tal, a. of the game age. | Lougbt'itt, n. loigfh of lift. 

Pbdcb'tai., a. at the first age. 

Bxemfplutn — an Exakplb; a Coft. 
Exau'flb, n. model ; patteni. | Ezeu'fuit, v. to show b; example. 

Exbm'plab, n. a model ; a copj. Bau'flb, n. gpecimea. 

£x'biipi.abt, a. worthj of imitatioB. I SAK'Fi.xB,n. a pattern of needlework. 

fx'teriM — Outwabd; Fobbign; Btbasob. 
Extb'biob, n. the outside. | Eztbbmb', a. utmost ; last. 

Extbb'ral, a. relatiDg to the outside. Extkemitt, n, the utmost point. 
Extba'hbous, a. not belonging to ExTBDi'eic, a. outward ; external. 
the subject. | STBABaB,«. foreign; unusual. 

Fai/rlco, fabrica'tum — to Haeb ; to Fbahb. 
Fab'bic, n. something mode. | Fab'btcatb, e. to make or form. 

Fai'ula — a Fbionxs Stobt. 
Fa'sls, n. a feigned story. | Fab'uixjub, a. flctidous. 

Fa'cies—the Facb. 
Face, n. the sur&ce of a thing, I Sub'facb, n. the outside. 

Dbfaob', «. to disfigure. Fba'tdbe, n. cast of the face. 

Ebtaob', c. to blot out I Fasb'ioij, m. form ; custom. 

SuPERPi'ciAi., a. lying on the outolde ; shallow. 

JFoc'«i*— East to Da 

I Fach-'itate, v. to make ea^. 
I Dif'ficolt, a. hard to be dona. 

Faflo, fal'sum — to Dboeitk. 
Falbb, a. not true. I FAi.LA'cioca, a. fitted to deceive. 

FAL'BtiF, R. an untruth. Fal'libls, a. liable to error. 

Fal'lact, n. a deceitful ailment. . I Fal'bift, v. to make false. 

smith's hand-book of ettmoloot. 

Famk, n, celebrity ; renown 
Fa'uoub. a. taW of renown. 
Dbpahe , e. to slander. 

Uake ; to Do ; to Act. 

Effbc'xtve, a. producing effect. 
Infbct', b. to taint with doBeaee. 
Ihfec'tion, r. a tainting. 
Pkr'pkct, a, complete ; pure. 
PROfi'dENCY, n. a making fbrwardo^ 
PBoFi'ciEHT,,n. one advanced in any 

RB,esc'Tioii, n. refreehment after fa- 

Refec'toky, n. an eating room. 
Suffice', b. to make enough. 

BuFFi'ciEST, a. making enough. 
Sur'fbit, v. to feed to excess. 

Fa'ma — ^Faiib; Renown; Rbpdtatioh. 

Defaua'tion, n. calumny, 
utter disgrace. 

JFa'cio, fat/tum— to 

Fact, n. a 

thing done ; a reality. 

Affect', v 

to act upon. 


,m, love; kindneas. 


ON. n. assumed feeling. 

Coun'tkkfbit, n. a forgery. 

Defeat', e 

to undo : to overthrow. 


J, n. desertion. 

Defect', n 

a fault; a blemish. 


, a. fiultj ; wanting. 

Effect', t 

to bring to pass; to do. 


, a. active ; able. 


L, II. producing deciMVB 


i In'famoub, a. openly censiued. 

i^a'«tcs— HuNCiBB ; Scabcitt of Food. 
t. scarcity of food. | Fam'ibh, «. to starve. 

I^mil'ia — a Famly. 
1. the persons living in a I FAMHi'iAB, a. affiible ; well known. 

Fa'nuni — a Tehple ; a HoLr PijicB. 
tetnnle. I Pbofanb', b. to pollute. 

I Pbopanb', a. irreverent; common. 

Perilx, /rfi'ete— Happy. 
Felic'ity, n. happiness, I Felic'itate, v. to congratulate. 

Felio'itods, a. nappy ; fortunate. | Infelic'ity, n. misfortune. 

F^ra — a Wild Beast. 
Fbro'ctoub, a. cruet ; earage. | Fiebce, a. savage ; fiuious. 

F^rOf la'tum — to Bbab ; to Cakhy ; to BaiHe. 
Fee'tile, a, bearing plentifully. 
Ciecum'febehck, ft. a carrjfing round. 
Confeb', ». to consult. 
Collate', d. to biina together. 
Defeb', v. to put off 
Def'ebence, n. regard ; respect. 
Dif'fbr, b. to be unlike. 
Dil'atoky, a. tardy ; slow. 
IfiFEit', e. to draw a conclnidon. 

Of'fer, e. to present for acceptanc x 
Pbefek', o. to like bftter. 
Pbof'feb, t>. to off^. 
Refeb', b. to give 4o another for de, 

Relate', e. t« tell ; to pertain to. 
Suf'fiIr, v. to bear; to allow. 
Traksfer', to convey ; to remove. 



FlmfdOf fen'mm — to Stbiu ; to Wabd. 
FEim, «, to wwd oS l IterxncB', n. gaud ; aecari^. 

Fekgb, n. a Becnrity, Ovfehd', e. to displcue. 

Defesd', e. to protect I Otfehck', n. crime ; i^jntj. 

F^er^veo—to be Hot; to Boil. 
Feb'tob, tk beat ; zeaL | Fxb'tkkt, o. hot ; udent. 

JP^tum — a Feast. 
Feb'taii, a. bel(»ging to a feast. I Fkb'tttal, n. a time of feastiiig. 

Fbb'tivb, o, jojfiil ; g»y- I Fkbtiv'itt, ti. joyfiUnesa. 

E^Aax, n. a enmptaoiis entertainment 

IVdea—FATTB- Tbust. 


FiDKL.'iTT, n. mtliftilneafl. I Dit'fideht, o. difltmstiug tme'e ael£ 
Confide', v. to trust in. Is'FmBL, ». on unbeliever. 

Cos'JTDKUCK, n, trnst ; boldnesa. Pek'fidt, n, treacliery. 

Defy', e. to cliallenge ; to dare. | Affi'angk, «. to pled^ faith to. 

FVgo, ftafum — to Fix or Fabteh ; to Pikbce. 
Fix, e. to make fast I Affix', d. to join to. 

Fix'tdbb, n, aQjtbing fixed to a Pbefix', «. to put before, 
place or hooae. I Bvetix', e. to add to the end. 

Tbaubfix', «. to pierce tbrou^. 

W»i»— the Em> ; Bobcsb ; Lmrr. 

Pi'nai, a. last ; conclnmve. 
ComriNB', c. to shut up ; to limit 
ISDKF'nriTK, a. not limited. 
Refine', e. to improTe; to polish. 
Sufebfotb', a. eminently fine. 

Fdj'ibh, 0, to complete ; to end, 
Ft'NiTE, a. haTing an end 
Ih'finitb, a. onlimited. 
Define', «. to limit ; to explain. 
Dbf'imite, a. certain ; limited. 

Flr^mua — Stboho. 
PiBM, a. hard ; strong. I Confirm', e. to establish. 

Affiem', e, to (Jeclare podtiTely. 1 IwEiaii', a. weak ; feeble. 

JVs'ctM— a Bag or BASKffr. 


Fa'cAi., a. peitaining to the public I Comna'cATE, e. to idiie as a for- 
■ I feit 

FZa'gro—to Bobn ; to Be in Flambb. 
Fla'arant, a. burning ; notorious. | Confi^oba'tioii, n. an extenaTe fire. 

'250 eioTH's HAmHBoox of RmioLoar, 

.FTo'to*— « Blast ; a Puff of Wnro. 
Fi^t'itlskt, a. windy; vain, ' | Ihvlate', e. to poff v^. 

Fletfto, flexfutn — to Bend ; to Turn. 
Coi'CDurLEZ, a. moritig round. I Ihflex'eble, a. not to be bent. 

Flbx'ible, a. ductile ; pliant Refi.bct', t. to cast back ; to think. 

Depleic'tion, n. tunmig from the Inflect', d. to bead. 
true course. ! Inflec'tioh, n. a bending invard. 

Mi'go, flliftutn— to Beat ; to Dash. 

Ajtuct', v. to pain ; to gricYe, I Oon'flict, n, contest ; Btmggle. 

Apflio'tion, 71. calamity. | Infuct', o. to beat in or on. 

JFTqs, fti/ri»—e. Plowbe. 
Flo'ka, n. the goddess of flowers. | Flob'id, a. flushed with led. 
Flo'rai., a. relatji^ to flowera. Flow'sk, n. a bloBeom. 

Flob'ist, n. a cultivator of flowers. I Flow'be, e. to blossom. 
FiiOim'isH, e. to thiive ; to grow. 

Stu'o, fiuadwm — to Flow. 
Fldx, n. the act of movine, us a fluitIZ In'flux, n. a flowing i 
PLum, n. saytliing that flows, <.' Rk'fiox, n, IjacirwaM 

Fid'bnt, a. flowing; voluble. 
Flu'eno/, n. readiness of speech. 
Ef'plcx, n. a flowing out. 
Af'pldbnce, n. riches; plenty. 
Coh'fluence, n. a flowing together. 

Fiox, n. bacirward courae. 
In'fldkncb, b. power, 
Influen'tial, a. exerting power. 
Sdpbr'flhoub, a. overflowing. 
Supebfld'itt, n. more than enongh. 
Fluc'tuate, e, to move as waves. 

FLUCTtJA'TiOM, m. wavering. 
J^'ciM— a Heabth ; a Fibei-Place. 
Fo'ouB, n. the placo of fire. | Fo'cal, a. belonging to the focos. 

IfOTB. — The place of heat when a hnroing gloss Ig held !□ the Bun. 

Fo'l^tim — a Leaf ; a Sheet, (as of paper.) 
Foil, n. a thin leaf of metal, j Fo'lio, n. a large book. 

Fo'liage, n. a growth of leaves. | Pobtfo'lio, n. a case for loose leaver 

For'tna — aFosif; Beauty. 

FoHM, m. shape ; figure. 
Fork'al, a. ceremouions. 
Fobmal'its, n. ceremony. 
CoNFOBu', e. to make like ; to 

ply with. 
Defobk', e. to disflgureJr- 

JVwB, /oKHtf— Chance ; Luck. 
Fob'tunb, n. chance ; wealth. I Ukfob'tuhatb, a. unlucky, 

Fob'tdnate, a. successful. | Mibfob'tunb, n. calamity. 

FoBTD'rrOTiB, a. acddentaL 

Infobm', v. to instruct. 
Pebfobu', e. to do or act. 
Pebfobh'arce, n. action ; woA:. 

Refoem', o. to grow better. 
Tbanbforu', d. to change, 
U'siFORM, a. even ; regular. 



Jbr'M«--BBArx; Stbomci. 

FoB'TrnjUK, «. oonnge ; bnvaj. I Forck. e. to compd. 
Fob'tut, e. to strengtben. Cou'fobt, d. to clieer. 

Fob'tbbm, n. a fortioed place. BF'roRT, n. eseition. 

FoBCE, A. Btrengtb. I Ehtoroe', e. to pat in execution. 

Fran'go, firatftum — to Bbbak. 
Fsao'tioh, n. a broken part | Fbail, a. eanlj broken. 

Fbac'tdbb, n. a brenking. Fbail'tt, n. weakneaa. 

Fraq'mbht, n. a broken put. Irfkac'tioit, n. a violation. 

FaAo'ii.B, a. eaailj broken. | Iin-siNaB', o. to break in npon. 

Pra'teff fra'tris — a Bbothkb. 
Fbatbb'sal, a. brotberiy. I FsAr'aiciDB, n. the mnrder of t 

I brother. 

Fratia, fraWclU — Dbcbit; Cheat. 
Fb&ito, ». deceit. 
Devbaud', v. to cheat. 

Pri'gua, fri'goria — Coi 

Fnma, />on'*i»— the Forhhbad ; the Face. 
Fbokt, n. tbe iace ; the forepart. j Confront', v. to meet face to face. 
Aptbokt', e. to offend. I Effbomt'ebt, n. impudence. 

Fru'or, fru'Uua — to Ehjot. 
Peci'tioii, m. enjojinent, | Pbuc'tift, t. to make fruitfiiL 

Fbdit, n. the produce of a tree or plant. 

t\i'gio, fv^gitum—to Flt or Flbb. 
Pc'eiTTTB, a. running away. I Rbtuoee', n. one who flies for pro- 

Sub'tsbfcoe, n, an evanou. tection. 

Rsp'noE, n. abelter. I YEB'MiFTroB, n. a worm medicine. 

JWmu»— SiiOKS ; Fdhb. 

Fun'do, fu^aum — to Foub Out ; to Mklt. 

Corfodhd', e. to mingle 
CoBFtrss', r. to confound ; to mix, 

DiFFUfls', D. to spread. 
Effu'siok, n. a pouring out. 

Inftbb', b. to pour in. 
Fbofube', <i. larieb. 
Pbofc'bion, n. abundance. 
Rbfutid', e. lo pour back. 
SuFFtrsB', e. to spread oTer. 
Refosb', d. to deny; to decline. 
Refu'sal, n. a denial. 


Fun'dus — a Bottou or Basis. 

Found, t>. to lay tbe badg ot 
IToun'diibt, n. a casting hoose. 
Focnda'tion, n. basis. 

I Fckdaueh'tal, a. Ijiog at Che baee. 
PaoPonND', a. deep ; thorough. 
I Propomd'itt, n. depth. 

J^'rte— JLunrase. 

Fu'bious, a. mad; 

; ragitig. 

I Fr'BT, n. rage ; Gxazj. 
u'butr, v. to make forioos. 

Ge'lM — Peobt; Ice, 
CoNOEAi.', e. to freeze. | Qbl'atinb, n. 

Cohoela'tion, n, a freeing. 

iling jelly. 
txtretuely cold, I Jel'lt, n. a kind of 

QbIiAt'ikocb, a, like gelatlDe. 

Ge^nuSf ffen'eria — Bibth; FAHn.T; Race. 

L anitnal sabstance 

Con'aENiAi., a, agreeing in tempei 

and tastes. 
Deoeh'esate, e. to grow woise. 
Enoen'iteb, n. to produce. 
Qbn'der, ». kind; aex. 
Oen'bral, a. public ; ext«iieive. 
Oek'brate, «. to beget; to prodace. 
Oek'esous, a. noble; liber&L 
Genebos'itt, n, libemlit;. 
Oe'nial, a. causing production, 
Oe'nios, n. mental power. 

Qtfro, ffe^tum — to Bbab; to Cabbt. 

Qeb'tcbb, n. action. I Cohgeb'tion, n. a carrying together, 

QESTio'DiiATB, *. to Use geatnreB. iNDioEB'TtOH, v m«n*- nf Tin™m- +». 

D1OS8T', e. to amiDge ; to diaaolTe. I d^est food. 
Suggbbt', e. to hint 

Oenteel', a. elegant in manners. 
Gentii.'ity, 71. dignity of birth. 

Qbn'iiink, a. pnre ; real. 
Lkqe'niocs, a. witty ; skillflil. 
broEN'troufl, a. open ; fnuik. 
InoENu'iTY, n. wit ; acat«nea8. 
Pbooeh'itob, n. a forefather. 
Pnoo'EHY, n. ot&pring ; race. 

want (^ power to 

Gto'ria — Olort; Honob. 
Glo'mpTj v. to give gloiy to. | Glo'et, n. praise ; renown. 

Ihslo'bioqb, a. shamefnl. 

GTa'dU>r, ffret^ma—ta Go Stkp by Step. 

Obade, n. rank ; decree. 
Grad'ual, a, adrandng by Btejw. 
Grada'tiok, n, regnlar progreaa. 
GRAD'rATE, V. to mark degrees. 
Dbobee', n. a step ; a rank. 
Degkabk', e. to put in a lower rank. 
Dborada'tion, n. a low condition. 
DiaBESs', e. to turn aei^e. 


E'oRESs, n. a going out. 
iN'oREsa, n. entrance. 
Con'qrbbs, n. a coming together. 
Aosbeb'sioh, n. an attack. 
Diobes'bios, n. a deviation. 
Pboobbsb', d, to advance. 
Proobeb'site, a. advancing. 
Ret'booradb, a. going ba&ward. 
0. to violate. 


CHu'tio— to GwM Dows. 

6ran'di» — Qbkat; Gkahd. 

I Obahs'sur, n. state; iplendor, 
■ ' " to make great. ' 

Ora'num — a Gbaik of Cobk. 
Qbair, n. a seed of corn. I OuAn'm^ n. a small grain. 

OKAir'AB^f R. a Btor^onae for gTMn. GiiAs'tn.ATB, e. to form into grains. 
O&AH'mt, n. grain SKsne. I QsAii'n.AB, a. consisting of grains. 

CFm'fiM— PLBAsnia ; Tharkful. 
QBATB'rmi, a. tbankflil ; pleasing. 
GRAT'lTttDB, n. tbankfulness. 
In'gbate, a. nntbankftil. 
In'obatb, n. an angratefal person. 
Qbat'is, ad. for nothing. 
Gb ATu'rrons, a.givenwithout reward. 
GBATii'rrr, n. a free gift. 

GRAT'rrr. e. to indulge ; to please. 
Conobat'dlate, 0. to wish joy to. 
Gbacb, n. &Tor; kindness. 
Gba'ciods, a. merciful ; kind. 
Diborace', e. to dishonor, 
Inqba'tiatb, e. to put or wind into 

Gra'f i«— Heavt ; Gbiztoiis. 
QsATX, a. serious ; weighty, | Qrievb, v. to nioom, 

Grat'itt, n. weight; seriousnees. Qbtet'anck, n, an injury. 
Grief, n. sorrow ; trouble, Aoobietis', e. to ves ; to trouble, 

Gamv'oTJB, a. mournful ; sad. I Ag'qbatatb, v. to make worse. 

Qrex, grtfgia—t, Hebd or Flock, 
Gbeoa'bious, a. going in flocks. I EaBE'oious, a. remarkably bad. 

Con'gbboatb, «. to assemble, Ao'aBEOATS, p. to gather into a masa 

Cohqhboa'tion, ». an assembly. I Aa'oBBOATB, n. a mass, 

Gtu9, gr^U—A Cbane. 
CoH'oBOOTrs, a. going together as I IscoH'aRUODS, a. onsuitable. 
cranes in a flock. 1 Conqbu'itt, n. agreement ; fitness. 

Qu^tu» — Taste; Rhj.ibh. 
GuHT, n. tas^ ; relish. ] DisonsT', n. distaste ; dislike. 

KoTB.— Qdst, a blast of -wind, cornea from Uie Danieh <jk»(,) 

Ha'beo, hab'itwm—io Have ; to Hou). 

Hate, v. to poesesa, HABn.'iMB:iiT, n. a garment. 

Hab'it, n. custom; use. Diba'slb, ». to deprive of force. 

HABrrA'TioK, n, a dwelling. Ena'ble, e. to empower. 

Habit' cAL, a. customary, Eeeub'it, c. to ebow ; to display, 

Habit'uate, v. to accustom. DBBii.'nATi:, t. to enfeeble. 

k'vix, a. having power, Ibhas'it, e. to dwell in. 

AniL'rrs, ». power. PEOHiB'rr, n. to fortad. 


HcB'reo, he^aum — to Stick Fab^ to Stop. 
to ^ick to. I Hes'it^te, c. to delay; to paoBe. 

1. Bticbine. Cohk'bent,o. sticking together. 

I, state ot nnion. I Incohe'kbnt, o. uncoimected. 

Inbb'bobt, a. exisliiig m. 

Hixfres, MBr^di8—-&a Hbib. 

DiBiKHER'iT, e. to cut off from snor 

Hekeo'itabt, a. that has descended 

from an ancestor. V 

Heer'loom, n. any moTable owned 

bf inhentoitce. 

HniR, n. one who inberits. 
Ihher'it, t. to poasesa by descent 
Coheir', n. an hdr with another. 
Heb'itaoe, n, property inherited. 
JsOER'TCAJSca, n. patrimony. 

Ba'lo — to Brkatbb. 

, haus'tum — to Draw, aa water. 

a. tbat cannot bs 

mVufis — Chbbbpcl; Mebrt. 
EzmL'ABATB, V. to inBke cbeerflil. TTn.m'rrv n. cheerfolneas. 

Bo'tno, hom'tnis~-«t TSus. 
Hu'hah, a. belonging to mankind. I Hdhah'itt, n. the Datnre of man. 
KthUlse', a. kind; tender. Inhc'iiaii, a. barbarous; cruel, 

Ht/uAKizB, e. to render humane. .1 Hox'icidb, n. manslaughter. 

Ho'nor, honeS'tui — Honokablb; Honest. 
Hon'ok, n. dignity; respect, I Bibhon'ob, n. di^:nice; slianie. 

Hoh'oraby, 0. done in honor. Hoh'est, a. without frand; upright. 

Hon'obablb, a. worthy of honor. | Hon'ebtt, n. justice ; truth. 
Dishon'bbt, a. unjust ; wicked. 

Boa'pea, hoa'pitie — a Host or Qubst. 

:. Ie 
n who takes a 

Bos'tis — an Ehsuct. 
Host, n. an army ; a multitude. | Hoe'Tii.B, a. adverse ; opposite. 

HoBTiL'nr, n. open war. 

Bu'mug — the Gbouns. Bu'milis — of the Oeookd; Low; Hithbl& 
Inhtthb', e. to bury. | Huh'blb, «. to crush ; to sabdae. 

ExHn^iE',^1. totakeoutofthe^nnd. Htimii,'itt, n. freedom from pride. 
Hcu'ble, a. modest ; submissiTe. i Hduxua'tiok, n. Bbaaement of prid& 


/ if J'dem— tbe Same. 


Jlir'nto— Ftrb. / 

Ionitb', e. to Bet on Are, | Iqhi'tibm, jyr. capable of bring set 

la'HEXXJS, a. containing fire. on file. 

Ighi'tion, n, the Btat« of red heat I 

Ima'go, inutff'ini^—ttii Ikaqb. 
bc'ASB, n, a pictara ; an idol. I Imaoiha'tiok, n. &ncj ; idea. 

Imao'ehk, b. to form an idea in the iMAo'iHAur, a. euatiqg onlj in fimcj. 

■to dmniAHi). f ' 

Im'pero, impera'tutn 

Em'pbbob, n. a commander; a mon- [ Em'pirb, n. the dnminion of an em- 

"^fa ; peror, ot of a mighty nation, 

IvFEK ATiVB, a. commanding. I Iiipe'eial, n. rojal ; i^al. \ ~ ; 

iKTE'Rioira, a. oTerbearing, y)/ 

JTn'mito— an Islabd. y. 

Ih'sttt^ab, a. belonging to an island I I'soi^ted, a. place<1 by itself. ' i 
iN'aniiATi^ D. to detach A'om Bur- P£NiN'siii.A,n. land almost Murotuled 
Toonding objecla. ( by water. ., 

In'teger—yfmshB; Emtirb"; UNBROKEir. ' 

In'teobr, n. a whole niunbei'. I InTHa'Krri', n. honesty ; poritj. \ 

In'tbqkal, a. whole; complete. I In'tkqbate, d. to moke entire. W" 

Jn'(iw— WiTHiii. . ' 

Inte'bior, a. inner ; inland. j Ik'ttkati!, o. to hbt \.'] 

Inteb'iiai^ a. inward ; within, 
Ik'tdutb, a. inmost ; &mitiar. 

Ab'jbct, a. thrown awRy ; mean. 
.\j>'jBcnTs, n. a describing word. 

Coihec'tpkb, v. to goeaa, 
Diubct', c. to cast down. 
Dejkc'tion, n. lowness of spirits. 
Eject', v. to throw out. 
Inject', i, to throw " 

Ja'cio, Ja&tum^-to Thkow or Cast, 

Intbbjec'tion, n. an^zclamarimi 
Object', e. to oppose, ^^-^ 

Ob'jhct, lu purpose ; design. 
Pao'jECT,- n. scheme ; contrivance. 
Pbojbcf', v. to cast forward ; to plan.\ , 
Pkojec'tile, n. a body thrown for- \ ^ 

EjAc'im.TB,,«. to utter abruptly, i li S 

SuBjscT',M*tO pat under. 

Reject', v. to refuse. 


'1 ^- Goo^lO^ 




Ja'ceo — to Lib. 
Ja'cbst, a. lying Bt length. I Cikcumja'cent, a. lying ro 

AiMA'cEirr, a. lying nest. | InruBjA'cEisT, u. lying between.\ 

Jo'ctts — aJoKB; Sport. ^ J 

Jocoea', a. merry; waggish. I Joc'dlab, a. sportiTe; merry. 

Joke, n. a merry trick. | Joc'dmd, a. gay; lively. 

^ Ju'dico, Judica'tutn—to Judge ; to Decide. 
JnDi'ciALV. pertaining to conrts of l Adjudge', «. to pass a sentence. 

juatic?.\ Adju'dicatb, e. to try and decide. 

JuDi'ciAsii a (he BjBtem of courts I Judqb, o. to decide. 
of jnstic^.. I JuDi'cionB, it. goided by judgment. 

y' ■. y Pbbj'udick, w. a jTTBi"'^|p nent. - , J 

\^, \\,..' Ju'gum~ti ToKK. "^ffir 1/ /w. 

CftS'i^AL, a. periling to marriage. | Coh'juqate), e. to join together. 

' •,■■ '" ^ub'jdqatb, r. to put under the yoke. 


tfun'go, Juntftum — to Joni. 


lEfle ; to combine. 

oining: a connection al' 

a. next ; contiguous. 
. something joined. 

Conjoin,' 0, to unite; to asaoiHate. 

Disjoen', v. to separate. 
Ehjoin', v. to direct ; to order. 

tfii'ro — to SvBAB. 

V. to^practice eecret a 


to renonnce npon oath. I CoB'jtJKK, e. topractice eecret arts. 
to charge siMeranly. Ju'bt, tj, a aetroF men Bwoni to giv 

to summon in a solemn a true verdict. 

I Ju'bor, ffi. a member of a Jury. 

PBR'JnBTj_3J*lse swearing. 

, Jus, ^m'Hs-^Kioht ; Justice ; Lav. 
Just, a. equitable ; honest. 1 Adjust', e. to set right. 

Just'ioe, n. right. InVuke, t. to treat unjustly. 

Injust'ioe, n. wrong. Ihju'bious, a. hurtM. 

Jus'tdt, 0. to clear from guilt. | Jubibdio'tion, n. I^al authority. 

jM'«e»te— YouFG, 
JuVehile, a. youthftil. | Ju'niob, n. one younger. 

iTu'vo, Ju'tum — to Help or Am. 
Ad'jutaht, n. a major's aid. | Coadju'tok, n. a fellow helper. 

La'bor, lap'atia- 

-to Fail ; to Blip 

to Glide. 

Lapse, n. a slip ; a &ult. 
Coi:lapsr', v. to fall inward. 

[ ELAP8B', 0. to 

1 Rklapbk', e. 

pass away. 
x> fell bacfe a 




La.'bob, n. work ; toil. | Lab'oratokt, n. a cliemlst'i work- 

Labo'siovb, a. &tigitijig. , I room. 

^ Slas'iOkatr, jii-mnch Uboied ujkon. 

^ 3Jae, iwftu — Hilk. ^s -V/ 

Lac'tkaIi, o. ^ertalols^ to milk. | Lactit'eboub, a. beating'ralk. 

H^n'gueo^-^to Dbooi* ; to Laxsuibh. 
L^yauiD, o. droopiiiff ; weak. | LAir'anraH, b. to grow feeWB.V4- 

Lab'quob, n. fitintiiess ; weakneaa. 

l^fpts, ld^idi»—ii Stokk. 
Lap'omst, ». a wt^er is precious I DiLA7niA.'TiOK, n. min ; deor. 
Btonca. I ' / ■ 

iM'tua—a. Bide. ^ ije , ^-' 

Lat'kkai., o. peruioing to the aide. |'bbai., o, pUced by the iid& 

— La^tuB — Wom; Bboad. 
DuiATb', v. to widen apart. I Zjat'itdss, n. breadth. 

ZrfHW, Zaw'tf i«— Pkaibx. 

IjADI>, «. to pruae ; to extol. I Lao'daslk, oj pralseworthf. 

Liii'DAToaT, a. bestowing praise. 

Lafvo, U/tum — to Wash. 
Lato, b. to wasb ■ to bathe. | Lo'tiok, n, a medicinal wash, 

lMacfu8~iJoos&\ Slack. 
Lax, a. loose ; dissolnte. 
Pboijx', a. loosened ottt; lengthy. 

I^yo, legt^twm — to Bend as ak Akbasbaiwb ; to Bkqukath. 
ALI.E0B1', e. to affirm. 
AujBoa'tioh, n. affirmation. 
CoL'LBAonB, n. a parteer. 
kLL&'ovjXKM, n. the duty of a 1 
Del'ssate, n. a deputy. 

Dbl'ooate, e. to send on sa embassy, 
Leg'act, n. a gift made by will. 
Leo' ATE, n. aa ambassadot of tha 

Xe'wi*— Lioht; East. 

liBT'rrr, n. lif^tnem; gayety. 
Alle'tute, c. to make est? to, 
El'etate, v. to raise up. 
Leat'eh, n. a substance to make 
bread light. 

ftxixa', n. ease; aadstance. 

LeaVeei, e, to make light, as bread. 
Lb'vbk, n. a mecbanicBl power. 
Lbt't, h. to raise ; to collect. 
Rel'eyart, a. applicable. 
Heuevk', I. to ease ; to snocor. 

smith's hahd-book of etymology. 
J^fgo, leiftum — to Gather ; to Head ; to Choobx. 

Dil'iqgst, a. industriotiB. 
Ei.Ec'TiOH, n. tbe act of choosing. 
EL'iamLE, a. £t to be cboaen. 
In'tellbct, n. underBtamding. 
Iktel'lioent, a. able to understand. 
iNTEL'uaENCB, 11. information. 
Lbc'ture, n. a discouTse. 

Skijic'tion, n. choice. 
ie'niB— Mild ;»GKiJTi.Bi, 

Lk'gbbd, n. a wild narrative. 
Les'ible, a. that can be read. 
LB'aioN, n. a body of soldiers. 
Neglect'', t. to pass over carelessly. 
Nbqlbct', 71. inattention ; Blight, 
Neq'ligbkt, a. careless ; beedlesa. 
PKKDn-Kc'TroM, n. a liking betbre- 

BbdoiiLbct', f . to bring to miod. 

Select', e. to choose out. 

Lek'itt, n. nuldneB8,of temper. 


Lboit'imatb, a. lawful '^^ 

LaaiT'iHACT, Ti. lawfulness of birth. 

4<£^t'ileoe, n. a special advantage. 

lA'ber^ Zifi'H — a Book. 
Lt'bSabt, n. an apartment for books. pid^SA'BiAii, n. one who has charge 
Li'bbl, n, a defamatory writing. L *' * ''^"'y- 

Li'bkloub, o?8rfamatory. 

ii'6e»*— F»ee. 

■y,^ I Lib'bkate, ». to set free. 
^T-iJJB'ERAL, a. mean ^'''siupicjcns, 

Iji'bra — a Pound ; a Ba^ahcb- , 

/ '\Dp^ji6|tATB, V. to weigh mentally. | Ettoa,iB'Bniii, n. an equal tittlancing. 

' " ,-'£t'ceo, UmAuvii — to be Lawful or Pbkmitted. 

Illic'ft, a. unlawful. 
Li'cEHai:, n. permiBaion. 

Li' go, liga'tum — to Botd ; to Tm. 

Aub'oiakce, n. the binding of a sub- 1 Ob'lioatb, v. to bind by contract, 

'-■■■■■- ' Ob'liqatort, a. binding. 

Oblige', o. to gratify ; to compel 
I Relig'ion, n, duty to God, 

Jjt'men, lim'inia — a Threshold. 

Elik'ihatb, e, to put out oi doors, j Preliu'lhabt, a. introductoryv 



lA^nea^t. Linsk Trbsad. ZA'num — Fux 
Dkun'aatk, v. to describe. I Lih'b4>ikiit, n. feature; ontline. 

Ihtbbuhb', 0. to write between lines. Lik'kaoe, n. race ; progeny, 
■ lade of flax. 

t. a rank ; a row j eztennon in Lra'EK, n. clotb □ 

1. the seed of flax. 

Lin'kai., a. descending in a line. j Lint, n. down scraped from linoi. 
Xdn'gua — the ToHars ; a LABacAOE. 


Lah'odaob, r. a nsiog the tongue ; I Lra'oo, n. corrupt language. f 

qieech. 1 Ldi'outst, n. one skiU^ in languagei. 

lAn'guo, Utfttum—ia Leavs ; to Fobbake. 
DELra'quRiiT, a. KiiliDg in dut;. I Kel'ic, rt. something left. 

DELm'QDBNT, n. an o£nder. Rbl'ict, n. a widow. 

Derblic'tion, n. a forsaking. I RKi.D('(tuiBK, c. to forsake ; to quit. 

lA'queo — ^to Uklt ; to Tuaif, as water. 
Liq'uBTT, t. to make liquid. I Liq'uro, n. a fluid. 

Liq'uok, fi. a liquid substance. I Liq'uid, a. flowing like wBt«>. 

Liq'uii.ATB, e. to clear awaj ; to pay. 

lAa, li'Ha — Stbtte ; a Lawbutt. 
Ltt'isatb, e. to contest in law. I Litiqa'tioii, n. ft anit at law. 

Lina'ions, a. given to litigation, | LiT'iaAiiT,n. one engaged inalawsuit. 

lAVera — a Lbtteb. 
Lbt'tsb, n. a character representing I Ltt'bbatxtre, n. learning. 

some sound ; an epistle. Liteka'ti, n. men of learning. 

Lrr'sRAi,, o. exact to the letter. Iixit'bkatb, a. unieamed, 

Lir'EXABY, a, relating to letters. | Obltt'ebatb, s. to mb out. 

Xo'ctM— a Flacb. , 

LoooHOTiOH, n. the power of chang- 
ing place. 
Locomo'ttte, n. a steam engine on 

Lo'oAi., a. relating to place. 
Lo'cATB, e. to place ; to flz. 
Local'ttt, n, situation ; place. 
Col 'locate, v. to place together. 
Dib'locate, e. to put out of joint. 

iM'quor, loeu'tua—to Sfbae. 
CmCDia.oon'Tioii, n. a circuit of Elocu'tion, n. a nieaking ont. 

words. LoquAc'rrr, n. talkativeness. 

Cot'LoquT, n, a speaking together. Os'Loqui, n. blame ; slander. 
CoLLo'quiAL, a. relating to conversa- SouL'oqiTT, n, a speech to one'a selC 

tion. VsNTRiL'oqinBif, n. the act of speak- 

EL'oqiTENT, a. having the power of ing from the stomach. 


NoTB.— VsNTRU^qniHu la the art of modi^lng tbe natural voice to that It eeeme 
to come ftom a greater oc Ice* dlalance, and from dlflterent directions. 



Long., a. haTing length. | Ob'lono, a. longer than broad. 

LoKO, D. to desre earneatlj. Pbolokg', p. to lengtben out. 

Elon'qatb, d. to lenKthen. ' ' "' "' "" "'-■-- 

Lorobt'itt, ». lenguk of life. 

Lu'crutn — Gain; Peofit. 
Lv'cBK, m. gmn; money. | Lr'cBATiTB, a. profitable. 

Xw'fto, /«'««»»— to Plat; toDECraVB; to Cheat. 

AU.ITDE', e. to refer to. 
AUiU'bion, Ti. a reference to. 
Oolld'bion, n. diifaoDest agreement. 
DbiiDDe', v. to decnve ; to mislead. 

Dsi.n'BrTH, a. deceptive. 

Eludb', v. to escape 1^ deception, 
Illd'bion, n. a deceplaTe appearance. 
Ld'dickoub, a. langhable. 
PBBL'nDEi, n. sometiiing introdoctory. 
a play between. 

iM^men, Itt'minfo— Liobt. 
Ln'ifmotra, a. giving ligbt. | Lu'cro, a. bright; shining. 

Ln'miiABT, n. anything that {^tw Ltj'oiFBB,n. the morning star; Sfttau. 

light. 'Em'ciBATK, «. to clear up. 

bjiUiOHA'TiOK, n. a lighdng np. I Pm.i.v'cm, a. clear. 
TBAsSLD'OBirri a. trauBparent. 

I/f^na — the Mooh. 
Lv'kab, a. relating to the moon. I LrfuAcr, n. madness, 
Ldha'tios, n. a month. [ Lu'hatic, n. a madman. 

" Sub'mjuabt, a. beneath the moon. 

Zm'o, lu'tum — to Wash. 
A^d'tiok, n. a washing. I Dilvte', v. to make thin or weak. 

Au.u'TTuu,n.soil deposited bynater. Bm'tiBsx, a. that which dilutes. 
AiiiiuViAi., a. deposited by water. I Pou.irrs', e. to moke unclean. 

X/us'tro, lustra'tum — to Pubift ; to Mark Ci.EAir or BsiaHT. 

L'uh'tbb, n. biightnesB ; splendor. I Illus'tbatb, v. to ezplun. 
JiATrs'iBioDB, a. very <^stingaiBhed. j LnffTRA'Tios, ». a cleansing. 

iMxu'ria — Ldzdkt. 
Ldb'ciodb, a. sweet to excess. I Luzu'biant, a. growing rank. 

Lnx'tTET, n. a great or ezcesfiiTe LuxiyRious, a. Tolnptuons. 
pleasure. I Lvzd'kiate, e. to revel ; to wuton. 

LtJXtr'BiAjtCK, n. rank growUi. 

]U€igi^ter — a Hahtbb ; a Bitlbb. 
Mao'istbate, n. a civil officer. 1 Masibtb'rial, a. having the air of 

Hag'ibtbact, n. the office of a mag- authority, 
istrate. I Mas'tsb, n. one who controts. 


Uab'hbt, n, tbe loadatone. ( Uaohst'ic, d. attnctiTe. 

Has'sbtibii, ». the power of attnction. 

Jfofr'nuv-— Obeat; Labbb; Qbaxd. 

Uao'ihtudb, h. nee ; gnatneaB. 
Uao'kiit, e. to make greater. 
Maokan'tiiouh, a. of noble mind. 
Haonit'icbkce, n. grandeur. 
HAemr'iCBKT, a. splendid. 
Ma'job, a. giMUer. 

Ma'jok, n. a mllitaif officer. 
Hajob'itt, n. the Rreater nttmber. 
Mat'ob, n. the chief magistrate of t 

Btu'EsrT, n. dignity. 
Uajzb'tio, a. ^md; atatelf. 

Ma^gus — a Divikx or EncKAirrBB ; a Pbibbt. 

1 Hag'icai^ a. produced by e&chant- 
I ment. 
Maoi'cub, n. a sorcerer. 

Ma'ie — Badlt; Iu. 

Vofig^ntM— Ehtiods ; Fatal to Lmc ' 
Hausb, a. having malice and envy. I Malm'nanti.t, ad. with ill inten 
MAi.ra'KAnT, a. hostile to life, MAi.'ica, n. desire to injure. 

Halio'dtti, n. Tiolent hatred. I Hau'cious, a. ill dispoaed, 

MtU'leua—a. Kuheb. MaVteo — to Brat. 
Mall., n. a large wooden hammer; 

JIal'let, n. a little mall. 

Man'do, manda'tunt — to Comar ; to Commard. 
Mah'datb, n. a command. Dbjiakd', ». to nsk with antbority. 

Commasd', e. to govern ; to order, Dbmakd', n. a call of andiority. 
Comvehd', t. to pnise. Remand', e. to send back. 

Coxmbnda'tioii, n. praise. Becoumeshd', o. to coouneud to a 

Covstebjusd', e. to revoke a com- 

Mit'neo, ntan'autn — to Stat ; to Aside. 
Uan'sioii, n. a hoose ; a remdence. 

Pbb'uansnt, a. durable ; lastiDg. 

Jf a'ro— the Ska. 

Makuie', a. belonging to tbe ac 
HAB'nrGB, n. a aeftinan. 
KAB'rmiB, a. near the sea. 


Xanifea'ttta — Cixab; ETiDEitT. 
Ii/Us'awr, o. plain ; open. | Mas'ifost, n. a lilt of ft caigo. 

Uuhfes'to, n, a declaratioD. 

Uan'dal, d. perfonued by the hand. 
Uaivufac'tdkb, n. anything made by 

tfa'nuK— the Hand. Mantp'ulus—* Haiidfui^ 
EuAs'ciFATE, v. to set f^ee. 
BLunncie'Bioil, n. giving liberty to 

Makdhit', 0. to Bet free, 
Kakubb', v. to fertilize. 
Man'uhcbift, n. a writing. 
HAStxn'TBB, n. a Bkillful mofement. 

Maintain', t. to support. 
Mam'agle, «. to handcnC 
Uan'aos, v. to conduct. 
Manit'ui^tb, e, to handle. 

Mar'go, mar'ginis—a Brink ot Bdoii. 
Hab'oik, n. the border; the edge. | Mab'oihal, a. on the mai^in. 

Jtfa'ter, mafria — a Motheb ; a Hatbon. 
Mateb'ral, a. motheriy. I Ua'tbon, n. an elderly woman. 

Hat'bimont, n. marriage. I MAT'iuciDB,n.themaKleiof amot 

Matt^rtis — Rcpb; Matcbe. 
Matubb', a. ripe ; complete. | Immatubs', a. not ripe. 

Matu'bitt, n. ripeness. | Pbmuatdbb', a. ripe too soon, 

Jtte'tieoj— to Heal ; to Cube. Med'icua — a Fhtbician. 
Uim'iciNE, n. any substance used in 

curing disease. 
UsDio'tNAL, a. having the power of icioe. 
healing. Ran 'edt, n. a cnre. 

Rbue'dial, a. affording remedy. 

JIfe'dlus — Middle ; Bbtwbbn. Medioc'ris — Midsunb, 
He'diuu, n. the middle point. I Imhe'diatb, a. instant ; direct. 

He'diate, t. to interpose. Intkkuk'oiate;, a. coming between. 

Me'oiatb, a. put between. [ Medioc'sity, n. middle rate. 

Meditbrba'bean, a. between lands. 

Med'itor, medlta'tua— to Muse ; to Think ITpok. 
Ubdita'iton, n. deep tbonght. | Pbehed'itate, e. to think befor^and. 

M^mor — Mindful ; EsEpiNa in Misd. 
Hbh'okt, b. the (acuity of recollects Memoes', n. a short account 

ing. Ihkemo'eiaii, a. beyond memory. 

HEtToBABLB, a. worthy to be t«mem- Memen'to, n. a memorial, 
bered. Mbn'tion, o. to speak of. 

Hemo'kial, n. Bomethii^ to keep in Rbkek'beb, e. to bear in mind, 
meracoy. Rbuinis'oenos, n. recollection. 

CoiufEii'oBATE, D. to hold in memory. 

ilKTB, e. to 
Ub'tbb, r. 
Ukas'dbe, o. to compute qnantit; b; 


Mens, men'M«— the Hunt; Rbabok. 

ICoh'h^it, n. Dote ; explanatioii. 
Cou'MEliTABI^ a writing tO exploifl 
another. ' 
Vs'HBiaiiiaB, n. force ; ardor. 

Metuu'ra — a Hkuubk. JHe'Mor— to MBAarBB. 

Merbitsa'tioii, n. the art of measur- 
Doan'sioii, r. bnik; extent. 
luuEnaB', a. verj great ; vast. 
luuEN'anr, n. unlimited extent 

Mer'cor, tnerca'tus — to Bcy ; to Toadb. 

Cou'uERCE, a. trade ; intercoarae. Hbb'caiitilb, a. relating to trade. 

Cokmeb'cial, a. relating to com- Mas'ket, n. a place of sale. 

merce. MEK'cBnAJtr, n. one who is bought ; 
Mbb'cbukt, n. a trader, actuated by the hope of gain. 

MBB'CHAiiDiaE, n. things bought and Meb'cbb, ti. b dealer in sllke. 

sold. Mbh'cubt, n. the god of commerce. 

Note. — Mebcubt, an uiclent heatlien dsll;, the nteaBengcr of the gais, and tha 
god of oloqucncMj, comniGrcE, travolera, etc. 

JtCer'go, mer'eum— to Plitkob or Dip; to ScfK, 
Mbbob, v. to iwallow up ; to auk. 
Ekbbox', b. to rise out of. 
Eiceb'obnct, n. sudden occuaioD. 
Immebsb', e. to put under water. 
Scbmbbob', v. to put under water, 

Me'reo, mer'itutn — to Earn ; to Dbsbbtb. 
Dbmbb'it, n, fault; vice. | Mbb'it, ». to deeerre. 

MBBiTo'Bioua, a. full of merit. 

Mi'gro, migra'tutn — to Chahgb Ohb'b Abode or Dwbllibo. 
Mi'flRATE, B. to remoTe from one I Migba'tion, n. change of residence. 

place to another, Im'uiobatb, c. to remoTe into a 

EM'iaRATE, «. to remove out of a country. 

coantry. | Eu'iobast, n. one who removes. 

JUi'leBf mUfiti» — a 8ou>tbb. 

Hn.'iTAiiT, a. fighting. I Mil'itatb, v. to operate against. 

Uil'itabt, a. relating to soldiers. | Miu'tia, n. citizen soldiers. 

Mlniffter — a Sb3Taxt ; a Hbilpbb. 

int of thechnrch. I Admdj'ister, *. to supply to; to 
ody of ministers. | manage or rule. 
ADMnnsTRA'Tios, n. goTenunent, 

Immeb'bios, ra. the act of putting be- 
low tlie surface of a fluid. 

Subheb'siob, n. the state of being 
wholly covered by a fluid. 


- eaiTH'S HAND-BOOK ( 


Sli'neo — to Jot Out; to Haho Oyer, 
Eu'iBEHT, a. distiagaiBhed ; high. I Prom'hoincb, n. distioctifHi. 
Iu'minbnt, a. near ; at^liaad. ] FBou'rasHT, a. standing out. 

Min'uo, minu'tum — to Lbbbbn or Diuihibh. 

MiuoB'rrr, n, 

Mra'DEMD, n. 


Dnns'iBH, B. to lessen, 
Dmind'tion, n. a growing less, 
Dimin'dtive, a. small. 
Mib'iature, n. & small portrMt. 
Min'iuuh, n. the smallest quanlily. 
Sb'KOR, n. one under age. 

Mi'nub, a. diminished by. 
Mc4UTEi', a. very small. 
MtN'vTE, n. a portion of time. 

Mihu'ti^, a, small patticulars. 

JMT i'rM^-STKANOE ; Wohderfuu 

Admire', h. to regard with wonder or | Adutra'tion, n. afiection mingled 

Mix, v. to mingle. 
Mix'tcrb, n. a mized mass. 
Mm'OLK, n. to mis; to join. 
CoMUix', B. to mingle ; to blend. 
Ibtbbmix', b. to mingle together 

Ml^ceo, nilixftutn — to Mix ; to M111G1.&. 

Mis'cmxANT, n. a collection of va- 
rious things. 
Mibcblla'neoub, a. of yariona kinds. 
PBOUis'cnOBB, a. mingled indiscrim- 

Mifto, mWsum — to S 
Admtt', o. to suffer to ent«r. 
Admit'takcb, n. entrance. 
Commit', o. to intrust. 

Commib'sion, n. a trust; authority 

Commit'tee, n. persons selected to ex- 
amine or mansge any matter. 

n. an adjustment by 

n each side. 

th ; decease. 

frant at one's death. 

tend away. 


ne sent out as a secret 

sending out. 
d forth. 

n. cessation for a time. 
n. sending away ftom 

I release from slarery. 

B:flD ; to Let Qd or Come. 
Mis'sivE, n. a letter sent 
Mia'sn.E, n. that may be thrown. 
Mis'siON, n. a being sent by author!^. 
Mib'siobaby, a. one sent to propa- 
gate religion. 
Omit', p. to leave out. 
Omib'bion, n. neglect ; failure. 
Per'mtt, n. a written permisGion. 
Pi^bmit', d. to grant pennission. 
Pebuis'bioh, n. leave granted. 
Pejemisk', b, to Btat« beforehand, 
Prou'^e, 0. to engage to do. 
Pbom'isgoky, a. containing a proiuiscL 
Remtss', a. Black; careless. 
Remit', e. to relax; to forgive. 
Reuib'sioh, n. abatement ; pardon. 
Remit'tahcb, n. a sum sent back. 
Submit', e. to yield to authority. 
SOBUis'siVB, a. humble ; yielding. 
Submibe', 71. a suspicion. 
Transmit', e. to send over. 
TBAfiSMiB'aion, n. a sending over. 

Mo'Uor, moli'tus—to Heap; to Bmj}. 
o destroy. | Demoli'tion, n. destruction. 


Mib'krt, n. wretobediWM. 1 Mi'sraiT, a. Tery covetong. 

Mi'bsb, n. one who ii wretched Mib'rtiabi.ii, o. nnbapip;. 

throogh covetoosnwa. 1 Comaa'saxTC, e, to pity. 

Mo'dut — a Meabcbx; a Loot; a Hods or V-lssbsl 

Mod'iouic, n. a bdibJI porticm. 
Cohmo'diod:], o. convenient 
CoitMOD'iTT, n. an article of met- 

Accou'uoDATB, o. to make convea- 

DiBcomiODB', o. to pat to trouble. 
Iscommode', v. to di»tarb; to annoy. ' 
Ihwod'esatk, a. excessiTe. 
Iioiod'bbt, a, wanting modesty. 

AIooB, n. a muiner or f:uhIaD. 
Mood, n. temper of mind. 
Mos'bl, n. a copy to be imitated. 
Hod'ite, e. to attnr; to Bofton. 
MoD'm^TE, e. to vary Bonnd. 
Mod'sibatk, a. temperato; not i 

Mod'bst, a. ratrained by a senae 

Mod'estt, n, decency 

Remod'ei., e. to model anew. 

Jlf<»r-fi9— BoFT. JfoTlio— to Soften. 

Em ol'libnt, a, aoftoning, | Hol'uft, e. to aasnage ; to soften. 

Mo'neo, mon'iiwm — to Reioiiid ; to Wabn. 
Moii'rroa, n. one wbo warns. I Asuom'Tioir, n. gentle reproof 

MoH'tHBHT, n. a memorial. Pkemon'itort, a. giving waning 

Admon'isb, 0. to warn ; to reprove. I beforehand. 
SuH'ifON, a. to call by authority. 

Mons, mon'tls — a Moumtain ; a Hioh Hill. 

MouRT, n. a hill. 

Moctj'taiii, n. a very lawe hill. 

MomD, n. a heap or bans of eartit. 

AMocsr, n. the earn. 

Dismount', h. to alight from a borae. 

FAK'AuoDirr, a. above all others. 

Pbov^sktort. n. high land jutting 

into the sea. 
Rekount', e. to monnt again. 
Bukuount', v, to rise above. 
Tan'tauodnt, a. eqoal in value or 


Mon'atro, m&nMra'tum — to Show ; to OeclasK. 
Dbhoit'btratb, «. to ebow plainly. I Rbmon'stkatb, e. to present reamna 
Mon'stbb, n. something onnatoral. against. 

Mon'btboitb, a, nnnaturalj bnge. I 

Mor^deo, mor'suni — to Bite. 
Mor'sel, n. a little bito. I Hob'dant, n. any substance to bold 

Rbhorsb', n. a biting again ; sorrow colors in dyeing. 
for a fault I 

JUora, hmm^Ha— Dbath. 

Hor'tal, a. sntject to death. I Hobtal'itt, ti. death. 

Mor'tut, «. to lose vitality ; to Mnt'DSR, e. to pnt to death, 
shame or vex. 1 Inkor'tal, a. exempt th>m death. 

Iia[OB'TAi.izK, t>. to make immorUL 


M.OS, mt/ris — Majtheb; Cubtou. 
Mob'al, a. confonned to law and I MbB'Ai.izE, v. to apply to monl snb- 

rectitado. jects. 

MoBiU-'iTT, n. coirectneaa of life. I Immor'ai., a, viciouB. 
Dsuor'alizb, ti. to make immoral. 

Mo'veof m</tutn — to Motr. 
HoTE, o. to pat out of one place into 

MoTEMBHT, ». change of place. 
Mo'tios, n. change of place. 
Uo'tive, n. cause; reason. 
Hob, n. a disorderly multitude. 
Momkn'tuv n. force of motttm. 

Comho'tiok, a. tumnlt. 
Emo'tion, n. diaturtrance of mind. 
Pbouote', o. to advance ; to exalt. 
Paoico'Trax, a. advancement to high- 
er rank. 
Remote', o. at a distance. 
Bsiiorx', V. to pat from ita place. 

Jtfuftug — Hart ; NnMEBOus ; Much. 

I Mttltifa'biotjb, a. having great Tari- 
I ety. 

Ma'nua, mit'neri^ — a Gift ; aa Office. 
Hcnif'icent, a. very liberal. I Couicu'nion, ». inteiconise. 

Couudke', v. to t:Llk together. I Coidiu'kttt, n. the commonwealth. 

Commu'nicate, v. to impart. I iMMn'om, ». exemption. 

Cosr'MON, a. shared by all. ' Rbmtj'kbbatk, ». to reward. 

Mu'rus—* Waii.. 
Mc'bal, a. pertaining to a wall. | IitMURB', e. to imprison. 

Mu'to, mutaftuTn — to Chakob. 

Hc'tabi/b, a. changeable. I Mu'tikt, e. to rise ogninat nathority. 

Muta'tion, n. change. Permuta'tiok, n. exchange. 

Cohuute', t. to exchange. Tranbiidtb', v. to change from one 

Mu'TtTAL, a. reciprocal. I - natnre into another. 

Kae'cor, na'tits — to be Born; to Sfrino TJf; to Qnow. 

Na'tube, n. original quality; the 
power which produces or causes 
things to grow. 
Inmate', a. bom with ob. 
Nat'vbalist, n. a atndent of nature. 
Nat'itrauzb, t. to intrust with the 
rights of a native. 
SuFBRKAT'rBAL, a, above nature. 

2fa'vi»—a, Bhif or Ybsssl. 
ITa'vt, n. the diips of war of a no- Nau'ticai., a. pertaining to iulon 

tion. or sailing. 

Ka'val, a. relating to ships. Nau'bea, n. ses'^cknesa. 

Natiqa'tiom, n. traveling by ships. Nau'sboub. a. loathsome. 
Nav'igablb, a. passable hy ships. Nau'tilob, n. the sailor-flsh. 

NATrv'rrr, n. birth. 
Nat'uxal, a. mode by natore. 


Neee^Be — Nbcessabt; Ikxtitabu. 
Nbc'bsbabt, a. needftil. [ Neces'sitt, n. coni| 

Xbces'bitati:, d. to make neccoamy. NEFA'mors, a. wicl 
Necb8'8IT0UB, a. need}. | Unkec'bssabt, a. ni 

Neifto, nesKfmti — to Tie or Bind ; to Kk 
Cohhect', p. to join together. I Discohhect', r. to a 

Cobkec'tton, 71. a joinrng; relation. | AitKXx:', e. to unite 

Sfff/o, nega'tum — to Deht ; to REFuai 
Nboa'tioh, n. a deni&l. I Nbo'atttb, n. th&t 

Neo'ative, a. deujiing. I Dent', v. to coDtrat 

Neu'ter, neu'trum, — Nkitheb. 
Nbu'tbal, a. of neither side or party. | Ned'ter, a. ndtber 
Nbu'tbauzb, e. to destroy the pecu- NBCTRAL'nr, n. tl 
lisr properties ot. I neutral. 

No'ceo — to Hdbt; to Offend. 

Ifo'cGCNT, a. hnrtfal. | Obnox'ioob, a. hate 

Noz'iouB, a. hurtfb:. Ih'hockhce, n. pari 

Imio'cBHT, a. guiltlees. I Ndi'bauce, n. somet 

Xor'tna — a Rin.B or Bquaeb. 
Hob'ual, a. according to rule. | EiioB'uous,a. beyoi 

Jfo'meM., nom'inis—a. Nakk. 


Dekou'thatb, V. to name down. 
Benoh'inatioii, n. a name; a class. 
Io'nouint, n. disgrace ; shame. 
Name, n. the term by which we dis- 

tinguiah things. 
Nok'ihal, a. in name only. 




Ifos'co, no'tum — to Uiiderstaiid j to Know. Xo'l 

No'kle, a. high in rank ; generous. 
Nobil'itt, n. dignity ; rank. 
lQno'Bi.E, a. of iow birth. 
No'tick, c. to observe. 

HKc'oeuizB, ». 

No'tift, p. to give i 
No'tioh, n. thought 
NOTO'RIODS, a. knoi 

a bad sense.) 
to know ag^n. 



Not'ei^ a. new ; unusual. 
Nor'EL, n. a tale; a romance. 
Not'blist, ». a writer of noYels. 
Not'kltt, n. newness. 
Novi'tiate, n. the time of learning 

Nov'icB, n. one new 
Renew', b. to make 
Rbhova'tioh, n. rei 
Im'novatb, b. to iaI 
or change. 



JVb'ta— a Mask. 

JVor, noc****— Night. 

Nocttjk'mai, a. nightly. I E'quinox, «. the time of equal day 

NioHT, n. the time of darkness. | and night. 

Eq'didoc'tui., a. pertaining to the equinox. 

yu'bo, nup'tum — to Masbx. 
Comnfauij, a. pertaining to mar^ I Nuf'tial, a. pertaining to mar- 
riage. 1 riage. 

JVu'dii»— Naebd ; Bixa. 
Dkhude', «. to etrip ; to make baie. | Nu'dity, n. nakedneaa. 

JftU'ius — Nome ; Ncll or Vom. 
Noli., a, Toid ; of no force. 
NuL'i-iTE, n. nothingness. 

ITu'tnerua—a Ndubbr. 

Nuu'bix, n, more than one tiling. 
Nuu'bbb, o. to count; to reckon. 
Nu'uimorB, a. containing many. 
Nttueba'tiob, n. the art of nnmber- 

Ndmeb'icai., a. denoting namber. 
Num'brai,, a. relating to namber. 
Enu'mbibatb, 0. to reckon np nngly. 
iNnn'MBBABiiE, a. too many to be 
conn ted. 

tutn — to Bbimq News ; to Teli^ 
AmtouscE', e. to ^ve notice. I Pbohouuce', «. to t«ll or epeak oat. 

Dekoumcg', d. to declare agunst. Psonuscia'tioh, n. mode of utter- 

Dehoncia'tion, ft, public threat uice. 

Enun'oiatb, v. to tell or speak ont. I Benockoe', b. to disown, 

Ntt'trio, nu'tritum — to Nouniaa ; to Suckle. 
Noor'ish, ". to support by food. I Nd'tkimbht, n. food. 
NuBSB, ft. a person who has the care Ntttbi'tioii, n. the act of nomiBhing, 
, of infants or sick persons. | Nutbi'tioub, a. nourisliing. 

Oc'ulua — an Eye ; a Bud. 
Oc'uLAB, a. known by the eye ; evi- I Biuoc'ulab, a. having two eyes. 

dent. Inoc'olatei, v. to insert an eye or bad 

OcDLisT, n. an eye doctor. I of one tree in another. 

<yteo, ofitum—ta Emtt Odor ; to Gbow, 

Abol'kh, v. to do away with. | Ob'solete, a. ont of nse. 

Aboli'tioh, n. a doing away. Olfac'tobt, a. pertaining to undL 

Adwlt', 71. one full grown. I Red'olgkt, a. diflnung odor. 


(yd*— to HaTB. 

O'diodb, a. bateftil. | O'diuk, n. hatred ; dislike, 

iXmen, om'in4»—a Siok ; an Oimr. 

poetic. I Asom'ihatb, 

eriL I Abom'diasu 

0»»'n{«— All; Etkst. 
Omnip'otbst, a. having all ppwer. I Omhib'cikmt, a. knowing all things 
OumFRss'EHT, a. prraent every- Oii'inBDB, n. a public coach. 

<ynuBf on'eris — a Busdeh or Load. 
On'bbous, a. burdGUOiue. | Ezoh'ebatb, v. to disbniden. 

Op'era — Wobk. 
Of'bbats, b. to work or act I Opeka'tioif, n. action ; e^ct. 

CoOp'KaATE, o. to work together. | Op'sbatob, n. one who works. 
Of'iika, n. a dramatic work set to mnsic 

Opl'nor— to TmKK ; to Bkukyk. 
Orora', e. to think. | Opir'iom, n. belief; judgment, 

Op^to — to Wish ; to CHOoeB. 
Op'tion, n. choice ; preference. 1 Aiwpt', ». to choose or take to one's 

Or^ATiTB, a. expre«UDg desire. ] Bel£i 

, ADOr'TioK, n. the act of adopting. 

Or'bf^— a CiBCLs; a Weebl; an Orb. 

Obb, n. a circle ; a globe. 

Ob'bft, n, the tra^k or path of a 

Or'deb, n. regnlarity. 
Ordain', e. to appoint ; to decree. 
Ob'ddiai., a. Dotiiig order. 
Or'dinajicb, n. a public law. 

BnBOB'DDTATB, o. in a lower rank. 

Ch^do, or'diM**— Order ; Rahk. 

Coiai'DmA.TB, a. holding the same 

Ihob'dinatb, a. exccs^Te. 
Extbaob'dinabt, a. beyond the usual 

Disob'der, e. to confuse. 

tyrior — to Ribb or SpBiNa Fbok. 
O'BiBinr, n. the east; the risii^ son. I Ob'iciiii, n. source; banning. 
O'ribntal, a. eoBtem. | Obio'imal, a. first ; primary. 

Obis'ikatb, c. to bring into being. 

Or'nOf oma'tum — to Deck ; to AnoBN. 
Adork', s. to decorate. I Stoorh', o. to induce a person to 

Ob'kambbt, n. that which adorns. swear falsely. 

Or'hatb, a. beautiful. I 


Oba'tton, n. a formal ipeecb. 
Ob'ator, n. & public aiieaker. 


tyro, oraftum^to Piiii ; to Beq. 

Adork', b. to wotshii 

Ob'iticb, n. an opening. 
Inex'obablg, a. Dot to be moved by 

O'bai., a. delivered by montli. 

Os, OB^si»—A BoHB. 
Os'beocb, a. bony. | Oa'siPT, o. to change into bone. 

<ytium — Ease ; Befobb ; Rbtireubnt fboh BDsniEaB. 

Eabb, n. quiet; fodlity. | Neqo'tutk, r. to transact biuiiieK 

Disease', n. malad;. 

(yvum — an Ego. 

Pal'leo — to be Palk. 
Fal'lid, a. pale ; not bright. | Pal'i^b, n. paleness. 

Pal'Uum. — Mamtle or Ci^ak ; a CoTaaiira. 
Fall, n. a covering for the dead. I Pal'liate, e. to put a cloak upon ; 
Pallia'tioh, 71. mitigation. | to cover with excitse. 

Pal'po — to TorcH Gentlt ; to Feel. 
Pal'pable, o. that may be felt. j Pal'pitatb, o. to beat ; to flatter. 

Pan'do, pan'auin — to Open ; to Spread. 
Expand', e. to spread; to open. \ Expah'sive, a. having power to ex- 

Expan'bios, ». a spreading out pand. 

Expakse', n. a wide extent I 

Pa'nts — Bread. 
Cokpah'ioit, n. one who eate bread Paba'da, n. bread boiled and sweet- 

with another; an associate. ened. 

Com'pakt, n. a number of compan- Pah'tbt, «. the place where bread is 

ions. kept 

Accou'pAirr, «. to go with. 

Pan'ntM — Cloth ; a Patch or Ptbce op Cloth. 
Pah'hl, n. a patch or piece ; a piece | Impan'bl, e. to enrol as jumrB. 
of parchment on which the names Pake, n. a piece of thin cloth nsed 
of jurors were written ; a piece of in windows ; a piece or sqaare of 
board inserted into a frame. I glass for windows. 

Pa'rio, par" turn — to Bsrao Forth ; to Qeserate ; to Pboshcx. 
Fa'kbht, n. that which produces ; a fkther or mother. 



far — Like; : 

Pais, n. two things like each other. I Dibpab'aoe, f . to cause disgrace. 
Pas'itt, ». likeaeBs ; eqnali^. Fbbr, n. an equal i a noblemao. 

Bisfab'ity, n. inequality. Pkbb'lbsb, a. without on equaL 

Compa&b', e. to examine together. I Pjbeb'ao&, n. the rank of a peer. 
Comteeib', n, an equal. 

Fa'reo, par'itum — to Becoub Visiolk; to Appeab. 

Affbas', v. to hecnme visible to. I Affabi'tton, n. a speclre ; a ghost. 

Appak'bht, a. Tiaible; evident. I Dibappeak', e. to become invisible. 

Tran'spa'&bkt, a. that can be seen througL. 

Fa'ro, para'tum — to Get Ready or Pbbpabe. 

AFPABA'Tns.ft. necessaiy instrumenta Ikbep' arable, /c, not to be repaired. 

foe any trade or art. Prefarb', v. to make ready. 

Appah'el, n. dnas ; clothing. Repair', v. to mend ; to restore. 

3bv'kb, t. to separate. Parade', n. military preparation. 

Dbcbv'eb, p. to part in two. PBKPABA'TioH.n. act of getting ready, 

InsEP'ABABLB, a. Dot to bc parted. Bkp'aratk, b. to divide ; to part. 
Bet'erai., a. many ; distinct. 

Pars, par'tis—t, Part ; a Brake. 

Pabt, n. a portion ; a share. 
Pab'tici;e, n, a little part. 
PiRTic'iFATB, p. to take part. 
Pab'tt, n, a set of persons engaged 

Pae'tisah, n, a party man. 
Par'tlal, a. inclined to favor one 

Apart', ad. separately ; asunder. 
Pabt'ner, n. a sharer. 
Copart'nbr, n. a sharer. 

Depart', «. to go away ; to leave. 
Depaht'uee, n. a going away. 
Impart', b. to give, 
Impab'tial, a, jaet; equitable. 
Par'cei., n. a small package. 
Pob'tiok, n. B, part \ a share. 
Partic'uiiAR, a. pertaining to a part ; 

Propor'tion, n. the portion or meaa- ■ 
ure of one thing considered in com- 
parison with some other thing. 

J'tw'sM*— a Pace ; a Step. 

Pasb, b. to 

Pace, b. tc 

Com 'pass, 

Ebcom'pass, o. to surround. 

Pab'baoe, n, a way or channel. 

Pas'senoer, n, one who goes. 

. by si . 
go niHnd ; 

Pass'fort, n. a permission of passage. 
Pas'tike, n, aunsement. 
Surpass', b. to excel ; to exceed. 
Treb'fass, b. to pass beyond; to 


I. fatherly. 
rATRiMONT, n. an inherited estate. 
Pa'triot, n. a lover of one's country . 
C!ompa'thiot, n. a fellow countryman. 
Expa'triate, h. to put out of one's 

Pa'ter, pa'trie~& Father. 

Par'ricide, n. the mnrder of a par- 

a nobleman. 
. the fother and mler 
of a femily. 
Pa'tron, n. a protector. 

Pa'trobize, b. to protect ; to snpport. 




Pa^co, p€Uftum — to Fbed ; to Eat. 
PAB'TOR,n.aBtaeplierd; a clergyman. I Pab'tukr, b. land on wbich cattle 
Pab'tobal, a. relatiDg to abepherds. | graze. 

I&pabt', n. an eating again; a meaL 

Fa'Uor, pas'sua—Ut Suffkb; to Endcsk. 

Pa'tibhtcb, n, calm enduraiice. 
Pa'tibnt, a. enduring without c 

Pa'tient, n, a sicb person, 
Imfa'tibitt, a. hasty; fiBtAiL 
Pas'bioh, n. anger ; zeal. 

Pab'sive, a. eafEering without resist- 
Pab'bionatb, a. eaaily moved to an- 


indigence; want. 
D. to malte poor. 

Faae, jMi'ci*— Peace. 

I Pac'ift, o. to calm ; to quiet 

Peace, n. quiet ; teat. 
Pacif'tc, a. mild ; gentle. 

Fetftua, pe^ftoria—ihe Bbkabt ; the Cnnsr. 
Pec'toral, a. belonging to tlie breast. | Exfkc'tobate, e. to cough up. 

Fel'lo, puVsum — to Dbiyb ; to Stbikb or Beat. 

PUI.8B, n. the throbbing of the arte- 

Pitlba'tion, n. a throbbing. 
Cokpbl', b. to force ; to dnye, 
Co>n>iri.'BOBi, a. fordng. 
Dispeil', c. to drive awaj. 
Expel', ». to drive out, 
EsFUL'siofl, n. a driving ont. 

Impel', c, to ui^ forward. 
Im'polbb, n. force given. 
]3(pin.'BiVE, a, moved by nidden 

Pbopkl', o. to drive forward. 
Repel', c. to drive bock. 
RBPUi.aE'. n. a rejection. 
Repul'sive, a. forbidding in manners. 

Fen'deo—to Haho : to Lean. 

Pen'dest, a. hanging. 
'pKN'DiTLTrM, n. & body to swing to 
' and fro. 
pENi,'iHo, a. remaining andecided. 
Append', e. to hang or join to. 
Appekd'is, n. something added at 

the end. 
Depend', r. to hang from ; fo rely on. 
" ' E, ». truaC. 


Impbnii', e. to hanj 

a Pluhb LmE. 

Pbopen'spty, n. inclination. 
Suspehd', e. to hang; to delay. 
SrepEKBE', ». nncertainty. 
Subpbk'sioh, r. a honing up ; a atop. 
Peefei<dio'uj.ab, a. directly dowc- 

Fen'na — a Feather; a Wine, 
n instrument of writing. | Pen'katb, a. winged. 


Ttn'AOf pen'aum — to WmaH ; to Lay Out. 
Cmcpkhtd'iuk, n. ui abridgioeDt. 
Coh'pbhbatb, e. to give &n eqniTtk- 

Dibfensb', v. to distribute. To dib- 

FERBB 'WITH, to do withont 
Kipeud', «. to spend; to la; out 

ExFEKo'tTtits, n. amoDnt expended, 
Expaksg', ». coat; cbargea., 
Exfkn'bite, a. cost)}*. 
Pbh'bive, a. thoughtfiil ; sad. 
Pbk'gioit, n. niunsl allowance. 
Rbc'ompknbe, n. reward. 

&n'pKitD,n. wage»; stated paj. 

Fo^na — PuHi a gmaiT. 
Pe'kaii, a. enacting puniabment. . I Pxm'aiice, r. voluntar; Buffering on 
PEH'Airr, n. sofierjng or Iom in con- account of sin. 

eequence of crime. | Pim'FiEarF, a. contrite for sin. 

Pbhtebk'tiabt, n. a prison. 

Ferpetfutia — UKOBAsma; Pebpxttiai.. 

JPerwi'fMi — the Mask Wosb bt Pi^ATxaa. 
inman being. I Pbrbob'ify', e. to make o 

to Tepresent by action. | a person. 
Pbb'sosallt, ad. in person. 

Pea, pe'dig—a Foot. 

Ped'ai., n. a key deigned to be moved 

by the foot 
Ped'estat., n. the foot of a column 

or statne. 
PEDEa'TBLur, a. going on foot 
Pko'tobbb, n. lineage. 
B^FED, n. a two footed aidtnal. 
Quad'bufbd, n. a four footed animal. 

Exfbdi'tiok, h. a hastening; an en- 
terprise on which one undertakei 
a journey. 

Es'pBajrrE, v. to hasten. 

EzPEDi'Tioua, a. quick. 

IjiIpede', e. to hinder; to retard. 

n. hindrance. 

Ptfto, p^'tMm — to Bebe; to Btkitb Fob; to Ask. 

Pbti'tioh, n. an asking. 
Ap'petithi, n. hunger ; deaire. 
Cohpat'dlb, o. suitable to. 
Compbtb', e. to strive for together. 
Compbt'itok, n. one who striTes with 

Com'pbtekt, a. fit ; capable. 
Coic'FETEfrCB, n. sufficiency. 
Inoom'pbtkkt, a. not capable. 
lu'psTUS, n. force from motion. 
iMFBrr'Tjous, a. violent; fierce. 
Refeat', c. to do again. 

Fin' go, pic'tum — to Paiht. 
FiCT, n. a painted perscoL I Pig'meht, ». paint ; color. 

Pic'tcbs, n. a painting. Depict', c. to paint ; to describe. 

Pictcbbsqub', a. like a picture. I Faint, «. to describe; to color. 

PiCTo'iuAi/, a. containing pictures. 



TVo, pia'tum — to Atono Fob, 
Ez'pUTE, V. to atone for. | Ex'fiatory, a. atoning. 

:Bl^cta—». Pkh. 
PiBCATo'BUiia.ieUtiiigtofiBhemien. | Pib'catobt, «. relMmg to fiahei, 

Ita^ceo — toPLBAira. 

Pi.4C'n>, a. pleaang to one's self; a 

re&e ; gentle. 
CaoFhi-'cvsas., n. eatidkction. 
Oox'pLAiBAST, a. deairoas to please 
"-- — o delight; to gratifj. 

DiBPiiEABs', 0. to make angr^. 
PiiSab'amt, a. gay; agreeable. 
Pleas' AHTBT, n. gaycty ; nurth. 
PL&As'tTBB, n. tliat which pleases ot 

Flan'go, platuftutn — to Beat ; to Beuoak. 
Coitiii.Aiir', p. to marmar ; to lametit. j Pladj'tiff, n. the one who b^ne a 
Coupi.Anrr', n, a lamentatioa. laweuit. 

Plaikt, n. a lamentation. | Pimzn'ttve, n 

PUm'ta — the Bottom op the Foot ; a Plabt. 
Plaht, n> a Tegetable. I Ikflant', o. to set ; to inaert. 

PiiAHT, c. to pat into the gronikl to Supplant', d. to diqilace; 

grow, Tkanbplaht', b. to moTe and plant 

Djsplant', e. to pluck np. | in another place. 

Plakta'tiob, n. a place planted. 

J%x'»tM— Bif OOTH ; Plais; Evidiibt. 
Plaih:, t>. to make Bmooth. I Explain', o. to make plsin or clear. 

Plain, n. a lerel region ; evident. | Explana'tioit, n. act of expmlning. 

Flau'do, plau'aum — to Pbaise by CLAPPiha Haiom. 
' Plau'dit, n. lotid praise, | Explodes', «. to Inirat with a loud 

Appladd', e. to praise ; to extol. report 

Applaubb', n. approbation. Explo'biok, a. violent bursting. 

Flaus'iblb, d. right in appearance. | Exflo'sive, a. causing explosion. 

Ple'Of pl^tum — to Fill. Planus— V\svl. 
Flb'haky, a. foil ; complete. 
Fleit'tt, n. abundance. 
Pleh'ituse, n. iiillnesa. 
Plek'tkous, a. abondant. 
Rbplen'ibii, e. to £11 again. 
Accou'pLiSH, o. to finisd entirely. 
Cohtlete', a. full; perfect. 
CIou'tlbuent, n. mil quantity. 


I^DKB, n. a feather. 

Plu'ma — bFeathkr; a Plvmh. 

I PLD'iiAaB, It. featheiB. 

r CiCKl'^le 


Pli'co, pticaftum — to Fold; to Esrf. 

ExPLic'iT, a. nniblded ; plain. 
Imply', e. to esprcM indirectly, 
Im'pucate, v. to inTolve. 
lKPLic'iT,a. tmadDg without reserrt 
]Miil'tifi.y, e. to make mauy fold. 
MCLTiPLic'rrr, n. a great variety. 
Perflek', b. to entangle ; to Tei. 
Fli'ant, a. yielding ; easily bent 
Pli'able, d. flcxibfe; pliant. 
Plt, e. to keep busy. 

Aocou'flicb, r. one united witb an- 

other in a crime. 
Affxt', ■. to put one thing to an- 

other ; to seek or ask for. 
Ap'plicant, n. one who applies. 
Afpi.ica'tion, n. the thing applied. 
Com'flbx, a. twined or knit together, 
CouFLBx'ioH, n. the textore and color 

of the akin. 
CoM'n.icATii, 0. to entangle. 
Comply', v. to yield to. 
Cohpli'ahcb, n. SQbmiBdon. 
Display', e. to unfold ; to exhibit. 
Doijb'lb, «. to make twice as much. 
Dnpuo'iTY, n. doublenesa of inten- 

Do'PLiCATi!, n. a second thing of the 


p. to a: 

a- ortleoa. 

Bm'pLE, a 
Sm'pLtFY, i. to make easier. 

Sup'PLicATB, e. to entreat 
Sup'pLLAHT, A. a petitioner. 
Triple, a. three-fold. 
Treb'lb. d. to multiply hy three. 
three together. 

NoT>. — BlJPPl:iCATB, to JMI or baid tbe ineet under. 

PU/ro, piora'tum — to WkKp ; to Laheht. 
Deflobb', p. to lament about | Explobb', v. to search out carefully. 

Deplob'able, a. lamentable ; sad. | Ikh^kb', v. to weep or lament to. 

Plttmb, n. a piece 6f lead attached I Pltjm'het, n. a tittle plmub. 
to a line. I PLnuBA'oo, n. black lead. 

pLmfB, a. perpendicular to the horizon. 

Ftua, plu'ris—iioKB. 

Plu'rai,, a. contuiring more than one. I Plukal'itt, n. the greater number. 

Siib'ft.178, n. that which mnains over NoM'n.nH, n, a mtootlon in which no 

the neceaaaiy quantity. I more can be done. 

Noh'flus, a. to confound; to puzzle, 

Fo'mum — an Applb. 
Pom'ack, n. ibe rabstance of ground I Pomborah'atb, n. a fruit 
apples. I Pom'mbl, n. a knob or balL 

NoTH. — PoMBSBAifArB, ui Bptde having maay gralna or seede. 

Pop'ulus— the PaopLB, Pub'tieus— Combos to Aix. 
Peo'pEjB, n. persona ; a nadon. 
Popdi.a'tios, n. the whole number 

of inhabituitB. 

Pop'uLACK, ft. the common people. 
Pop'ctAK, a. liked 1^ tbe people. 
Pop'uLOXTB, a. tixa of'^ people. 

Popdt-ab'itt, n. fflTor of the peopH 
DBPOp'TTtATB, v. to deprive of people, 
Pub'uo, a. open to ail. 
PtiBLic'iTY, n. open to the knowledge 

of all. 
Publish, n. to make known. 


Fon'dus, p&n'dert«-~& WiHCfflT ; a Poumd. 
Pouiro, n. a weight. I Pctt'dke, o, to weigh in the mind. 

Fos'VEBDVa, a, heavy. I Pbepou'dkbatb, o. to outweigh. 

Poise, v. U> weigh ; to balance. 

JPt/no, po^itum — to Pur ; to Plack. 

Posi'tioh, n. place ; attitude. 

Pos'rriVE, o. set ; certain. 

PoflT, n. a place ; office. 

b',11. to put off; to delay, 
E, n. attitude; condition. 
', «. to put together. 

CoMPOs'rroa, n. one who seta types. 

Cou'posT, n. a putting together; a 
. mixture. 

CoMPo'sunE, n. tranquiUity. 

I>ECoifroBB', c. to separate into orig- 
inal elements, 

Dbpo'hent, n. a witneae on oath. 

Dbpobk', o. to put down. 

Dbpot', n, a place of deposit, 

Dbpob'it, n. to lay down; to place. 

Dibcomfobb', c. to dieoider ; to vex. 

Dibpobe', <d. to place in order. 

Sibfob'al, n. control. 

Disfobi'tion, n. management; tem- 
per of mind. 

Kxposb', e. to lay open, 

ExFOs'iTOB, n, an explainer. 

BxFODBs', V. to explain ; to clear. 

Iupose', h. to pat opon; to cheat. 
lKPosr''noN, n,. a cheat 
Iu'fdst, n. a tax on imported goods. 
Impos'tor, n. a deceiver, 
Iufob'tdbe;, n. a fraud ; a cheat. 
Intbhpobb', v. to put between. 
Oppobei', 0. to act against. 
Ofpo'nknt, n. an adversary. 
Op'poenK, a. on the other side; 

Pboeoukd', c. to offer for considera- 

Pbopobe', V, to offer for conwderation, 
pROPo'sAL, n. an offer. 
Pboposi'tiow, n. a thing proposed, 
Pun'poBTt, n. intention ; design. 
Bbfose', «. to rest ; to place oat of 

the way. 
BBPoe'rroKT, n. a place for laying up 

BtiFFOBE', e. to imagine. 
Teanbpose', o. to put each into the 
place of the other. 

Pons, pon'Ha—e. fiiuiiaE. 

floating bridges. 

a conatrocted uid consecrated by the 

Possum, po^ui — to be Asi^. 

Poa'stBLE, a. that can be done. 
Po'tbht, a. powerful. 

Ik'potbkt, ai powerlesH, 
Omnip'otbnt, a. having inflnif* pow- 

iKpoe'stBLS, a. that counot be. 
Pos'sB, n. an armed power. 
Po'tbhtatb, n. one having great 

PcrrEd'TiAL, a. relating to power. 

Foa'terus — Aptbb ; Coumo Afteb. 

oming after. I Post'ebh, n. a back door or gattk 

cceedinggmeratdons, I PBBFOS'TEBOt^ a. absurd. 

Pi/ to, pota'tum — toDstns. 
a draught ; a dose. | Pota'tior, n. a 



Tor' to, porta^tam— to Casrt; to Beab; to Bitnia. 
DBPoitT'imHT, n. conduct. 

Pob'teb, tt. a carrier ; a dooAeepet. 
PoKT'ABiB, a. eBailf cturied, 
E^jkt'lt, a. bulky; corpulent 
Pob'tai., n, a gate ; a door. 
PoKTico, n. a covered walk, 
PoRTMAN'TBAr, n. a portable bag. 
Pobt'holb. n. a gun Dole in a ship. 
Port, n, a barbor. 

PoaTFo'uo, n. a case for looM papeia. 
Pub'cobt, m. meaning. 
Ooufobt', v. to suit; to bear. 

Bxpokt', b. to carry ont. 
Ihfobt', e. to bring in. 
Impob'tast, a. weighty. 
btroBTum', v. to -solidt eomeafl;. 
OppoBTn'mrr, n. fit time, 
Ofpobtuhil', a. well timed. 

SuFPOBTf, v. to bear; to nplxdd. 
Tbaxsfobt', 0. to carty from place U 

jPru'viM — Cbookkd; Wioxed. 
DsipaATEi', e. to make wicked. { DEPKAT'rFT, n. cormptic^ 

2Ve'ciM»»— * Pbich, Value or Worth. 
ApFBAiax', e. to Bet a piice upon. I Fbicb, n. value ; rate. 

PiLH'oronB, a. of great Talne. 

) Pbieb, e. to Talue lifgfaiy. ' 

; PrtTeor, preca^tua—ta Ehtbbat ; to Pbat. 

' Dep'bsoatb, e, to dread or regret. | PbeoVbioitb, a. nncertain, 
I bi'pB£CATE, c. to pray cureee upon. ] Pbeach, v. to proclaim. 

PRE;r, fl. plunder. 
Pbkd'atoby, a, plDnderiog. 

Vr^da — P&et; Floudbb. 

J Dep'bbdate, b. to rob ; to pillage. 
j Dep'redaiob, n. a fobber. 

Frehen'do, preheti'aum — to Takx Hold Of : to Sbizb. 

dot to be taken. 

AppBBHEits', «. to seiae ; to anspect 

with fear. 
Affbshkn'bioh, n. seiEoie ; fear. 
Appktbe', v. to give notice. 
Afpbeb'tice, n. one bound to leara 

Coupbehehd', v. to understand ; to 

Couprehen'sivb, a. capacious ; full. 
Coufbisb', c. to include. 
Es'TBBnttBB, n. an undertaking. 


Pbis'os, n. a place of confinement. 
iKPBn'OK, «. to confine. 
MisATPRTf.iTKMD', B. to misundcrstand. 
Fbize:, n. Bometliing taken or won. 
Repkt'bal, n. a seizure in retaliation, 
Repbeseuii', d. to blame. 
Repbghex'seblb, a. blame-worthy. 
Repbieyb', e. to respite, 
to astonish. 

Pr^tno, prea^Bum—to Fbbss. 

Press, e. to squeeze ; to urge. 
lupoEBs', o. to imprint. 
lupBESBioN, 51. a mark made by 

Coufresb', v. to force together. 
Dbpeess', 0. to bear down. 
Dbpbis'sion, n. d^cction. 


to squeeze <Hit; to de- 

Expreb'bite, a. showing with foice. 
PKCra, 0. to stamp with letters. 
Impbint', c. to press on. 
Rkpkess', v. to force back. 
Suppress', o. to subdue j to conceal, 
crush by severity. 





Pre'tHtKk tfoa^ RswutD. 
PaiCB, n. tlie moae; asked or jiaid I AfrBs'cUTa, e. to aet a jaat Tal~ 

for anyliiing, ue on. 

Pbb'ciovb, a. valuable ; coBtlf. I Dbfbe'ciatk, e. to undeiralDa 

JPri'»*i«— PiBflT. Frln'eepg, prin'ci|ri« — OKioarAi<; Chibf. 
Pbehb, a. fint rate ; higbeet. 
Prime, e. to apply a first coat of 

Paiu'B&, n. a child's first book. 
Fbihb'tal, a, origiBa). 
PaiM'mvB, a. origina]. 
Fbihck, n. a king's son. 
Psi'vATB, n. an arcbbisbop. 

Prem nCK, n. a pnme minister. 
Pbu, a. fomial ; precise. 
Psi'if ABE, a. first ; chief. 
Pjun'cirLE, 71. original cause; ele- 

Frin'cipai., a. chief; main, 
Pri'ob, a. preceding in time. 
D r — _ atate of being first. 

Pitu'Tom, a. first ; original. 

Pri'tuM— 8DICII.E ; BmiOBODiQ TO Okb'b Sblf Alcoik. 

Pbi'tatb, a. secret ; belonging to I PRrv'njuiB, n. a peculiar admotage. 

one's self alone. Pbit't, o. sbaring in a secret ; secret. 

Pbt'tact, n. secrecy. Priv'ii.t, a<I. in a secret maimer. 

Pbiva'tion, n, Iobb ; absence. { Dbtbitb', e. to take from. 

PsrvATEEB', n. a private ship of war. 

JPro'bo, proba'tum — to Peotb ; to Tet. Fro'hus — Eohbst. 
Pkob'ity, n. honesty ; integrity. Appkoba'iion, n. the act of approv- 

Pbobe, e. to searcb into. 
Pbob'abi;ei, a. likely. 
Pboba'tion, n. trial. 
Prove, v. to confirm by experiment. 
Prook, It. that which renders certain. 
Appbotb', 0. to like ; to be pleased 

Apfbo'tai, n. the act of approving. 

/"ro'pe— -Neab. Proa^iwMW— Neabest or Next. 
Protik'ijuity, n. neameas. I PaosiM'iTY, n. neamess. 

pRox'otATE, a. nearest ; next. Peofi'tious, a. fkvorable. 

Approx'tmatb, v. to come near. Propi'tiatb, ». to conciliate. 

APFKOAca', V. to draw near to. I Reproach', 

JVo'jjHms— Ose'b Owm ; Pecduab ; Fit. 

to show to be false. 
Disappbovb', o, to account deserving 

Improve', b. to make better. 
Rbpbovii', e. to blame ; to chides 
Reprobate', a. lost to virtue, 
open censore. 

Appro'peiatb, v. to take for one'e 

Afpro'pbiatb, a. pecnliar ; miitable. 
Proper, a. suitable; fit. 
iMPBor'sE, a. unbecoming. 

Ihpbopbt'btt, n. n 
Pbopri'ett, n. fitness ; justness. 
Prop'bbty, n, that wbicli is oi 

Pbopri'etob, n. an owner. 
JpMff'nt**— the Pwr. Fug'no — to Fight or OoNTiaro. 
Pn'onjeT, «. one who fighta with his I Pdqita'ciotib, a. quarrelsome. 
1 1 



Fun'go, putui'tum — to Psiox ; to Stdiq. 

Poib'mamt, a, Bevere; intenee. 
PoiRT, n. the sharp end of aujthiiig. 
Pourr, f . to um ; to direct. 

Pn?:'aEST, a. pricking ; sharp. 
PlTNCT'Tnut, B, a bole pierced. 
Pnncr'uAi., a, exact; preciee. 
PtTROTiL'iotn, a. exact to eicR 
Covpitho'tioh, 71. Uingof I 
Exfdhsb', v. to nib ouL 

Fvfnio, puni'tum — to Punish. 
Puk'ibs, o. to inflict pun for evil [ Imfu'ritit, n. freedom from pniiisb- 
coodiicL I ment. 

JPur'go— to CLSixes ; to Ci.eab. 

Fu'rua—CixAx: Pubb. 

I iMrmtE , a. not pore ; uiiho];. 
Fti'tOf puta'tum — to Cot or Pbdhk ; to Think ; to Rbgzoh. 

Acconsr', n. a reckoning; a narra- 

Am'putate, o, to cut off 
CoMFUTEi', e. to count or reckon. 
Count, v. to number, 
I>bf'titt, n. one appointed to act for 

Defutk', c to empower to act 
Difl'couHT, V. to count off; to deduct. 

DiapiTTB', e. to contend in iirgDmenl. 
Kbputb', n. character; name. 
Rkputa'tion, n. character by report. 
Dibkxf'dtahi^, a. dishonorable. 
Impute', b. to charge upon. 
Rxcouht', t. to relate. 

Pu'tbid, a. rotten. 

^u'trle — RoTTKK. Fu'treo — to be Rotten. 

I Pu'tbbift, e. to make rotten. 
rottAnnewi. I PuTKBa'cimT, a. growing rotten. 

Qua'lls — of What Bobt ; Such Ab. 

i'lFT, «. to render fit. 

Qua^tuor — FouB. Quad^rt 

a BquABB. 

QuAD'sAin', n. a quarter of a circle. 
Quadruxe', n. a dance. 
QiTAiiRoon', n. a person quarter 

QoAD'aupLE, a. foorfold. 

QuABT, n. oue-fonrth of a gallon. 
Quak'tbb, ». the fourth part. 
Bquad'boh, n. part of a neet. 
StiUABB, n. a figure of four equal 

sidea and four right angles. 
QuAB'ANnBE, n. tOTtj days. 

Quefror, ques^tua — to Coiipi.aik. 
Quab'ubl, «. to contend angril;. ] Quer'uloub, a. full of complaint. 


Qut^ro, guoeei'tum — to Seek ; to Ask.' 
Qttest, n. search ; inquiry. Ex'quibitei, a. excellent ; flne. 

Qce'rt, n. SD inquiry. iK'iJUEeT, n. a judidal inquiry. 

Qdes'tiom, n. aometbing asked. Inquibe', v. to seek oat. 

Qcre'siBT, 7J. an inquirer. iHtjuKi'Tiou, n. search ; trial. 

AcqoiHE', T. to obtain. iMftUiB'mrE, a. curions; piyinff. 

Acquisi'tion, n. the thing acquired. Pbb'iiuibitb, n. a fee of office. 
Cob'qtjkh, h. to gain by torce. RsqrBST', b. to ask ; to solicit 

Con'queht, n, Tictoiy. Keqdibb', to demand ; to claim. 

RE^'uiaiTBL, a, necessary. 

Qui'es, quie' — Rebt ; E48B. 
Qui'bt, a. still ; calm. i AcqmKBOE', e. to quietly assent. 

Qni'BTCDK, n. rest; repose. | Disfttii'BT, o. to make tineaey. 

J&'iimsif, n. & hymn for the dead. 

Quot~-How Mast; So Ttun. 

Qno'RUUj n. a competent number ~to I 
do busmess. I 

Sa'tltus — the Bpobe of a Wbbbi. ; a Beam or Rat «w- Light. 

Ra'diws, n. the semi-diametej' of a I Ra'diate, d. to omit rays. 

circle. Ra'diahce, n. aparkling Inster. 

Kay, n. a line of light. I Iilba'diatb, v. to illumme. 

Ita'dkc, -rad'ici» — a Hoot ; a Fouetdatioh. 
Bas'ical, a. pertaining to the root. | Ebad'icatk, o. to root out. 

MdfAo, ra'autn — tofisATB; to Bcrapk. 
Abrade', c. to mh or wear offi I Ebabk', b. to rub out, 

Abra'sior, n. the act of mbbing off. | Raze, c. to destroy atterlf. 
Ra'zob, n. a toot for shaving. 

Jta'inua — a Bough or Brattch. 
Bam'itx, v. to branch out | Rat^ifica'tioh, n. a brandi. 

San'eeo — to be Stale ; Stbono Scented. 

Jta'pio, rap^tum—io Bmatoh; to Seize; to Hubbt Aw at, 
Rap'inb, n. plunder. I Rap'tubb, n, extreme delight. 

Rapa'oiocs, a. plundering; greedy. Esbap'tdre, b, to delight uigbly. 

Rat'ekouBj a. hungry to rage. 
Rapt, a. seized wiU) rapture. 

Bap'id, a. hurrying away ; swift. 

I Rav'aoe, o. to lay waste. 

Rat'ish, b. to take away by Tiolence. 



SoTrua — ScATTESKD; BcASCE; Tbik. 
9. to make thin. | Ras'itt, n. tbumesa. 

Se^go, ree^tum — to Qotkru ; to Ruli. 

Bbc'titudb, n. upriglitneBB; virtne. 
Bb'oemt, n. B, govemor, 
Rea'tob, n. a mioisteT of a parisb. 
Reo'icidb, n. the mnrderer of a king. 
Rao'iHEN, n. course of diet. 
Rsg'ulab, a. agreeable to mle. 
Rbo'clate, e. to at^ust by rale. 
Rbgdulb'itt, n. conformity to rale. 
Rbqcla'tioii, Ti. method ; mle. 
Hbioh, v. to rale, as a king. 
Right, a. just ; true ; not wrong. 
Right, n. freedom from error ; jnatice. 
Rcls, o. to govern ; to control. 

Bb'q&i., a. royal ; kingly. 
Corbsot', p. to make right. 
Dibbct', p. to guide ; to order, 
DntscT', a. straight. 
Dibect'lx, ad. immediately. 
Dibbc'tion, n. aim ; order. 
£rbct', a. upright. 
Ii!icoR'BiaiBi.E, a. bad b^ond cor- 

Iscobsect', a. not exact ; wrong. 
Indikkct', a. not direct 
Ikrbo'ui,ab, a, not regular. 
Rao'TiFY, e. to make nght. 

Rboa'jja, n. eodgus of royalty. 

Re^or, ra'tus—io Tbisk ; to Judge. 
R&T^ n. a fixed i>rice. I Ra'tiohal, a. agreeable to reason. 

Rath, v. to appraise. Ra'tioh, n. a fixed allowance. 

Rat'ift, b. to confirm. Ra'tio, n. proportion ; raffe. 

RATiFroA'TKiH, a. confirmation. | Rea'boh, n. the faculty of judging. 

Rea'boit, v. to examine by arguments. 

Se^po, rep'tunt—to Creep. 
Ref'ttls, n. a creeping animal. 

Res — a Thehg. 
Rb'al, a. acttully existing. I RE'ALtzs, e. to feel stnmgly, or ctm 

Real'itt, n. actual ezist^ce. | edder as reaL 

Rerte—a Net. 
Rbt'icdxb, n. a small bag. j Rut'ina, n. one of the coats of thi 

Rbt'ifobic, a. having the form of a eye, like a net. 
net. 1 

Ri'deo, ri'num — to Laitoh ; to Shilb. 
RiD'iccrLB, a. to make sport of. j Ris'ible, a. laughable. 

RiDic'uLODB, 0. worthy of ridicule. 1 Dobidb', e. to laogb at ; to mock. 
Deuib'ion, n. contempt 

Ri'geo — to be Cold or Stiff. 

j Rio'oR, n. sti&ess ; sererity. 
I Rie'oBOUS, a. severe ; exact. 

Ro'bur, T</bori8 — an Oak ; Stbbnoth. 
I, e. to confirm. | Robdst', a. strong ; vigorona. 

Gc Kittle 


Si'vus-ra Btrkau or Bms. 
Rit'bib, n. a la^e Btream. I Serivi:', v. to deduce ; to ditiv. 

Riy', n. a httic stream. Ri'vai^ n. a competitor. 

Abbite', v. to come to. I Ri'val, e. to try to equal oi excel. 

Ro'd^, ro'sum — ^to Gmaw; to Eat Awat. 
Cobboob', e. to eat awa; slowly. | Cobbo'biom, n. the act of conoding. 

Bo'gOf roga'tum — to Abk ; to Deuakd or Claim. 
As'booatb, v. to repeal ; to aDDal. I DBBOo'ATORr, a. tending to Irifm 
Ab'booate, c. to claim proudly. Ibtbb'booate, «. to queatign. 

Ar'kogast, a. haughty ; conceited. Pberoo'atits, n. an escluaiTe prir- 
DBB'oaATB, V. to detract. | ilege. 

Pbokooux', p. to put off, 

Ro'ta — a Wheel ; a Cibgi^. 

EtoTB, a. a mere repetition of words Rotdmd'ity, n. roundncBS. 
without attending to the w " 

Ru'dia — Rodb; Unwbodqht; UKTAuaHT. 
BcBB, a. rongli ; coarse ; unflnished. I Ebuui'tiott, n. learning. 
Eb'dditb, a. learned. | Bd'uimeibt, n. a first principle; 

Mu'ga—^ Wbibxlc. 
Coe^uoatb, 11. to wrinkle. j CoB'soeATED, p. a. iiirrowed. 

Bum'po, rupTtum — to Beeak; to Bubst. 

Cobecp'tion, n. depravity. 
Erop'tiyk, a. B. bursting forth. 
Ebcp'tion, n. a bursting out. 
Ibbup'tioh, ». a bursting in. 
Intbrbupt', b. to stop ; to hinder. 

Bup'tdbe, n. a breaking. 
ABRnpT', a. broken off short. 
Baitk'bupt, n. one who cannot pay 

hia debts. 
Cobbopt', v. to depraye. 

Eua, nt'ris — the Cocutbt. 
:., a. relating to the conntry. j BuaTic'm, n. want of refinement. 
3, a. plain ; rude. I Rns'TicATB,!!. to reside in the country. 

Sa'cbed, a. holj ; inviolable. 

Con'secbatb, c. to make sacred. 

Dbs'ecbatb, f . to pervert irom a sa- 
cred purpose. 

Bebecba'tioti', n. a profoling. 

Bacbbbo'tal, a. belonging to the 

Sa'cer, aa'cri — Sacred ; Holt. 

Ex'ecbate, v. to make hatefat 
Bao'bament, n. the Lord's supjter. 

Sac'bipicb, n. a religiona ofienug. 
Sac'rificb, e. to offer to heaven. 
Sac'rileqe, n. a violatiim of sacrod 



Sa^gio— to PsacKiTK QmoELT ; to Forbskb. 
Saob, o. wue; prudent; soletun. | Baoacioub, a. iJiBCerDiDf; quickly. 
B^QEf S. a wise man. I Baqao'itt, n. quick dlBceramenL 

pBBBAax', f. to foretell. 

iSof — 8ai.t; Skabohikg; Wit. 
Sai. ad. n. raw herbs eaten as a relieli I Salisb', a. like iait 

to other food. SAtrcE, n. sometliiiig to (^Te leliA to 

Sax'abt, n. jeail; wages. I food. 

Sa'lio, aa^tum — to Lkaf ; to Jump; to SPBnra. 
Absail', n. to attack, | Ibbuli', e. to leap upon ; to abuse. 

ABBATTI.T', n. an attack. Rbbvlt', v. to spring back. 

Dbb'ultobt, a. jampiDg from one Sal'lt, «. to issue out. ^ 

thine; to anottiur. SifUEST. a. leaping ; projecting. 

ExuLF, e. to leap for joy. | Saui'on, n. a leaping liah. 

Salta'tioh, n. a leaping or jumping. 

Sa'lus, »a/u'W*— Safbtt ; Hkalth; Wixtakb. 

SaIi'utabt, a. healthftil, 
8as^ a. free from danger. 
Saj-u'sbitt, n, heaHhmlnes*. 
6AX.DTE', «. to wish health to. 
BaIi'taqe, n. an allowance for sarlng 
goods from a wreck. 

Baicta'tiob, n. a greeting. 
Salta'tios, n. preeerration from des- 
Sal'vo, n. an exception. 
Balte, n. an ointment. 
Sate, s. to preserve ; to rescue. 

SAyiODB, n. a deliverer. 

San'do, sattt^tum — to Make Bached ; to Cokteul 

Saist, n. a hoij person. | Bahc'tiob, n. confirmation. 

SAKc'TirT, e. to make holy. Banc'tttt, n. holiness. 

SAD'o'Tniom', n. holiness. I Banc'tuabt, n, a sacred place. 

! San'gui», aan'guinia—BiAiOD. 

I SAH'smKARi, a. bloody. I Conbanociii'itt, n. relationship. 

I BAN'omira, a. full of blood; ardent. 1 Ekban'ouihh, v. to stain with Blood. 

Sa'nua~8omiB\ Heai^tht. 

I Ihsanb', a. disordered in mind. 

Sa'pio — to Batob or have Taste ; to be Wise. 
Sa'pixnt, a. wise ; knowing. I Iksip'id, a. tasteless. 

Ba'piekcb, n. wisdom. Sa'tor, n. taste or oder. 

Ba^id, ft. having taste. SaVort, a. pleasing to the taste o 

Bapobif'ic, a. prodacbg taste. I smell. 

Sea'la — a Lasdeb ; a Staeb. 
Escalade', n. an asaault of a fortress { ScaiiE, e. to moont by a ladder, 
by means of ladders, 1 


Satb, e. to gire enough. I Sati'ety, n. an escesB of gratification, 

Sa'tiate, «. to fill bejond natural de- Sat'urate, v. to supply fully, 
sire. I S&t'isit, t. to make or give enoogh. 

Inba'tiablk, a. not to be eatiafled. 

Sean'do, acan'aum — to Cuubj to Mooht, 

Transcend', e. to rise beyond. 
Scar, e. to esamine nicely. 
Condbscem'bioN; n. a votuntaiy etaop- 
ing ftom dignity. 

Abcknd', e, to climb or go up. 
Abcbnt', n. an eminence. 
Dbscebd', c. to so down. 
Descknt, ji. declivity. 
Cohdebcshd', t. to stoop. 

Scln'do, scis'aum — to Cut; to Dividh. 

Scis'sosa, 71. small slieais. [ Rsbcisd', e. to revoke. 

ScCo— to Kwow, Sden'tia—V^owLKDos. 
Sci'krcb, n. knowledge. i Coh'bcikbcb, n. the knowledge of 

SciEimv'ic, a. reluting to science. right ood wrong. 

Sci'oLiBT, 71. a smatterer. Conbcieh'tious, a. obedient to the 

Cor'bgiodb, a. knowing. | dictates of conscience. 

OMsia'cirarr, a. all-knowing. 

Sci'i'bo, Bcrip'tUm — ^to Write; to Draw or Paift. 
BcsiBB, n. a writer ; a secretary. 

&crib'ble, v. to write carelessly. 
Bcrlpt'tike, 7i. a writing; the Bible. 
BORiF, 71. a small writing. 
Stjbsobibb', o, to sign ; to attest. 
SuBscRrp'Tios, ft. the act of sub- 
Ascribe', «. to attribute to. 
Ciscomscribk', p. to limit. 
Dbscribe', e. to give an account of. 
Inscribe', v. to writ« upon. 
Inbcbip'tion, 71. an address. 

SIah'uscrift, 71. a paper written. 

Prescribe', v. to give a written di- 

Pbesgbv'tiok, n. a medical receipt. 

PsoecRiBR', V. to censure and con- 

Tbaxhcbibe', v. to copy. 

Tram'script, «. a copy. 

Sopeebcrip'tios, n. a writing on the 

Post'bceipt, 7t. something written af- 

Scru'tor, acruta'tus—to Search Closely. 

Seur'ra — a Scoffer ; a Buffoon. 
gGUBRn.'iTT, Tt. abnsive language. | Bcub'riloub, a. vulgar ; indecent. 

S^co, BCiftum — to Cut ; to Ditidbi or Separate. 
Sec'tion, n. a part. Bisect', e. to divide into two equal 

Sect, 71. a diviEdon ; a party. parts. 

Bbo'ubht, n. a part cut o£ In sect, n. a smalt animal. 

Sec'tary, 71. one of a sect. Intersect', o. to cut mutually. 

Dissect', v. to cnt in pieces. Venesec'tion, n. blood-letting. 


Scuifpo, aculp'tuM — to Cabtx. 
i carret of wood or I Bculp'tdbb, n. the art of earring. 

Sf^deo, ses'sutn — to Sit ; to Light or Skttm:. 

Sed'estast, a. rittang ; inactive. 
Sbs'sion, n. tk Hitting, 
Se3>atei', a. settled ; calm. 
SBD'nc&HT, n. that which settles. 
fiKs'iTLoua, a. diligent. 
AasiD'irotJB, a. constant in applica- 

AfiflBsa', e. to set a tax or dut;. 
iKsiD'iora, a. sly; deceitfnl. 

to hold ; to own. 
PBGBrDE', D. to direct or control. 
Rssidb', v. to live in a place. 
Bbs'iduk, n. that which is left, 
SusaiDB', V. to ^ttle down; to sink 

SuBsm'iABY, a. aiding, 
ScB'aiDizE, e. to hire with a aabsidj. 

', e. to take the place of, 

Se'nien, sem'ittis—SEED. 

Sku'vual, a. pertaining to seed, | Sem'inart, n. a place of educaaon. 

Bibsbm'ikate, e. to scatter apart, as seed. 

Se^nex, s^nia — an Old Pkbbom, 
Ssi'inoB, n, one older than another. I Ben'atb, n. a body of senab 
Sb'hilb, a. pertaining to old age. | SEioN'ioit, n. a noblemao. 

Sen'UOf sen'sum — to Pebcbits ; to Peol ; to Thins. 
8&N'TiMi3rT, R, thoiwht ; opinion. 

Semtmem'tal, a. reflective. 
Sbmsb, n. perception ; meaning. 
SsBe'iTAC., a. pleasing the senses. 
Sbn'sitivx, a. eamly affected. 
SEfl'BXBLB, a. intelligent. 
Abbemt', 0. to agree to. 

Disbbn'sion. n. strife ; quan 
Pbbbent'imknt, n. a percei 

Rbsbht', e. to be angry at. 
SoBNT, P. to perceive by the 

S^guor, aecu'tus — to Follow. 

Sb'qttzl, n. that which follovre. 

SB'qnBNCE, n, a following, 

8nB'eB(j0EBT, a. coming ailer. 

CorraBc'uTiTE, a. following in rega- 
lar order. 

Cou'SEquKNT, a. following as an ef- 

OBsa'^Dioue, a. servilely oh 
OB'BBqciBB, ». funeral solera 
Pek'skcijte, t. to pursue wif 
Prob'ecute, e. to follow wit 

to accomplish. 
Pubbok', v. to follow; to cli! 
Snsi, e. to prosecute by la'v. 
SmT, n. a petition ; a set 
SuTTB, n. attendants followii 

S^ro, ser'tum — to Kuir ; to Join, 
Sb'btbb, n. a, Hucceemon of things. 
Sek'mdn, n. a religions discourse. 
hasBS.t', t. to declare ; to afSrm. 

Debebt', s, to forsake. 
DisaGBTA'TiON, n. a treatise. 

2Sq bmitu's hahi>-booe of etyholoqt. 

Ser'po—to CR2EF. 
Sss'nart, «. a cre^ing animaL | Sbb'fbktdke, a. viading ; spiral. 

Ser'vio, servi'tutn — to Sebvk ; to Obby, 
Bbbyb, e. to assist; to ttait on. I SebVixk, a. meanl; aubmumTe. 

Seh'taht, n. one who serves. SKB'viTDDn, n. elftvery. 

Skbf, n, a kind of Blaye. | Dkbebtb', «. to be worthy o£ 

Subskrtk', v. to serre Blightly. 

Ser'vo, aervaftum — to Seep ; to Satb. 
Conbkkvb', e. to preserve entire. 1 Pkkserte', v. to keep ; to aave. 
Con'sekvh, n. a sweetmeat. Rs^brtb', v. tc hold back. 

CokbebVativsi, a. opposing injury. RBa'BBvom, n. a place where an^ 
Obsekve', v. to watch ; to keep. | thing is Etored. 

Seve^rua — Sevbbb. 
Sktbek', a. sharp ; harsh. | Sevbr'ity, t 

. harsbneas ; strictness, 
e, to perwHt in an at. 

H'dus, »td^ert»—A Stab. 

mg'nuni — a Mabk or Bigm. 

BiGH, n. a token ; a mark. 
Sign, s. to mark with one's naipe, 
i^'NAL, 71. & eign to ^ve notice. 
Siq'hai, a. remarkable ; eminent. 
Sio'iiiFY, c. to express ; to mean. 
IitsianiF'icAST, a. unimportant. 
Sia'NALizB, a. to make eminent. 
Sig'natijbe, n. a sign or mark ii 

Biobtfica'tiob, n. meaning. 
Bia'HBT, n. a seal. 
Assion', b. to murk ont 
AsBieN'uENT, n. a making over. 
CoNBiaB', e. tti commit to another's 

Bbsion', e. to purpose ; to plan. 

Des'iohatb, o, to point out. 
Rbsion', e. to give up ; to jdeld. 

[. like ; resembling. 

a comparison. 

'B, c. to make like to. 

a, e. to hide under a false 


Disbii('ii,ab, a. unlike. 
DrssiMULA'TIoK, n. hypocrisy. 
BunL'iTDBK, n. resemblance. 
Fac siu'ilb, n. an exact imitation. 
appeeraoce. Rbsbm'ble, e. to be like. 

SnnrLA'Tioif, n. a counterfeiting. 

St^to~to Stand ; to Stop. 
Assist', b. to help. I Cohsis'teht, a. agreeing together. 

Consist', e. to be composed of, Ibsibt', h. to stand upon; to be no- 

Desist', e. to cease from ; to stop. yielding. 

Exist', e. to have being. I FBaaier', v. to stand to the end. 

Rebist', d. to make opposition. 


iSfntw— the Bosom ; a Bend. 
Si'nus, n. a bay. I iKsoi'irATa, e. to intiodace alorlj 

Smijos'iry, n. a bending in and ont. | and artMly. 
Imukda'tion, n. a Lint. 

St/cttts— a Companion. 

I Boci'ett, n. : 

I Abso'cutk, e. to unite. 

So^-the 8oK. 
So'i.AB, a. belonging to the ann. | Soi-'btice, n. the tropical point. 

Solic'UiM—ViiKAaY ; ARXioufl. 
SoLic'rr, e. to ask with eameBtnesa. ] Solic'itous, a. anxious. 
Solicita'tion, n. entreaty. I Bolic'ituse, n. ansiety. 

Softdua—Soi.m; Firm; Entibb. 
Sol 'id, a. bard ; firm ; not liquid. | fiouD'ipy, ■. to make solid. 
SoLiD'iTr, n. hardness ; finnness. Sol'dbb, e. to nnite by nu 

Conbol'idatb, b. to unit© into a solid ment. 
mass. I Sol'dieb, n. a namor. 

So'lor, aola'ttu— to Chbeb ; to Comfort ; to Soothb. 
CoNBOuc', e. to comfort; to cheer. | Sol'acb, n. a comfort; ease. 
DncoN'eoLATB, a. sad; hopeless. 

So7wa— Alone. 
Sole, a. singia; only. 
Sol'itas;, a. alone ; lonely. 

Bqltl'oqttt, n. a speech to one's self. 

Sofvo, tolu'tum — to LooAB ; to Free ; to Hblt. 

Solve, v. to explain. 

IflBOL'VENT, a. unable to pa; 

Sold'tion, n. explanation. 

Absolve', e. to acquit of a ■ 

Soluble, n. capable of being dia- 

Ab'bolxitb, a. unlimited. 


Sol'vency, n. ability to pay. 
SoL'vEST, a. able to pay all debts. 

Disbolte', n. to melt. 

Bia'BOLUTE, a. loose in mora 

Sol'tbint, n, a fluid which dissolves 

Resolte', b. to detennine. 


Res'olqtb, a. fixed in purpose. 


I Som'nolescv, n. dtowBinMi, 

Sor'beOf sorp'tum — to Sock or Imbibe. 
Abhobb', d. to suck up. [ Absobf'tiob, n. a snckhig n 



Si/nuA— a SouKD. 

SouDD, n. a noise. 
Soho'bods, a. loud Bounding. 
Ooh'somant, 71, a letter. 
Coh'sohabt, a. consistent. 

F, a. discordant. 
, ». to Bend back sound. 
U'Nieoii, n. agreement of Bonnd. 
I Rbb'onamt, a. reBounding. 

Sors, aor'Ha—A Lor ; a Km 

Assokt', e. to separate into claaaes. | Cohbort' 

r, n. a companion ; a wife o. 

to associate. 
RraoRT', e. to turn to. 
Sort, n. a kind ; a spedes. 

^pai^go, epar'sitm — to Scatter. 
Sfabse, a. thinly apreod. I Aspbr'bion, n. calumnj. 

Asperse', e. to bespatter with cal' Disfersb', e. to scatter, 
unmy. I tNTRBspESRSR', e. to scatter betwec 

^ta'tlutn — Space; Rook. 
Space, n. room ; extension. | Spa'oiocs, a, roomy ; extensTe. 

Etpa'tiate, e. to enlarge upon a enbject. 

Spe'cto, epec'tum — to Look ; to See. 

I. look ; appearance. 

%. watebfiil 1 cantious. 
Cokbpic'dous,' a. in full yiew. 
Bespise', t>. to look down upon. 
Des'ficablb, a. base ; mean. 
Ebpe'cial, a. particular. 
Expect', t. to look for. 
Inspect', e. to look into. 
Pkrbpkc'tite, n. a view through ; a 

PERBpicm'n-r, n. clearness. 
Prob'pbctt, n. view within reach of 

the eye. 
Probpbc'tite, a. lookinK forward. 
BETBoepKo'TtTB, a. looking back. 
Respect', n. regard ; honor 

Stispi'ciOH, n. act of snapecting. 

Disrespect', n. want of respect. 
Bbspect'able, a. worthy of regard. 
Respec'tive, a. particular. 
Spb'cial, a. particular ; uncommon. 

Spb'cies, n. a sort or kind. 
Specit'ic, a. naming the particular 

Specip'ic, n. an unfailing agent. 
Spbc'ift, v. to mention particulani. 
SpEc'ncEN, n. a sample. 
Spe'ciods, a. apparently right, 
Spi^'taclk, n. a show; a ^ht. 
Specta'tor, n. a looker on. 
Spbc'ter, n. an apparition. 
Spec'iilate, v. to meditate. 
Suspect', e. to mistrnst. 


\ n, the soul ; the life. 
Spib'itual, a. belonging to the spirit. 
Sprfte, n. a spirit. 
Spir'itcalize, t>. to roGne. 
Sfir'aclb, n. a breathing hole. 
Aspire', e. to aim at something ele- 

Aa'pTRANT, n. one who aspires. 
Abpira'tiom, n. a breathing after, 
r, n. a plot ; treason. 

'ro, gpira'tuTti — to Breathe. 

Conspire', v. to combine for some 

DiBPiR it, v. to discourage. 
Expire', v. to die. 

InspntE', D. to breathe into. 
Inspir'it, v. to animate. 
Perspibs', p. to emit by ttie pores, 
Respiee', c. to breathe. 
Trarbpere', «. to pass out; to be~ 
come known. 


Sp^ro—ta HopB. 
Desfais', n. hopelessness. { I^ob'fer, p. to be sac 

Deb'pekate, a. reckless ; hopeless. PBoapER'nrr, n. sncce 
Dssfbba'do, n. a reckless TiFlaiiL I PBos'PEiioue, a. thriv 

Spi'na — a Thobs; the Spihx or Back Bokb 
Bfotb, n. the back bone. I Spi'tial, a. peitaioin 

Spi'modb, a. Aill of thonu. I bone. 

Spten'dee—U) Bann:. 
Splkh'did, a. shining; show;. [ Splbr'dob, n. Inster; 

BBSPUUf'DBNT, d. very bright. 

^w'HMm— Spoil ; Booty. 
SFon., n. plunder ; pillage. | DsapoiL, v. to rob ; t 

Spon'deo, gpon'aum — to Pbohisb; to Hop 

Sfok'bor, n. one who prombes for 

Spos'bal, a. relating to marriage. 
Spouse, n. a husband or wife. 
Espouse', v. to take to 

Cokbebfond', e. to si 
Despond', d. to lose c 
Debfohd'ent, a. not 

Response', n, a reply. 

Rgspok'sible, a. answerable. 
Cohstkliul'tioh, n 

Ster'ilia — Babhen. 

Stxb'ile, a. barren ; unfrnitfiil. j Btebil'itt, n. baneni 

Ster'no, stra'tum — 1« Strew; IoLatFla 
Stba'tum, n. B. layer, as of earth, I Sdbstea'tum, n. a loi 
Stbat'ifibd, a. composed of layers. Prob'tbate, a. lying 
Stbat'wy, e. to arrange in layers. I Cosbtbbna'tion, n. g 

Sti'go— to Pbick ; to 9puk. 
In'stioate, e. to stir np ; to urge. | Inbtiga'tion, n. a spi) 

StU'lo, atUla'tum — ^to Drop or Trickle Dot 
DiBTiu.', e. to foil drop by drop, | IssTiLL'.v.todropin; 

Stitn'ultt»—& Spdr. 
&nM'uLua, n. something that excites. I Btim'dlant, n. Bome 
Stih'ulath, v. to spur; to ur»e. I cites. 

Stim ULATITE, a. ezdting. 



SUn'ffuo, attn&fum— to Kark; to Thsdst. 
DisTis'amsH, e. to mark difference ; ] Extinct', a, put ont ; destrojed. ■ 

to make eminent, Indiatinct', a. not plain; confaeed. 

Distinct', a. Beparate ; clear. I Eetin'ouibh, e. to queucb ; to destroy. 

Sti'no, stina'tutn— to Fde; to Set. 
Des'tihb, e. to fix unalterably. I Ob'btinatii, a. Btubbom. 

Destisa'tiok, n. a paipoee or end. | Pbedes'tinb, «. to foredoom, 

SHrpa, stir'pis—A Root, or Sthoc 
Extib'fate, «. to take out the roots ; | Eetirfa'tioii, n. t«tal destruction, 
to deetroj ntt«iiy. I 

Sto, gta'tum — to Stakb ; to Place ; to Set Up. 

Statu, n. rank ; condition. 
Sta'tion, n. a standing place. 

Bta'tionart, a. standing still. 
Stat'ure, n. the height of a person. 
SfAT'OE, 71. a standing image. 
Sta'blb. a. able to stand. 

Ab'kibtice, n. a short truce. 

Arrest', v. to stop ; to seize. 

Cir'odmstahce, n. a fact or ev^t at- 
tending something else. 

Circuustan'tial. a. det^ling all the 

Coh'stant, a. unvaried. 

Coh'stabIiE, n. a police officer. 

CoHsrsr', e, to be composed of. 

CoN'sTrTUTE, s. to set or build to- 

CoNSTiTo'TtOK, n. a building togeth- 
er ; the fandamental laws of a na- 
tion or society. 

ConTRAST', t>. to set in oppo^tion. 

Desist', v. to stand off; to stop. 

Dbb'titctk, a. bdng in want. 


Destitc'tios, n. utter want. 
Dih'tant, a. not near. 
Bis'tange, n. space between two ob- 
Estab'lish, n. to settle firmly. 
Exist', b. to be. 
Ex'tant, a. now in being. 
Insist', «. to stand upon. 
In'btabcb, n. urgency; example. 
In'stant, a. pressing; urgent. 
In'sTAHT, n. a moment. 
iNBTAnTA'BEQUB, a. done in an jd- 

In'stitutb, e. to establish. 
Ih'terstice, n. a space between. 
Ob'stacle, n. something standing in 

the way. 
Persist', v. to jjereeTere. 
Resist', b. to withstand. 
Pros'titdte, c. to devote to a baso 

Restitit'tion, n. a placing back. 
Sub'stamce, n. being ; body. 
Substas'tial, a. real ; solid. 
a. lalse religion. 

Strin'ffo, strtc'tum — to BmD ; to Draw Tight. 
Striot, a. exact ; severe. I Restbain', v. to draw or hold back. 

AsTUiN'oEKT, a. drawing together. RKSTBiiNT', n, hinderance of the will 
Constrain', v. to bind or oblige. Restbict', c. to limit. 

CoNBTBAiNi', n. compuluon. | Restric'tion, n. limitation. 

Distrain', d. to lay hold on. Stbain, d. to extend vxtii force. 

Stu'deo — to Btudt. 
Stu'dent, n. a person studying. I Stud't, e. to apply the miBd. 

^u'diodb, a. devoted to study. | Stu'dio, n. the workshop of an artist 


Stru'o, struiftum — to Bviij> ; to Place or C 

STBuc'TimE, n. A building. I Ih'stsumekt, n. a U 

Cobstbuct', b. to build ; to fonn. Obstbuct', c to bloi 

Cok'btbub, e. to interpret Destrot', b. to put ; 

Inbtbuct', v. to teach ; to inforni. I Dbstbuc'tioh, ft. ws 

Stu'peo — to Bb Dotj. or S 
Std'fis, a. dull ; senaeleBB. | SropEFAC'TroM, n. d 

Std'peft, t. to make stupid. I Btupbn'doub, a. to ) 

Stta'deo, aua'sum — to Adtibb. 
Pbbsiiadei', v. to advise etrongly. I PEBeuA'iivE, a. liav 
Disbcase', c. to advise against. | persuade. 

Sua'vls — Sweet; Pleasant. 
SuAT'rrr, n, sweetness; softness. | StJAv'iPY, o. to rendi 

Su'dOf suda'tutn — to Sweat. 

Excde', «. to sweat out. | StmoKiF'tc, a, caumi 

Su'go, ewftum — to Suck or Draw In. 

SM'ii-of Ohh'b Self. 
Su'iciDE, n. self-mnrder. | Stnci'DAL, a. self-dea 

Sum'ma — the Ohikf Pabt ; the Whole. 
CoHSinc'lCATE, a. complete; finished- [ Sum'mabt, re. an abr 
Sou, n. the wbole ; the amount 1 Sum'iiiarx, a. short ; 

Suii'jnT, n. the Utmost height. 

Su'tno, sumj/tum — to Take ; to Spend or Cc 

Assume', v. to take upon one's seUl 
AsBtrup'TioN, n. the act of taking 

npon one's self. 
CoNsciLi!', B. to use ; to waste. 
Cossukp'tion, n. a using or waating. 

PBBatiHB', t>. to take 
Pbebomp'tuodb, a. t 
REsnuB', e. to begin 
Subp'tdary, a. relat 
StJHP'Tcotrs, a. costl 

Stt'pcr— Above ; Over; Hioh. 
Biipe'bior, a. higher in place or 

Supbe'iuITIVB, «. highest in degrt 
Scpbeme', a. hiffhest ; gteatest. 
Suprem'act, n. Highest power. 
Superb', a. grand ; ma^ificent. 

Instt'ferable, a. tha 



292 smith's hasd-booe of ktymoloot. 

Sur'no, Burre^tum — ^Io'Eibk. 

SouBCE, n. origin ; first cause. | Inbubbko'tion, i 

SnBos, n. a riemg mass of water, RESintBEG'TioTi, 

Isauii'GEBT, », a rebel. I SimoE'ijaBB, 

Tatter'na — a Shed or Shop ; an Dm. 
TABBKHAci>E,».atemponi7dweUJ]ig. | Tav'erii, n. a driiUdDg place. 

Tab'vla — a Boabo ; a Qauho Table. 
Ta'ble, n. a board for haKiing dish- I Tab'ulab, a. in the fonn of a table. 
es, etc. I Tab'lbt, n. a little tahJe. 

Ta'cBO, tac'itum—to be Silekt. 
Tac'it, a. rilent ; implied. | Tac'itubb, n. babitoally mlent. 

Tan'go, tat^tum — ^to Touch. 

TAN'eBHT, n. a line touching a curve. 
Tab'giblk, a. that may be touched. 
Ihtact', a. untouched, 
Con'taot, n. touch ; close nnioiL 
Conta'oioh, n. commnnicaticm of dis- 
ease by touch. 

CoHTio'irouB, a. toncbing. 
CoNTroo'iTt, «. contact. 
CoNmr'aBNT, a. accidental, 
Entibb', a. whole ; unbroken. 
In'teoeb, n. a whole number. 
Ik'tbobal, a. whole. 
IsTBa'siTY, n. honest; ; purity. 

Tor'rfwa— Blow. 
Rktabd', r. to stay or keep back. | Tab'dt, a. alow ; not swift. 

Te^gOf tetftum — to Cotkb. 
Ihteci'tihbkt, n. a coTering. 
TBa'uuBirr, n. a natural coverine. 

Detbo%oii, n. diacoreiy. 

T^n'no, temp'tum — to Bcobit. 

Contkmh', e. to despise ; to Bcom. ] Cohtkhpt', n. scorn ; disregard. 

!Vetn'pero~to Teufbb; to Rbodiatk. 
Teu'^er, n. dispontion. I Tbh'febatb, a. moderate. 

Tev'feb, t>. to moderate. Tkm'fekahent, n, constitntion. 

Tbm'ferahcK, n. moderation. Teu'pebatitbb, n. state as r^ards 

iNTEM'PBBASteB, n. excess. 1 heat or cold. 

DrsTEH'pxB, n. disease. 

J^m'piMf tem'poris—TntR; Ocgasioh. 
Tem'pobal, a. relating to dme. 
Tbu'pobabt, a. lasting only a time. 

Extehpoha'keodb, a. uttered without previous atudj. 


Ten'do, ten'sum, 

Tekd, h. to move towards ; to wateh. 
TBss'BBCr, n. directioa towardi. 
Attgnii', 0. to listen ; to reg&id. 
A.tten'tioi4, n. regard ; care, 
Cohtend', p. to smve. 
Contbn'tioh, n. strife. 
Distsnd', «. to expand. 
Extend', «. to spread; to enlarge. 
Extent', n. size ; compasB. 
Extkn'siys, a. large ; wide spread. 
Ihtkhd', o. to mean ; to design. 
iNTBN'TToir, n. desigti. 
Intent', a. eager in pnrsning. 
Intense', a. strained ; ardent. 
Ibtkb'bitx, n. ardor ; violence. 

ten'tum — ^to Stbxtcb; to Oo Towauds. 

Owizs'nsi.'^ a, seeming ; plansible. 
Ostknta'tion, n. vain sliow. 
Pobtend', «. to foresliow. 
Pobtkn'toos, a. foretokening iU. 
Pobtent', n. an omen of ill. 
Pbetend', e. to feign. 
pBBTBNaB', n. a Mgning. 
Pretbn'bion, »,a claim. 
Bcbtbhd', 0. to extend Trader. 
BnPKBrarran)', «. to hare the direc- 
tion of. 
Tes'dos, n. a unew. 
Tbnsb, a. stretched to stiffiiesg. 
Ten'hion, n. tightness. 
TxBT, fl. a portable dwelling. 

Te'neo, ten'tum — ^to Hold ; to Kkep. 

Asstatn', v. to keep from. 
Ajb'btinbncb, n. the act of keeping 

Abste'uious, a. temperate ; sober. 
Aj-pebtain', ». to belong to. 
Contain', o. to bold; to comprise. 
Costent', a. satisfied. 
COHTia'uE, e. to remain ; to last. 
Contin'ual, a. uninterrupted. 
Continu'ity, n. unbroke:i connection. 
Coui!l'TENAlICB,n. featares; look. 
Detain', b. to keep back, 
Beten'tion, n. a detaining. 
Entsetajm', e. to receive into one's 

Majbtais', v. to support; to pendst 

Obtaih', o. to gain ; to get 

Pkbtain', a. to belong to. 
Per'tibknt, a. to the purpose. 
Impeb'tinent, a. not pertinent; ill 

Pebtina'cioub, a. obstinate. 
Pektujac'ity, n. obstinacy. 
Retain', p. W keep ; to hold. 
RKTEN'TrvB, a. haying the power to 

Sustain', t. to liold up ; to support. 
SuB'TBafANCB, n, support. 
Teh'aht, n. an occupier. 
TSN'oan., n. the clasper of a vine, 
Trna'cioos, o. holding fast. 
TfiiN'xifBNT, n. a dwelling. 
Ten'bt, n. an opinion; a principle, 
Ten'obb, n. a holding. 
Ten'os, n. continued course; meaning. 

Ten'fo, tenta'htm—to Tut. 
a trial ; an effort { Tbhpt, c. to solicit to an evil act 

Tkh'tative, a. trying. 

Ten'ui*— Thin ; Fine. 
thin ; amall. I Atten'uatx, v. to make thin. 

Jiinness. | Extbh'uatb, e. to lessen ; to palliate. 

TCro, tri'tum — to Wkab b 
Trite, a, worn out by use. I Con'tritb, a. braised in spirit, 

Attm'tion, n. a wearing away by Dkt'bdient, n. loss ; damage. 
nibbing. I Detiu'tits, n. matter worn off^ 

Trtt'ubatk, p. to grind to a powder. 


ZVr'fnfniM— an Exb; a Ldot or Boufdabi. 
Tbbh, n. an end or limit. I Dbtbb'htnb, e. to fix ; to decide. 

Tkb'ionatb, v. to pnt an end to. I Eztob'iicnate, p. to destroj utterly. 
Inteb'utoablb, a. having no end. 

Ter'ra — the Eartb: or QvavsD. 

biTER', c. to bary in the earth. 
Disintbr', t. to nnbpry. 
Ter'bace, fl. a platfbnn of earth, 
TsBKEs'TaLij,, a. earthly. 
Tes'bitobt, n, a tract of land. 
TBBBA'quEovB, a. composed of land 
and water. 

Mbditebba'niiak, a. encircled with 

Sdbtkbba'hkak, a. beneath the anr- 

face of the earth. 
Tbr'kibs, n. a dog that hnntB under 


ater'reo— to Hake Anum ; to PRiaHrmr. 
Dbtxb', e. to stop b; f^r. I Tbb'btblb, a. fri^htfiit. 

Tbb^s, n. extreme fear. i Ter'sift, e. to frighten. 

Tebbip'io, a. ceasing fear. 

Testis— e. WmrBaa. 

Attest', e. to bear witness. 
Coktebt', b. to dJapnte ; to Btmggle. 
Dbtebt', b. to abhor. 
Bbtesta'tioa, n. abhorrence. 
Tebta'tok, n, one who makes a will. 
Teb'tambmt, n. 

IsTEs'iATS, a. not haTing made a 

Pbotbbt', e. to declare against. 
Pbot'bstant, n. one viho protests. 
Tbstimo'nial, n. a certificate. 
Teb'tift, h. to bear witness. 

Teb'tqioht, n. evidence. 

Teafo, teaftutn — to Weave ; to Knit. 

Context', a. knit or woren together. I Pre'tbit, n. pretence. 
Cob'text, n. the connected passHges. | Text, n. a pBEsage of Scripton, 
Tbx^ube, n. the thing woven. 

Tiin'eo — to Fear. 

Tm'iD, a. fearM. 

Tin'go, Utuftum — to Dip or Steep; to Dye; to Btadt. 
TniOE, e. to color slightly. I Tdjc'tdbe, n. a steeping or dyeing. 

TiHT, n. a slight coloring. "— ' - '- "- -■ - — 

Taint, n. a stain or blemish. 
Taiht, e. to cornipt; to infect 

Attaint', f>. to fix a stain upon. 
Attadt'deb, n. a putting a stain 

Tol'ero, totera'Utm — to Beab Wfth or BnrrEB. 
Tol'ebate, 0. to bear with that which I &itoi.'ewabi.e, a. that can not be 

IB not approved. borne. 

Tolera'tion, n. allowance of that Lttol'ebant, a. that can not toler- 

which is not approved. | ate. 


TU'vlus — a TiTLB ; an Idgcbiftioii. 

•- 1 -mm, I.. » uoiuc , a clum of right. I Tit'ulab, a. relating to a title. 
Birri'TLB, «. to give a claim to. | Uhtt'tlbd, a. having no title. 

Tor'peo—to Bb Numb or Tobpid. 
Tob'pid, a. inactive; numbed. I Tor'pitddb, n. sluggiBbness. 

Tob'pob, n, uombnees. I Tobpe'iw, b. an electric fiah, 

Tbr'reo—bo Pabch ; to Roabt ; to Boil. 

I Toa'aBPT, e. to dry by a fire. 
IT, n. a rapid stream. 

Tor'queo, tor'tum — to Twist ; to Wbithb. 
Coktor'tiok, n, a twisting. 
Distobt', e. to twist out of shape. 
Extoet', v. to wrest tram one, 
Extob'tiok', n. illegal exaction. 
•" e reply. 

To'TAi^ a. whole ; entire ; flill. 
To'tau.t, ad. wholly ; entirely. 


-to Twrm ; to Wbithb. 
Rbtobt*, c. to throw back a charge 

or ailment 
Tob'uknt, n. extreme pain. 
Toet'cbb, n. estreme pain. 
Toet'dodBjO. twisted; winding. 

To'tus—tite Wholb ; All. 

Faitto'tuii, n. a person for all kinds 

of work, 
an overcoat 

Tra'lio, tra<ftum — to Dbaw ; to Tabs. 

Abstract', v. to draw from. 

Pob'tbait, n. a likeness. 

Ab'stbact, a. existing in the mind 

Protbact' e. to draw ont or lenrrfli'- 


en in time. 

Abstbac'tiob, n. absence of mind. 

Rbtbact', 0. to draw back. 

Attbact', b. to draw to; to allure. 

Bubtbaot', b. to take a part fit>n^ the 

Attrao'tivb, a. having power to at- 



Tback, n. a mark left. 

Costbact', p. to draw together. 

Track, n. a footprint; a path. 

Detract', o. to take from. 

Tract, n. a region ■ a treatise. 

DiSTBACT', -B. to draw apart 

Tbact'ablb, a. docile. 

Tkact'ilb, a. ductile. 

Tbail, e. to draw alon^ the ground. 

Extbact', b. to draw out. 

Tbait, n. a feature; a line. 

Pobtbay', «. to draw forth or exhibit. 

Tbbat, h, to nae ; to discuss. 

Tbbat't, n. s. contract or league. 

IVe'JMO— to Shake; to Tekmblh. 

Tbbu'ble:, e. to quake; to qniver. 1 Tbehen'imub, o. to be trembled at 

Tbb'kob, n. a trembling. 1 or feared. 

Tbbh'ulous, a. sh 

akiug; qtuvering. 

TVej/MtM— AorTATRD ; Tbbublihg. 
Ibtbbf'id, a. not trembling ; fearless. | TRBriDA'Tioir, n. fear ; tremor. 


Tres, trt'a — Thbkb, 

Treb'i^, a. threefold. 
TKir'LE, a. threefold. 
Tki'ad, n. the Bnion of three. 
Tbi'asqle, n. a figure with three an- 

Tbi'dne, n. three u 

Tbi'fod, n. a three legged stool. 
Tst'DKST, 71. an instmmeDt haTing 

three proDgs. 
Trin'ity, n. a union of three in one. 
Tbit'tal, a. unimportant. 
Tbibbct', e. to divide into three parts, 
Tbi'o, n. three united. 

Trib'uo, tribu'twn — to Qitb ; b 
tax pud to a ( 


Trib'tttb, ft. a tax pwd to a con- I Cobtwb'dtb, f . to give with othera. 

queror. Dibtbib'ute, o, to deal oat. 

Trib'dtaby, a. paying tribute. Dibtkibo'tiok, n. a giving to BeveraL 

ATOBia'cTii, p. to aecribe. | Reteib'utitb, a. repaying. 

Rbtribu'tion, n. a paying back. 

Trl'bu« — a Tbibb. 

Tribe, n. a dbtinct body of people, | Trib'unb, n. a Roman officer. 

Tribd'nal, n. a court of justice. 

NoTB.—TalBTJB, originally a third part of the Roman people, afterwardB a tribe; 

Treb, ibree. Tribune, an ofBcer chosen by the common people to protect them 

fmm tho oppression of the noblce. 

Tru'do, tru'gum — to Tkbitht ; to Push. 

Abstruse', a. difficult to be under- 

Detbudb', t). to thrust down. 
Iktkctde', v. to thrust in. 
lixTBCHOB, n. the act of thrusting 

Ihtbu'biok, n. the act of intruding. 
Obteudb', It. to thrust on. 
Obtbu'bion, n, act of obtruding. 
Obtrtt'hivb, a. hold ; comJDg nnin- 

Ihtbu'sitb, a. entering without right, 
thrust forward. 

TWher — a Swblliko. 

I Protu'bbraiicb, n. a swelling out. 
I Tu'beboub, a. having tubes. 
Note.— TcBBR, a thickened portion of a enbterraneitn item or branch, having cjea 
or budB, aa a potato. 

Tu'eor, tui'tua—Us Watch; to Goard. 
inBtruction. | Intu'itive, a. having the power to 


Intoi'tion, ». immediate percept! 

of truth. 
Tn'TBi.ASE, n. guardianship. 

discover things untaught. 
Tu'telae, a. protecting. 
I Td'tor, n. a teacher ; a guardUiL 


Tu'mn, a. swollen ; pompous. 
Tt'mob, ft. swelling. 
Tu'mui.t, n. a commotion. 
TnJiDLT'nABT, a. disorderly. 
Cos'tcuelt, n. haughty behavior. 

u'tneo— to Swell. 

Con'tcmaot, n. contempt of anthor- 

Cohtoma'cious, o. Btnbbom. 
Tomb, n. a grave \ a burial place. 
Ehtomb', t, to put m a tomb. 



Tun'do, tu'Bum—to Bkat ; to Bbuibb. 
CoirTTj'Bioir, n. a bnuee. | Obtuse', a. dolled or binnted. 

Tur^ba — a dtovs ; Cohfcbiok. 
Distubb', V, to disquiet. I Trottb*lb, n. perplexity. 

Distusb'Isce, n. couAimon. I Tuk'sid, a. muddj ; not clear. 

Pebtubba'tion, n. agitation of mind. I Tdb'bclbht, a. fall of confiaaioiL 
Tub'bui.encb, n. Tiolence. 

Tur'geo — to Swsll ; to be Imflatbd. 
Tub'gid, a. bloated; swollen, [ Tuk'uknt, a. swelling; tumid. 

ITftcr— Feuitfdi. ; Plkmtifui.. 
Exn'BEBAHT, a. very plentifal. | TJ'bertt, n. fniitfiilnesa. 

VZte'rior — Fubthbb. Ul'timus — Fcethebt or Labt, 
TJijTB'bior, a. fiirtlier. I 0t.'tihatelt, ad. in the end- 

TJii'tiuatb, a. furthest ; final ; last. | ULTntA'Ttrai, n. a final proposition. 

Vtn'bra — a Shadow or Shade. 
tJu'sBAOE, n. snspidon of injury; I UuBitBii'T^ n. a ebade or screen car- 

ofience, ried in the hands. 

UuBBA'aEOuB, a. shady. I 

XTn'da~H Wave. 

Us'D{n.AT£, V. to move like waves. 
TJit'DULATnia, a. rising and foiling. 

Uu'ditlatokt, a. moving like waves, 
A.BOUKD', e. to be in great plenty. 
ABun^Airr, a. plentiful. 

Abub'danob, n. more tlian enough. 
Iktn'datb, e. to flow upon. 
Ibunda'tion, n, a flood. 
RsDotrND', p. to be sent back, as a 

REDOit'DAST, a. lull to OTerflowing. 

Un'guo, unc'tum — to Asourr. 
Unc'tion, n. an anointing. I Dn'oubnt, n. ointment. 

XJuc'tcocb, a. oily; greasy. 1 Odjt'mest, n, a salve. 

Vnua — One; Auiira. 

TT'iriT, n. a single thing. 

U'unr, n. oneness. 

Umite', v. to make one; to join. 

DuuNiTEi', e. to separate. 

Reuhtts', v. to unite again. 

UHAKiv'rFT, 71. agreement in opinion. 

U'wtPOBM, a, even ; regular. 
U'hioh, n. concord ; agreement. 
TJinQrE', a. the only one of its kind. 
U'STSON, n. concord of sounds. 
U'bivbbsb, n. the whole system of 

Ukati'ikoitb, a. of one mind. I tTNiTBB'BAt., a. pertaining to all. 

NoTB. — Umion, the npper, Inner comer of a Bag, the rest bdne called the j^. Tha 
laUoB o{ the U. S. Bag 1b a bine field wilh white etars, representing ihe confederation 
of the Slates, one for each Slate, and the fiv la composed of thirteen alteraUe white 
■nd red stripes, representing the original thirteen atotes. 


Urbf, wr'ftfo— a Cm, 

U&'bak, a. peTtsiuing to » cilj. I Urbas'itt, n. politeness. 

Ubbaks', a. dvil ; polite ; refined. I Sub'ubbs, n. tue out put of a city. 

Wtar, u'»u»~to Ubr. 

Ubb, v. to employ. 
ITbk'ful, a. serviceabla 
U'bual, a. customary. 
TJ'baok, n. established custom. 
Abiibk', o. to use improperly. 

^KDVKDm . v, lu ue 

DiBVBSf e. to ci 

MieuBs', e. to treat ill. 
Util'itt, n. usefnlness, 
InuTiL'rrY, n. uselessnees. 

tr'BTJBT, n. illegaJ interest. 
Ubcrp', v. to seize without right. 
UxEH'mi, n. that which is used. 

Va'co, vaca'tum — to Bb Empty ; to Be at Leibubb. 
Va'camt, a. eiDj>ty, I VAc'tniM, n. an empty e^ace. 

Vaca'tioh, n. being at leisure ; reCeBS. | Bvac'datb, e. to make empty. 

Va'd4t, va'sum — to Qo. 
Evade', «. to go from or shun. I Invade', t. to enter, as an enemy. 

Eta'biok, n. an artifice io elude. . | Ltva'sioit, n. a hostile entrance. 
Pkrtade', v. to pass through. 

Vafgu» — WAMDEBiNa. 
Va'gbant, n. an idle wanderer. I Vag'abond, n. a worthless person. 

Va'qrast, a. wandering ; unsettled. ExTBAv'AOAirr, a. wastefOI ; ezce» 
Vaoub, a, indefinite ; uncertain. Mve. 

Vasa'by, ft. a whim ; a o^jrice. I Bitbat'agabcb, ». eacesa. 

Va'leo — to Be "Weu. or Stbomo ; 

Atajl', s. to take advantage of; to 

be of use to. 
Ik'valid, n. a uck person. 
Inval'id, a. of DO force. 
Inval'idatb, t. to make weak or null. 
CoKVALKa'cBBT, a. recovering health 

and strength. 
Equtv'ALBNT, a. equal in value. 
Prevail', e. to overcome; to have 

Pbbv'albht, a. widely esisting. 

Pbev'alekcb, n. general existence. 
Vai.edic'tion, n. a farewell. 
Vai.'iant, a. brave; strong. 
Val'id, a. of fall force; good in 

Valio'itt, n. Eoundnessj strength. 
Val'oh, n. bravery. 
Val'uk, n, worth ; price. 
Ihval'tjablb, a. precious above esti- 


Vaik, a. empty ; wortblcBS. 
Vad'ity, n. petty or empty pride. 

Fa'nw«— Vain; Empty. 

Van'ish, c. to disappear. 

Evakeb'cknt, a. fleeting. 

Va'riue — Chakseabia; Divebse; Biftebent. 
Ta'bt, v. to make difierent. I VA'HiEaATB!, b. to divei^fy. 

Va'biahob, n. disagreement. 

I Yari'bty, a. change; divenity. 


Vafptyr — Steam; FmiB. 
Va'fOB, n. fiime, steam; mist; fi:^. | Etap'obatk, e. to paaa snaj id Tapo* 

Fa«'ftu— Tebt Labob; Debebt. 
Tabt, a. veiy large ; great I Dkvasta'tiok, n. waste ; bavoc. 

Dbtab'tatb, c. to lay waste, I Wabtb, n. a desolate conntrjr. 

V^ho, vetftuni—io Cabht ; to Bsab. 
Contet', e. to carry. | Imtkioh', e. to carry or bring cba^ea 

Coktet'aiicb, n. tbat which conveys. agaiostl 
Iittbo'tivk, n. angry abuse. I Vk'hbmkiicbi, n. ardoi- ; Tiotenco. 

Vk'hiclb, n. a carriage. 

FeWo, vufgum — to Pull ; to PtncK. 
Co>miUB',^veTi0lent motion to. [ RBvm.'sioir, n. a drawing back. 

F«'to— to CovBB ; to Cohobai. 
Ysn-, 9. to hide : to corer. 1 Esna^'op, e. to wrap up. 

Teh., n. a cnitain. Retbal', v. to draw back tlie rdl ; to 

Dbyel'op, v. to onfbld ; to unclose. make known. 

Devel'ofusikt, ». an nnfolding. | Rbtela'tiok, n. diacoTery, 

Ven'do — to Sell. 
Tend, v. to sell. I Vendue', n. an aQCtion. 

Vehs'bk, n. one who sells. I Vb'hal, a. that may be bought or sold. 

Ven^nuTtt — Poison; Yssoii. 
Tbh'om, n. pcdson. | Ven'omoub, a. poisonous. 

EMVKa'oM, e. to poison. 

V^nio, ven'tum — to Cdhb ; to Go. 

As'teht, n. a coming. 
Adtekt'urb, n. a b^ard or risk. 
Adtekti'tious, a. accidental. 
At'emub, n. a passage. 
CiBcnKTENT'. o. to come round. 
CosTBATEKE, p. to hinder, 
Costenb', e. to assemble. 
CoNrEH'TiON, n. a coming together. 
Costb'uibkt, a. fit ; suitable. 
Cohten'tioiial, a, costomaiy. 
Cot'enaht, n. a mutual Bgreemeut. 

Etbht', n. that which happens. 
Etbbt'dal, a. happeniag as a reemlt. 
Etbnt', ad. m the event. 
Etent'uate, v. to terroinate. 
iKTEaTEBK', V. to come between. 
Intuut', 0. to deviBo. 
Pbbtknt', e. to hinder. 
Rkv'knce, n. the income of a state. 
Vbn'tcbe, ». to run a hazard; to 

Ven'tueodb, a. daring ; bold. 

Ver'bwm — a Wokd. 
Yebb, n. a part of roeecb. I Ybbbobb', a, fiill of words. 

Ybb'bal, a. nttered by the month. Pbot'ebb, n. a maxim. 
Ybb'biaob, n. an uonecesaary profu- Ad'tbbb, n. a part of speech, 
non of words. ' Yebba'toi, ad. word for word. 


Ven'tua—Qie Wnro, 

Tbkt, n. an Mr hole. 
VKH'TinncT, n. a passage for air. 

Ve'reor—lo Feab; to Btabd ni Awb Op. 

Beivxbxit'tial, a. azpressing rever- 

Rktibe', e. to respect greatlj, 

Ret'kkekce, ». great reject; 
BET'KaBND, a. worthy ol reverence. I 

Ver'go—U> Tubs or Tbuto Towabdb. 

I Cokvsrob', e. to tend to one point. 
I Ditebo'eht, a. going apart 

Ver'^is — a Wobu. 
Vke'mis, n, noxious animal. I Ybbuio'ihab, o. reeembliog a worm. 

VEB'MiPDas, n. a medicine to destroy Vbbibcei.'ia, n. a paslfi in the form 

Ver'to, ver'sum — to Tukn. 

Adteht', «. to turn to. 
Inadvbr'tbncb, 71. heedleesness, 
Ad'veiwe, a. opposed ; hostile. 
AD'vERBirr, n. misfortune. 

r, n. an enemy. 
Advertise', h. to publish a notice. 

Atbrt', e. to turn away. 
Atek'sioh, n. dislike. 
Controvert', b. to dispute. 
Cos 'tbo VERS Y, n. disputation. 
CoirvEBT', o. to change ftom one con- 
dition to another. 
Codvbrsb', v. to discourse with. 
Con'vbrsb, n, an opposite proposi- 

Divert', e. to turn off; to amuse. 
DrvEB'sioN, n. amusement. 
Di'vBRS, a. several ; more than one. 
Di'VEKSB, a. varied ; unlike. 
Diver'sitt, It. variety ; difference. 
Diver'sity, b. to vary. 
Ibtekt', v. to turn upside down. 

Pervert', d. to turn t« a wrong use. 
Perverse', a. obstjnately wrong, 
Pbrveh'bioh, n. a wrong use. 
Bktket', r. to turn back. 
Revere', e. to torn the fk>i)t part 

Reygb'siok, n. a turning or fiilling 

Sijbvbbt', t. to overthrow. 
Sdbver'sive, o. tending to orer- 

Tranbvebbe', a. lying across. 
Trav'brsb, v. to pssB over. 
Ver'satile, o. easily turning to a 

new task. 
Versb, n. a line of poetry. 
Ver'sipt, i>. to make verso.' 
Ver'sioh, n. a translation, 
Vbr'tbbra, n. a joint of the spina. 
Veb'tei, 71. the top. 
Veb'tical, a. overhead. 
Veb'tigo, n. giddiness. 
Vob'tei, «. a whirlpool 

Ve^rus — True. 
Tbr'ttt, n. truth. I Ver'diot, n. the report of a jury, 

Vebac'ity, n. haUtoal obs^-vance of Vbe'ify, p. to prove true. 

truth. VER'n-T, ad. in truth. 

Vera'ciocs, a. obBcrvant of truth. | Ver'itable, a. true; genuine. 
'Aver', v. to declare positively. 


VesH'ffiutn — & Pootbtkp ; a Tsack or Tbacbl 
Yks'tiobi, n. a tTftck ; a trace. { brvKB'TioATK, e. to seaich into. 

Fes'H«— a Oasusnt ; Ci.oT&iira. 
Ikvbst', o. to clothe in. I Divbbt', b, to strip ; to deprive. 

Vbht, n. an ont«r garment. Vbb'tky, n. a room in a church fcr 

Veb'turb, n. a garment ; a robe. | the sacred gaimenta, etc 

Vtftus, weCerte— Old. 
Vbt'kram, n. an old soldier. I 1ijvet'kba.tb, a. fixed by long con- 

De'viatb, 0. to turn aside 
Dk'viotib, a. wandering. 
En'voy, n, a pnblic messenger. 
Pek'tioub, a. penetrable. 
Ihfbb'tious, a. not admitting a pas- 
sage through. 

a Wat, 

Ob'viatb, e. to n 
Ob'vious, a. plain to be seen. 
Pre'vioub, a. antecedent 
Vi'asuct, n. a stmcture supporting 
a passage wa;. 

Vi'cis—e. Chahoe ; m Btead. 
Vic'ar, n. a subetitate. I Vicb'rot, n. a king's deputy goT- 

Vi'deo, vi'aum — to Ssat. 

Vib'ioh, n. sight. 
Ytb'ibi.b, a. that can be Been. 
Vis'ioNAsr, a. not real. 
Vis'rr, p. t« go to see. 
Yis'uAi,, a. pertaining to Bight. 
Vi'bob, n. a mask. 
Vis'ta, n. a view ; a prospect. 
Yis'aoe, n. tbe countenance. 
Vmw, n. a Beeing ur sight. 
ET'm£ST, a. plain ; apparent. 
lMnfl'iBT.B, a. not fo be seen. 
Pbo'Vidb', e. to see to beforebaud. 
Subtbt', 0. 

Vi'duo — to Dbpbitb Of ; to Part. 
Atoid', v. to keep clear from. I Ditidb', t. to separate. 

I>btoid', p. destitnte of. { Dit'idbbd, n. a share. 

YoiD, a. empty. I Inditid'oai, n. a single peison. 

Pkot'ident, a. providing for. 

Prov'ebdkr, ». food for cattle. 
Pbot'idenck, n, forethought. 
Pkovib'iok, n. victuals ; food. 
Pboti'so, n. something that provides 

Pbu'dkht, a. cautious; wise. 
Pok'yby, v. to provide. 
Pubvbt'ob, n. a provider. 
Revise', n. to examine again. 
RuvibV, n. a critical examination. 
SuPBETieK', V. ta overlook, 
riew carefully. 

Vro'oB, 71. strength ; energy, 
Tio'oBOUB, a. full of strength. 


Vfg'Uo-T-ia Watch ; to Kkef Awakb, 
Tia'iL, n. a watering. | Via'iLAirr, a. watehfaL 

Vi'lis — of LrrTLE Worth; Cheap; Vilb. 
ViLB, a. base ; mean ; wicked. I ViL'in, e. to defame ; to abuse. 

Tile'lt, ad. besely ; meanly. | Ri!Tn.B', s. to xUiiJ again and again. 

Vin'co, vitftum — to Conqudb ; to Ovehcomb. 

Cosvince', e. to Batisiy by evidence. 
Oontict', 0. to prove guilty, 
Con'tict, n. one t'onnd gnilt;. 
Conviction, n. the state of being 

convicted or convinced ; belief. 
Evince', c. to show clearly. 

lNyDi'ciBi.E, a. nnconqaerable. 
Province, n, a subject countiy; 

division of a conntTy. 
Tanqdibh, e. to conquer. 
ViCTOH, n. a conqueror, 

Vic'tih, n. a living being Bacriflced. 

Vin'dex, vin'dici» — a Defioidbb or AvKNaBH. 

Vra'DiCATB, B. to defend ; to justify. I Revenob', «. to return an injnry. 

Vindic'tivb, a, reveneeftil. I AvEMaE', v. to puxkish for an injury. 

Vxh'oeancsi, n. recompense of enl. 

Vi'nu m — Wine. 

Tine, n. the plant vrhich produces I Viu'egar, n. sour wine. 

grapes. Vin'tage, n, the crop of grapes. 

Vinous, a. having the qualities of Vine'tahd, n. a plantation of grape 

Fir— a Mas. 
Ti'aiLB, a. masculine. | Viba'go, n. a turbulent wcMuau. 


Tra'cLENCB, ». malignity. | VrE'DLKHT, a. fail of poison. 

WUum — a Vice ; a Faolt. 
Vice, n. a firalt ; a blemish. | Vi'cions, a. wicked ; sinfuL 

Vi'tiate, e. to deprave ; to q)oil. 

Vi'to — to Bhth : to Escape. 
lHET'iTABi.E,a.thatcannotbeaToided. | Ikev'itabi.t. ad. certainly. 

Fifrunt — Glass. 
Vit'heous, a. resembling glass. | Vit'rift, p. to change into glaaik 

Vi'vo, vt^ftutn— to LrvE. 

Conviv'iAi, a. gay; jovial. I Vict'caib, n. food; proviuouL 

Rbvivb', d. to live a^in. Vi'iai., a. necessary to life. 

Subtite', e. to outlive. VrvAc'iTT, n, iiveliness. 

Vi'AND, 71, an article of food. | ViVid, a. active ; bngbt 

Vrv'DT, e. to animate. 



Vo'co, roca'twm— to Cau,. 

Ad'vocatz, n. a pleader. Ibtoeb', e. to implore. 

Atoca'tion, n. a calling or emploj- Retokb', t, to call bact. 

ment. Ibkbv'ocablb, a. not to be 'recalled. 

Cowvoca'tioh, w. anassemblj. Pkotokb', e. to irritatfi. 

Convoke', o. to call together, Pbotoca'tioe, n. a cause of anger. 

EquiT'ocAi,, a. donbtful. VocAB'ut.AaY, n. a list of words. 

Equiv'ocatk, o. to nee donbtfnl ei- Vo'cal, a, relating to the »oice. 

presaioDB. Vocif'kkate, c. to cry oat loudly. 

Etokb', o, to call forth, Voca'tioh, n. a business. 

Istoca'tioh, (t, a solemn address or Voice, n. sound from the month. 

prayer. Vorca, o. to attest ; to afflrm. 

Vow'Eii, R. a simple Bound. 

Volo, vola'tum — to Fly. 

1. a flight of shot 

To'lo, voH'tum — to Wnx ; to Wrea. 
Bekkt'olencb, n. good wilL | Vol'eutabt, a. actiiig from choice. 

Ualet'olence, n. ill will. Volunteer', n. a Toluntary soldier. 

Voli'tiom, n. the power of willing. 1 Iktol'ustary, a. not willing. 

VOLOr'Ttro0B, a, fiill of pleasure. I Volup'tuaby, n, one given up to 
I pleasure. 
VoVvo, volu'tum— to Soll. 

CntcrifTOLu'Tioir, n. a rolling round. 
Dkvoltb', b, to deliver over. 
Evolve', e. to unroll ; to unfbld. 
EvoLifTiON, n, act of unfolding: 
Ihtoitb', ». to envelop. 

Rbtolt', e. to throw off subjection: 
Revolvk', v. to roll in a circle. 
Bktolu'tion, n, as entire changa. 
VoL'nBLB, a. rolling ; fluent. 
Vol'ukb, n. a roll ; a book. 

VOLr'MOIOCa, a. great aiie ; bulky. 
Vo'ro, vora'tum — to Eat Qbebdily. 
Devour', v. to eat up greedily. I CAKmv'onotis, m. eating flesh, 

VoRAc'iTT, n. greediness of appetite. Osojit'obotts, a. eating all things 
Voila'cious, a. eating very greedily, I Obbiv'obous, a. eating bonee. 
ftsciv'OHODS, a. eating flsh. 

Vo'tutn — a Vow ; a Wish. 
Atow', v. to declare openly. I Vo'taky, », one who has vowed. 

Devote', o. to set apart. Vote, n. a wish expressed. 

Dbvo'tion, n. piety; aflection. Vo'ttvb, a. given by vow. 

Dbvodt', a. earnest; uncero. I Vow, n. a solemn promise. 

Vulca'ntu — the God op Fibb. 
Volca'no, n. a burning mountain. | Volca'nic, a. relating to a volcano. 

VuPgus — the Cohhom People. 
DrvDLOB', V. to make public | VuLGAK'irr, n. coarseneas ; meannesa. 

VnL'aAK, a. common ; unrefined, Vci.'oate. n. an ancient Latin version 

Vul'oabibm, n. a vnlgar expresMon. I of the Bible. 



Aca^tftnia, (anBiiifiia,) — a Gbovb heab Athehb, wkerb Plato Taught 

Acad'bmt, n. a place of nutruction. | Acadeu'ic, a, relating to an academy. 

Akfme, (dic^,)— the SmmiT. 
Ao'uE, n. the top ; the highest point. 

Acou'o, (duoiMj,)— to Heab. 
Acoustic, o. relating to hearing. | Acous'tics, it. the science of soonde. 

Atfron, {atpov^ — Sciout; EiTBniinT, 
lit of a city ; I Aobob'tio, n 

A'tfr, (tIi^/>,)— the Aib. 

A'go, (uyu,) — to LSAD. 
Dbm'aoogdb, n. a &ctioiis or 3edt- 1 Fbd'adooub, ». a schoolmaster. 
tiotui leader. I SYn'AGOGCS, n. a Jewish cfaorch. 

A'goitf (iyiM,}—a Combat ; a CoNTBaT, 


Al'gos, (aXyof,) — Pahj. 
CKPH'AiiALOT, ji. the headache. | Ohi>ohtai.'oia, n. the toothache. 

AUe'lonf (aTlr/luv,) — Ohb Ahothbb ; Each Other. 
PAB'Aij.EL,a.eqi]i(UstaDtBtallpo)nts. | Uiifab'au.xlbd, a. tineqaaled. 

AFlos, (ciUof.) — AnoTHBB, 
Ai.'leoobt, n. a flgnratiTe narration. | Allegob'ical, a. not literal. 

AVpha, (ii?^ii,)^the Fnter Lxttbb di thb Oseek Aij>habet. 

£T, n. tbe letters of a Ian- I ALpHAssT'inAii, a. in the order <tf 
I the alphabet. 


Ang'^oaf (ayyii^s,') — a, UEflBERQEB ; a BUBGiot or Tmcias. 
An'bel, ft. a spiritual messenger. | EIyas'oelist, n. a preacher of the 
Abchas'obl, n. a chief angel. gospel. 

Evxs'oBL, n. good tidings ; the gos- Etakqel'tcai., a. contained in the 
pel of Christ, I gospel. 

Etut'oklur, v. t« te«^ the gospel to. 

An'thoa, (ilwAir,)— a FtowKn. 
ABTHOL'oaT, ». a discourae on Sav- 1 Poi-tab'tbdb, n. a plant with manj 
en. I flonera. 

Hkliak'thus, n. the sun-flower. 

Anthro'pos, (it^puvo{,)-~a Has; a Hdmab BBraa. 
Hn'AHTHROPE, n. one who hates the | Philas'thkopibt, n. one who loves 

hnman race. manldnd. 

Uiaur'THsoPT, n. hatred of the hn- PniLAir'THaoi^, n. love of the hn- 

Ar'che, (iSf^ii,)— the Beoixbiso ; Qovkbxicsst. 

As'abch, n. an author of confusion. 
Aw'akcht, n. want of govemoient. 
Akch, a. chief ; principal; shrewd. 
Abcbbish'op, n. the chief bishop. 
Abchdukb', n. a chief prince. 

Ab'chitect, n. one skilled in the art 
of bnilding. 

Ab'chtveb, n, records. 
Mob'abgii, n. a sovereign ; a king. 
Pa'triarch, n. the head of a family. 

As'cHBTTFE, Ti. the original. 
AnftOB, (itpcToc)— a Bbab ; the Noktk. 
Aso'tio, a. nortlnra. | Aktabc'tio, a. sonthem. 

Non.— UteraUy relating- to the coDstallatlon of the Bear. 

Ar'ffoa, (apybt,) — SLtJOQiSH; Ekactivb. 
LBTH'ABaT, n. morbid sieepiness. | Lethar'oic, a. dull ; sluggish. 

Aris'tOSf (dpwrof,) — Noblest; B1.B8T. 
Abi8TOo'ract, n. the government of I Abis'tocbat, n. one who &Tor3 an 
the noblea, | aristocTacj-. 

Arith'tnoa, (iptSpoc,) — a Number. 

Aro'ma, (d^/«i,)— any Sbabosqio ; Spice; Sweet Hbbb. 
Abo'ha, n. B pleasant odor. j Abouat'ic, a. spicy ; ftagrant 

Abokat'ics, n. fragrant apices. j Abo'uatize, p. to scent with spicto. 

Afnme, ioT/iof,) — Vapob; Anu 



At'kosfubbb, n. the air, etc., above I Atkosfhbb'ic, a. rdating to tibe at 
ua. I 


Ath'loa, (^Adc,) — a Combat. 
Ath'lete, k. a wreatler. j Athlbt'ic, a. itroag of body. 

Aa'troUf (doTTKw,) — a Btab, 
As'tbbisk, n. a mark, like a star. I Aetron'omy, n. tfac sdence of the 
As'tbal, a. star-like. stars. 

Astbol'ooy, n. the science of Ibretell- Disas'teb, n. a bad or eril Btar ; ini»- 
ing by the Btara. I fortune. 

Au'tos, (JfiAor,)— a Pipb. 

Authen'feo, (uuffn^eu,) — to Hatb AoTHORrrr. 
AuTUitN'Tic, a. genuine; true. | ADTHEnnc'irr, n. genuineness. 

Au'tog, (uKTOf,)— One'b Self. 
Ar'Tociu.T, n. a sole niler. I Autou'atoh, n. a self-moving ma- 

Ad'tookafh, n. one's bandnriting. | cbine. 

Ar'TOPsr, n. ocular evidence. 

BaX'eamnm, (^aTma/nm.} — a Fbaobaht Besdi; an OnmfBnT. 
Balk, n. a fragrant ointment. { Bal'sam, n. a soothing ointment. 

Bapfto, (^oirru,)— toDip; to WASH. 
Baptize', v. to Imroerse. I Bap'tibu, n. a Cbrifltian sMrameiii. 

flta'aia, {(?ami,)— the Bask or FoDKDATioiir. 
Base, n. the bottom. | Babe, a. mean ; Ti)e. 

Debase', e. to d^rade ; to lower. 

BlA'loa, tSi^;tor.)— a Book. 
Bi'bls, n. the Holy- Scriptures. | Bib'ucai., a.'pertuning to tbeffiblo. 

Bi'os, (^io(,) — Life. 
Auphib'ious, a. living in two ele- I Bioo'bafht, n. on account of one's 

Stap'tO, (OTonru,)— to INJUBE. 

BLAfiFHEMs', e. to speak impiously. | Blas'phzui, n. impiety of speedt. 

Bo'leo, {8a7.^a,)--to Bboot ; to Throw. 
Em'blkm, n. a pictut«. I Pab'abi.e, n. a amilitude, 

Embi,ei(at'ic, a. using emblems. Prob'lbu, n. a question proposed. 

Htpsb'bolb, n. an exaggeration. I Probleuat'icai., a. uncertain. 
Blu'^Oh, n. sign; an emblem. 


BoVane, (fittrav^,) — an Hkrb ; a PtAJ 
Bot'aitt, n. the Bcience of plants. [ Botah'icai., a. n 

BrAn'cho&f OJpwjof,)— the Wnn>-Pn 
Bbok'chiai., a. belonguig to the I Bbonchi'tis, n. i 
wind-pipe. ! wind-pipe. 

Can'on, (Kavuv,) — a RuLB. 
Cab'oit, n. a rale ; a law. | Cait'okize, v. to • 

Gtr'dia, (aipiia,) — the Hbabt. 
Car'dug, o. relating to the heart I Pzbicab'diuh, n. 
Cabdial'gu, n. the heartburn. | ing the hearL 

Catu'f fctu, (icovoTuor,) — Buknibg. 
Cacb'tic, a. burning; corroding. | Cau'tebt, n. a b 

Cen'frutn, (jiwrp™,) — the Cbntbb. 
Ces'ikb^ n. the exact middle. I Cokobii'tbic, a. 

Ckn'trai., a. relatjng to the center. center. 

EccKNTKic'iTY, n, irregularity. | Conckf'tratb, e, 

Ecokh'tbio, a. irregular. 

Ceph'ale, (M#«aij,) — the Hbad. 
Cephai.'io, a. pert^ing to the head. I Btpbocbpb'alijs 
! head. 

Cha'oa, (laor,) — Conpusion. 
Cha'os, n. a conAued maae. | Chaot^ic, a. confi 

Charatfter, (xapaimip,') — Di»iBcnTB 1 
Gbar'actbb, n. repnt^on ; quality. I Ceakactebis'tic 
Ceabactbris'tio, a. indicating char- I tnark. 
act«r. I Chab'actbbizb, t 

Chafrig, (japv,) — Qrace ; Jot. 
Csab'itt, n. good affection; alms. | Chab'ita2LE,'<i. 1 
Bd'ohabibt, «. the Lord's Supper. 
Hots.— BircBABtBT, litenllj the act of giving Ihaoks. 

ChiTttt^ra, (xifuupa,) — a Fabulods Mox 
Chuce'ba, n. an absuid notion. | Chtiisb'icai., a. i 

Cheir, {x"p) — the Hand. 
CsiBOo'BAFaT, n. handwriting. | CamTTB'-QEOM, t 



Chp'le, (joAi;,>T-BlLB ; AhOEB. 

Chol'bba, n. a disease. I Cbol'ebic, a. irasdble. 

Ohol'eb, n. anger; rage. I Coii'ic, n. a pain in the bovrela. 

Mel'ahcholt, n. eadneaa ; gloom. 

ChoT'da, (xopiv,)—^ Qira ; a Sthihq. 
Chobi>, n. the striDg of a muacal in- ] CkiBc, n. a small rope. 
BtmmenL I Cord xoe, n. a quantity of cords. 

Acookd', 0. to coireepond in Bound. 

Chria'toa, (Xpunof.) — the "AmonrrEa)." 
Chbut, n. the Messiah. I Chbmt'mab, ti. the fertiTal of ChiiBt'a 

Chbibt'bs, t. to baptize and name. nativity. 

- Ohbis'tian, n, a disciple of Christ. I CHiitaTiAii'rrT,n. thereupon ofChriat 

Cliri/maf (xpS/pa.) — Color. 
Chboiut'ic, a. reliving to colors. | Aohboiut'ic, a. deeidtute of color. 

Chron'oa, (jpovof,)— Tmn. 

I Chroroii'oot, n. the science of time. 
. I Chbonou'stek, n. a tune piece. 

Ahach'sosibh, n. an error in datea. 

Chy'tnos, Oc/^.) — a Jcica ; a Liftimi. 

Gemt'mT, a. one who is versed in I Chuu'ibtrt, n. the sdence of tiie nar 

cbemistij. I tare and properties of bodies. 

Chsdc'icai., a. concerning chemistiy. 

Cle'roa, (jtXijpor,) — a Lor ; a Portiom, 
Clrb'ot, n. the bodj of divinea. I Cles'ical, a. relating to a writer. 

Clbs'icIl, a. relating to the clergy, i Ci.£Bk, n. a eecretaiy or bookkeeper. 

Ck/ntoa, («u^«r,) — a Jovial MxETiHa. 
Com'edf, n. an amnsiug dramatic I Cou'ic, a. rusing mirth, 
piece. I Esco'iuint, n. pruse. 

Coa'moa, («w/iof.) — Order; OnKAUEHT; the Wokld. 
Cobmbt'ic, a, beautifying. I Cob'mtcal, a. relating to the world. 

OoBiorr'iD, n. a wash to beantify the CoBuop'oLiTE,n. a citizen of the world, 
skin. I Ui'cBOCOSH, n. a little world. 

Cri'tes, (Kpin/r,) — a Judoh. 

Cbtt'ic, n. a judge in literature or 

Cbitb'bion, n. something to judge 

Cri'sib, n. the deciding point. 
Crit'icibk, e. to judge ; to censnre. 

Htfbbcbit'icai., a, critical beyond 

Htpocrtt'icai., «. like a hypocrite. 
HTp'ocBira, ». one who ftlaely as. 

sumes the appearance of virtue or 




Cra'tiiuttif (iqiaviov,) — tiie Skuu, 
CKA'muif, n. the aknll. I PxBiCBA'mDV, 

Crystal'luB, {tpuaraXiit,) — ConaBALED like Iob 

Cbts'tai.. n. a hard tranepareDt sob- I Cbts'taujhe, a 

stance. I CB2B'TAijjzE,e. 

Cy'dua, (am}^,) — a C1BC1.E, 
Ct'clb, ». a circle or period of time. I Ehoiclopb^ia, 
Ct'cmud, n. a carve. encea. ' 

CtCLO^'D^ n. the drcleof Bcieocea. I Ehctc'ucai., a. 

Cylin'drua, (KvTuvipof,)—^ HoiajXI 
CtIi'ikdeb, ». a roller. [ Cylim'dbical, a 

Cy'on, (in>uv,) — a Doo. 
Cto'ic, n. a sarly petw>n ; a enarler. I Cm'iCAi., a. lik< 
Cttj'ic, a. anarting; satirical. 1 Ctu'osukb, n. tl 

s Bajlliing that aCti 

Dtfca, (diJia,)— Ten. 

Dsc'ade, n. tbe ntimber ten. | Dec'aqos, n. a fi; 

Dec'alooob, n. the ten command- Dkc'imal, a, nm 

menta. I Dec'imatb, v. to 

Bkcem'bes, n. the twuUtb mouth. 

Note. — Among the ancicDt 
qnently September wonld be 
December the Imlh month. 

Dtftnos, (itiuoc,) — the Pkoplk. 
Dbmoc'eact, n. a popular govern- | Dem'oorat, n. 01 

ment. I racy. 

£t(DBii'tc, a. peculiar to a place. I Efiseii'io, n. a ] 

De^o'tes, (ieanorrK,) — a Uasteb or L 
Dbb'pot, n. a tyrant ; an abeolttte I Dbs'potish, n. n 
rnler. | 

IHdtu'cO, (iiiaaxu,) — to TbaCH. 

Didac'tio, a. instractive. | Didac'ticb, n, tl 

IHs, (dtf,)— Two, 
DiLEu'uA, li, a difficult or donbtfiil I Diph'thoro, 71. t 
choice. I els in one soni 

Dibsev'er, v. to part in two. 


310 sMire'B eamd-book of btymologt. 

Ihta/a, (Mo.)— an Opiniok ; Globt. 
Het'kbodoz, a. holding eironeooa j DDxoL'ooT,n. words of gloiy toGod. 
opinions. I Par'aimx, n. something apparently 

Ob'tbodox, a. correct in opinion, I absurd but actaally true. 

Dra'nMif {ipa/ia,) — an Action ; a Plat. 
Dsa'ma, n. a poem written for the I Dbamat'ic, a. relating to plays, 
stage. I Dbak'atibt, n. a writer ol plays. 

I>yn'ami8, (iwaiu{,) — ^Powbb; Fobce. 
Dthau'icb, n. ae science of forces. | Dymam'io, a. pertaining to power. 
Dt'fastt, n. power or government. 

J>t/8, (^,) — DiFFICULTr; Padi. 

Dts'bntebt, n. a diaease. | Drs'pBpar, n. difficulty of digestion. 

Eleiftrum, (v^ltitJ-pov,)— Ahbkr. 
EliBc'TKic, a. of or like amber. I ELECTKic'iTY,n,asiibtilefluidevolTed. 

EiiUg'TBiFT, 0. to make electric. | by friction, first observed in amber. 

E^eo, (aUEu,,/>imt oUof, a Hoobb; aHoTBEHOLD;) — to Dwell, 

Dr'ocESB, n. a biBhojj's jurisdiction. 1 Ecohom'ical, a. fni^l. 
Di'ooEaAN, a. pertaining to a diocese. Pab'ish, n. an ecclesiastical district. 
Econ'omt, n. trngality. I Pabo'chial, a. pert^uing to a pariah. 

Megi'a, (ttej-iio,)— a Mourmful Poem. 
El'bgt, n. a fteieral song. j Elkgi'ac, a. mouminl. 

E'ineo, (i((eu,)— to Vomit. 
Embt'ic, a, canoDg to vomit. | Emet'ic, n. s medicine. 

Eptcu'rus, (ETTiKBvpot,) — a BBSstrAii Philosofhbb. 
Ep'icuBii, n. one given to luxory. | Epicure'an, a. luxarioua. 

Bp'oa, (fTTOf,)— a Wobd; a Spbbch; a Pobm. 
Ef'ic, a. nartaQve; heroic. | Obtbo'bpt, n. correct pronnnciation. 

Er'emos, (ipj/iof ,)— Lonklt ; Alohb. 
Er'emjte, n. one who lives in seclu- I Heh'mit, n. one who lives in seclu- 

Ei^gon, (ipyw,)— ft WOBK. 
Ek'bbgy, n. action or activity with- I Hbt'ali.obgt, n, the art of extract- 
in. I ing metals from their ores. 

Eth'oa, (Mor.)— a Cpstom. 
Ets'icb, n. the science of morals. | Eth'ical, a. relating to morals. 


IXh'not, ii9voc,) — ft Peoplb. 

13 of I Ethnol'ogt, n. % detcription of 
I races. 

Efymon, (kniim,) — tbe True MBxnma or a Wobd. 
Et'tvoit, n. a primitiTe word. 1 Ettmol'oqt, n. tlie derivation of 

I words. 

Eu, (^,)— Wbll. 

I EuLO'onni, r.. pruse. 
o praise. ] Eir'paoDT, n. agreeable 

Ga'lax, (xuXoi,)— Milk. 
Oal'axt, n. the milky waj ; a splendid assemblag 

Qa^meo, (th^uu,)— to Uabby. 
Aieal'oamatb, v. to mix metals. I Bia'AXT, n. the crime c 

PoLia'AMT, n. plurality of wives. I wives at once. 

Oa^ter, (yaari^p,) — the Bblly ; the Btoicach. 
Oab'tbic, a, belonging to the stom- I OASTBOR'oifT, n. tbe ai 

6e, (ji7,)— the Eaeth. 

Geopon'ics, n. agiicnlt 
Ap'ooBB, n. greatest i 

Geoo'bafht, n. a description of the 

earth's sur&ce. 
Qbol'oot, b. the Bcience of the atmc- 

tnre of the earth. 
Geou'etby, 71. tbe science of magni- 

Ge^nea, (xwea,)— Birth ; Obigim. 
Gensal'ooy, n. an account of one's I Gbn'esib, n. origin ; en 
descent. | 

GlOa^sa, {yhjaaa,) — the TOHODK. 

Epiolot'tib, n. a cartilage near the I GLoea'ARY, n. a limited 
root of the tiingne. I PoL'TQLOT,a.luviiigmt 

Gly'pho, (j'iu^,)— to CcBTB ot Engrave. 
Gltph, n. a kind of ornament in I Hi'eroglypk, n. a m; 
Rcniptnre. | tet or Bymbol. 

G</nia, (yavut,) — a Corner ; an Angle. 

Pen'taoon, n. a fignri 

Pol'tgon, n, a figure ol 
Trioohom'stbt, n. the 


J>iAo'oKAi., n. a line fiom angle to 

DBc'Aaos, n. a figure having tei. an- 


Gnt/mon, (ji«j;iuw,)— BoKBTHraa that Makes Known; a FoniTER, 
Gnome, n. an imagioary being. I Phtbioo'komt, n. coiuit«iiB9ce. 

Qko'uom, n. the hand of a sun-dial. | Fboonos'tic, n. ihaX which foreshowa. 

Graph'o, (ypo^t-,) — to Wmtk. (irarn'ma, (j-po^io,)— a WEinHO. 
AcTOORAPH, 71. one's own btuidwrit- 


a figure \ a drawing. 

Enoratb', c. to mark or scratch in. 
Ep'tqham, Ti. a short, witty poem. 
Uuam'hak, n. the scienceof language. 
Graph'ic, a, well delineated. 
Gbapb'ite, 71. plumbago. 
Lithoo'bapht, ti. the art of drawing 
on and printing from stone. 

Fab'aoraph, n. a distinct part of a 

Stehoo'iuprt, ». short-hand. 

Tel'eqkaph, n. a machine fbr con- 
veying intelligence by Bignals. 

Tel'imibau, w. intelligence by tele- 

TOPOO'SAPHY, n. a description of a 

Trpoo'RATHr, n. the art of printing. 

Gym'noa, (tk^woi,) — Nakbd. 
1 place for athletac j Qtxbab'tic, a. pertaining (o athletifi 

Gj/rus, (TT^wf,)— a Cikcle. 
Qtb&'tioit, n. a whirling round. | G-y'rai., a. whirling, 

Harmo'nia, (6p/iovia.) — Habuoky. 
BAs'HOirr,n.imifflcal concord ,-E^reo- I Habuoh'ic, a. mmdcal. 
ment. I Hab'uonize, «. to caoae to agKt, 

Habmo'sjious, a. nmtdcal ; peaceful. 

He'lloH, (^Jiof,)— the Sun. 
Aphe'liok, n. the ptunt farthest from I Pabhe'lioh, n. a mock sun. 

the son. He'liotbope, n. a plant that tnma 

Pebihb'lioii, n. the point nearest the to the sun. 

He^tna, (nl/ia,)— Blood. 
Heu'obbhaos, n. a flow of blood. | Heoi'obbboids, n. bleeding tamon. 

H^mera, (iwwpn,) — a Day. 
EpHiai'EiBAL, a. lasting but a day. | Ephbk'bbis, n. a kind of almanao. 

Hent'iaus, (^/novr,)— Haij-. 
Hem'isfhese, n. half a globe. | Hbu'icycijb, n. a half circle. 

Hep'ta, (<?irra.)— 0BITB1I. 
Hep'taoor, n. a figure having seven I Hep'tabchy, n, a govenunent by 
angles. 1 seven persons. 

Ser^ettg, (aJpeoij,) — an OPDITOH. 
Hsb'eby, n, fUse doctrine. | Hbb'btic, n. one guilty of hereqr. 


Hetfero8f (irepot,)— Othib; Diffebent; Cohts 
Het'ebodox, a, heretical. | HETKiUKis'iiBoOB, 

Hi'eras, (i»poc,)— Sacred. 
Hi'ebabcht, n. ecclcaiaBtical govern- j Hibbooltfh'ig, n. a e 
ment | or §jmbol. 

Hip^poa, (iuTTOf.) — a Horse. 
HiFPOFoVAiniB, M, the river horBe. | Hip'rooitOMB, n. a cii 

Bi/toa, (Mot,)— the Whole ; All. 
ing to the whole. I Cathol'icisu, ». 
I Catholic charcb 

Som'os, (6/wt,) — United ; Like. 

Bt/rUf (i^,) — an Hottr. 
Ho'raIi, a. relating to an honr. I Horol'oot, n. the : 

Hob'oloooe, n. an instminent that time-pieces, 
marks the hour. Hos'oscofb, n. aapec 

I at the hour of biifl 

Hori'xo, (ipifu,)— to BorHD; to Fix a Limit 

HoRi'zoK, n. the line, bonnding the I Horizok'tai., a. para 

view. I zon, 

Af h'obibm, n. a maxim ; a precept. I Aph'orist, n. a vritei 

Hy'dar, {iSup,) — Watee. 

Ht'dboobn, 71. a gns ^ 
with oxygen prodoi 

Ht^»ra, n. a water gnake. 
Ht'srakt, n, a pipe for dischaif^ing 

Htdbao'lics, n. the science of the 
notion and force of fluidB. 

Htdrocefh'alus, n. water in the 

HTDBoeTATics, n. the 

weight and eqailibt 

I>BOp'e;, n. a disease. 

Clktbi'dba, n. a wate 

Id^a, (ISca,) — a Mental Ihaqe. 
Ide'a, n. an imc^ of the mind. I Ide'alize, s. to form i 

. Ide'al, a. pertaining to an image of Idol'atrt, n. the won 
the mind; imaginary. I I'dolize, e. to lore to 


oil surru's hand-booe of ettvologt. 

Jd'tos, (tdioc.)— tPbivatb ; Peoolub. 
Id'iov, n, a pecniiarit; of speech, I Id'iot, n. & fooL 
Id'ioct, n. want of uuderstaodiDg. | Idiouat'icai., a. containing an idiom. 
iDtoeiK'cKABT, n. peculiHJr temperament 

Iro'nia, (elpuvcia,) — Ibokt. 
I'SOHY, n. a mode of speech in which I Iron'icai., a. derisire ; mocking; ' 
theme&Dingiscoatrary tothewords. | Irok'ic, a. derisive. 

Z,a'o8f (Xoor,)— the People. 
Li'iTT, n. the people as disdnguiahed | Lat'uah, n. one who is not h cletgy- 

Xjepfra, (anrpa,)— Lepbost. 

Jje'the, (aiyftj,)— FoBGETFUUisaB ; Oblivioh. 
Lxthe'ak, a. inducing foi^tfalnesa. I Lkth'abgx, n, morbid Bleepiness. 
Ibthab'gic, a, Bleepy by disease 

lA'thoa, (iiflof,)— a Stonb. 
A'ebolitg, n. a meteoric atone. I LiTHoa'BAPHT, n. drawing on and 

LiTH'AJtoE, n. the scum of lead. | printing from stone. 

Chutb'olitb, n. a precious stone. 

Ijo'goa, (ao)'Of,)— Speech, Accocmt, or Description. 

Doxol'ogt, n. words of glory to God. 
EuLo'oiDu, n. praise. 
Eu'looize, v. Uj commend. 
Ef'ilogde, n. the speech at the end 

of a play. 
Loo'io, n. the art of reasoning. 
Pbo'loque, n. a preface to a play. 
Byij'iiOoiSK, n, a form of reasoning. 

Anal'ogt, n. agreement tbrongliout. 
ApOL'oav, n. a warding off by words. 
Cat'alooub, n. a Ibt. 
Chbohol'oot, n. the science of dates. 
Cokchol'oot, n. the science of shells. 
Di'aloqub, n. a conTcrsation. 
Dec'aloode, n. tbe ten command- 

Jjj/'sig, (Aioif,)— a LoostSQ or Dibsoltdto. 
AdaIi'ysib, n. an entire sepamtion of I Pal'bt, a. a privation of motion. 

a body into its elemental parts. Parai,'tsib, n. palsy. 

Ax'ALtzE, e. to make an analysis. I Paralit'ic.r. one afiected with palsy. 
Pab'altze, 0. to affect as with palsy. 

Ma'nia, (/«ii'ia,) ^Madness ; lireAJSirr. 
Ua'hiac, n. an insane person. ] Ha'kia, n. madness. 

Mar^tyr, (japrvp^ — a Witnem; a Mabttb, 
Mae'ttb, n. one pnt to death for ad- 1 Mar'ttbdoh, n. the death of a mar 
hetence to a cause. | tyr. 


Mat^tna, (lu^pa^ — LEASKme ; Bcieiice. 
Mathbmat'ios, n. the science of qoan-j Mathbhat'icai, a. relating to matb- 
tit;. I emalicB. 

Meehan'ao, ^jtmvw,) — ia Coktbitb ; to Ikvbht. 
Machine', n. a coDtrivance. I UBCH'Amsn, n. tbe construction of a 

Machina'tion, n. a contriTing. machine. 

Uechan'icb,)!. the science of macUnes. I 

Mti, mePUa, (^Ai.) — Hokzt. 
Ueluf'sbocb, a. yielding hone;. I Ox'tvbl, n, a miztnre 
Meixif'lueoit, a. sweetl; flowing | and bone;. 

Md'os, (juio^,) — a Bono or Poxm. 
KELo'DiDua, a. agreeable to the ear. I Mel'odraxe, n. a drama 
Hbl'ody, n. sweetness of aound. | songs. 

Metal'lnm, QuraX}.ov,) — a Metal. 
Mkt'ai,, n, a hattl fossil subatance. i MBTAi.i.iF'EHOus,a.proda' 
Met'alloid, n. a substance rcsera- Met'allttbqt, n. the art 
bling metal. I metals. 

Meteo'ra, (^rreupa,)— Flthio LnoNOUB Bodieb ih the 
Me'tbob, n. a shooting star. I METEOROi-'oaT, ». the sdt 

Metbob'ic, a. bright and transient. | teors. 

M^ter, (pv^p.) me^troa—A Mothes. 
SteTROp'oLia, n. the largest or chief I Mbtrofol'ttan, o. o^ or 
cit; of an; cooutr;. ! to, a metropoUa. 

Metrum, (/lerp™,)— a Mbasubs. 

Hb'teb, n. a measurer. 

Hb'ter, n. measure oa applied to 

Babom'eteb, n. an iustniDient to 
measure the weight of the atmos- 

MET'nicAL, a. pertaining i 
Chboicom'eter, n. a time 
Diau'eter, n. measure th 
Oabou'eteb, n. a gas mea 
Thesuou'eter, n. a beat 
Sym'mbtbt, n. due proport 

Slic'roSf (jiupoi,) — Little ; 


yiewing the smallest ol^ 

u the little world, I Mi'cboscopb, n. an inati 

Mon'oa, (jtovocd — Oira ; Alone. 
Mon'ad, n. on atom. I Monk, n. one living in a n 

Mok'arch, Ji. a solo ruler. Monop'olizk, o, to engross 

Mon'asteby, n. a convent. Mohot'ohy, r. sameness o 

Uonab'tic, a. pertaining to monk& | Monot'onous, a. wanting 


Jtfi'goa, (/lUTOf,) — Hatsbd; Ehmitt. 
Hihaii'tbboft,r. hatred of mankind. | MiB'AnTHBOFa,n.Bhaterof mankincL 

MoT^phe, (jicpipti,) — FOBH; Shape. 
AMOB'pnouB, a. without form. | HBTA.^[OB'rHoaB, e. to change the 

JUu'aa, (jauoa,) — a Bona or Pobh. 
' Auuse', p. to divert. I Mu'sic, n. haimonj; melody. 

MrBB, 0. to meditate deeply. I HtrsB'cv.n.acolleotioaof cnriodtieB. 

Myites, (iWCTTiK,)— HiDDKM ; Secbkt. 
Kxb'tebt, n. Bomething secret | Hys'tic, n. obecoie ; eeciet. 

Utbtb'bioub, a. fiill of mystery. 

MiftlMS, Oufloc,)— a WoBD ; a Fablb. 

I HirTHOL'oaT, ti. a system of fkbles, 
I reapectiiig heathen deities. 

Kar'ce, (yapai^ — NcHBirBss; Stcpob, 
Naucis'sgs, n. the daffodil. | Nakco'sib, n. atupe&ction. 

Naboot'ic, a. soporific; caunng sleep. 

Net^tar, (pktop,) — the Dbihb op the Gom ; Homr. 

Nbc'tak, n. the fogned drink of the I Nec'tahy, n, the place where the 
gods. 1 honey is secreted m a flower. 

JTe'08, (teof,)— New. 
Nbol'ogt, ». now sdeoce or philoao- 1 Nb'ophttk, n. a new convert; a aov- 
phy. I ice. 

Jfeu'ron, (iirtpm,)— a Kbbtb ; a Brasw. 

f sensation. I Nbubal'ou, n. a diseased state of 

lfo'tno&, {yo/mc^) — * Law ; a Kboulation. 
Amom'ai-t, n. deviation from rate. I EcoNOM'icii, a. using economy. 
Econ'oxs, n. good management. j Econ'ouize, t>. to practise economy. 

<yde, (6iv,}—m Odb ; a Htmh. 

Odb, n. a short poem or song. -Bbap'sodt, n. b rambling composi. 

Mbl'ody, «. sweetness of sound. tion. 

Com'edt, n. an amusing drama. Rhap'bodist, n. one who writes rhap- 

Pal'ikodb, n. a recMitation, sodies. 

pABODY, n. a humorous imitation. Fbaui'odz, n, tbe ain^ng of sacred 

Pkob'ody, n. the laws of verification. soe^ 



O'dM, (Mar,)— a Road or Wat. 
Ex'oDUH, n. a departnre. | Ep'isodb, n. on incidental namtlra 

Meth'os, n. a maimer ; a way. j Pe'siod, n. a drcnit. 

Stn'ad, n. a churcb assembly. 

NoTB.— EzoDtrs, (l(odo(, agoii]goDt,)piutlcDlarl;, tbe deputD ' ' ' 
from Egj^t. 
Btnod, mim gmi.logetlur, and Ubc, a uay; and ^gnifies a Jounieyini 

one BDOlber. 

On'oma, (Awym,) — a Nake. 
Akon'tmotts, a, without naoie. I Syn'oimi, n. a wi 

Hbton'omt, n. a cbauge of names. meanmg with ani 

Patrohym'io, ». a name derived ftwm Sykonymocs, a. coi 
a father. I idea. 

Opfto, (oTTTu.)— to Bbb ; to Look. 
Op'tiob, n. the science of seeing. i Stkop'sis, n. a view 
Op'ticai., a, peitainiiig to dght. Stbop'tical, a. afl 

Opti'ciak, n. one skilled in optics. view. 

Ao'tofst, n. ocular eridenoe. { Thakatof'sis, n. a 

Ora'nta, (ipiiiai-) — a Sight ; a Bpsotacli 
Dioba'ha, n. an optical macliine. | Paitoka'ica, n. a co 

Ot^teon, (iuTtmi^ — a Bohb. 

Oxfya, (o|itp) — Sharp; Sottb; Acn>. 
Oxal'ic, a. pert^ning to sorrel. | Ox'idk, n. a snbf 

Ox'tgem, n. the gas which generates with oxygen. 

acids. PAB'osrsM, n. temp 

Os'-miZB, o. to combine with oxygen. | a disease. 

Pa'paa, (nana^.) — a Pathbr. 
Pa'paci, «. the office of the pope. I Pope, n. the head 
Pa'paIj, a. pertaining to the pope. | Catholic Church, 
y Popb'dok, m. papal jnrifldiction. 

Pas, (jTor,) or, Pan — All ; the Whole. 

Pakacb'a, n. a nniversal medicine. 
PANEoyB'io, n. a eulogy. 
Pas'oplt, n, complete armor, 
Pah'theibu, n. the doctrine that the 
universe is Qo<L 

all the gods. 
Pan'tohdie, n. an 
' kindsof action, eb 


Pen'te, (it^wtc.) — Five. 
rEN'TAOOH, fl, a fignie having five I Pen'tatecch, n. t 
angle*. I Moses. 


b'b hand-book of etymology. 

Pa'ter, (Tonip,) — & Fatheb. 

CoMpa'tkiot, n. a fellow coiiDtryiuaii. 
Expa'trlatb, t. to baouh from one's 

Par'ricidb, n. the marder of a parent. 
PaTSe'sai, a. fatherly. 
pATiu'ciAir, n. a nobleman. 

Pa'tburch, n. the &tber and rnler 

of a family. 
Pat'bimony, ». an inherited estate. 
Pa'tmot, n. a lover of his country. 
Pa'troh, n. a supporter. 
Pat'bokizb, e. to support 

Pa'thoa, (iroflof,) — Teeltsq; Apfkctios; Disease. 
Autip'athy, n. aversion. | Pa'thob, n. passion ; narmtli. 

Ap'athy, n. wont of feeling. Patbbt'ic, a. 

Apathet'ic, a. without feeling. I Pathol'ogy, n. 

Bim'patoy, n. fellow feeling. 

Fep'tOf (jrfnru,) — to Bon. ; to CoNCOCT. 
Dtspkp'bt, n. bad digestion. 1 Edtsp'st, n. good digestion. 

Debpep'tic, a. having bod digestion. | Eup&f'tic, a. uaring good digestion. 

Petf€Uon, (TTEToiov,) — a Pix>web Leaf. 
PET'Aii, n, a flower leaf. | Pbt'algd, a. having petals. 

ApBT'ALoira, a. without petals. 

Peftra, (irerpa,)— a Bock ; a Stone, 
Pb'teb, ». a man's name. ] Petbifao'tioh, n. the processor tun*- 

Petbbs'cknt, a. turning to stone, ing to stone. 

IVr'RiFT, e. to convert into stone. 1 Saltpe'tkr, ti. a mineral salt. 

Pha'no, {i^aivu, a *iu,>— to Enlightkh; to Bat or Teij. 

Phak'tasu, n. D, fancied appearance. 
Phase, n. an appearance. 
Phenom'ehos, n. an appearance. 
Phoph'kcy, n. a foretelling. 
Pboph'et, n. a foreteller. 


T, n. impious language. 

1. stress laid upon a word. 
Emphat'ic, a. forcible. 
Epiph'ant, n, the manifestation. 
Phab'tom, n. an apparition. 

Svi/oPHAirr, n. a low flatterer. 
NOTB.— Efipu'aict, the mauU^tatlan of Christ to the OeotUea. 

Phar'macon, {tapiuKov,)—a Medicine or Dstio. 
Phar'uact, n. Hie art of preparing | PHABUACEc'Ttc, n. relating to phar- 
medicines. I macy. 

Phe'ro, (^pu,) — to Casrt ; to BRima. 
Mst'aphob, n. a short rimilitnde. I Paos'pHOBUS, ». a luminous sub- 

' - ° "— stance. 

I PHOSFHOREa'cENT, o. shining. 

Pho'ne, (^ui^,)— a Souks. 

u'phohy, n. agreeable sound. | Euphoh'ic, a. agreeaUe in Bound. 

Bim'phokt, n. harmony of sounds. 


Phi'lot, (^Oj>t,) — a FRiBKit or Lotbb. 
Philadel'phia, n. brotherly love, I pHiLOL'oawT, n. a student of lan- 
Phii.a2['thropist, It. one wbo loves guoge. 
mankiiid FHiLoe'opBY, n. the stady of genenl 

NoTX. — Philos'oi'ht, Uterally, the love of trlsdoiii. 

Phra'aig, {fparnt,) — a Bivnio ; « SPEBCH. 
Phbabz, tt. a short Benteoce. I Phrabbol'ogy, n. ( 

PEB'iFaBA8E, n. a speaking round. words. 

FAB'APHRABE,n.ainoreclearandani- Pbbiphras'tic, a. expi 
pl«9 eiplonatton. I vords than are oece 

Phren, (fptp'^ — the Hihd. 
Phbbnol'oov, n. the science of the I Pben'zt, n. madness ; 
mind as connected with the brain. | Fban'tic, a. violently 

Phyffis, (^if,)— a BfiiHonia Forth ; Natuki 
Phtb'ics, n. the science of nature. I Fhys'icai^ a. natural; 
Phtsiol'oox, n. the science of ant- METAPHra'ics, ft. the 
mala and plants. I mind. 

Phtbi'ciam, n. a doctor. 

Pto****, (ffAnvi;,)— a WANDEBraa About. 
Puji'et, ft. a wandering star. | Plam'sttaks, a. pertf 

I planets. 

TUu^ao, (ir^acou,)— to MouLs or Shape ; to Shb 

Fiieu'tna, (irvev/ia.)— a Bbbath ; a BLAST. 
Pkeumat'ics, n. the acienco which | Fubuho'nia, n. inflan 

treats of the air. lungs. 

Pmeuiiat'ic, a. pertaining to air, I Phbomok'io, a. reiatin 

Pt/leo, (ffuAeu,)— to Sell. 
UoMOp'oLT, n. exclufiive sale. | Honop'olize, «. to eng 

Fo'ly, (iniAu,)— Maitt. 
Pol'tglot, n. having many Ian- 1 Poltmb'bia, n. a diviw 

gnages. I consistiDg of many : 

Pol'took, n. a figure having many Pol'tpus, n. an insect 

angles. I feet. 

Po'roa, (iropof,)— a Pabsagb or Wat. 
Pobe, n. a small passage in the akin. ) Pokoitb, a. having poi 



FofUs, (iro:i«,)— « Cm; a TowK. 

Metrop'olm, n. the chief city. Polit'icai., a. rel&ting to ^litica. 

Police', n. the ^ovemment ol a dtj. Pol'ict, n. manageiuent of public af- 
PoL'mr, n, the lorm of govemment. fairs. 

Poi-'rnc, a. prudent ; wise. Pol 'tan, o. to smooth ; to brighten. 

Poii'iTics, n. the science of govern- Polite', a. refined ; genteel, 

ment. Impolite', a. rude ; uncivil. 

Fous, pt/dua, (wOTf,)— a Foot, 
Amtip'odes, n. those who stand feet I Tbi'pod, ». a seat with three feet 
to feet I 

Prarftoa, (npatrcv,') — Donh. JPrag'nia, (itpayua,) — a De£d. 

Pkac'ticb, n. habit ; use. I Ihpoac'ticable, a. that cannot ba 
Pb&o 'tic ABLE, a. tliat maj be done. done. 

Praouat'ical, a. meddling. I Pbaz'is, n. a form to teach practice. 

Fro'io%, (irpuTOf,)— FmsT. 
Pbo'tocol, n, a record or registry, I Pko'tottpe, n. a model, 
Prothok'otabt, ». a register. | Pbotoi'td, -a. the first osyd. 

Pealm'a, (^oVa.)— a Sacbbd Sobq, 
Psalm, n, a sacred song. [ Pbal'tbrt, n. a harp. 

Fbal'tbs, ». the book of psolins. | Psalu'ist, n. a writer of pealms, 
PsAiJd'oDY, n. a ^ging of pBolms. 

Pay'che, {i/vxii.) — the Breatb; the SotfL, 
H^TBifPBYCHo'eiB, It. the trausmigra- 1 Psychol 'oay, n. the science of tbe 

Pj/r, (irwp,) JVros— FiBB. 

pYBOLia'nEOUS, a. produced &om smoke. 

Rh^o, Oku,)— to Flow ; to Speak. 
Catarrh', n. a discharge of mucus I Heiu'obbhaobi, n. a flow of blood. 

foun the nose. Rhedh, n. a thin, watery humor. 

Diabbhb'a, n. a flux ; a puling. j Khbu'matish, n. a painAiI disease. 

Sarx, {aapi, mtpKct,} — Flbss. 
Sar'casu, n. a keen reproach, | Sabcas'tio, a. keen ; serere. 

Note. — Sab'cash, literally, a cutting or tearing of the fiesh. 

Scep'tomai, (inceTm/uu,) — to Look Abottt ; to Boiibt. 
Skbp'tic, n. one who doubts. | Seep'tical, a. d 

Bkef'ticib», n. a stat« of doabting. 

. oBseac -Moan akd diuutatii 

Sctfna, (miTiY.)— A« Staqi; a KetSOR 
SOEStt, WL HI ftpiMttTuuic, I ^cz'saxf, n. i 

SchWtna, (oxioiia^ — a Sflhtiko ; a Divuios 
8CQIBU, n. 3, ^Tuion in the choich. | Schuuat'io, 6 

Scho'ta, (axoht) — Leibubs ; a 3ct 
ScHOoi., n. a place of iafltnietioii. I Scbolai'tio, 
ScHOL'Aa, Dt a man of learaiag. [ Bchoolik 

Scao'uABT, 71. a. commentator. 

Seo'peo, (ojnmaij— 4o Watch ; to Obbkbt 
Epia'cOPAi., a. governed by biehopa. I Tmi^'sacoes, i 
Eris'coFATB, n. a bishopric. distant o^e 

ScopK, ». view; design; vptBo. | 

Si'toa, (.'hot,) — Wheat ; Fooi 
Far'asttb, n. one who eanis bb wel- I Pababit'icai^ 
come b; flattery. I or favwa. 

So'phia, (ffo^a^WuDOU. 

FmLoe'oTHT, n. the love of wisdom. I UHBtWHiB'Tici 

Sopb'ibh, n. a fallacious argmnenL with evil ; ] 

Eofh'xbtbt, n. fallacious reasoning. I 

SpaS^ma, (amiii)ia.)—& CONTTHS: 

Sfabu, n. a Tiolent contraction, | Sfabhod'io, a 

Sta'aiS, (araaic^ — a STANDDJa ; a Wl 
Apoa'tabt, n, a departure from one's I Htdrostat'ic 

Steiflo, (imJiiu.)— to Btaro. 
Afos'iLB, n. a messenger. | Efib'tle, n. a 

Sten'oa, (<rrevc(,) — Short. 

Sti'ehos, (oTixorO — a Liss ; a R( 
Acbob'tio, a kind of poem. | Dis'tick, n. a i 

iBttg'ma, (uriTfoi,)— a Mabk of Ini 
^o'ma, n, a blot; a reproach. ] STio'KATiZB,e. 



Stro'phe, (prpo^,) — a TDBinno Boukd. 
Afob'tbophe, n. a figoie of speech. I Catas'tbofhb, n. an nnfortonate ac- 
I cident; a filial event. 

Tatftos, (TOKTog,) — ^Pdt ih Ordeb. 

Syh'tax, ft. the construction of sen- [Tao'tics, n. the art of directing movc- 
tences. | ments. 

Hi'phoa, (ra^,) — a Tomb. 
Cbm'otapb, iL a monument for one I Ep'itaph, n. an inscription upon & 
buried elsewhere. I tomb. 

Tech'ne, (j-t:n>)?,)— Abt; Skill. 
Tech'kic4L, a. belonging to an art. i Polttech'kic, a. embracing many 
Techkol'oot, n. a djicooiee upon arte. 
the arte. Pib'otschnt, n. the art of making 

I fireworks. 

Teuton, (ratruv,) — an AhTiBT; a Bcildbb 
Ab^hitbctubb, n, the acieace of I Ab'chttect, n. a builder, 
building. j 

Thefos, (ffeor.) — God. 
A'theist, n. one who deoies the ex- [ Teeog'racy, n. govemmait directed 
ist«nce of a Qod. I b; God. 

Theol'ooy, n. the sdence of God and divine things. 

Th^Bis, (Semt,) — a FlACma or Puttihg. 
AKATH'nuA, n. an eccledastical cnise. I Stk'thesib, n. a putting together. 
AKTiTH'EaiB, n. opposition of words, Stmthbt'ical, a. relating to syntheriB. 
Ep'ithet, fi. a'descriptive word. Theub, n. a subject. 

Httoth'ebts, n. a supposition | Thb'bis, n. a posidon 

Nora.— Ep'ithbi, something placed upon. HrpoTn'aais, a placing nnder. 

T</mo», (n^iof,)— a CcTTCia. 
Ahat'out, n. the art of dissecting. 1 Eptt'ome, n. as abridgement, 
At'om, n. an indivisible particle, | Tome, n. a volume. 

I40TB.— Anat'oht, tlterally, a cutting up. TouE, a section or port cut ofll 

To'nOB, (roi;of ,)— a STRBTCHrao ; a SOOTID. 

AaroH'iSH, v. to Burprise. I Ihtora'tiok, n. manner of soonding. 

Abtouhd', e. to strike dumb. Tohb, ». vigor ; sound. 

Attuhb', b. to put in tune. Tok'ic, a. giving tone. 

Dbt'onate,!!. to explode. I Tube, n. sound; harmony. 

Top'os, (TDJrof,)— a Place ; a Tract op Coubtet. 
1 subject of disconne. [ Topoo'i 
"Top'iOAL, a. local. | pjace. 

Top'ic, n. a subject of disconne. j Topoo'eatbt, n. « description c 



ZVop'M, (Tpomir,)— a Tdbmihg. 
TSOFB, n. a figure of speech. I Tbof'ic, n. the point at which the bul 

Tbo'fht, n. a moaument of victoi;. appears to turn again towards the 
I equator. 

Ty'put, (mror,) — a Tyfk; a Habk. 

Ttpk, n. ao emblem ; the model or I Ttp'ift, «. to repi 

form of a letter. Ttpoq'hapht, n. i 

Ttp'ical, a. BTmbolical. I Srs'ssoTipa, n, ■ 

Zi/on, (&«•,)- 

Zool'ogy, n. the science of asimals. I Zo'ofhtts, n. a m 

Zo'diao, n. a broad dicle in the of the nature ( 

hearena. I and a T^etable 



YhE ]^>TfON/L pE^\Z^ Of 1^E/DEI^5. 






-National First Reader, . 

■ fSSpp. 




—National Second Reader, 

. aatpp. 





-National Third Reader, . 

, 383 pp. 


1 oo 



—National Fourth Reader, . 

. 6S»tv. 


1 flO 



-National Fifth Reader, . 

. eoopp. 


1 88 



The Independent First Reader, . . sopp.,/emo, 25 

The Independent Second Reader, . /ao pp., /emo, 50 

The Independent Third Reader, . . iiOpp., temo, 75 

The Independent Fourth Reader,. . ssi pp., tsmo, 1 00 

The Independent Fifth Reader, . . ssepp., tsme, 1 35 

Th« Independent Spelling Book, . ffiopp., /emo, 25 




National Elementary Spelter, . . . /eopp., lemo, 25 
National Pronouncing Speller,. . . taa pp., tamo, 50 

•»• The Readers conBtituto two complete and entirely 
distinct oepias, either of which is adequate to every 
want of the lieet achoolB. The Spellers may accompany 
cither Sertae. 


J^ational Series of Standard SehoolSookt. 


Tbe salient ftatnies of tline wocfce vblch liKre comUiied to raoder them bo 
popular nmy be briefly recapitulated an foUowe : 

I. THE ¥OED-BDIIiDIHa BYflTEM.— Tlils ftmoua pfogreaaiTe method for 
yoong children oiiginaiei and wa» copyrighted with these hooka. It eonstitntes 
AprocesH nfth which Iho beginner with vo&tiit of one letter la grBdoally IntjtH 
doeed to additimul liete formed h ^ prefixing orafflilng ein^e iettera. andia thus 
kd (Umoat liiBeiiBibl; Id the mastcij of the more difficult cenetrnctiona. This Is 
one of the moat atri^ing modem ImprovemeDla in methods of teaching. 

3. HffiADCEirr or PKONITHHAITOH — 'ITio *»=" of the yotmeeat acholus 

the Btndent h j this method need neiei be Kt a loss lor a prompt and accnrate ren- 
dering of ereij word encountered. 

3. AETIOniiATION ASD OETHOEPT are coaalderod of primary impotlance. 

4, PUNOTUATIOff 1b Inculcated by a series of interesting: reading leimmg, the 
simple pemeal of which anfficee to fli its piinc^tea indelibly upon tbe mind. 

6. ELOOUTIOIT, Bach of the higher Headers <3d, «h and Bth) contains elabo- 
rate, scholarly, and thoron^y praciica] treatlaea on elocntlon. 'Riis feature alone 
haa aecured for the aerlea many of ita ivarmeat tHenda. 

e, THE BELEOnOgS are the crownins gjory of the series. Wlthont eicep- 
lion it may be Eald that no volmnoa of the same size and character contain a col- 
JecdoD «o dlTerstfled, Jndlcioiia, and artistic as this. It etobraoes the ohoicest 
gema of English literature, so arranged as to afford the reader ample exercise In 
every department of stjle. So acceptable has tbe lasto of the authors in tJila de- 
partmsnt proved, not only to the edacatlooal public but to ihe reading commDalt; 
at large, that thoaamda of copies ef tka Fourth and Filth Readers have ftnmd 
theti way into pabUc and private UbiBrieathroagltont the country, where theyara 
In constant nso as mnnn nln of literattiT«, for ret):rence Be well as pemsaL 

7, ABEiSOBMIMT. Tbe eiercises are so arranged aa to present conabntlj 
alternating practice in the different atyles of eompositlDn, whilo obserrlng a deft- 
□ite plan of progression or gradation rhronghont the whole. In the higher book» 
Ihe artlclee an placed tn fOrmal sectlona and clBBsUled topically, thus concenlia- 
llDg the interest and Inculcating a principle of assoclaUon likely to prove valu- 
able in subsequent general reading. 

B, M0TE3 AHB BIOQKIPHIUAL BEET0EE3. These are full and adeqnato 
to every want. The biograpblciil ekctchea preseat In pleasing atylo the hlstorr 
of every author Md under contribution. 

character of art. They arc Ibni 
chiding the Third Reader. 

10. THE flEADATIOIT is perffect. Each volmne overlsps lt« comparion pre- 
ceding or following In the aeries, so that the scholar, in paadiig from one to an- 
other, ia only conscious, by tbe presence of the new book, of the translUoD. 

II. THE PEIOE Is reasonable. The Hatlonal Headers contain mora matter 
than any other series In the aame number of volumes publiahed. Considering 
ihelf complet«nee8 and thoronghneas they are much the cheapest in tbe market 

IS. BUfDIFO. By the use ofa material and process known only to IhemselTea, 
in cinnmon with all the publications of lhl» house, the National Readers are wap' 
ranted to outlast any with which they may be compsred~tbe ratio of ntatlre d*- 
rabnity being In their Ikvor as two to one. 


National Series of Standard SehooiSook*. 


Thll SsriH U dMlgnsd to bmM > cemral demnid tra smaner snd chcapel 
books UUB ths Hklknul Sarlt* proper, and to ■erre u tr«U fi» lnt«rmedUite vol- 
umes of Ihs NatlDnal Beadere In large graded achoola raanlrlng raoni booka than 
ono ordlnory aeriea wHl supply. 

Bunty. The most caanalobaeTTeriHatonce bnpreued wtth the onpanDcled 
mecluDlal beos^ of Iba ludiqwDdent Beaden. The PabUehera bellece tliat tb« 
oethetic taetea or chtldreu ma; receive no email degree of cnltlTBtlon (torn their 
Terj eariieflt school booka. to aaj nothing of the Importaiice of ToakUig stud; at> 
tractiTe by all such artlfldal aids that are leglllmats. In ueordance with this 
Tlew, not lesa than tK,OOD was expended In Iheir preparadoa befbre pobU^lng. 
wltli a renOt which entitles them la be considered " The Per^tlon of Common 
Bchool Books." 

SolBCtiODB. They contain, of course, none hot enUrdy new selecUona. Thete 
are amnfed according to a strictly progressive and noret method of developlDg 
the elementary loondB In order In the lower Dnmbers, and In all, with a view la 
topics and general literary etylo. The mind Is thns lod In fixed channcle to profl 
^ncy In every hronch of good resding.and the erUresnltsof^ecattcring^aeprac. 
tUedbymost Bcluxd.l>oohaalharB, avoided. 

Ths UlnstratlsnS, as may be Inferred ftom what bas been said, are elegant 
beyond eomparlBon. They are profnsa in every nambor of the series from the 
lowest to the highest. This Is the only eerks pabUehed of which this is trae. 

The TTpe is seml-phonctlc, the Invention of Prof. Wstson. By It every 
letter having moro than one eonnd \» clearly dlatlngulBhed In an Its variations 
wUhont la any wsy mntUatlng or iliegnlBlng the normal form of the latter. 

ElOOIlUoil U tausht by pre&lory trentlaes of constantly advancing gnidt end 
CompleteneM In each volmne, which are iUnetrated by wood-cuts In tbe lower 
books, and by blact-board diagrams hi tho higher. Prof. Wataon Is the first tu 
IntrodQCe Practkol UluBtnillonB snd Black-board QlagrsmB for teaching thia 

Foot ITotaS on every page uftord aH the Incidental taatraction which the 
teacher is nsuslly required to Impart. Indices of words refer Uic pnpll to the 
place of their first nse and deflnltloD. The Blograpbies of Anlhors uid others 
are In every ceiiM excellent. 

EoonOnf . Althongh the number of pagea In each vohime Is fixed at the 
mlnlmntn, for the pnipose recited above, the Qlmost amunnt of matter avollable 
wllhont overcrowding la obtained in the space. The pages are mnch wider and 
larger than tboae of any competitor snd eontsin tweafy ptr ctni marc matter than 
•By other series of the same type and ntunbet of pagM. 

All the Great Featnna. Besides the above sTl the popnlsr fatnres of the 
Katlonal Readers are retained except the Word-BuUdln; system. The lattei 
gives place to an entirely new method of progressive development, based npon 
•ome of th( best f^atorea of the Word System, Phonetics and Obloct Leiaona. 


The ^^itttonat Series of Siattdmit Schoot'S oofct. 

The National Beaders and Spellers. 

Thaw Vioki ten 
tbs followiBg ImpotUut I 
a3i« State of 
Ttto e 

7 Uie BctUM4 llouda, o> oScU aiittiartl;, of 
BtUco, dUn, and town*— In moM nntrn lOr ascltulve Q*« 
Utimeaota. Tba State of Texu. 

ate of Ulaaonii. 
Th* Btat« of Alabama. 

The State of North Cartiina. 

Ttn> State of T-niiiftinT^^i - 



Ae., &c 

Frad da Lab 

Logan sport. 



Scbnylkill Havaa. 







Hew BrDDBwIdL 



In ncmds peiiodleallj aU nmr polola (alncd. 



To Jkooon^aiqr Xba Natietul £aadarE. 
Eureka Alphabet Tablet •*! so 

PmenU tbs alphiilHt upon the Warl Uetbod Brttam, by vhich Uie 
child vUl Itsrn the ilphibet la nine ia,jm, and luka iw tmall pncma la 
leidlng ^•A ■p*111d( In Um wna Uaw. 

national School Tablets, w No.. "S oo 

Embr^ca ^^eadLaa m«d DoaTenfttkuul azondHi, ol||ecit mnd iDOrml Is- 
KHu, form, cclor, &e. A campleU Ht at ihen Urgx ancl Blegiiitlj illua. 
tnUd Cu-di tUI ambdUlll Uie Hhiwl-nMiiL more Ihu any elher aitlcla 
of furniture 


Fowle's Bible Reader $100 

Tlw nuratiTe portlona dT ths Bible, chronologlullTiiid <[iEf«Ilr>r- 
nnCBd, jiidlclaaiaTUiiililned vlthHteoUaoifram tlie>uliiii.>roverb«, 
mod Mher portknu vbish. incuhaw ImparUnt nwral leHani or the gr«t 
tnUu of ChriaUiDltT. The embuTuniieul lud dUBcnltr of resdlng tbs 
Sttil* luelf. br»nrN,uKcltf>neniM,u« DfeiUtod, ud tu m nttda 
fwilbls, t^ tUi meuu. 

North Carolina First Reader 40 

North Carolina Second Reader 65 

North Carolina Third Reader 1 00 

rttsfnt ciprMrtr ftir Ih* hIukiU of thl* Stat*, V C. H. WUsy, Buper- 
InttnJanl af Csmiaaii BcbMli, and F. U. HnblMrd, PntiHU of Utu»- 
atHTS In Die BMIa Unlranllj. 

Parker's Rhetorical Reader 1 00 

DMlaned ta fandllailia KsadanwiUi tha panNi andotliar lurksla 
■nw^BHL and land tlMa U Ibe onetloe af nudulatlaD and luSaeUoaBf 

Introductory Lessons In Reading and Elo- 
cution 75 

Of dndlar ehuHtet U tha hncvliig:, for loa adnoiaoil daaneai 

High School Literature 1 50 

Admlnble HlecUani from alongUitarthswiirld'ibHt Trit«n.ibr ei- 
«dn In reading, arttatj, and compoallloii. Bpaacbea, dialaguHL, and 
n*dal lattin (CfiMnt UW UBM ^siNftmeDt. 

2%e JVatianat Seriei of Standard Sekooi-Sook$. 



Snp^lH ■ ipfHu- for sTsrr clui la ernded ichnoli, and camiirlHB Oh incKt sm- 

1. Smith's Little Speller « 20 

Flnt Bound la UiB Lkddsr of LaunlDg. 

2. Smith's Juvenile Deflner is 

LuHFii compoBcd €f funllUr words eroqped vith nftoroKe to daUmr 

3. Smith's Grammar-School Speller .... 60 

bbles ditftmitlr api^TIi^i Alw de11nUlrlD^ complete rulei for ■pelUag ud 
foADAtJaa af derlTAtiveB, uid oxerdHB in fmlag onho^rxphj. 

4. Smith's Speller and DeHner's Manual • 90 

A CDEoplFtfl Schaul Dt^Umary ronUnlne lt,OQ0 wordi, with T>HiHii 

5. Smith's Etymology— Small, 76; Complete . 1 25 

The Aral Md onl J EtTmology la recoipilEo the Anglt-Baonn DOT mcOUT 
■mfnu.' coaUlning iJBa full Hit* of <l(rlntlTei from the lAtin, Omft, 
Qipllc, Hwediah, Nonmn, 40., &e 1 being, la f«et, » eomplels ctTHKilogy 
of the Ue^oge for achoolip 

Sherwood's Writing Speller 15 

Sherwood's Speller and DeRner is 

Sherwood's Speller and Pronouncer ... 15 

The WrltlQi; Speller uoslati of properly rqled and nnmbend bluAi 
Gorrectlani. TheotherTolniDHDurbe >wrortlwdlst(tlonuardlau7 

Price's English Speller *lfi 

A eompleta ipellliiE-baot Tor ill gndM, contaiiiliii 
"■W*b««r,"™ini(«Bi™d In ■np—- — - — —' 
0oiu«quently tho elaaapoit tpollBr 

Northend's Dictation Exercises ■ • 

Embnolng nliuU« iDformidon on i tbooHod toplei, « 

CxerfllBe of mlUng of Iti dhuJ 
■ gononl BUrutw aai«ilat«d 

Wright's Analytical Orthography .... 25 

TliliiUndird workli popular, becnn it Isirliwi the elemenluyaoiiDdl 
In a plain and phlloaophical manaoT, and prearain OTtb^raph^ and or- 
Uhmp^ In an ear^, aniloini erilani of analjoa ur paninc, 

Fowle's False Orthography 46 

Page's Normal Chart *3 7S 

Th« elemmlaiy mmdt of Um iMfnagii fOi tb» ■aboct-fMai'vab 


• gy ^TaHonat Sertet tf Stan dard SehootSookt. 



Clark's First Lessons in Grammar . ■ • ^ 

Clark's Normal Grammar (Kew), i oa 

Clark's Key to English Grammar .... 75 
Clark's Analysis of the English Language ■ 60 
Clark's Grammatical Chart *3 75 

mMtJiigwIll; .llioroueii rojolutlon ftom lhe™M of tlSli".™,^ Whlta 
Oh old m*tli*ds dBj proficiaicv lo the pupU only «fter moch wssry 
(u.oriiinR thia tSotia Cram tie Inwplioa lbs td- 

■nnUge at practical (Ajsct TtacUag, uddreulng th 

lUBtratiTe flares i fiirniflh«fl Hiioeiatlon to tha taemorv \li moat itnvitr. 

fld tilL BDd dlvcru the pupU br tuing Um InnnuUr. Teuhen Tlicrirs 

Mine Clark-* Grrainu n^mly tetffy th.t the, oA thetr pupUi find 

B tha moal IntereatlnB atudf of Eb« aeliool amraa. 

-i"2.^ '"^ "* "'^ ImproremaBl^ Iha ajitem nahiralli met at 

Aim TiCh much unnaaoDabla (mpoaltloD. It lua not only outljnd tha 

greater i«rt of Ifala o^MltlstL but fludi many of Ita wirmeat admlren 

It nota la an impaitlal triaL to coariBce the moat akepUcal atiia 
Mo ana wbo haa CUrly andintelligeDi^ t-^-^ •• .JftS"^."'. ~. 
tva ben known to go back to tho old 
ready eatabUBhod, and It la eaay lo prop , ,™.. _„ „, „ ^, 

toot Then it wlU be the on^ w(™ </ (aaefcnj Bn^JM Snrmr 

matbod. A great iikmbs ta~d^ 

copyrighted, no oUior text-booka ci 

Welch's Analysis of the English Sentence • 1 25 

Uf Ixaat- 

^ Eemarkable for iLa n™ and almple elaeaiflMtlon, lie method of Ixaat- 
leof tbeldiooa and w" 


Smith's Complete Etymology, 1 25 

Smith's Condensed Etymology, 75 

Oontaiilng the Anglo-Baion, Freiicb, Dutcb, Oerraan, Welsh. Danlili, 
Golhio, Biredlnh, Gaelic, Italian. Latin, and Greek Boots, and the Uo^lak 
Hordi darlTed ibenfroui accuralelj apeUed, aecealad, and defined. 

The Topical Lexicon, 1 75 

Thla work la a School Dictionary, an ElymologT. a compilation of lyn- 
onyms, and a manual of general Information. It dlflers from the ordinary 

Ibue rsaililni tho apparent psradoi of a "Kaido.hle Diotionuy." An 
ssniualljTuaable BchDol-lx»b , 



TAa ^ati onat Series of Siandard Sehoni'Sool^t, 

Qlark's Diagmm English Grammar. 


' JVom B. A. Coi, Sehool OmimlMdnMi', Warm Cronfti, TUtnof j. 

Cluli's ajsleni h&re unlrerulij ilasd Hij par caoL bstlsi uuuliuUoai tli 
kiTing atudiad atbu •atlun. 

FrtnA U. tl. B. Bdekr, Prind^al Matonie JiuClMM, SnriHlDHn, 

sllh CLuk'a ayaMnL The Srit slui I lutrDoud flftr dun, but fOitDd OiU thia tu 
mora tjma tun vaa raqulred to Impart * thaorAtlW koowledga of the ad^nca 
Duilnt lb* tn r«ua thaienftar I tDalrueled cliaaea onl; Oaifihri eteb. InTarlibl; 

nta knowMga tf BnclhhCbiHnnuI thu Ibat oblabisd from the ordinary booka uii 
Ia tb« ordfnvT war 'o from ona ta two jaara, 1 would maka no chargo. 1 DeT«r 
tallad Ib b aolltuy o*a« to ftr snasl tb« hopM of aj duiaa. mnd made maoef ond 
ebuactat Rpidly aa an Inatructor. 

Frrnn i, S. DoDQUio, ScluiA Oammiitioiur, Dtlaaari Cotmtn. XtH TorL 

Bioooadod ! I bare nerar known kt bo baro an oppopenL In an educKtad taadier wbo 
bad iSaro^hly ioTeatlgatad II ! 1 bava norer known an ignortmt toaeboi to f"*''*^* 
ft ; 1 lukTO noToi known a taachai who baa oaad It, to try any othor. 

AvTK J, A. DoDon, Ttaehm utd Leeturrr on BoffUak Oram/mar, Smtachp. 
We an Ismpled la aiaarl that It foretella Uia dawn at ■ brighlar age to oar notlur. 

highly they may bare prized the nuoual* Into whiI^b Ihsy may have bBao lulUUed, 
and by whlob tb^T exprHaauna bjava baan moulded. 

Pnm W. T. CaiPHUi, Bvprrintendrat Publie SrJinoIi, Wetlii^on, OUo. 
T regard Clark'a Syatom of Orunmar the beat pubUahed. For to a e h i n a Iba ooaljda 
of the EofillAh l^ngua^e, U aarpaaaea any I ever uaed. 

From F. fl. Ltoh, FHmi^I SauOt Sarwalk Ci^m SahtiiA, ComiteataL 
During ten yeara' oTparlaaee Id taichlnE. I hare uaeil di dlOerenl anlhoraon tho 
*att)act of Engllab Qrunmar. I am fully SDnvlneiid tbal Oisrk'a Gnmmtr ia battel 
ualoDlated ta mAke Uioiough gramma r ia n a than any othor that 1 have aaen- 

Fmit CtTi^ooDi or RoHiR'a COMMasaui. CaLLUi, St. Lmii. UittBurl. 

knowledge af the EngUah language can be obliUned by thia ayitom Id all wagka tbaa 

FronA. PioKETT, PrtMmtofthi BtaU Haehtri ^(KKidHon. mawnafn. 

KngUah OraDinur haa eouTiDesd ma of the auperlorlly of Clark. W^ the purdl hal 
Dompleted tbe oatirae, he ia left upon a foundation of orftu^p^ ud not npon uadifr 
mill of the author. 
Fn>m On. F. MoFuluid, Frtn. HftAVMmiat Snadtms, AtiMa Co., AnuL 
At tha flrat axamliiittloa of pnbUojabaal teaoben by tho oonntf anparintcndant, 
wbon onaof ODr atudoDt taaohon oommoocod ualyning a aentonoa aoeordlng to Ciarb 
tbe auperiniendant liateitad Id ■ml* aatoDlabmani anUl ha h»d flBlahod, ia«a ukaa 
wbU tliat meant, and finally, wUb ■ Tery knowing look, lald anoh work wooldnt da 
kera. and asked tha applleant to puaa tha aiotoDeo right, and (a*« Ike iDweat oectU- 
oaiea to aUwho barafynentloiul Clark: Aftarvarda, I pmwitsl Mm with a oinr* 
and the nut fall be parmlltad It to ba panUllr Daad, while tha tfaiM « laatbll,b« 
^•Dly conuneniled tbo ajiattm, and appointod three of my beat teachur to e^laln U 
Bl the Iwo luBUiuUa and one Oeunty OoBTanUon held obHie S^tambal. 

tM" Vat furthar teattnonr of Mnal fbra^ aM tbt PbU 
mttW oiUDbsra «f tlM £dB«tl«liM BalletlB. 


The JV^Honat Series of Standard SchootSooti. 




I. Monteifh's First Leuon> In Geogriphy, . $ 85 
■ n. Monfeith'a New Manual of Qeogriphy, . 1 10 
fa. MoNally'i SyBfem of Geography, S 00 


'". Montelth'a Introduction to the Manual, .... 63 
2». M«ateitli'a PhyskaJ and Polttioal Geography, . . I 88 


Montelth's Wall Maps (per set) *2D 00 

Monteith'a Manual of Map-Drawing (Allea's Sj^tem) . SS 
Montelth's Map-Drawing and Object- Leuon*, . ?5 

Montelth's Map-^Orawing Scale, "Sfi 

1. PBAOnOAIi OBJECT TE40HING. The bKbnl Mhotar ts flrat Introduced 
to a pUtun wbsuca he may derive notloiu of the etaape of the eirth, the pheiuuil- 
CDK of dsf and nlgfat, Ihs distribution of Isnd oA mtcr, and the |[reat uatarsl 
dlrtBiona, which tdbtv wcirdB nonkt filU entlnlj to contej te dia nntstond mind. 
Other ptetorea follow on the Huno plan, uid tbe chlld'i mind !■ called apon to grasp 
BO Idea withont the eii of a pictorial UhiBtratlon. Carried on to the higher 
books, this irilem culminates In FbysUal Geographj, where ench nutters as 
oUmstea, ocean cnnent't. the wlnde, pecnllaritles of the earth's cmet. clonde and 
lain, ate pictorlallf explained aiid rendered apparent (o the most obtiue. The 
lUnatrstloae osed Ibr this parpase belong to the highest grsde of art. 

3. OLEiR, BEADTinjL, AND OOEHEOT MAPB, In the tower nmnhers the 
tLapa arold nnnecessar]' dcbilT. while respectlvet^ progretBlve, and affording the 
piqill new matter for ncqnisitlon each tlmo he ipproaches In the cKmstantlj en- 
larging cirde the point of colnciaence with preTlonB leaaona In the inoreele. 
mentary books. la the Physical and Political Qeogmpby the maps embrace man; 
new and atriking IBatareB. One of (be most efltectlyo of ttiese Is the new plan for 
dieplaylng on each map the relative bIkob of coantdes not represented. Uina obvi- 
ating much confWIon which has arisen fhnn the necessity of prascnting maps In 
the same atlaa drawn on dlHSrent scales. The maps of " KcNaHj" have long been 
celebrated fhr their snperiot bcanty and compteteneBB. This la the only scbool- 
book In which the attempt to make a eomplele athiB also cUar and alsHtict, has 
been BnccesBfnl. The map coloHn^ throngbont the series la also noticeable. 
Delicate and snbdned tints take the place of the startling glare of Inhannonlona 
colors which too fteqnentty in anch treattaea dazlle the eyes, distract the atten- 
tion, aad serre to OTerwhelm the names o( towns and Oie natnral (eatnrGs of lbs 




3, TEE VABtETT OF HAP EZEBOIBE, Stutliig esch ttane from > dUfenst 
btila, [hs pupil la macj InsUaceg upprwcbeB the ume &ct no less Uibd 1(2 
timti, thus indelibly Impresalog It npon hie memory. At tlie Hune time this tjf- 
tern i> not allowed to become wearltome— the extent of exerdee as etch tnbject 
bt/ing gisdoBtsd by lie relative importance or dilficnlty of u:q.iilaltlon. 

rEXT. 'nie cream of (he science baa been cuemlly mllcd, nolmportuit nuillcr 
rejected, slaboratlon svoldeil.aDdabrlefaiidconGleemuiiier of presentation cii> 
tinted. The orderly conBideiatton of tofdu baa coutilbated gnstly to simpUcI^. 
l>De atuntloa it paid to the facta in hiatory and ■atronomy wbtcb aro Inseparably 
connected nltb, and Important lo the proper luderetandlng of geognpby— and 
mch only are admitted oa any torma. bi a word, the Natloiui System leacbea 
geography as a science, pure, simple, and extmnative. 

E. ALWATS DF TO TEE TIMEB. The aatbon ot these books, editorially 
■peaking, neier sleep. So cbango occnrs in the boondatles of comilTieB, or <^ 
counties, no new dlscOTcry ]e made, or ratlnMd built, Ihat ta not at once noted 
and recorded, and the next edition of each Tolome canies to eiery acbooVroom 
tbo new order of (hings. 

e. SDTOBIOB OBASATIOIT. This Is the only leriea wbkh thnilahea an avail- 
able Tolnms (br every poeslble class In graded schools. It Is not contenplBted 
that ■ pnpll must necessarily go tbrongti every volume In sacceetion to attain 
protidency. On the contrary, two vlll solftca, bnt tAm are advised ; and If lbs 
course will admit, the whole series sbonM be pnrsoed. At all events, the book* 
are at band for selection, and every teacher, of every grade, can flnd among tbem 
one tscattlg tuUtd to bis class. Tba best combination tOr tbose wbo wish to 
abridge the cODiee consists ot Xaa. 1, X. and 8, or where children ara somewhat ad- 
Taneed In other stndiea when (hey commence geography. Nos. 1*, 3, and 8. Where 
bnt Am boiAa are admissible, Na*.l*Bi>dl*,orNOB. 3 and S, are recommended. 

and text are no longer mmatorolly divorced in accordance with the limfr^ionored 
practice of making textrbooks on this subject as inconvenient and expense aa 
poaalbie. On the contrary, all map qnestlons are to be fOnndonthepageopposlte 
the map itself and each book Is complete In one vohune. The mechanical exeen- 
tlon 1b nnrivalled. Paper and prlntltig are everything that could be deslted, and 
(he blading Is— A. 8. Bamee and Componj's. 

8. ItAP-DBAWIBQ. In 1968 the system of Hap-Diawliig devised I9 Profbseor 
JmoKi Amir was eecored aecliuivtlt tot this series. It derives iti claim to 
orlgliuUty and nsefnlness from the Introduction of a .ItiMd unU if inaaniranflit 
applicable to every Hap. The prlnclplea being so lew, simple and comprebonslTe, 
the sabject of ]ifnp.I>rawtDg Is relieved of all piactka] dlfflculty. (In Soi. S, ST. 
and 8, and published sepaistely.) 

8. AITALOOOIIB ODTLINEB. At the same time with Uap-Dmwlng was also in- 
trodDCed <ln So. S), a new and ingentons variety of Object Lessons, consiallng of ■ 
Bamparlaon oTths onlOnes of countries with lhafliar olOscta plcloriaHy rapresented. 



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3%e ^Vaiional Series oj^ Standard School ~SooJt», '" 

Honteith k McNally's National Geographies. 


Protatt. ^ iiujia, Utaibtr <f Boars If SdneoAon, Nta Tork. 

I have bnod, Xij examination of Ihe Book of Sapplj of onr Board, that conftS- 

«rabl; tbe bug«t trnmber of an; boiIm how aB«d In our public Khoola la Ui* 

^fatlonal. bj Uonlelth and Hc^&ll;. 

From'BBO.Vt.Tmx, Chitf PmAiKial <f the Vaa EOuca^enal Sodttv if Ou"*"^^. 

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esdgai^bCalltheBadiinireDtBertca ■/ 

id enongH to'coiWlntB m thai there ara 
using; bntwecheeJfclfi^vo onrmort 
!«atlonal Hertcs, b;»oWlli & McNall;. 
jrpr&ctlcsl and InOiipeadinu chaiad^^^ 

md.ocoorrte Bjstem, thowlBB dfs- ^~-\^ 
ctiiatttr, tho BaaatUlilaoii copIooB ^- - ^^ 
jmtlon of ths ^(Kke, taH otiur tx- ■ 
it edncation everywbero. 
r," Jl^^itSf, Tern. 

ms.— cfc^paphy la lo closcl; hoc- "■• 
h AatroDora;) Elatoir, BthnologT-, anAGeol^T, that It la dlffionlt to 
mltalnthelbiiM^ctlonofateit-book. h^l^ai n np f a m flnoB hlmrelf,^ ' 

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V' ''f 'mf'°8 fi^ e;eteai,^r 
. _" nst able to nmHis, 
id bode of the comae enlaigoe^o 
vjew, bnt itUl keepa (a the mapa and almple deacriptlons. l%en,lu the lUt^ 
book, vre have Geographj combined vKtb Hln^r and Astrononiy. A geneial 
view of tile aoter ajalem la presented, bo that ths'^pU ma; mideratnnd the 
earth'* poattion on the map of the heavens. '□te^'ps'^llOflhe fbnrthbook 
treats of Fhyelcal Qeographj, and eontalaa a TUt ^annt ot knowledae com- 
preBBed Into a amall ipace. It la made bright and atbtcUve In " 
and snggeBtlva UlaBtratlana, on the prlnclpls , - - 
the Becond part of this Tohuna are re 
coplona and Jndicioaa. In the Olth an 
ject is reviewed and iTStematiied. ThlB U BttiUly f 
besatitnll; engraved and clearl; printed. The mapleierclMi 
prehenslve. In all these booha the mapa, qnestfoiu tod deacHptlona ar 
tha eame volnme. In moat geogrsphlos there arc|^oo man; details ai 
deBcriptlons—mDre than an j child ont of pnrgatoi^ngjit to be required to 
The power of memory la overatnUned; there la coafara^S^ dearly deflned Idea 



27te A'atlonai Serlet o/ standard School- Sooliit. 

The National System of Geography, 

Bt Monteith & McNallt. 
its bboobo. 
































^nuflodO^oftheCanBTtAN SarrBKBi, repmenttng 40/100 pnpflti. '^^X^ 

The FsiHOiMAN Brotbibi, 8,0fB pnpUiL ^'i^ 
AMimoAH HEHimfiBT Soomrr, tUiODO pnpDii. 

Monteith's Physiol & Intermediate Geography. 

Tho moT« I exKmlDS the better I (un pI«uied.~J. T. Oooiminr. BnieSapt. Etmit. 
Has no aaperlor (b a t«it-boak,— B. J. THOXPSon, 9itpt. moinore Co., JRnn. 
Brief, clear, snggeetlre, and admirably adapted .—E. Cottivt, Prtn. VI. Normal. 
ItUagemofaboak,— B. A. SmoHs, ,?up;. i>tiMi«5I:Aa)b, Ortaid R(^Ad». IRdh 
The l»8t adapted wa liave aeen. — O. Fatillb, Stats Supl.. Iowa. 
A book tbit hag long been needed.— A. J. Kmoxm, 8uj>l. AcBtnry Co.. lU. 
Prepared with labor, care, and well adapted.— C. B. \iiisCBtD,8upl.Ntniiirgjr. T. 
The beW Geography eicr pnbllBhed.— J. HiTTOHieoN, Priit. Bogi'ScA. J^erson, La. 
I Itk* It reij much.- A. J. Cauo, Stale 9uperinlen<Unt, Wisconiln. 
Cannot ftil to awaken a now intereiit.—Ve'motU Scliool Jmraal. {Ccill.,Va. 

A newfleld cnltlvated vrtth great enccois.— T. C, Soinfemt, Frea. Sando^ Ufaam. 
OontalBBmoracommouwauetliananrollier.— J.AhoEIiB, /Mn.Jfndlfon J.> ~ 



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